Starcodes Dec 30 2011 – a look at the year ahead. Heather Roan Robbins

This week Venus shines in the early night sky, and behind it, though we cannot see it, hovers idealistic Neptune, together they add magic warmth to an otherwise interesting time. Winter holidays ran deep and thoughtful, quieter than usual for many people. But we celebrate in a different landscape this year, our world is in metamorphosis and it’s not done yet.

We can feel this metamorphosis in the recent political upheaval, in the tremors of our economic landscape and the small revolutions our new technologies bring to our daily life. We can feel it by how many people have left the scene, one way or another, and we see it reflected in new faces, or faces transformed by an eventful year. With so much in flux right now many people feel anxious, both excited by the potential and worried because so much is shifting.

We saw a great deconstruction of old structures from 2008-through 2011 as Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter all left flexible mutable sign, entered activating cardinal signs and set each other off. Uranus, now in pro-active Aries, squares Pluto seven times between now and 2015, on 6/24/12, 9/19/12, 5/20/2013, 11/1/13, 4/21/14, 12/15/14, 3/16/15, electrifying the ground and seeding new forms. 2011 broke open our potential to change; 2012 marks a profound turning point, but which way we turn will be up to us.

This new era is still so malleable. The Uranus-Pluto aspects won’t let us settle into a new groove and instead asks us to keep our shape pliable and our plans mobile while it shouts at us to grow, to evolve in the face of personal, environmental, sociological and technological changes. As tender shoots of the new phase spring up this year, we can either bat them down because they’re imperfect, or in a more effective and empowered way, nourish them and help direct their growth.

After a wild and direct New Year’s Eve weekend, 2012 begins with an idealistic and hopeful tone as loving Venus conjuncts visionary Neptune and trines hard-working Saturn. While we want to believe in the dreams of improvement, and are willing to work hard to get there, expect an overtone of doubt. Proactive Mars in introspective Virgo now through June keeps a critical, self-analytical, surgical edge working in the culture. On a bad day, we can launch negative campaigns shoot down dreams as they arise. On a good day it refines our vision and lets us spot the problems and improve as we go along.

This longstanding Virgo energy can help us improve ourselves and our situation, but if we start to define ourselves by what we’re against, it’s time to go seek a vision. As the year begins, let’s get right with ourselves and align our habits to stay grounded through the changes. Mars in Virgo reminds us that stress takes a toll on our health, and can use our health to strong-arm us into a healthier way of life. Towards the end of January, Mercury conjuncts Saturn and depression whispers, urging us to weigh pros and cons carefully and think seriously.

Saturn trines Neptune early in the year and again in the fall and reminds us to stabilize our spiritual practice, make it real and tangible. This trine wants us to manifest our intuition and compassion, can bring a love of our old traditions and deepen our search for traditional knowledge and support but can also bring up a religiously conservative streak that will need to be addressed. At this crucial moment in history we need to ensure spiritual diversity is honored.

Our dreams get wild around Ground Hog’s Day; we dive into the creative ocean of the collective unconscious as Neptune enters Pisces until 2025. Neptune in Pisces opens up a new portal to our spiritual initiative and our intuitive creativity. Neptune in Pisces brings a craving for a connection to the numinous, to the transcendental realms. Last time Neptune was in Pisces, 1845-1861, the feminist-leaning, mediumship-based Spiritualist movement took off. Neptune in Pisces also heralded the declaration of women’s rights; it is a time we can dream a change and then make it happen. But under Neptune in permeable Pisces it will also become essential to practice good psychic boundaries.

Neptune in Pisces also suggests that water rights and water quality, water-borne disease, floods and droughts will be the key ecological issue this year and in the decade ahead. Look for clues as to how this will manifest in February and March.

Mid-February, and again mid-summer, we’ll see painful memories resurface so we can lay them to rest as Jupiter sextiles Chiron. Let splinters work to the surface and let them go; find a ceremonial way to release the past. Look for a chance to teach from lessons learned the hard way.

March and April is a revolutionary time. Old forms will be challenged across the board, but we need to reign in the macho bravado and make sure action is intertwined with compassion as Mars opposes the Sun while Mercury and Uranus conjunct in feisty Aries and Jupiter trines transformative Pluto.

Several tough aspects to the asteroid Ceres later this spring ask us to plant extra food and pay attention to food supply. Let’s feed those that need a meal. In May we need to process karma and pay logistical dues; delays may prove fortunate, so do the work and don’t take spiritual short cuts in the process. Look for a green light later on. May and June ask us to make sure our relationships do not get lost in the bigger changes. Our loves may feel tested by events and by the pressure of our individual wills, it’s time to come back and nurture our alliances. Look into one another’s eyes with genuine curiosity.

Uranus kicks the changes into high gear as it squares Pluto June 24, September 19, and then on and off again through the spring of 2015. They ask us to reinvent new forms and lines of power, from how our local co-op is run to the way international power flows. Those born under the conjunctions in the mid-sixties may find this is their time to do the right thing, and a new generation begins to take the reins of action.

Weather gets wild again this summer, look for uneven patterns with too much water and winds one place and too little as Jupiter enters Gemini 6/11 and squares Neptune through the summer. Neptune loves illusion; it will breathe new life into alternative communications systems and bring some blockbuster summer movies. But let’s watch that we’re not bamboozled by someone with simple answers and false promises, particularly as summer romances and political campaigns kick into high gear.

As October begins, Saturn enters Scorpio and insists we walk our talk as we work, garden, and vote. Religious views may become increasingly political, so diversity will need our support. While this line-up can strengthen our spiritual work for the next few years, it brings our inner private-eye. Watch for some wild last-minute investigative reporting of political candidates, but question all the stories and make them confirm facts, this Scorpio Saturn also likes to manipulate. It supports some deep investigations, particularly to mining or nuclear fuel industries, but may herald a suspicious phase between people and between countries. Direct this curiosity carefully.

Political patterns can really polarize just in time for the fall elections as the liberal wing becomes more focused on enthusiastic change but more scattered in their approach as Jupiter sextiles Uranus. While the conservative wing speaks to a longing for history and traditions, for the way things were before the recent changes as Saturn trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. Mercury stations to turn retrograde on Election Day 2012, Mercury stationed to turn direct on Election Day 2000 and obfuscated the results. We may see confusion again on voting day, so consider voting early, and let the poll workers know we’re watching.

As 2012 progresses, ask tough questions, listen to the younger voices, and nurture the spark in the new cycle. For this week:

Friday, Dec 30: People get edgy if they feel overwhelmed; they feel their nerve endings overloaded by even well-meaning input. Let people meander wherever possible, low stress and tender but personal agendas. People will read our energy more than our words and may need warmth and privacy. Soft friendliness helps tonight, rest up for a busy weekend.

Saturday, Dec 31: Look for a surprising change in plans as the Moon enters confrontational Aries, conjuncts Uranus and cranks up the wild energy for New Year’s Eve. Bring on the spontaneity. Around dinnertime the Moon squares Pluto and swings our moods, leaves us painfully aware of the pros and cons of last year as we look ahead to this one, it’s a perfect time to a ritual or ceremony to release the old and herald the new. Evening is high energy, but after midnight the feisty, accident-prone energy increases as Mercury squares Mars. Put safety first!

Sunday, Jan 1: Let everyone move at their own pace this morning, add no pressure, we’ll only rebel anyway. Disjointed, self-directed morning, afternoon gains enthusiasm and camaraderie as the Moon sextiles Venus and trines Mercury. What do we want to do to invoke personal expression balanced with great interpersonal communications….Let the New Year bloom in dynamic peace.

Monday, Jan 2: Returning to work can be hard; people may feel personally unsettled, want to be elsewhere and are not feeling cooperative as Venus semi-squares Uranus. Put out fires, tend to what needs to be done, and wait unto the Moon enters Taurus late afternoon to start long-range plans. Cuddle, nest, tend health and prepare tonight.

Tuesday, Jan 3: Now we begin: it’s time to get organized, grounded, and figure out the next step. Keep it slow, steady, and inexorable; don’t tackle wills, do plant ideas in fertile soil. Support good people in steady ways, separate flaky ideas from those that will sprout and produce. Watch a territorial streak, do not be pushed off the path, but don’t waste time arguing with other people’s possessive streak, keep eyes on the goal instead.

Wednesday: Jan 4: Weird dreams lead into an opinionated morning, look at all decisions carefully, if it is clear, proceed, if in doubt, get more info rather than indulging in wishful thinking as the Sun semi-squares Neptune. Know that a streak of magical thinking can warp our perceptions, and look for concrete information, as the conditions are changing.

Thursday, Jan 5: Get them talking and get the information needed as the Moon enters Gemini and sextiles Uranus. Explain recent decisions; reduce resistance by truly hearing their side of the story. Plan, meet, find out their needs and figure out a way to connect important people in an off-handed and casual way. Keep in the middle of important decisions; stay visible in a helpful way.


1 thought on “Starcodes Dec 30 2011 – a look at the year ahead. Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Wow Heather… braced & ready… We’ll be doing lots of getting-ready-to-sell home repairs this spring… It’s a balancing act between spending enough & not spending too much… Perhaps in a revolutionary time, we should just up the insurance & be ready to run… & that would be just fine with me, but a crucible for the hubby… Love, Blessings & Peace to You & Yours. Love All Ways. -KB

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