Starcodes Feb 17 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

The week begins in a burst of serious competence then wafts off into a creative, deeply-feeling but not so organized Piscean puddle as the Sun and Moon join Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. So let’s get organized now and build a container for next week’s inspiration.

Underneath the soft-focus Pisces sensitivity we can still feel a driving push to improve our world (read– cosmic discontent) with Venus in Aries and Mars in Virgo. Venus in Aries suggests that if we’re not comfortable in a situation, we need to do something about it. Venus in Aries is not happy making do or willing to just lie down and take it. But we have to guide this impulse; Aries Venus inclines us to be direct and positive where our enthusiasm sparks but conversely be quickly depressed where we feel the least bit trapped and with a tendency to over react, to throw the baby out with the bath water.  So if moods drop, look for the perceived trap and see what minimal creative solution would help.

Mars is now retrograde in Virgo, and will be in Virgo an unusually long time, through July 4th, so we might as well work on the lessons it has to offer. Mars in Virgo whispers that we’re never quite good enough, and neither is anyone else. This discontent can help us keep improving on a good day, or it can increase our self-consciousness and leave us doubting ourselves as the strangest moments. Sometimes it takes will power to leave our mistakes behind and redirect our thoughts towards what we’re doing right, and what our beloved or our country is doing right, as well as what we can do better next time. When we redirect its energy, this is a healing, educational, and practical placement.

As the weekend begins under a competent Capricorn Moon, let’s get real, get serious and get organized for the week ahead. Learn, build, complete, sort this weekend as the Sun trines serious Saturn and Mercury sextiles Pluto. These aspects make us want to feel a sense of accomplishment, but can discourage us if we don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere, or we don’t take responsibility for our own situation and think someone else has to fix the scene. Celebrate any improvement to feed the soul.

Early in the week, as the Sun and Moon join Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, we slow down and become more porous and less linear. Feeling flood; we could wallow in self-pity, watch movie all day, or we could let any feelings wash through us and clean the heart. Boundaries may seem amorphous, we may have trouble knowing where we end and others begin and feel the cries of the world. Let’s not try to identify with the feelings nor try to find the source of the emotion, because that path is tangled, and we can get trapped in illusions or a cheap excuse. Let it wash through and see what is transformed. Let others have their feelings, and do not try and talk them out of it.

Let feelings flow like a melting river and listen for the whispers of inspiration. Important hints about the next moves in our lives may be coming through in dreams and the soul longings, so pay attention. If we feel overwhelmed or underwater when we have to deal with the gritty reality of rent, bills, management or anything that doesn’t allow us to feel safe to be sensitive, let’s try not look at too much of it at once, nor ignore it all together in wave of denial; rather deal with one small chunk of it at a time.

If the world feels too close, take a planned break from reality, step into a magical world, a moment of prayer, a breath of art and wonder; just don’t wander there unknowingly while trying to work heavy machinery. Escapists habits call, but we can feed the soul healthier ways.

Friday, Feb 17: Prioritize now and write lists. Let’s get it done early under the competent Capricorn Moon, or by midafternoon we’ll regret missed opportunities as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Feel a wave of futility wash through this afternoon, but let it go. Try not to second guess or think about what might have been, or who made a wrong move, just step forward in good ways. Tonight, an awkward shyness may appear diffident but helps us appreciates an excuse to interact and an outreached hand.

Saturday, Feb 18: Once we get out of an early lethargic slump, steady accomplishment, deep thinking, deep cleaning, and a treasure hunt are encouraged as the Sun trines Saturn and Mercury sextiles Pluto. We can work well together, although some people will feel insecure and therefore unusually aware of status or pecking order. Lead by example, not by giving unnecessary orders. Although the mood is friendly, our tender feelings tend to get trampled in even well-meaning activity, so be consciously gentle in the process.

Sunday, Feb 19: It’s time to take a break, rest, relax and soften the focus as the Sun enters Pisces and the Moon enters Aquarius. We need time around like minds and friendly souls; our heart opens to people around the world in a similar boat, but can miss the person next to us whose challenge is different from our own.  Find a healthy way of merging with spirit and magic tonight as the Sun conjuncts Neptune.

Monday, Feb 20: Share dreams this morning. The energy may be diffuse, wandering, as we reset priorities, but sweet, just don’t try to guilt trip. Sympathy flows authentically, but we hate to feel manipulated. People need tending, contacts need to be cared for, stories need to be heard; if we tend our human resources now as the Moon sextiles Venus, our team will accomplish more later.   Tonight, have patience as minor tensions express in our personal quirks.

Tuesday, Feb 21: No wallowing allowed.  Accomplish early on as the Moon trines organized Saturn; things get confused and mushy later as Venus challenges Neptune while the Moon conjuncts Neptune and the Moon enters Pisces. We may have a creative breakthrough, emotional breakdown, or both. If something triggers a flood, just let it flow and let it clean the heart. Do not suffer over suffering, we don’t need the drama, just be real with the feelings.

Wednesday, Feb 22: Find good ways to be sensitive; mental objectivity is out the window but inspiration is close at hand as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Pisces. Follow intuition, but hear the other side of the story before deciding. When in doubt go back to Friday’s lists. Instead of giving up if the world feels like too much, choose one small thing to work on. Speak to people’s imagination to get a point across.

Thursday, Feb 23: Things heat up today, so let’s get our facts straight before the come to a boil over the wrong fire as the Moon and Mercury oppose Mars midday. Anxiety bubbles up easily and makes people shorter tempered; address concerns gently and get back on track. We feel stronger and less patient as the Moon enters Aries tonight, ready to tune out other people’s delicate feelings and hear ourselves for a minute.


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