Starcodes April 20 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes April 20 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Memory or intention. That is the choice. Always. When you come from your memory, you create one kind of experience of relationship… When you come from your intention, you create another kind of experience altogether.” Neale Donald Walsh

Get ready to work the garden. Whether seedlings, ideas, intentions or karma, what we plant now will take root and grow, for better or worse as the the stubborn, earthy New Moon in Taurus Saturday morning heralds the most fertile weekend of the year. Let’s make sure what we plant is in line with our deepest and best long-term intentions.

Though we may be still working out what we want to plant as mental Mercury conjuncts change-inducing Uranus in impulsive, proactive Aries this weekend. Some plan or understanding that was hatched the first week of March (when Mercury first conjunct Aries) but then was delayed or modified mid-March (as Mercury retrograded and tagged Uranus again) may now have an opportunity to shift into gear.

This energy can also express itself anxiety and arbitrary contrariness as well as some well-timed revolution. We may hear some surprising or game-changing news or may just be charged up or actively indecisive, but we can bring this electrical energy into focus and make good changes with will power and clear intentions. Though maybe change of scene or a landscaping change of the scenery is just what we need.

Let’s be open to flashes of brilliance and propitious meetings but be wary of crazy thoughts and be careful around all electrical gear. Our minds may flit from option to option, or worry to worry, or over flow with great ideas, but if we feel a little crazy in the process we can dig our toes in the mud or hold a tree and ground, use our long-range goals as way to sort the mental static and choose our seeds carefully. On the other hand, if we’re near a lightening-filled electrical storm (or people who act like one) grounding will be exactly what we want to avoid; think cozy shelter instead.

The mood is opinionated and curious as the weekend begins; we may feel like we have too much to do or too many options to consider, with little patience for delays or small minds. It’s easy to be impatient with the ones we love if they don’t see it our way, but that impatience can be a symptom that we’re locked in our own perspective. New ideas are bubbling forth with spring flowers but it will be up to us to open our minds and not see fresh material as a challenge to our ego or identity.

Breathe between thought and action. With Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries our impulse control is low; we tend to speak first think later, and react faster than we think, even if our body wants to move Taurus slow. Keep track of new ideas, and if the mind isn’t already overflowing, focus on a specific challenge and ask for inspiration. The inspiration we seed now will grow this summer’s work and this fall’s harvest.

We could just be reactionary, especially as Mercury moves into a square with Pluto towards the end of the week, but what a waste of this fertile time; bitterness breeds a bitter crop and now is time to transform on so many levels. We may need to make a tough decision or wrestle with news that ends one chapter as another begins. We may need to search for something missing, or want to obsess on the most difficult things we can conjure. If we need to talk about something awkward, something honest, let’s not use words to wound even if we‘re cornered because those words will grow toxic roots. And if some new piece of information hits us sideways, let’s digest it before we discuss our response. We need to communicate more under stress, not less, and both listen as well as share from a thoughtful heart. Breathe, breathe again, and keep those long-range intentions firmly in mind as a guide through the changes, as a planting guide.

Friday, April 20: If morning is disjointed, restless, let nervous energy inspire solutions not distract with worry. Unwind and think about the points that need to be made and the new ideas planted over the next week. Afternoon brings a tired or serious spell, but also thoughts that life is not going as planned as the Moon opposes Saturn. Feel a tug around authority and the chain of command. Tie up loose ends. Rest, organize, and sort. Evening is more sociable alive in exchange new ideas, with an underground distraction of ongoing concerns. We need our sensitivities respected in order to open up.

Saturday, April 21: This is the most fertile day of the year as the Moon conjunct the Sun in Taurus just after midnight, and sextiles Neptune as the day begins. On this sensual, cuddly, earthy, friendly stubborn day, let the mind dance but keep it connected to body and soul. Plant carefully, whether seedlings, ideas, or karma. No one wants to be pushed, territorial or possessive energy can trigger conflict, but otherwise the vibe is beautiful. Tend the garden of community. Action in the morning as the Moon trines Mars can lead to transformation in the evening as the Moon trine Pluto. Dreams bubble up from fertile loam tonight.

Sunday, April 22: Spirit and material go hand-in-hand as we see life force in our garden and are aware of spirit within the body as the Sun sextiles Neptune and brings our attention to the intuitive and the intangible even in such an earthy time. We feel both attachment and feel the call to let go of some person, thing or idea that needs to be released to its new form. Take a moment to be at one with the highest intention, be as generous as the burgeoning plants as the Moon conjunct Jupiter midday. Let generosity spawn Mercury-Uranus inspiration tonight.

Monday, April 23: An experimental problem-solving attitude keeps people cooking, ideas flying as the Sun trines Mars. Use each other as a sounding board and follow up on new leads. Concentration is not easy but we can keep many pots simmering at once. Explore the neighborhood. Laughter helps soften the ground, gossip and brainstorm, just watch for shallow thinking under a Gemini Moon.

Tuesday, April 24: Got anything tough to talk about? Have that conversation today as the Moon sextiles Mercury, Uranus and conjunct Venus. Sociable and flirtatious, it really does feel like we can love more than one person, but it doesn’t have to be romantic love. It’s a good day to negotiate but it may be hard to complete the deal. As the day progresses we grow more thoughtful, intense and crafty. Take thoughts with a grain of salt. Stay in the moment: tend the present well and those moments will create a healthier future.

Wednesday, April 25: Troubled mind or haunting thoughts: we see the problem more clearly this morning as Mercury squares Pluto. Something recently lost needs our attention or healing. It’s good to look deep, but let’s keep perspective, and question second guesses or discouraged thoughts. It may be hard to be honest if our words have challenge in consequence, but truth does set us free. Later, our thoughts can lead us around a good corner. Rest well tonight.

Thursday, April 26: Rest and repair today, follow through on what has begun, work the garden and nurture those intentions, those seedlings as the Moon in Cancer. Yesterday’s challenges require steady action today; nurture for the long haul. Family dynamics may be strangely redolent of the past. Midafternoon is unsettled, people respond defensively to changes they did not instigate, give them time and kindness to adjust as the Moon squares Uranus. Tonight, stay in touch with deeper feelings, help others through their moods but don’t let the moods run the show as the Moon opposes Pluto.


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  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy— Huge news to be announced in a month or so… Stunning stage of life… Happy happy happy stuff… <3

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