Starcodes March 9 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s an earthy, complex week as Mercury retrogrades for three weeks this Monday (although we’ve already been feeling it for a few days as it approaches) and complicates our life.

Now this Mercury retrograde could be something special, Mercury conjunct Uranus last week in Aries and we had a record number of tornadoes and political flare-ups, both destructive and chaotic hot air. Mercury now retrogrades back to that point again next week, retrogrades back into spices and then hits Uranus in Aries again towards the end of April. Watch for technical snafus and logistical oddities, accidents when we hurry, as well as some pretty erratic thinking in the process.

Mercury retrograde may slow down our progress, confuse communications, but also gives us a chance to go back and repair, redress and recuperate. People from the past and projects of the past are back in our orbit and need to be dealt with. Pay attention to opportunities that arise in the present but have roots in the past, old contacts, proposals sent out a long time ago, ideas that were shelved once and brought back now, and make the most of it. Take any opportunity to clean up a past karmic mess.

While Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest and most generous planets, conjunct in the early evening sky they warm our hearts and encourage camaraderie even if they don’t really help with the snafus. Jupiter and Venus together form a grand trine with Pluto and Mars, all in practical and sensual earth signs, and so events get bigger and life takes on a piquant urgency. We’ll have a lot of capacity to make things happen if only we have our facts straight and the wisdom to know what to do.

This Jupiter line-up will make some people famous, and some infamous this week. What we do gets broadcast, but we can expect some distortion of the facts, and will need to check as we go.

Over the weekend, let’s get as comfortable as possible with the important people in our life because the next few weeks may be stressful on relationship if we get off on the wrong foot. Misunderstandings or feeling out of synch with one another are all too easy, emotions are a strong deep river and may people are possessive and territorial and stubborn. Touchy feelings and snappy comebacks make a hard combination right now. People may want to speak intensely but can tick others off easily; we’re really touchy about what’s fair and what isn’t, though everyone will define that personally.

Mars involved in this grand earth trine can remind us we have a body and that body wants to be alive and healthy. It adds a spark to our relationships and increases our appetites of all kinds, and encourages us to work out– once we get off the couch and out of our Venusian coziness. It can increase our temper, but also our ability to learn kinder but more tangible ways of dealing with our temper.

As the weekend begins, it will help to build up a reservoir of goodwill. If we get in each other’s good graces now, we can reminisce about the past, respond to the future together and bond over handling whatever snafus come up. So let’s worry less about being right or getting our way, and more about making the household happy and in right relations with one another; the emotional winds pick up on Sunday and Monday under a Scorpio Moon and we’ll need a big dose of acceptance and room to go our own way, do our own thing. If the good will is strong, this is just a moment inside, but if we’re out of sync with one another it can bring a nasty backlash. In any case- if someone’s getting prickly, let’s step away rather than try and make them see reason.

Traffic may be no fun Monday morning as Mercury retrogrades. Play it safe driving and operating any machinery all week long as Mercury conjuncts erratic Uranus. Look for changing circumstances and take extra time to get on the same page before trying to work anything out. Because people are changing their minds, check to see if orders or instructions have changed and start padding the schedule for the next few weeks, build in time to be more careful and to repair mistakes. Misunderstanding are likely, so ask twice measure thrice, and look inside for the answers. Ask lots of questions. If any situation gets tense, assume there’s a misunderstanding or mistake at the bottom and ask one more time.

Mid-week, under stress we’ll want an adventure, a break in routine, so let’s schedule one in. It’s an emotionally full time as Venus trines Pluto, and we’re reminded about what matters to us and what are just dust and details. We may also get some new lesson in how our health and well-being, or lack thereof, is interwoven with the wellbeing of others, a new and visceral understanding of the interdependency of all beings.

Friday, March 9: Make the most of unsettled conditions as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and Mercury early on and we’re interrupted for important messages or disjointed timing. People tend to be pleasant but uncooperative and need to find their own way. Midafternoon moods slump as the Moon opposes Pluto, we may have to let go of some dear thing or idea, or just feel subdued, but let’s not make it worse than it is. Conversation is active around dinnertime, tonight is smooth with a need for comfort, and rocky only if we feel a situation is unfair.

Saturday, March 10: Thoughtful but disjointed attention span is good for short visits and small projects. If an old problem shows up, try a fresh approach and learn this afternoon. Prioritize connections, get comfortable with one another. Tonight, as the Moon conjuncts Saturn, we may be tired or formal, thoughtful or serious, it helps to have a structure to socialize but we can come to a new understanding.

Sunday, March 11: It’s not an easy day, so just chill. Avoid a tendency to create drama under stress, because we can invent our reality in the best or worst of ways as as the Moon enters Scorpio, trines Neptune and opposes Venus. We may be a bit self-absorbed and need to nurse our tender places, which is fine as long as we accept other people’s right to do the same and avoid the trap of sullen resentment. Watch an obsessive side. Meditate on the heart.

Monday, March 12: Be patient with an unsettled mood potentially laced with technical and electrical snafus. Find the humor where possible and bond while dealing. Late afternoon look for a moment of calm; attempts to push the pace will only backfire as Mercury retrogrades. Thoughts of the past, unfinished work begins to surface, but we have the guts to deal with it.

Tuesday, March 13: Energetic cross-currents can be confusing, the mood is more frazzled but up-beat under a Sagittarius Moon. Hidden things surface but the ordinary may be obscured, calm down rather than rev up to find what is missing. Jupiter trines Pluto and can blow things out of proportion but they do encourage us to open our horizons. If big ideas are held in check by necessary restraints, let the experience refine the vision, not stop the flow.

Wednesday, March 14: Positive and erratic; Venus conjuncts Jupiter, stirs our hearts but asks us to let the drama go and walk in beauty; through scrambled messages and specious thinking, we can find a stable place in our heart’s core if we look for it. It is easier to forgive. Make aesthete decisions now, not logistical ones. Tonight, make generosity and compassion tangible.

Thursday, March 15: If something from the past inspires or irritates, let it motivate productive action under a determined Capricorn Moon, but don’t let it run the show. Keep priorities clear. Some people are feeling difficult and want to wrestle, give them a safe topic to engage. Life provokes a visceral response; relationships have an extra torque of attraction and repulsion; live fully but keep back bone firmly connected to the earth.


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