Starcodes Dec 9, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

So, how’s our Gross National Happiness doing?  King Jigme Singye Wangchuck of Bhutan coined this term in 1972 to encourage a broader approach to the search for quality of life in his country. This week we’re asked to assess our Gross Personal Happiness and see how that intertwines with our Gross National Happiness, and evaluate how we can improve them both.

This week marks a subtle or substantial turning point as Uranus turns direct under a lunar eclipse this weekend and Mercury turning direct on Tuesday. Some personal or external transformation that began last March as Uranus first entered Aries but was delayed in July when Uranus turned retrograde, now needs attention. Ideas flush out of the woodwork, along with some uncomfortable truths and some crazy behavior. We’ll feel the pressure to shift gears and can resist, get angry about it, or choose to steer the change in a good way, a way that works for us and for all around us. Steer toward Gross National Happiness.

The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius generally leave us alive, impatient and seasonably cheerful, but with occasional wafts of despair if we feel we’re not making enough progress. This has been a particularly interesting Mercury retrograde  (Thanksgiving day through Dec 13) with a few spectacular accidents, and a whole host of delays, so not many people are right on schedule at the moment. For the moment it helps to have smaller goals and celebrate when those are met. Even if we don’t know what road we should head down, we can still figure out how to get down this block in safety and style.

The two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, are both in physical earth signs, and reminds us of the joys of creature comforts and the pain and insecurity of present economic woes. We’re not feeling very theoretical at the moment, we want to see tangible evidence and solutions, and probably could use a hug.

These earth signs wake up our desire nature, those cookies will look good, and so will snuggly people. We’ll tend to territorially watch our beloveds under the mistletoe. This earthiness can rub salt in our wounds to see presents we’d like to buy but cannot afford. Working with our hands and with our earthy creativity, walking with the earth’s natural beauty can be a salve to those sore points.

Although our interactions will tend to be cheerful, we can be hard on ourselves in the quiet moments, wondering if we’re good enough, and pretty sure that some of the people around us are not.  If mornings are moody this week as Venus and Pluto rise over the eastern horizon, notice the feelings let them promote compassion but don’t act on their grumpier impulses. The mood usually clears well before lunch.

As the weekend begins, the mood is nervy and verbal, with slapstick and technical difficulties sprinkled throughout as the Moon waxes Full in Gemini. A light, holiday mood burbles over the deeper conversations. But there will be events around the globe that remind us we are we at a turning point as Uranus turns direct and the Moon is eclipsed on Saturday morning. This Full Gemini Moon asks us how we can pare down our message to better get it across, and how do we listen with our whole being. If turbulence or strange thought processes come to the surface, we can tap into the grounded earthy energy to find practical solutions.

The mood lifts and the energy revs up as the week progresses, but we can feel scattered or over-scheduled in the process. With Mercury still retrograde as the week begins, and the holidays impending, it is not time to start new things, but a great time to complete, or go back and work on a project or mystery that was dropped along the way Activity can be chaotic as the week begins, but we can choose a calm approach and prioritize mutual happiness.

Friday, Dec 9:  Suddenly the schedule fills up with both possibilities and small tasks; stop every once in a while and breath, center, and reprioritize the list as the Gemini Moon opposes Mercury.  Talk quickly, the attention span is minimal and many people will feel pressed for time. Be deeply present to the moment, but don’t linger. When really busy, block out extra time, technical difficulties about and last minute changes need attention as Mercury squares Mars. The conversation bubbles tonight.

Saturday, Dec 10:  Hit the reset button this morning as Uranus turns direct under a lunar eclipse this morning (7:36 am MST); reassess what’s needed next. We can be changed by a differing perspective, so keep the mind open. Wander and then begin to gather in scattered thoughts and objects midday.  Laugh, share, and consider possibilities tonight as the Moon approaches a trine to Saturn and Neptune towards midnight.

Sunday, Dec 11: We need to come home to ourselves this morning, pull our antenna back from the business and reconnect with our nurturing roots, whatever that means to us, as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus. A recent triggering event may need our attention to ameliorate the situation, or deadline press us to hurry, but we also need to tend our health and soul so we can be there again tomorrow.  Respect people’s boundaries, they mean it and will get defensive if pushed as the Moon opposes Pluto tonight.

Monday, Dec 12: Coax us gently to a different place, don’t push for efficiency; the less pressure we feel, the more we get done. Pad the schedule with extra time, keep the team together and people happy rather than push the pace, it will be more efficient in the long run. A busy flurry mid-morning slows down this glitches mid-afternoon, tonight people are feeling tactless just as raw feelings need room to settle the Moon opposes Venus.

Tuesday, Dec 13: Keep it slow and steady this morning as splinters work their way to the surface. Work through minor turbulence and keep priorities clear. Straighten out misunderstandings, mistaken orders as Mercury turns direct. We need to keep our ego out of the way and help one another. We won’t really feel the forward movement for a few more days, so let’s pace ourselves. Evening is festive as the Leo Moon trines Mercury.

Wednesday, Dec 14: A positive mood helps continue to clean up and straightens out plans. Gather information and ideas for plans ahead, but don’t get too busy, the casual connections on the way may be more important than the errand itself. Notice any chance to honor teachers or other positive influences, grow their legacy in the heart. Generosity swells with gratitude. Be cautious around fuzzy thinking tonight, stay home after any spiked eggnog.

Thursday, Dec 15: Pretend Mercury is still retrograde this morning and move with care through a confusing patch. Let any feeling of overwhelm wash through; we can’t get it all done or make everyone happy. Choose what is most magical to work on now. The practicalities come back into focus later on as the Moon enters Virgo and trines Jupiter and Pluto; possibilities abound, come home to the soul work at hand.

( I will be in Santa Fe Dec 9-15th- seeing clients, and speaking with the Santa Fe Astrology Circle on Saturday Night  at Sanbusco Center. Please see the link above- 2012: The Big Shift for more info)




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