Starcodes March 16, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Buckle up, it could be a bumpy ride, but the air is fresh and the mood is inventive as we welcome in springtime. What we set in motion this week can build momentum in the months to come, so let’s be careful what we start.

Fresh, brash, direct, impatient Aries gives us the gumption to rebel against winter and create life afresh each spring, This Aries energy helps us get out of our rut as spring begins and the Sun and Moon join Mercury and Uranus in Aries. To get us moving, Aries can stimulate us to be us really uncomfortable with anything that feels old, dysfunctional, slow or inept.

Aries tends to shoot from the hip and ask questions later. It is reactive. With this lineup in Aries we become full of histamines and can develop an allergic reaction to both pollen and to being told what to do. Schedules can become hazy things that we want to wander away from and play hooky.

This lineup in Aries can bring lazy spells with sparks of nervous energy, a short attention span with flashes of brilliance. Our temper can spike quick and clean, and so can anxiety. We’ll have little energy for what does not interest us or for what feels like just another repetitive chore, but we can use our imagination to make anything interesting when we need to. If we reinvent the wheel our attention is reengaged. But it will be easier to do a massive spring clean when we’re inspired than to do the dishes one more time.

On the bigger world stage this Aries line up invigorates the spring revolution; around the globe people and countries will be looking at systems and patterns that were just accepted before but now will feel intolerable. Problems that seemed like an inevitable slow creep may now catalyze vigorous response. One Aries motto is ‘I’m not going to put up with this any longer.” Reactions to events are volcanic; if they seem like an over-reaction, the pressure’s been building for a long time. We have to add the wisdom to guide the energy into good channels.

But Mercury, that planet of communication and transportation, is also retrograde in Aries, so we tend to make mistakes and can easily get started on the wrong foot. So we have to keep checking our facts and check in with one another to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. A few people with loose wires in their thinking or their nervous systems will fray, but most of us will feel restless with just a touch of wanderlust.

As Mercury conjuncts Uranus this week, and the Sun conjuncts Uranus next week, they instigate; a grand trine in Earth signs between Mars and Jupiter and Pluto add momentum and staying power to what we start, whether we start great ideas or some truly terrible incident. Words have staying power, so let’s be careful to put a filter between what we think and what we say.

Over the last few weeks a few events occurred that brought a turning point, though we may not have recognized it at the time, when Mercury first conjunct Uranus. Now Mercury retrogrades back to conjunct Uranus again and asks us to deal with the fallout of the first event, but this work will stay in motion through April when Mercury makes the last pass over this conjunction as it moves forward once again. We need to repair or improve what we can, but also notice that some things cannot go back to the way they were; the situation will be changed permanently, for better or worse, and now we have to decide the wisest, most centered and least reactive way to move forward.

As the weekend begins, we may feel a little frazzled as an urge to accomplish pulls us one way while spring weather and life’s little distracting sidebars pull us another. We may also see the effects of some recent difficulty, but it won’t help to wish we’d handled in a different way. We may need to go back over an incident in the past and help others understand what we meant, but it will work best if we save that for later. Right now it helps to validate feelings and tend to the needs at hand. Luckily, the trailing effects of last week’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction helps us keep our heart open as it turns up the flow of all emotions.

Because Mercury is in a particularly impatient, somewhat accident-prone place, it will help to confirm facts and intentions and make sure we heard what was meant before reacting. Drive defensively. Assume tension has roots in a misunderstanding, keep looking for a solution. Handle fire carefully and manage sparks, both electrical and interpersonal, thoughtfully. Keep the cell phones handy, confirm plans, and track of those few things that really need follow through. Enjoy a spontaneous moment, it will probably be much better than the original plan.

Friday, March 16: Enjoy each other’s company and repair contacts this morning; fix whatever is broken before the weekend begins as the Moon trines Venus. The mood may be positive but tired, cranky but distantly hopeful, and productive if we can keep our mind on the task at hand. It’s hard to laugh about ourselves (we’re a bit touchy about our competence) but we can easily laugh at other’s foibles. Tonight, take care of aches and responsibilities.

Saturday, March 17: We may be slow to wake up this morning, dreams linger, but once we’re up, a serious and competent streak accomplishes as the Capricorn Moon squares Libra; watch a tendency to boss others around, and ask if the task is more important than good will.  Afternoon transforms into a celebratory group experience, just in time for parades as the Moon enters Aquarius. Afternoon is funny, spontaneous group-centered but not intimate. Just keep the cell phones handy because there will be changes in plans; it may be hard to reconnect if we get lost in a crowd, but adventure awaits.

Sunday, March 18: Gather with like minds and friendly souls, or go exploring; don’t bother with routine. The moon is collective, curious, easily bored, inventive and opinionated. Take notes about changes to make in the environs, and follow through later. Be ready to change minds in response to new information, just confirm the facts, as Mercury exactly conjunct Uranus today. The landscape is changing, so keep eyes open for a new direction and take the time for a healthy and centered response.

Monday, March 19: We’ll tend to feel everything, remember everything that’s been going on, and reverberate with response on this last full day of the astrological year. Events are popping and need our attention, we have to stay alert and aware of what absolutely needs to happen to deal with the present and clear up the past. Later, think about both sleeping dreams and day-visions; listen to the information sifting up from the bottom of the psyche while the Moon enters Pisces and conjunct Neptune in. Evening is magical, otherworldly; the Sun enters Aries and spring begins at 11:14 pm MDT.

Tuesday, March 20: Feel that springtime impatience this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, but don’t jump the gun. Be cool and be careful of anything that sparks this morning, whether tempers or electrics. Notice kickback today for any recent bad decisions. Afternoon can be more productive, take a moment to review work done on long-range projects and long-range relationships or major events. Clear the way for new beginnings.

Wednesday, March 21: Sensitive but pushy, expect little patience for polite or superficial interaction as Mercury challenges Venus. Our inner dialogue may be louder than the voices around us, making it hard to listen. Aesthetic decisions may be off, so choose colors another day. Emotions are full to overflowing, share the best of them and find a safe place to vent for the worst. Later, take a minute with the soul and assess this point in time and place as the Sun conjuncts Mercury and brings consciousness of our personal intent.

Thursday, March 22: We get the party started on today’s New Moon in Aries; let’s just hope we know where to go. Self-responsibility is key as the Moon conjuncts Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Aries. The energy is dynamic, executive yet adolescent; we want to tell others what to do but hate to be told ourselves. Don’t give orders, just set goals and challenge others to meet them. Attention spans and tempers run short, trouble builds when we feel out of the loop or feel others are misusing their authority. Avoid reactions that take away more than they give tonight as the Moon squares Pluto.




2 thoughts on “Starcodes March 16, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Spent all day yesterday dealing with my eldest child on facebook chat… struggling with the nature of unconditional love… while s/he tries to impose rules regarding what pronouns I use… really far more painful than I would have imagined. Spent the night in tears– no sleep… Why is this so damned hard??

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