Starcodes Oct 21 2011-

“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose.”

― Rollo MayThe Courage to Create

We can be twitchy this week, Winds pick up in the heart-realm and our emotions can feel like swirling in these late October winds, and, paradoxically at the same time, want to bury deep and quiet like a badger going in for the winter as the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Scorpio.

Conflicting feelings can breed mixed signals and then easily ignite old emotional patterns if we’re not centered. New political solutions can start to look like old messes. If we start to get triggered, we’ll tend to set each other off like falling dominoes. But we can change that pattern with a moment’s pause, a moment of quiet consideration.

For example, one person’s fear can lead them to withdraw, which sets off another person’s abandonment issues, which makes them needy and leads them to cross a third person’s boundaries, and then no one is happy.  Or maybe we crave some alone time and then feel isolated, or step into the fray and then long for solitude and intimacy. Whatever our issues are, someone around us (or lack of someone) can tap the scar as Mercury and Venus in Scorpio semi-square Pluto this week; we can play into that old pattern or choose to breathe, find our center, open our heart, and deepen with one another.

The secret will be to not drop into automatic reactions, but to notice that we’re triggered, take a breath and pause before responding.  And in that pause, choose where we really want to go and how we want to get there. And what next action will take us in that direction.

This Scorpio line-up works on the deep levels and brings a new seriousness and intensity to any issues.  Whatever we’re dealing with- we’ll tend to take the situation to extremes in our imagination, and potentially in real life. As Pluto tangos with Mercury and Venus it asks us to look at what we have lost, the potential for further loss, and to examine how power is being used.  We don’t have to get stuck looking at the dark side, but we may need to go there to remember why we’re searching.

Do not take it personally if people are private this week, calm the fear of being left alone. We all may feel the need to for a little privacy while we reorganize the depths of our psyches. Dreams may be powerful but hard to hold onto into morning, as if creatures of the oceanic collective unconscious swarm just out of sight as the Sun trines Neptune and the Sun, Mercury and Venus wade through Scorpio. Notice unspoken body language, and intuitive hits, but check out the information so gathered; so much is being expressed below the verbal level, but it is hard to interpret correctly when we’re activated.

Scorpio is deeply curious and wants to know where all the monsters are. We can see the seamy underbelly easily, and may forget to look for the positive. We can see where people and business are holding secrets and want to investigate, and can make great dramatic scenes if our curiosity is not satiated. This may have its productive aspects in the big picture, but we don’t have to play this off at home.

Relationships need careful attention midweek as Venus and Mars Square off under a New Moon in intense Scorpio. We can live lives at right-angles to one another and just not have the time to connect unless we make it so. Arguing could feel like a safe way to connect intensely, but may not get us where we want to go. Or we can be living paradoxes, honestly radiating conflicting messages. Mars in Leo wants attention and acts out when ignored, but the Scorpio line-up demands privacy.  We need to find a balance to nurture connection, and take a moment’s pause to step out of reaction, assess and choose with consciousness and compassion.

Friday, Oct 21: Life gets dramatic as the Moon conjuncts Mars in extroverted Leo.  We’re willing to extend ourselves but tend to overplay our hand. Let’s reach out, but remember subtlety may be most effective; be grand, but know extremes can undermine our position. Midday rush can provoke ego clashes; breathe and keep priorities clear. Later afternoon is sunnier and forward-looking; evening flows intuitively; find something to celebrate.

Saturday, Oct 22: Remember to unwind the stress rather than pile it up as the Moon enters critical-thinking Virgo and trines Pluto and Jupiter. The next major challenge begins to knock on our psyche, but let’s take a moment to appreciate all that is healthy and alive before we reengage. It is so easy to have fun ranking down the opposition with a gleam in our eye, but that still won’t solve a problem.  Do not sweat the small stuff, instead, put that discriminating intellect and curiosity to good use and learn some new concept or skill. We may be low energy but philosophically expansive tonight as the Moon trines Jupiter. Make it a healthy journey.

Sunday, Oct 23: The Sun enters Scorpio and turns up the intensity, choose carefully where to put the focus. The mood is private, curious, low on humor and deeply aware of the problem, lonely in a haunting way.  Don’t mind feeling alone in a crowd, it is normal; we connect through right action rather than easy flow. A moment’s meditation furthers, be one with the infinite when connection to other individuals can feel so far away. Be there for others quietly; observe but to not cross boundaries otherwise.

Monday, Oct 24: Look for collaborators and co-conspirators this morning as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus, many are ready to make adjustments but need managing to agree on how to proceed. Afternoon stirs our hearts, winds whip at our doubts as the Moon squares Pluto. Put relationships on the front burner; they need careful handling over the next few days.

Tuesday, Oct 25: Check out weird feelings, but don’t trust the first story; keep investigating with an open mind. Our spider senses are working overtime but our ability to decipher our intuitive signals is skewed by what we want and what we fear. Investigate unexpected opportunities which first look like a problem as the Moon opposes Uranus early on. Later on it is time to let go; we may need to let go of something we’d rather not, or be happy to toss out the old  as the waning Moon squares Pluto.

Wednesday, Oct 26: Meditate; summon all the deep calm and deeper connection possible as the underground currents run strong under a Scorpio Moon and as Mercury semi-squares Pluto.  Help people stay honest by keeping eyes open; be watchful but don’t waste energy in suspicion. Primal chemical reactions and jealousy nip at our heels as Venus squares Mars, it can get spicy, and we can make healthy choices. Check in on friends at a turning point; real issues may suddenly come to a head. There’s no need to talk much, just be there for them.

Thursday, Oct 27: Intuitive, focused intense day, deep and powerful in our solitude and privacy, dangerous and edgy when we mix it up with others. Do not push, do gather information, research and listen to guidance, but take a few days to synthesis and interpret the findings. It furthers to have something healthy to obsess upon. Watch snarkiness around dinnertime; if triggered, go throw rocks in a safe place and come back to the table calmly as the Moon squares Mars.



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