Starcodes March 30, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

“Don’t you know what that is? It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want–oh, you don’t quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! It seems to you that mainly what you want is to get away; get away from the same old tedious things you’re so used to seeing and so tired of, and set something new. “Mark Twain.

Patience; this spacy, frazzled week presages a dynamic and productive spring. But for now, our minds wander, and when we’re lucky, our feet do too. We have a lot to do but may have a hard time concentrating enough to get it done. But we can investigate the past and dream a better future.

This week the antsy, unsettled, low-impulse-control energy of Sun and Uranus in Aries stirs underneath the drifting, dreamy mindset of Mercury retrograde in Pisces.  We may find it easy to wander into creative corners but find it hard to build practical momentum unless our mood is catalyzed in some Aries/Pisces way. Our sympathies are easily stirred, and our Aries rebellion is activated by any event or story of Piscean of vulnerability or victimization. We can see this in the headlines and notice this at home; people will be fiercely protective of their own tender places and of the vulnerable creatures around them.

Our minds may want to wander back to bad memories when our tender underbellies felt unsafe, or when history trampled on the vulnerable. If memories float up, take a fresh look and release, there is no point in going there other than to learn, fix, and heal.  After Mercury turns direct at the end of the week it’s time to look ahead, but this week let’s review and repair the past, and deal as best we can with the present.

We’ll have enough to deal with right here and now as threads of our plans unravel and mistakes, missed cues or misunderstandings complicate. The Mercury retrograde slapstick can get really inconvenient, even dangerous this week, so please put safety first. Look for the humor where possible and look for the hidden opportunity exposed by a mishap; discover an ally or a secret back route when delayed.  Often two wrongs may make a right, if we forget our house keys, maybe we also forgot to lock the back door.

As the weekend begins we may feel overextended or overloaded, both restless and permeable. Maybe we ache with an existential discontent with a T-square between the Moon, Sun and Pluto, or feel unusually aware of our mistakes and the mistakes of others, aware of what we’re missing and long for spacious improvement.  Let’s speak about the longing and ask if we need to change the present condition or leave to find greener pastures.

Early in the week the mood is warm-hearted but prone to ego-based misunderstandings. It can help to take a moment and let ourselves be consciously at the center of our world, assess the situation, then open back up to understand others.

Midweek we’re talkative, critical, and accident-prone; the mood is nervy and verbal as Mercury turns direct while Venus enters mercurial Gemini. Our memory can feel like a sieve. We need to be patient with one another as we straighten out tangled threads and pick up what fell by the wayside these last few weeks.

Venus squares Neptune towards the end of the week and helps us be more creative though less realistic, intuitive but easily deluded by our hopes and fears.  Let’s stay in the present and make this moment wonderful.

Friday, March 30: Handle delicate and urgent matters this morning even if people are thoroughly distracted or easily defensive under a Cancer Moon. Don’t correct; people need support. Offer hope with tough news.  Afternoon is moody, but objective challenges can activate our best efforts as Sun and Moon and Pluto T-square. Tonight, talk about existential discontent and what is truly home.

Saturday, March 31: Early morning may be grumpy and specific as the Moon semi-squares Mars. Comfort food helps. Old domestic projects needs our attention; complete and be done this afternoon. Communication opens up later if we bring in imagination as the Cancer Moon trines Mercury. We’re better at sharing experience than words, better at fiction than reality. Tonight is sociable as long our eccentricities feel safe.

Sunday, April 1: Open the heart on this outspoken, lazy day. We really need a day of rest. We want to be seen but have energy only for our heart’s enthusiasms as the Moon enters Leo and trine Uranus. Don’t ask us to go too deep, we’ll get recalcitrant, but we can be warm. Vivid expression of feeling is no less real for the melodrama; try to understand what they’re saying rather than quibble over facts.

Monday, April 2: We need positive reflection this morning. The mood may be magnanimous but we bog down on details easily as the Leo Moon and Sun trine. Our hearts know when our heads are confused, so listen, and take care of one another, and defer as much paperwork as possible.  An old issue needs generosity now. Look for the emotional undercurrents and work with the flow. Be nimble around plan changes late afternoon as the Moon challenges Uranus, and let people tell their stories of disorientation; sympathy helps. Sketch in the big picture now and figure out how in a few days.

Tuesday, April 3: Let’s keep our wits about us, as they will scattered easily. We hurry up and wait as Moon enters easily-anxious Virgo and Venus and enters nervy Gemini, both Mercury-ruled signs, as Mercury appears to hold still against the zodiacal belt. Relationship subtleties take attention but may feel like smoke and mirrors, we can’t really see what’s going on, and that can spark controversy as the Moon opposes Neptune and conjuncts Mars midday. So let’s hold hands, assume the best, and figure the rest out in a few days. Edit rather than write, unless it’s an analysis that will be edited later. Talk to a stranger. Open the mind and observe, as our nerves become sensitive to new input, but don’t jump to conclusions about what it means.

Wednesday, April 4: Just chill; anything else will be counterproductive as Mercury turns direct this morning. We’ll need patience throughout the day as channels begin to unblock. The flow picks up where we’re patient but becomes accident-prone and tumultuous where we push. Mistakes will be made, but please avoid the Virgo Moon’s pressure to assign blame, and focus on putting things right.  Don’t expect everything to fall into place right away, let it straighten out slowly over the next week. Catch-up and repair, straighten out misunderstandings. Tonight, celebrate a sense of relief as the Virgo Moon trines Mercury; engage in real dialogue and find out what’s been going on behind the scene.

Thursday, April 5: Confirm and review work done over the last three weeks in the morning. Don’t blame the wildcards on one another; were all dealing with changes in plans or changing circumstance today. We may be forgetful, or need to start over again where we thought we had it all nailed down. It’s all about relationships this afternoon; drop assumptions and try to see one another clearly but in a positive light as the Libra Moon trines Venus and opposes Uranus, while Venus squares Neptune. Look for or offer an unexpected opening, a ray of warmth, but keep imagination in the present. Tonight can be magical if we get out of our heads and look for balance and the beauty way.




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