Starcodes April 13 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. ~ Wilson Mitzner

This Friday the thirteenth could earn back its bad-boy reputation. As the weekend begins, energy that has felt stuck begins to flow, and it can be a bumpy ride.  Last week Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde, this week Pluto turned retrograde, and today Mars (now in Virgo) turns direct after several months retrograde. Feel the energetic eddies and disorientation and don’t take it personally.

When planets appear to change direction (towards either retrograde or direct motion) they instigate turbulence like a river meeting the incoming tide. Things are shifting and changing around and underneath us, and much of it will be great. But while most of us will just feel a little more room to move and energy to do so, when Pluto and Mars change directions like this at the same time, it can sometimes feel like they turned off the containment unit in Ghostbusters. So watch out for flying ectoplasm or the humans that act it all out, and enjoy the silly spirits in there too.

As Mars turns direct, whatever we’ve been brooding upon begins to pour into the open, we may want to take action on our worries or concerns, our plots and our plans. We may be taken back to some story that was brewing in our life last December but then got put on hold over the holidays as Mars retrograded. We may also be called to respond to a time when someone took advantage of tenderness or vulnerability, our or another’s, and contemplate how to move forward in a good way.

We need to be careful about where we lay blame, because Mars in Virgo can make us hard on one another, and can make the idea of unconditional love seem like a far-fetched fantasy. Karma is coming home to roost. For the most part, there’s no need to give others a hard time, they are probably doing it to themselves when no one is looking. Trust that most of us are doing a lot of internal homework whether we show it or not. We need to activate that Virgo compassion to ourselves and others to bring out our best.

Because so much is coming unstuck this weekend, it is in port important that we listen when difficult subjects come up in the conversation; any attempt at repressing criticism will only make it worse. People just need to vent and process. Once people have their say, they can hear the other side; we can shield ourselves from outbursts and not take other people after moods personally, but important information will be hidden in the conversation and we need to listen.

Friday the vibe is turbulent but hard working and mostly productive.  Over the weekend we think seriously about our next steps and need to talk, but also just need some time chilling with friendly souls. The Sun opposes Saturn just in time for tax day, and restrictions or limitations responsibilities can feel tiring. So if we see someone struggling with their taxes, let’s not tell them they should’ve started earlier, because their frustration will land in our face. Even if our taxes are done we may have some difficult decisions to make which cramp our social life.

Mercury enters Aries on Monday and the Moon enters Aries on Wednesday, and they can start a fire. They bring back our gumption but lower impulse control as they heighten reaction time. We can feel change in the air. They can offer us flashes of brilliance, but may also intensify spring allergies, as well as make us allergic to anything that feels done or dysfunctional in our life. Be wary of sudden brilliant ideas or an urgent need to change life direction; it may be the right impulse but overshoot the mark. It helps to set on sudden impulses for a few days to see if they grow roots or are just reactive.

Then we enter planting season as the Sun enters more stable and fertile Taurus on Thursday. Get ready to plant seedlings of all sorts the following weekend under the New Moon in Taurus, one of the most fertile moments of the year.

Friday, April 13: Morning can be difficult; if things don’t go right, wait rather than push as the Moon squares the Sun and Saturn. Worries surface, but a systematic approach helps. Midday, if we need to, let’s speak up or take action while we can do it tactfully as Moon sextiles Mercury, rather than wait until we’re really ticked off. Watch for suddenly changing circumstances. We get less controlling and or collaborative as the Moon enters Aquarius midafternoon. Collaboration helps deal with what is revealed as Mars turns direct. It may not be bad luck but human machination that we need to overcome. Tonight the energy is bouncing and on the, sure the collaboration, give people room to process, and keep eyes open for the wild card.

Saturday, April 14: A collective, expressive day to explore what the concept of freedom means to us as the Moon sextiles Uranus and trines Venus. Family dynamics may be a bit off but community relationships improve; invite the neighbors over or find others with like interests and an excuse to collaborate. We may need to clear out the gutters literally or metaphorically, clear out detritus of the past so that new energy flows. Tonight can be a little wild, insensitive but eventually positive.

Sunday, April 15: Sun opposes Saturn and asks us to grow up and get real; taxes and our responsibilities lean in on us today, it’s enough to make up bones creak. If we feel overwhelmed it helps to focus on one thing at a time one thing we can check off our list and be done. Acceptance is essential, offer support not advice. By evening the Moon enters Pisces and we need to celebrate if our plate is clear, and rest if we’re feeling overwhelmed because it isn’t.

Monday, April 16: Competing signals affect each of us differently; accept if others are on a different wave length. The Pisces Moon lets our energy drift while Mercury in Aries instigates great ideas, and a Venus-Saturn conjunction tests our relationships and asks is to work something out or work together. Morning is dreamy, almost lazy, but creative; work together in the afternoon. Relationships are more volatile this evening, so find a good way to spark.

Tuesday, April 17: Our minds look ahead, but our energy may be low; the mood is inward and disorganized under the Pisces Moon, but Mercury in Aries is calling us to be foresight full and get on with it. Talk over imminent changes inspired by inequality or feeling unsafe. Lots of little tasks need attention and work better with our short attention span and impending deadlines. Weed, prepare, connect, and communicate.

Wednesday, April 18: In reaction to some element of the past, we want to change conditions now as the Moon enters Aries. Plow fields, start revolutions, renovate. We honestly express our loudest feelings but may hide our softer, more vulnerable sides. The mood is headstrong but reactive rather than creative; avoid bumps to the head or a tendency to dehydrate. Pick fights carefully, correct others only if truly necessary; instead challenge people to solve a problem.

Thursday, April 19: The Feisty Aries Moon is stabilized as the Sun enters, but were restless, talkative, keep on point this very busy morning with an information overload as Mercury challenges Jupiter, we may need to travel out of our comfort zone to explore place or idea but be confident but not overconfident in our opinions. Hearts warm this evening as the Moon sextiles Venus.





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