Starcodes Jan 20, 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

The year of the Water Dragon lands on Monday’s New Moon in Aquarius, the Chinese New Year.  Dragon years are full of surprises and new beginnings, though the element Water softens the edge and may add more patience if also an erratic, meandering quality. They mark a moment when our societies structures and our worldview adjusts, and this feeling which is reiterated across the astrological board this year. Dragon years are associated with good luck and a progressive spirit, and we could certainly use more of both as this year’s Uranus-Pluto squares keep world events moving and shaking all year long.

The Sun enters collaborative, idealistic Aquarius today, followed by the Moon on Sunday evening. Whether in politics, family dynamics, in teamwork at the coop or on the job, true collaboration works best in a balance of empowered, emotionally-connected equals. Every year Aquarius asks us to stretch ourselves in this direction.

During this next month we’re asked to assess our communities and explore our philosophies, how we frame our arguments and filter our world-view. Are we really living by our philosophies, or are we just full of hot air? If not, let’s ask ourselves whether it’s our life or our ideas that need to change.

Any time we’re in doubt this week, we need to walk our talk; we may feel tested or tempted to take short cuts, in the name of being practical or pragmatic,  but it is particularly important to live by our code, because as Saturn trines Neptune, we get a chance to make our values manifest. Where our dreams are on course, the saturnine pragmatism helps make them solid. Where our dreams are off course, we may hit the saturnine rocks and capsize. And yes, this can literalize, so notice practical problems around water, too much, too little, and bad steering while afloat.

Our soul’s inner structural integrity will matter more than short term success. Politicians will find themselves hauled over the coals for any discrepancy between action and word. We’ll notice people who claim spiritual values then act hateful and hold them accountable. Notice the grumpy people whose actions are actually compassionate, but let them have their privacy.

This Aquarian connection can also help with an ongoing heaviness and depression leaking around the edges of our psyche lately, as both Mars and Saturn, serious planets that symbolize our energy and our work, station, or appear to hold still in the sky before they begin to retrograde. Mars retrogrades next week, and Saturn retrogrades in March after hanging at the last degree of Libra for nearly two months. Since Libra symbolizes any relationship between equals, and Saturn asks us about our responsibilities, we may need to chew over how we are treated, how we treat others, and are we feeling loved in the process. Look for question about equality between races and cultures, between genders, boss and employees, and between sibling. We have some homework to do here, and the goal, the only answer, is to bring in a new level of equality and fairness.

The weekend is moody but practical, with serious undertones. We can get a lot done once we’re on a roll, but may have some emotional work to do around people, places and stuff we have to release as Venus and the Moon aspect Pluto.

Monday marks a subtle new beginning under the Aquarian New Moon. Midweek the Moon in Pisces brings out our idealistic and sensitive side. Digestive systems and feet may be particularly delicate; a good foot rub may help a myriad of ills while we vibrate with the times. Let’s be sensitive to the future’s potential.

Friday, Jan 20: Take advantage of a subtle burst of energy this morning; some ice break free, blocks can soften and let us move forward on long-term effort.  Listen to the compassionate heart and balances needs in a sustainable way as Venus sextiles Pluto. Tie up loose ends and clear the decks for a new start on Monday. Let the heart be known tonight, people need non-demanding affection.

Saturday, Jan 21: It’s a moody morning as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and leaves us philosophical about age and thoughtful about our responsibilities. A pragmatically ingenious midday can make us pushy, but helps us plan, map, or acquire a missing gadget as the Capricorn Moon loans us a structural sense. Notice manipulative comments in the news and don’t try them at home. A change of scenery, a whiff of the unexpected helps us uncover potential tonight as the Sun sextiles Uranus.

Sunday, Jan 22: To get a bigger perspective and prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon, let’s reassess the past, tell stories, review where we‘ve been and what karma has unfolded.  Watch controlling movements, and be ambitious for self, not others. Repair broken structures. Constrained morning, expansive afternoon, but watch a tendency to overdo/overspend impulses while the Sun squares Jupiter; open the senses in other ways. Tonight, moods stiffen and maturity is needed as the Moon squares Saturn; humor returns just before bedtime. Rest well.

Monday, Jan 23: Take inventory this morning, ask what needs to be decided, cut out, pared down, and cleared up as Mercury trines Mars. Our relations to teams, communities, the body politic needs adjustment under the New Moon in Aquarius. Although it’s not cuddly day, we can be there for each other and build trust. Afternoon is actively practical, but later on, as Mars retrogrades, some ambition is put on hold.  Tonight, hold still and notice what’s changed.

Tuesday, Jan 24; After a disjointed and spacey morning, meetings help us connect but tend to go in circle indecisively as the Moon makes a few difficult aspects. People seem to run in skew lines, disconnected if kindly.  Engage the conversation, tell a story and get hearts reconnected and get on the same page and the details will follow later.

Wednesday, Jan 26: Listen to dreams, wishes and longings this morning and examine them for clues of deeper roots. If we feel unusually vulnerable as the Moon enters Pisces and sextiles Pluto, let’s listen to our own subtle clues and make ourselves safe to be sensitive rather than test our relationships to prove safety. Ugliness and chores may bother us tonight, but can ground us if we see the magic in the mundane.

Thursday, Jan 26: We’re permeable to problems but also to inspiration as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Venus and forms minor but difficult aspects. If life feels sandpapery, move more slowly and reach for the comforting beauty; know others are feeling it too, so it won’t help to lash out even if we are scratched and impatient as the Moon opposes Mars. Watch inflammations. Be respectful of their tender underbellies and fertilize creativity.



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