Starcodes April 6 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“To play safe, I prefer to accept only one type of power: the power of art over trash, the triumph of magic over the brute.” Vladimir Nabokov

By the end of next week the stars help us be practically competent and our plans can build momentum. But first we’ve got a rather magical weekend, with emotions to process, dreams to dream, and illusions to penetrate. Insightful Mercury has just turn direct after three weeks retrograde.  We can begin to straighten out misperceptions and mistaken orders but may find that we need to deal with a strong emotional charge in the process.

But this weekend is not so practical; it’s time to explore our magical connection to the budding springtime, to wander in our imaginary inner worlds and investigate our connection to the numinous. We just have to know where our imagination ends and other people’s reality begin or we’ll project onto them our hopes, fears and any extra inner mess floating around, as both Venus and the Sun challenge intuitive, creative Neptune, and this leaves us intuitive and permeable, and easily lost in our daydreams.

If we’re conscious about our imagination, it becomes a way to contact the mysteries and can offer a moment of spiritual connection.  It can also be the wellspring for fresh ideas. But we’ll need to pay attention to our relationships.

A beautiful full Libran Moon today highlights any tension between  what we want and feel called to do (symbolized by the Sun) and our relationships (symbolized by the Libra Moon), and wants us to explore how much of this apparent tension is an illusion. It challenges us to believe authenticity will actually bring us closer to others, as long as we honor theirs too. Our joy and suffering are as important, no more nor less, then need theirs, and we to improve the total picture.

Emotional winds pick up on Saturday as the Moon heads into Scorpio, and Venus and Mars square. Our emotions can tug us in multiple directions. We’ll tend to get stuck in our own and will have trouble seeing through another person’s eyes, which is fine as long as we own it. This Moon can take us on a deep inner journey as well as give us a good excuse to just muck about in the garden. It can be great for spiritual practice but tricky on relationships; a few people will lose their boundaries between self and other, and project their inner muck onto others.

Maybe we have a pile of relatives or chosen family to gather around for Easter; if so, we need to be gentle and firm about our boundaries, appreciate our connection and realize how much we don’t really know even our most familiar beloveds. Let’s open to who they are rather than assume we know what they want or how they feel.

We can reconnect with enthusiasm as the Sagittarius Moon brings our attention up and out and into the glorious springtime early next week. We’re more open-minded and curious, but also more impatient with the world’s wrongs as we become aware of deeper currents stirring in the collective mind when Pluto turns retrograde. Watch for unusual power dynamics towards the end of the week even as we get competent, and guide the action towards the benefit of all involved. Work that we begin now will really pick up momentum later on this month as Mars turns direct.

Friday, April 6: The weekend mood begins early, our dreams and imagination are so thoroughly with us we might as well work with art, music,Easter eggs and all magical phenomena as the Sun and Venus challenge Neptune. We know our internal reality well, but may misconstrue other people’s reality; let’s assume others are a mystery and not project our assumptions upon. Watch for water damage, sloppy conditions, and mistakes in judgment. The full Moon at 1:18 pm MDT challenges us to celebrate both our individuality and our ability to connect at the same time.

Saturday, April 8: Feel a more serious and intense vibe as the Moon conjunct Saturn and enters Scorpio in the wee hours. We may feel different or out of sync this morning and need to pull back to ourselves to take care of some core soul issue that calls us. It helps to just dive inwards for a while and then return to engage others. If there’s tension between competing opinions or personal needs, celebrate differences to find a way that make no one wrong and everyone right as Venus and Mars Square.

Sunday, April 8: Post-weekend reentry may be difficult, give people time to arrive. We want to get started, but murky primordial emotions can interfere as the Sun sesqui-squares Mars under a Scorpio Moon. It’s productive to get physically tired or to investigate a mystery. Don’t take snarky moods personally. Do background work, research and set important limits, but defer delicate or diplomatic work.

Monday, April 9: The road clears and we can get on with the show as the Moon trines Mercury and enter Sagittarius. People can see potential and are excited about a creative approach as Venus sextiles Uranus. Fresh, flirtatious energy can sparkle with the right chemistry, but details may be left behind, and chores just won’t hold our attention. A field trip helps. Breathe through mid-afternoon impatience as the Moon squares Mars. Be open, honest but kind tonight as the Moon opposes Venus.

Tuesday, April 10: A friendly, emotionally expressive mood helps us make adjustments on long-term plans. Under this springtime cheerfulness, issues of power and safety need attention. We may have to put on hold, but probably should not give upon, a change or transformation in the works as Pluto retrogrades. Not everybody’s going to be conscious of their mixed feelings; notice the difference between what people say and what they do and take both as the truth. Humor, animals, and the outside world open our heart tonight as the Moon trines the Sun.

Wednesday, April 11: Socialize early and get down to practical work by midday as the Moon enters Capricorn. Deal with structure and organization, watch for slinging opinions and restricting control issues. Enough with the feelings, now we want to see something concrete; don’t put imagination away, but do work on the pragmatics needed to manifest those dreams. Tonight we need acceptance; to know we can retain our eccentricity as we knuckled down to the work at hand.

Thursday, April 12: Work comes first, then more personal connection. A serious morning can either leave us discouraged or catalyze us in to pragmatic solutions, it’s our choice. Midday our options open as the Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter. We can work with the chain of command easily if we both offer respect and respect ourselves concurrently. Depressed people need both their feelings validated, and some help seeing good effects of their efforts.




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