Starcodes April 27 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

Mayday marks the peak of springtime, the end of the un-farmable half of the year, traditionally celebrated with a raucous appreciation of life returning to the earth, and in some literal or symbolic way, a fertilization of our future through the celebration of burgeoning life force and the work we do to support it. Proffer fresh flowers and dance the Maypole.

We can use a moment of reveling in springtime’s hopefulness; we’ve been dealing with a lot of static on the airwaves recently, background noise in our minds and a flurry of activity as Mercury conjunct Uranus over the last few weeks. Our nerves may feel a little fried. It helps now to quiet down, sift through the flotsam and come back to some question core to our souls, and remember where we want to direct this beautiful spring-renewed life force.

As the Sun, Mars and Pluto form a grand trine in practical earth signs over the weekend and into next week, they urge us to stop wasting our time on busy work and get back to what really matters. Reassess how we define success and realign with that intention, and let our garden grow towards that sunlight.

This trine is deep, but not necessarily showy. Headlines will question how we use power and how people are, or are not, held accountable for using and misusing power and energy, how we distribute power and resources, including electrical power as well personal and political power. The questions are the same, but the effects may be more subtle on us personally.

As the weekend begins, notice tension between the cozy safe friendliness that our bodies want under a Cancer Moon and the adventure and enterprise encouraged by some spark of the Aries Mercury mind. The weekend is celebratory under a Leo Moon if we can work around a hunger to be seen and appreciated that can make some people act out as the Sun trines Pluto under a Leo Moon. Feel the urge to live larger and find a great way to do so.

Early next week the Virgo Moon brings our attention to the work we do to nurture our life force just as some countries celebrate Labor Day or National Workers Day.  Think about what it would take to work smarter, not harder, what we can do to conserve resources while we actually get more done. To do this we may need to talk out grievances or worries, but as people are in a touchy and defensive mood, this will take attention and a real desire to improve the circumstances rather than to be right or make them wrong. Our analysis may be off as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, or we may want to escape from the whole question into more magical answers, but it’s important to bring our minds back to this question and chew on it.

What is fair and useful continues to demand attention as the week ends under a friendly Libra Moon but an irritating Mars-Mercury aspect could tick us off. We may need to speak up and be honest about what works for us now, and the sooner we do so, the less charge we put in the comment but the more confidence that we have the right to speak up, the more likely we are to be heard. So much is in flux right now, we need to guide the changes with love and foresight, and celebrate the flowers along the way.

Friday, April 27: The mood is friendly when we’re cozy, cranky when we’re pushed out of our comfort zone as the Cancer Moon sextiles Jupiter. We may feel like everyone is family, for better or worse, as if we need to care-take or feel guilty otherwise: watch the co-dependent behavior and be compassionate but not dysfunctional. Evening can be warm but touchy, irritability or nerves are a sign of a long week, not bad company. Warmth and reassurance needed tonight; be honest but supportive. Some old relationships need respect and adjustment.

Saturday, April 28: The mood is joyous but inflexible as the indulgent, expressive, but opinionated Leo Moon squares the Sun. People may vie for attention, like children showing off on the playground, wanting to be seen and appreciated. An ignored person can really act out, jealously or old issues of love-worthiness may be an underlying theme, but since no one will own what’s going on, try simple dog training techniques, not analysis. It helps to take turns and appreciate one another, but we can use this urge to be seen to encourage people in a good direction. The afternoon is creative, expressive, and melodramatic with a lazy streak. Tonight good changes unfold as the Moon trines Uranus.

Sunday, April 29: Take a deep breath and let go of external opinions and come back to the heart’s truth this morning. As the Sun trines Pluto it brings an opportunity to reveal our inner truth, at least to ourselves. Drop the drama and feel the connection heart to heart, heart to the center of the spirit, by really being there for one another. Take advantage of a moment to grow trust by walking in integrity and talking openly this afternoon as the Moon trines Mercury. Good travels, good conversation. Tonight, judicious excess is just the medicine we need as the Moon squares Jupiter.

Monday, April 30: Dreams linger this morning even if we don’t remember them, our psyches may have worked overtime overnight so it takes a while to face forward. By mid-morning though, we need to look for opportunities ahead and form plans as the Moon sextiles Saturn. This afternoon, intuition speaks in the body when other signals get crossed, so pay attention to the gut signals as the Moon enters Virgo and opposes Neptune. Tonight we may need extra sleep if we feel uncertain or permeable. Soften together.

Tuesday, May 1: Get those May-baskets out. The morning is decisive and active as the Moon conjuncts Mars; just let go of particular expectations and work with what is. Find ways of catching people doing something right. Mid-day, feelings deepen as the Moon trines Pluto; let life be transformative, not perfect. This afternoon is magical but confusing as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, don’t expect to get a straight answer or direct path, walk a labyrinth instead. Information may be distorted by wishful thinking or deceit; we need to trust our own gut intuition first. Energies blend well tonight as the Moon trines Sun in earthy signs.

Wednesday, May 2: Keep them talking, unwise words may create a socially awkward moment but can also tangentially reveal an important truth as the Moon trines Jupiter and squares Venus this morning. Details and gestures may have symbolic significance that trigger deeper thought, check in with others if they seem to get a different message than intended.  Negotiate the specifics this morning but be kind to the nervous system and shift priority to connection this afternoon as the Moon shifts towards relational Libra.

Thursday, May 3: We want to love, but personal quirks can be entertaining or breed minor tensions as the Moon opposes Uranus.  Challenging situations and changes in plans can either give us an excuse to bond or become a divisive thorn in our side, and the difference will be our attitude.  The ground under us is shifting and we need to roll with the landscape. Feel a discouraging moment mid-afternoon as the Moon squares Pluto, but think carefully if the assignment is to let go or work harder. Tonight, let Venus support the spirit of compromise and the appreciation of beauty as she sextiles Mercury; speak about the heart’s warmth.


2 thoughts on “Starcodes April 27 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Hi, Heather! This is Tuesday, May 8, 2012 and still no comment or dissertation on this weekend’s full moon and transits?!! I keep hoping and coming back to this site from this weekend thinking that surely by today, you would have it up and running but nope!!!

    • I apologize– I was travelling- I thought I had uploaded, but the signal was too weak. I am back in the office and should have no trouble now.

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