Starcodes March 23 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

We have an unusual opportunity now to go outside and see the planets form big astrological patterns in real time. In the evening, look to the west and see Venus and Jupiter still dancing together in Taurus. This is what a conjunction looks like. Look to the east and see Mars glowing red and forming a trine with Venus. Know that a third of the way around the globe from either planet, beneath the earth, sits Pluto. These three planets are forming a grand trine.

If we could see a planet close to the Sun, we’d also see the planet of change, Uranus cuddled up close. The Sun and Uranus stir up the action in Aries this week while Mercury retrogrades back into Pisces, taking us back to our imagination and deep into our inner world. The pools of our imagination fill up like ponds with spring melt, and we may have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. With this Pisces/Aries vibe, we feel our vulnerability but may have trouble accepting help, feel for the vulnerable around us and motivate to protect them.

Together these planets are sending us back to events or places of our past, back to the roots of our inspiration, to stir feelings and allow us to make decisive moves forward in the months ahead. We may be doing some deep soul-searching as Mars in Virgo continues to ask us to look at the past and think about our responsibilities, and ask what we could do differently in the future. But it is not time to beat ourselves up, what we really need is tools to handle the present and the future.

As Venus and Mars trine in earth signs they also help us feel gentle loyalty as well as the deliciousness of our senses. They help us ground the ongoing Sun and Uranus in Aries buzz that can leave us frayed this week. We need deep rest for frazzled souls, healthy spring foods to feed our cells like the spring rains feed the trees.

We may need to disappear into our dream world, then suddenly feel jolted back to reality by something we’ve forgotten, but this can be a rich time in our soul and in our creative process. We just need to keep an eye on that threshold between the harsh reality of car bills and sharp objects and the soft focus of our inner world.

While our minds wander, the rest of the world picks up speed for springtime; look for a series of run-ins and snafus as we tried to get a lot done and bump into each other in the process, like horses getting stuck while they try to leave the barn door at the same time.

We may feel both drawn inwards, and impatient for action at the same time. Impatience can motivate us or trip us up; we are impatient for spring to come, for our plants to go into the ground, for our family to finally get it, and for the troops to come. We just have to watch that we don’t bite off more than we can chew; with the logistical difficulties at the moment, it helps to pace ourselves. The aspects ask us to think big, not to make small patchwork decisions, but to really overhaul the whole system. Whether it is our kitchen or our country we want to overhaul, we just have to do what we can, build out from there, and be willing to adjust our plans along the way.

Others around us may have an old bone to pick, some piece of shrapnel buried in their soul which may need to come out and be dealt with. We need to really hear the depth of their pain, really signal that we understand their position, and that may mean holding ourselves tenderly but not making the conversation about ourselves at that moment. First validate feelings, understand their perspective, and then make room for a larger understanding. And then brainstorm together what else to do in the future.

As the weekend begins the Moon is waxing in Aries and the mood is fiery, exciting, reactive, willful but hopeful. Over the weekend the Moon will come to nestle between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus. Let this earthy, romantic if stubborn energy pour into the heart. This three-way conjunction can wake up our hungers and help us appreciate what we have; it will also deepen and entrench any mindset, any emotional condition; it’s a very fertile time to plant whatever we want to grow. Although it’s not a great idea to launch new adventures of technology with Mercury retrograde, it is a great time to make emotional forays, extend a hand, build contacts, or begin any aesthetic project. Choose colors and patterns now but measure dimensions again in a few weeks.

Friday, March 23: A hot and cold day of contradictions: the waxing Aries Moon is ready to conquer the world while Mercury in Pisces wants to take a nap or go on an inward journey instead. Self-expression comes in odd forms, as we want to break the mold and be unique as Venus challenges Uranus. Let’s not buy into the illusion that other people cramp our style, it’s all us, and we can let it flow. Be considerate but expressive. Rebel artistically. Watch the highs and lows of emotion wash by and don’t buy into either peak. Live with gusto tonight.

Saturday, March 24: All bets are off, all restrictions and restraints are too, or there will be resistance as the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Do not ask favors, do not hold expectations. Instead be honest. If help is needed, others may come to the rescue (and then the challenge will be to receive) but they have to do so on their own terms. Be self-starting, independent, accept spontaneity and let the soul unwind. We are healed by diving into an inspired project, a meditative reverie, or wandering and seeing where our feet take us. Let the soul turn inside out. Late afternoon, the Moon enters Taurus and we become more embodied and dependable tonight: share deliciousness and dreams; let the senses be and accept the personality.

Sunday, March 25: A rich, fertile, day, great for planting seeds, literally and figuratively, as the Moon waxes in earthy Taurus. This morning Moon trines Mars and gives us more decisive edge. We may want to indulge for brunch, but watch out for burnt foods. The afternoon grows lazy and sensual, and calls for a walk in the budding springtime as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Communication may be out of sync tonight, check in with one another gently, and listen to non-verbal cues.

Monday, March 26: Continue to plant those seeds in the earth or in the mind; begin new habits and make new contacts on this fertile day as the Moon conjuncts Venus. Seduce and encourage rather than push. Follow through on long-range goals, don’t drop that ball. Don’t jump to conclusions during a late afternoon tangle, smile and give it space, then check back in tomorrow. Rest and nurture tonight.

Tuesday, March 27: Lots of words flow, but may not come out the way we mean; mental static can obfuscate, but look for nuggets of truth in the flow. We are easily distracted and confused, possibly uncertain as the Gemini Moon squares Neptune; hold on to essentials but otherwise enjoy the birds as they fly by. Late afternoon brings an accident-prone irritable tone as the Moon squares Mars: stay centered, and notice if something needs to be cut off or given away.

Wednesday, March 28: This can be a tricky day with rough crosscurrents, talkative but stubborn. We tend to talk at cross purposes and our minds go one way while our heart goes another as Venus challenges Pluto. If some primordial tensions are working under the surface and are not acknowledged consciously, walk around them rather than try to get people to own u, but keep your eye on an unspoken truth they represent. Multitasking works well if we don’t drop the ball, and communication improves towards night.

Thursday, March 29: The morning brings a spirit of compromise and agreement as Mercury sextiles Venus; keep the conversation flowing. Meetings work well but we’ll have to check back about the details later. Afternoon grows more serious, undercurrents of power-broking brokerage and real necessity as the Sun squares Pluto. We need to define our words by our present actions not by the past or by other people’s opinions. Tonight a retreat means we need time with ourselves not that we mind others as the Moon heads into Cancer.




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