Starcodes May 4 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

( My apologies for the delay–I was deep in canyons last week and uploaded  on a very weak signal.. it did not take)

“Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

It could be a blustery weekend in the inner realms unless we listen to Rilke, spend some time housecleaning the soul and getting comfortable in our solitude, but lovingly greet one another when we’re together. A Full Moon in Scorpio this weekend sings to us about both longing and solitude as it shines into the farthest corners of our psyche.

Every Full Moon lights up our inner world, highlighting tension between competing parts of ourselves that may normally hum in our unconscious, and produces us a lot of energy in the process. This Full Moon highlights any tension we feel between our urge towards the Sun in Taurus love of security, ease, and slow steady growth versus the our connection with the Scorpio Moon drive for concentration, intensity and transformation as well as its contrary streak. Taurus looks for safety; Scorpio wants to know the worst case scenario. Taurus describes sensuality, Scorpio wants to either be alone or get serious. Our job is to feel the tension, get past the illusion that we have to choose between safety and intensity and find a healthy way to include all sides.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are possessive and territorial, so it’s not a weekend to play around with jealousy or try someone’s boundaries. Hotspots with clear ongoing border issues may heat up or get broody. Even happy relationships can simmer with mixed messages as we work out those inner tensions, we just have to remember this tension is within our own competing needs, and not about the worthiness of our companions. We can also feel alone in a crowd, or crowded in a small group, or feel an unusually sharp longing for something or someone just out of our reach, but feel how large our heart is by the ache around the edges.

An opposition between Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Libra keep our mind grappling with serious things through early next week. We may argue over what’s true, whether we’re discussion differing memories over what happened last night or wrestling with larger philosophical questions. But let’s argue recreationally, and neither try to jolly someone out of their mood nor be a pit bull, we need to know when to let go. Any attempt to tell people how it is or to control the way they think will probably backfire.

This opposition can help us focus our choices and make a clear decision, though sometimes by limiting our options. We may feel frustrated with some structures of authority or red tape, or disagree with the thick-headedness of certain individual in our surrounding. Reality may bite us, and need a radically pragmatic solution. But when we make that clear choice, this aspect helps us make it so. Since our minds will tend to feel tired where uninspired but tenacious where they engage, let’s put this tenacity to work to keep it out of trouble and solve problems.

While it may be hard to be inspired by the future under this aspect, the past has a gift to offer. This could come through wisdom from an old friend or philosopher or the peace of an ancient landscape. Listen to the song of rocks and bones, read the tomes of history.

Towards the end of the week, Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus and brings our mind to more practical and earthy matters. As Mercury moves into a sextile with Neptune over the next week our thinking will still be stubborn, but more relaxed and open, as long as no one pushes us. Our imagination returns. Give us pictures, tactile examples, and seduce us rather than coerce.

Friday, May 4: Don’t talk so much this morning, show them instead; image and action communicate but words can be sticky. Notice both a warm-hearted avoidance of conflict, and a mental tenacity that holds onto opinion as the Moon conjuncts Saturn and opposes Mercury. Exert thoughtfulness instead of control. Feelings have deeper resonance, stronger feelings with musky undertones this evening as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Saturday, May 5: Dreams lingers this morning as the Moon trines Neptune. One side of us may want to pull inside to connect to the soul or spirit or personal ghosts while the other side may be called to actively participate, not just sit on the sidelines as Mars squares the Moon’s nodes under the Scorpio Full Moon, embrace the deep work but watch a contentious streak. Cooperate even under stressful conditions, and then get some solitude. Physical exertion can be really therapeutic. Tonight, we all carry our solitude with us, but can get rowdy nonetheless.

Sunday, May 6: Our tanks may feel empty in this post Full–Moon let-down, it helps to turn inwards and renew; let others wander where they need today, gather again tonight to reconnect as the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius. Sudden buzz of communication needs attention, but go gently and don’t overload.

Monday, May 7: Assess the situation and jump into action this morning. Check for recent changes that need quick attention, but make sure everyone’s on the same page before proceeding. If people carry a dark mood left over from the weekend, deal with it directly rather than let them pretend it has anything to do with the work at hand. Pay special attention to international contacts and concerns or ecological issues, animals and educational issues.

Tuesday, May 8: Emotional cross current this morning can leave us sideways, timing is off, minimize small awkward moments, use them as an opening to create connection instead of distance as the Moon opposes Venus and then trines Mercury. Make decisions around aesthetics and personnel. We perceive people clearly this afternoon if we can step back and watch with an open heart. Tonight can be more serious or competitive as the Moon enters Capricorn, but respect diffuses tension.

Wednesday, May 9: Get down to business as Mercury enters Taurus, don’t push anyone or ask them to move faster, but do bring their attention to the logical next step to get where they need to go. Unsettled morning as the Moon squares Uranus moves into steadily dynamic afternoon; don’t interrupt people on a roll. If an urgent problem arises, pay it full attention and deal with it practically, but don’t play into drama. The evening is moodier; we can get discouraged as the Moon conjuncts Pluto or need to connect a deeper level. Drop the trivia and sit in companionable quiet.

Thursday, May 10: Begin and continue, get the ball rolling with persuasive speech and persistent action as Mercury moves into grand trine with Pluto and Mars for the next week. Words will have extra power, so use them wisely. Confidence swells in the morning as the Moon trines Sun and Jupiter. Towards the evening we feel the weights and cost of our actions; if depressed, rest first, and reassess in the morning.




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