Starcodes Dec 16, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

“It is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them”  Alfred Adler 1870-1937

We need to stay on target even as we waltz amongst the mistletoe. Even though this is a sociable time, we get one highly efficient week to accomplish, repair and tie up loose ends before the holidays, and this is an important time to stir the pot and energize what we want to grow in the coming year. But we need to keep it clean and do it right, tension will come in when we ask too much of ourselves, or suspend our principles and strain our relationships for the sake of expediency.

We’re on clean-up duty as the weekend begins and the Moon in Virgo conjuncts Mars.  Catch up clear out, clean up, but avoid the temptation to drop into the blame game; it will provide temporary relief but not solve the problem at hand.  We lose energy if we look for whose fault it is; just fix it, clear it, and ask how we can do this differently in the future.

It is not that people need to be released from the consequences of their actions, but it may be time to trust that what goes around, comes around; the past needs to be analyzed for clues to help the future.  Trust that most people near and dear to us are being quietly introspective at the moment (whether they admit it or not), working on their own homework and self-improvement timeline, so we don’t have to spell it out for them.

This may not be true for public figures; people are called on their past public behavior and any discrepancy between what they say and what they do will be analyzed.  Logical consequences are are how we learn, it just does not pay for the rest of us to waste time judging when we could be making the world a better place. We too need to see if we are living up to our own principles as we go about our life.

As the weekend begins, Mars sequi-squares Jupiter, leaves us inclined to hasty actions, competitive reactions, and can lead us to blow things out of proportion unless we stay centered. Although the weekend is generally warm, sociable and hardworking, people are ready to stand on principle or philosophy and may have a problem seeing one another’s point of view unless we can move the debate out from between ourselves and onto the real problems at hand.

Later in the weekend we need to be on good behavior with the ones we care about as Venus squares Saturn, even if these relationships feel tested by circumstances or by a grumpy mood. It can help to work together on a shared project, but do not micro manage one another. Let’s remember everything we know about healthy relationship habits and practice them; this may feel a bit forma l or awkward, but we help us through a bumpy spot where we could hold each there responsible for life’s imperfections, and strain the love.

Our winter holiday gatherings are supported after Tuesday, when Venus enters sociable Aquarius and squares expansive Jupiter. It’s easier to love the ones we’re with. On Wednesday, the Winter solstice calls us out of the Sagittarius party season and takes us deep into Capricorn season, our yearly time to return to our roots, be fed by our traditions and reorganize ourselves for the coming New Year. Let’s see if we can really live our principles in the exciting year ahead.

Friday, Dec 16: Tails twitch with a generalized discontent, some work on improving the situation, others want to vent. Excitement needs direction, and our ordinary chores don’t have much flavor, we may want to take up a cause and head to the barricades. Our sharp edges distract us from a melancholic undercurrent as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto, but that may be the real motivation. It’s easy to push ourselves past our health limits, so listen to the body carefully. Tonight, we need to chew over recent events, so let’s process together and clear the air. Conversation sings once we let go of self-analysis and participate in creating a shared story. Food may burn easily; keep it simple and pay attention.

Saturday, Dec 17: The morning is cranky, practical and competent, if slightly accident prone as the Moon in Virgo conjuncts Mars. Get stuff done, but lead by example rather than nag. Tend to health.  Repairs and muscle power are needed midday. Logistical limits may be frustrating but push us to get creative. Bring in the beauty and the heart later on as the Moon trines Venus.

Sunday, Dec 18: Make it fair, equitable and wonderful this morning; breakfast in bed, small gatherings, meditate together as the Moon enters peaceable Libra. The more stressful our week has been the more we need peaceful surroundings. Nurture relationships rather than test them; listen to one another ramble away, take turns and reconnect. Art projects needs structure and form. Smoother communications midday help us soften around recent tensions as the Moon sextiles Mercury; bring up lingering sore points in a gentle, solutions, oriented way and see if the knot can be dissolved.

Monday, Dec 19: Collaborate. A Sun-Saturn sextile encourages us to make steady progress and overcome obstacles. The mood is generally warm but serious: push the work now before the holiday settles in. The trick will be to stay organized and persistent. Patient endurance gets us farther; interesting opportunities need to be recognizes and will need patience. We have the mood, and may have the tools needed to make important decisions, so get agreements where possible now.

Tuesday, Dec 20: The mood can blow hot and cold today, don’t ride the winds. Conflicting aspects can leave us with mixed feelings, mixed signals, and prone to unpleasant honesty. Our moods affect our business as the Moon enters broody, introverted Scorpio just as Venus enters extroverted Aquarius and calls us out and about. Respect boundaries; even if we’re feeling sociable, they may not be. It is easier to enjoy gatherings, intimate friendships have more undertow. Positive teamwork is possible, but if moods switch from minute to minute, be forgiving, it’s just the crosscurrents within.

Wednesday, Dec 21: On this shortest day we get excited easily as Venus sextiles Uranus stimulates meetings with unusual people, eccentric gatherings and creative endeavors. Be sensitive about flirtations as one person’s fun is another’s harassment; enjoy sparks but honor subtle signals. On this longest night the Sun enters Capricorn at 10:30 MST, feel the creative depths and listen to the dreams for hints on this new cycle of the Sun.

Thursday, Dec 23: After a fuzzy morning and impatient noon, a weight lifts, a minor cycle completes, and people’s moods improve as the Moon enters Sagittarius while the Sun trines optimistic Jupiter. We get on our travelling shoes. Find positive things to be honest about, but work on timing so as not unintentionally trigger them in the process. Feel the season and the aspects expand our sense of self and our sense of belonging. Generosity wells up.




4 thoughts on “Starcodes Dec 16, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Venus squaring Saturn on Sunday, December 16, 2011 a big downer as far as buying any beauty gifts or having any pre-Christmas beauty treatments…..something we all need to know before buying that bracelet or having our hair cut!

    • Sometimes venus squaring saturn is good for antique shopping or facials, not great for a new haircut, so true–but good for finishing art projects.. Venus is taming saturn…

    • Hello Deanna- I hope the next issue of Starcodes helped your question, I’ve been travelling and so did not get back to you sooner, my apologies.

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