Starcodes March 2, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Get ready for changes of mind, and changes of circumstances, and consider how to best motivate and midwife those changes in a wise and productive way.

Over the next week situations may arise that irritate us like a burr on skin, something that we accepted only a week ago now may tick us off and require action as Mercury, arbiter of how we think, communicate and transport, enters action-oriented Aries and conjuncts electrical Uranus. It may not be easy, but we get the opportunity to be honest with ourselves and yet act and speak from our maturity, no matter what we’re feeling.

Words will have fresh power this week; we may feel catalyzed by a new idea or succinct phrase. We may feel on fire, or just find our nerves shorting out. Impulse control lowers, and we’re already pretty impulsive with Venus now in fierce Aries. Our attention span is shortened but intensified, so let’s work hard and take breaks often. We need to work with the enthusiasm without letting reactive situations get out of hand.

We can get a sudden flash of lightening when it all makes sense, or we know just what to do, but flashes of brilliance can mix with disastrous brainstorms, so it’s worth it to put a five-second lead on supposed great ideas until we can sort out the dross. We may see a few wing-nuts come out of the woodwork and make outrageous statements, but let’s not response with by throwing oil on the fire. Instead let’s figure out how to contain the damage with the inexorability of common sense; earth can put out the fire. If we want to shoot from the hip or storm from the room let’s first take a break and find our center again.

Mercury in Aries can rattle sabers but also change mindsets on a dime. Watch both a militant posturing in the news and sudden brave moves towards peace. For the most part we can look forward to a just breath of fresh air, but winds will pick up, storms and arguments spike quickly and roar through to dissipate in a heartbeat; emergencies peak fast, and all can leave behind rubble that needs repair. But we will have the bravery to handle them.

With Venus in Aries our feminine nature now is easily riled, we love and hate quickly and feel urgent to get on with what we want to do. Watch how this plays out in recent efforts to control the Venus /feminine in the culture, and the fierce response to that control.

Not everyone is going open happy about this reactive restlessness. Parents and teachers may have trouble corralling the kids, our bones and winter-stiff muscles may feel the tension, regimes that don’t want to be changed resisted ad as semi-squares Saturn this weekend.

Since we’re not going to take it anymore, whatever it is that bothers us, let’s think carefully what change will work. Over the next month a beautiful grand trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs will help us follow through if we can just get the ball rolling in a good direction now.

The next few days bring productive displays from artistic endeavors to street demonstrations as Venus sextiles Neptune while the Sun opposes willful Mars. Break routine and feel the creative ferment, and be ready to be helpful if a situation suddenly demands it. Because energy needs to be released, let’s express it constructive ways and avoid potentially explosive situations.

Midweek the cultural critique sharpens towards a Virgo Full Moon, let’s make it specific and make it count, but keep our critical mind connected with our heart. This can be a wonderfully healing time if we keep the focus on what we want to improve, and don’t waste our energy remembering mistakes we’ve made or what others did wrong. We will need our facts clear before making any accusations because it will be a bad time to put foot in mouth. Analysis is wonderful if it helps us improve the future or come to a better understanding.

Luckily Venus enters its own sensual, stubborn but les reactive sign of Taurus on Monday and calms us down a bit. Venus and Mars will now both be in earth signs and can help us get back in our body and get healthy. And maybe start that earthy spring fever a few weeks early.

Friday, March 2: After a lazy morning our curiosity picks up. Hot-headed energy is easily frustrated and needs a healthy channel. Hold us back; we may feel an approach and avoidance conflict towards any confrontation or need to extend ourselves; feel the impulse and let delays provide time to craft a good approach as Mercury activates in Aries and the Moon enters inward-turning Cancer. Efforts to encompass all sides will bear fruit in the long run. Twitchiness intensifies around dinner time; don’t push the river, do work with the flow.

Saturday, March 3: Lingering tough moods encourage us to sleep in; listen to dreams and discontent for clues as to the source. Moods pick up midday as the Moon trines the Sun; we can intuit our way through, but may have a hair-trigger temper while the Sun opposes Mars. Take a healthy stand today and share a fresh perspective but watch the snappy comebacks and sudden impulses. Stomping around can lead to domestic accidents; express directly and cleanly, look for common ground and shared memories to strengthen connection.

Sunday, March 4: Our hearts can feel tested or tired. Relationships take work as Venus squares Saturn, but are worth the effort; it helps to have something to improve other than the people nearby. Insecurities clash with brash impatience. Get the conversation going, be provocative not conformational. When in doubt, go back to good relationship skills, offer attention and practice fairness.

Monday, March 5: Sparks fly, put out fires but do not be distracted and do not procrastinate; as Mercury conjuncts Uranus it closes some doors while it opens others. Look for electrical brilliance, eccentric thinking, and shocking news laced with strangely lazy moments. Venus enters steadier Taurus today and gives us more strength to follow through but can wake up our appetite.

Tuesday, March 6: Blow on the creative sparks and use humor wherever possible to ease the dance as Venus sextiles Neptune. People love to be appreciated and seen for what they do. Emotions are strong, but this can open opportunities. We can use ego strokes to get other people to agree, and we can take a higher road and look for an opportunity to let love and compassion ease past an old block. Expressive afternoon, evening gets edgier, and health issues can crop up where our bodies tend to hold stress. Codling helps.

Wednesday, March 7: After a tender morning, swallowed feelings will give us a belly ache, so let’s express. But if we need to vent, do it away from the target, then speak clearly and productively. Stay focused on the goal, not the irritant. Avoid verbal duels; critique may be pointed but still land productively as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Mars. Long range strategy needs work.

Thursday, March 8: Something feels out of whack on this Full Moon in Virgo. We can be so hard on ourselves, but probably the conundrum is not about us. Put analytical prowess to good use, if it starts to turn inwards, make sure to look for understanding and don’t just chew on old problems. Avoid questions of fault and look for a healing answer. Be gently there for one another tonight as the Moon enters Libra.


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