Starcodes November 25, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

“I feel a very unusual sensation– if it is not indigestion, it must be gratitude.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli.

Dwell in the moment; find a place of gratitude and this time can be beautiful, with real potential for healing the past. Try to hurry anywhere else and life can be a real pain this week.

The weekend is outspoken and odd, philosophic and restless but hard to get anywhere as Mercury retrogrades in active Sagittarius. We may need to rest more than we think, as Mars in Virgo encourages us to think about work, health, and world improvement these days, but doesn’t loan us much energy to get there.

Let’s not take too seriously a desire to make everything (or worse, everybody) perfect, that’s a destructive illusion, instead let’s see if we can activate another facet of Virgo and help our interactions flow in a healing direction. After the leftovers are gone, let’s also give our (Virgo ruled) digestive systems a break between holiday excesses. If there’s tough news to break to the family, or we want to have a good rip-roaring debate, let’s do it away from the dinner table; we need digestive comfort right now.

It may be an outspoken time, but it can be hard to find the find the words. With Mercury retrograde it’s easy to put in our foot in our mouth or create misperception, and we can talk around and around out point. So please, check to make sure they heard what was intended, and speak as clearly as possible. And notice what’s really going on underneath the words. Tend the energy of the relationship or team and problems solve easily; try to fix the problems without fixing the vibe underneath and nothing happens.

Mercury retrograde has a cozy side too, it can bring us back to people or places from the past, and give us the opportunity to clean up old messes and reweave connection. It can also just give us the time or have a good talk with a beloved we live with, and have just been too busy to talk to, really talk to, in a long while.

Luckily it’s easy to see the humor in it all this weekend. A Solar Eclipse at 3 degrees of Sagittarius early this Friday morning can act like astrological acupuncture and jiggle loose a piece of family history. Eclipses echo a few weeks before and after the fact, and this one talks about the effects of honest words, both the danger it brings to the speaker, and the positive changes that can erupt. Look for some truth the family has not been dealing with but now needs to be accepted.

But we probably won’t get lost in the past; this weekend has a very active social vibe as Venus squares Uranus. Good conversation and art projects can help us adjust to new circumstances. We could spark on a returning old friend or handsome stranger and enjoy the spark of potential arriving with a new year. These new connections may be more a catalyst than long-lived, but keep eyes open and enjoy the buzz.

The weekend begins aimless and friendly, if bit self-conscious. It will be easy to take the wrong turn, so check directions carefully when wandering. People will be full of advice but loathe hearing it from others. Redirect this helpful intention and offer a less personal excuse to interact.

Dive into work on Monday and clear the decks. Midweek we feel evidence of our global economy and one world attributes for better or worse. Let’s bring our attention to the larger scale patterns that affect our own lives, and review how we can affect them.

Jupiter opposes Saturn over the next few weeks, and this further entrenches the opposition between liberal and conservative parties (if that’s possible), and can also stimulate tension between our own generous nature and our need to conserve resources this holiday season. Mars in Virgo reminds us that health is what matters. So consider skipping luxurious presents and instead go for gifts that improve the quality of life, from bath salts to certificates for massage or a reading, to a good-karma notice that food was donated in their honor.

Friday, Nov 25: We want to be in our truth this morning as the Moon squares Mars, whether cheerful authenticity or cutting frankness. Female relatives may be unusually activated and food burns easily, even if calories don’t. Afternoon slows down and calls for a nap or quiet conversation. The mood wanders aimlessly midday, nothing seems quite right or wrong, but we can instill a playful quality which grows as the day wanes. Helpfulness heals the doer more than the receiver tonight.

Saturday, Nov 26: The mood is more subdued and self-conscious, it helps to build something or tackle a trail together as Venus and the Moon enters Capricorn. Leave out commands and lead by example; too many leaders get nowhere. Take any opportunity to rebuild some damaged piece of the past. Later, we share feelings if and only if we trust we’re not being manipulated.

Sunday, Nov 27: Feel a drifting sadness as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and be kind to one another. An important conversation brings attention to a serious domestic concern, but some of the worry is existential; a few get grim in response, others find a philosophic wisdom. Quiet caring is expressed through practical and creative efforts this afternoon encourage a warmer vibe tonight as Venus trines Jupiter.

Sunday, Nov 27: Feel a drifting sadness trigger by people leaving, weekends ending, or an awareness of what is missing as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn this morning. An important conversation can bring our action to a serious domestic concern, though it may not be about the underlying feeling. Notice that some people get grim and controlling in response, others find a philosophic wisdom which opens their heart. This afternoon our heart’s appreciation is expressed by action not words. Our taste is good, and the vibe is generally practical but helpful, romantic in a tangible way as Venus trines Jupiter.

Monday, Nov 28: We have work to do this morning, it’s time to batten down the hatches and clear the decks for the coming holiday month. Don’t get grim and controlling, get competent and clear. Map out plans carefully, but keep them simple and readily adjusted. Ensure the message gets across as intended. Hammer out details but expect tension until everyone’s voice is respected as the Moon squares Saturn this afternoon. Relax later, but don’t drop important threads, follow through carefully.

Tuesday, Nov 29: After negotiating a snag-sprinkled morning, it’s all about the team, the group experiences and collective voice today. Tend the energy of the team, and remember or explore shared goals when it gets stuck. Look for unusual or wild ideas today, we’re in a very inventive mood; some will be off the wall, the other may just work, so we need to consider all possibilities and sift carefully. Explore where there is agreement tonight as the Moon sextiles Jupiter.

Wednesday, Nov 30: A wildly opinionated day that seems open-minded and curious but feels deeply stubborn as Mercury challenges Jupiter. Radical views may really be a return to the last thing that worked. Notice tension between habits of the past and the new systems coming in; talk it over but don’t expect acceptance for the new systems for the next few weeks. We need time. Our hearts can feel tired tonight the Moon semi-squares Venus and Pluto, we just don’t want to argue but may have trouble reaching out or getting personal. Don’t push and don’t give up.

Thursday, Dec 1: We can intuit what the problem is this morning. A sensitive, dreamy day, we may need to revisit a strongly charged past emotion to understand what’s happening in the present as the Moon conjuncts Neptune and Venus conjuncts Pluto. Emotional backlog finally gets to us and needs to be processed. Watch out for some emotional power trip that needs to stopped, if a person starts to lash out inappropriately, back off for now. Feeling victimized hurts, but only intensifies our response. Evening carries more support as awareness as the Moon enters Pisces.








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