Starcodes Feb 24 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

Jupiter is talking this week. As the weekend begins, Jupiter dances with the Moon in twilight western sky, they conjunct exactly Sunday night, then the Moon waltzes off while Venus sidles closer to Jupiter over the next few weeks.  Both Jupiter aspects can lighten our mood and open the aperture on all our feelings, or they can leave us feeling flooded and overwhelmed. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, where the Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are all hanging out at the moment, so let’s see how we can best work with all this Jupiter training.

These Jupiter aspects can bring a hopeful, generous and progressive vibe to an otherwise thoughtful if somewhat confused and complex time, with impatience fueled by Venus in Aries, sometimes working at cross purposes with an uncertain and thoughtful reconsideration under a retrograde Mars in Virgo, all working with the generally sensitive and permeable Piscean line-up.

Jupiter is the largest planet; its mass is two and a half times that of all the other planets put together, and it tends to symbolically expand whatever it touches, for better or worse. We have to stay grounded and centered enough to use its bounty without getting washed away by the surplus of feeling.

Like a teacher who believes in their student, who knows they can learn and so gets more out of them, Jupiter wants us to believe in ourselves and see what is possible.  We may need to express a lot of swirling feelings, doubts and concerns first, just to clear the waters, but if we keep going, we can find that optimistic undercurrent and therefore find possibilities we couldn’t see before. It may be hard to know where we’re going, but we can feel strangely optimistic for no apparent reason if we let Jupiter in to do its magic.

Jupiter can also suggest we take the lazy way, the easy way out, or make us want to duck out of the stress and hassle of our life. As the weekend begins, we may want to throw off the traces of the week and forget common sense for the moment. It is a time to simplify, but not to take short cuts that will actually be the long way around.  On a deeper note- this is really a longing for freedom, but we will define freedom based on our personal circumstances.

These Jupiter aspects encourage generosity and helpfulness, but we have to sort between the impulses that actually help, and those that co-dependently disempower others. Helpfulness isn’t helpful when it’s not in alignment with what the other person really wants and needs. If our good ideas are not theirs, we need to listen more open-heartedly, and take care of ourselves.

Jupiter wants to expand our world, so we may feel like giving things away, or adding to our collection, or eating way too much. While we may have to think that one through first and see if we really want the consequences, it is a great time to promote, advertise, and get the world out. Let’s also keep our eyes open for other people’s announcements, and look for those who are doing just what we need done.

On a separate tangent, energetic Mars is retrograding back towards a grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter in pragmatic earth signs over the next few months. During this time we need to get to the core of the real problems in our life and do so in a substantial and concrete way. We don’t have to solve our problem this week as the Moon joins Jupiter in Taurus, but it will help to notice the patterns and figure out what needs this pragmatic overhaul in the months to come.

Friday begins brash and restless under an Aries Moon, but settles into a more comfortable and cozy Taurus groove for the weekend. Early next week we are flooded with information but may feel a bit nervy and unsettled, moving into a moody, self-protective end of the week.

Friday, Feb 24: Contradictions abound; the mood is shy and outgoing, creative and impatient, sensitive and oblivious as the Moon conjuncts Uranus in brash Aries under a sensitive Pisces Sun, we can really make progress if we can get all our horses heading in the same direction, but that is not easy. Try a new approach this restless morning. This afternoon we feel the pinch points, the friction between our contradictions, and can push too hard and break away. Some extraordinary events are possible, though most of us will just feel relief that the work week is over. Tonight, explore personal freedom in a healthy way.

Saturday, Feb 25: Drop the chores and to-do lists and listen to the soul’s requirement instead as the Sun sextiles Jupiter under an Aries Moon. Cat-like laziness this morning wants extra dream time. Later, let’s find a way to expand our world as the Sun sextiles Jupiter; learn, explore, see what comes up when we open to possibilities. But keep eyes open. Opinions are fine as long as we give others room for theirs. Our hearts heat up for better or worse later as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries and cranks up the volume on feelings. The toughest lessons may happen when we get what we asked for

Sunday, Feb 26: After some early morning frustration or aches and pains, it may be time to investigate what makes us more comfortable in our soul, our body and in our friendships as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Feel the longing to own or possess something, but ask what the real hunger is for at the deepest levels. Tonight look west just after sunset and let the beauty of the Jupiter-Moon dance seep in. Let the light in to unravel a conundrum and ease acceptance of some ongoing difficulty. Lighten, expand, let go and let be.

Monday, Feb 27: After a slow morning, we can manifest as the Taurus Moon trines Mars and Jupiter in earth signs. What we work on today will tend to take form, so let’s be careful and invest in what we want to grow and solidify. People are competent but unusually stubborn, so nudge rather than confront. Steer the boat gently and firmly. Cozy comfort beckons, but the transits are too fertile to sleep through.

Tuesday, Feb 28: Think fast as the mood speeds up as the Gemini Moon squares Neptune, lots of words flow, quick calls, great sound-bites, but there will be misinformation in the crossfire. Fast mood swings underline some indecision that nags us. Instead of throwing more words on the fire, look for the calm underneath the surface nerves to easy relationship friction this afternoon,

Wednesday, Feb 29:  This nervy day reveals information wherever we look; interview and investigate, but don’t spill the beans. High-strung dispositions can fabricate more to worry about than is necessary; chill. Ask personal questions and offer the great healing of listening. Chattiness can unlock a log jam, just remember words have power and look to the consequences before saying too much.

Thursday, March 1: Shifting moods blow in like a lion as the Moon enters Cancer and square Mars this morning. Notice a defensive edge as we get more protective of our tender underbellies; critique lightly. Later, if we’re feeling low, we may want to indulge ourselves or caretaker others; pause and ask what would really help first.  We’re getting ready to change our minds or adjust our direction, but need to have more information first.




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