Starcodes Jan 27 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

We may feel a disjuncture between our minds and emotions this week and wonder why we feel disoriented. Our mouths say one thing, our body posture or voting record may broadcast another. Our challenge is to be to be become self-aware and congruent, and to not hold it against our beloveds if they get confused in the meantime.

Our brains are active and thinking serious as the weekend begins, but it may be hard to think outside the box as mental Mercury squares serious Saturn. We can feel depressed, feel the weight of the world on us as we consider our responsibilities, and may have to handle some deadline or urgent responsibilities.

We may also fall back into familiar ruts in our thinking and have trouble imagining our way out at the moment. Questions about our work or life-purpose can churn, about either what we’ll be when we grow up, how we can manifest our life’s work, or just how do we find work to pay the bills right now. Whatever our concerns, our mind needs to chew on some conundrum, and may obsess on one small problem to avoid bigger, more amorphous ones.

But the view changes quickly, we get a bigger picture with more theory behind it over the weekend as Mercury enters broad-thinking Aquarius, sextiles restless Uranus and squares expansive Jupiter. Our imagination returns and more solutions present themselves. But while our minds are trying to figure out how to solve problems big and small, our feelings can be all over the place as Venus in sensitive Pisces opposes Mars in prickly Virgo. Our heart just won’t make logical sense and can forget to communicate to the brain.

We’ll tend to think independently but feel the need for more caretaking. Kids (and grown-ups) may need tucking in again long after they think they’ve out grown it. All of us could use some extra TLC, we just have to take turns so everyone gets their needs met, because we’ll be sensitive, but in a relative way; we may feel our pain, but may not automatically feel theirs unless our attention is brought to it. We probably mean well but our minds are so distracted. Remember this if a beloved is cheerfully oblivious.

Mars in Virgo also can make it harder to admit we need that extra TLC as it makes it harder to admit vulnerability and neediness. So all this sensitivity runs into Mars in Virgo‘s response to pain, which can be skip the step where we notice our needs are not being met, and go straight to bitchy; we start diagnosing faults and begin to withdraw. While this may work in politics, it isn’t so successful in relationships. Before listing the faults of our beloveds, we need to ask ourselves if we gave them the information they needed to act differently. To use these aspects well, we need to be kindly honest with ourselves first, then with others, and not expect them to guess.

After a dreamy Friday morning, the Moon enters Aries and picks up the pace for the weekend, though our modes of transportation may have glitches and need some work as Mercury squares Saturn, enters Aquarius and sextiles Uranus, and then squares Jupiter. We begin to think outside the box over the weekend, and can expect some great debates but need to keep them recreational. If a serious fight starts, notice that it’s hard to open minds, including our own; we’ll tend to just be tenacious.

Early next week begins stubborn but fruitful, and communication really rolls forward by the end of the week. Just remember to honor both the needs of the mind and those of the heart this week,  they may be operating on different trajectories and need help communicating but will be so much more wise when working together. Use the time to plan and network, and straighten out any recent misunderstandings. Speak up now.

Friday, Jan 27: Don’t look too far ahead this low energy and serious morning; just take it one step at a time until the energy and reaction time picks up midday as the Moon enters Aries. Take swift action where there is inspiration, but don’t let other provoke and pull off track. Fresh ideas begin to help us problem-solve this afternoon. Evening is spontaneous and offbeat, inspired where we have the energy.

Saturday, Jan 28: Restless dreams can lead to a moody morning as the Moon squares Pluto.Relationships can be volatile today, our timing off; energy comes in fits and burst. Spark well or back off. Important conversations around gender issues can be helpful if we use them to understand rather than vilify as Venus and Mars oppose. Emotional tiredness is relieves by physical tiredness, so let’s move as the Sun challenges Mars this afternoon. Just watch for ankles twisted on ice or other minor mishaps. The mood is headstrong, curious, and social with low impulse control later on as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Appreciate brilliant spoke art tonight; inner truth is not necessarily factual truth.

Sunday, Jan 29:Just because nobody agrees with us doesn’t mean we’re wrong, unique thinking could be delusional or genius, but whatever it is, our ability to hear our inner drummer and trust our own opinions can both make us right with ourselves and at odds with others. We care, we really do, but won’t actually change our mind. Let every one have a place they do not need to compromise as the Aries Moon opposes Saturn and Mercury squares Jupiter.

Monday, Jan 30: The comforts feel extra cozy this mooring, and coffee’s siren call maybe too weak to pry us out easily as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus early on. Take the time to get organized for the week, stay and solid this morning, generosity is good business,  people are talkative about everything blue their feelings, superficial comments form a web of connection  midday, connection feel more tangible, feels deepen later as the Moon trines Pluto.

Tuesday, Jan 31: It’s an oddly disjointed day, but we can use the lack of focus to stir all the pots, get a little bit done on a lot of ongoing projects. Stubborn but pleasant vibes make it easier to build out from agreement; ideas are expressed, but people may resist putting them into action.  Even though we talk alot, our deeper feelings are reached best by non-verbal cues.

Wednesday, Feb 1: Touchy words and mechanical glitches test our patience early on as Mercury sesqui-squares Mars, be we can bond over the snafus rather than hold each other responsible. Lovingly disagreeable, pleasantly argumentative, we can keep it positive as Venus opposes Mars under a Taurus Moon if we appreciate the differences and really care what there other feels, even if we disagree with them vehemently. Afternoon we find our words and can find easier compromises.

Thursday, Feb 2: The mood is curious, chatty, generally honest and a bit high-strung. It’s a good day to reach out to strangers for fun and profit, as people are relatively interruptible and will tend to say more than they mean to as the Gemini Moon trines the Sun. Investigate a fresh possibility. Keep the stories short and to the point though, as attention span is short. It may be a good day to go to motor vehicles; paperwork may move smoothly, people are efficient in bursts, but easily distracted.


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