Starcodes Oct 14 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Feeling snarky? We’re heading into Scorpio season with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio ahead of the Sun. Scorpio breeds a pointed, investigative, no-nonsense if darkly-humored tone in many people. For others it just sharpens the lens of their focus. We may need extra time alone or with a select few, either in companionable silence or diving deeper in our conversations than normal. We may also want to avoid the average difficult situation, but once we engage, we tend to take that situation to the mat. Some may say we over react, but we just won’t let go until we’re done.

So let’s be careful where we put this focus. Scorpio likes to obsess, but we can adjust what we obsess upon. Once we clamp onto something it’s hard to let go. Just look at the headlines and feel a tenacity pulsing in the culture; if an issue comes up, we tend to hold on and shake it. If we don’t like what is happening in the culture, we need to investigate it honestly as anything else will tend to backfire. If we don’t like where our mind is dwelling we can investigate clearly, and, if there is nothing to be done about the situation at the moment, we have to give our mind something else to chew on. If we want someone’s attention, we need to make them curious.

We’re stubborn. Not closed minded, but stubborn (though it can be hard to tell the difference) and much more ready to take a stand than usual with both Venus and Mars in fixed signs (Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo). We’re not feeling like making compromise over politics or where to keep the salt. Not that we can’t go there, but we have to reach past the disagreement and find place of connection first.

On the bigger political debates this week, we’ll see less noisy clash but more serious push. Notice a smokiness in the air, a certain primitive animalistic dynamic, territorial, possessive, respectful of strength, but not open-minded. It’s time to get down to facts and get down to business. Get to work on what really matters to us. We need to be willing to sit down and hold rather than escalate a disagreement, though it may be important to hold an important position under pressure and negotiate from there. Pique their formidable curiosity; don’t expect to change minds by confrontation

When in doubt, look for the most primitive cause of the problems; look for jealousy, or for security fears, possessiveness of stuff and of people, questions about life, death, and the meaning of existence, the basic heavy stuff.  Notice the animal attraction and territorial stance. People probably don’t want to get conscious of that side, and probably won’t thank us for pointing it out and calling them on it. But we can still notice it, address when we have to, and deal accordingly.

The weekend has a light and funny surface with deep waters swirling beneath. Use easy communication to strengthen the practical connections, and let the feelings, actions and dreams do their work beneath. Over the weekend, reassure where needed and send messages with body language. Stand strong and quiet, like a tree, under duress, and give everyone time to think.

People are feeling a bit touchy early in the week, but important information is being exchanged as Mercury opposes Jupiter, so stay engaged but do get some time alone for the important soul work now percolating. Wade through some frustrations and distractions midweek, play and power or authority challenges carefully and with an eye to the long haul. Let’s shower appreciation for those in our corner, and let our connections be a source of ease instead.

Friday, Oct 14: The mood is stubborn, sensual, and territorial as the Taurus Moon squares Mars and semi-squares Uranus. Watch the sharp tempers and reactive edges during the morning rush; let the coffee settle in before broaching tough questions. Arguments will tend to entrench so work around blockages rather than try to push through. Afternoon can bring a more loving connection and creative approach as Venus opposes Jupiter, but can also just bring a lot of extra, free-floating emotions. If we feel the emotions filling up and spilling over, it helps to feel the earth beneath us and find our center in the practical world. Feed the senses tonight.

Saturday, Oct 15: The day dawns sociable on the surface with the depths swirling beneath. Visit- but keep it brief. Both our sociable side and our introspection need to be fed. A spacey-dreamy quality breeds forgetfulness, but is really a sign we need to sit still and go within. Creative and intuitive projects cook, the portals are open. Evening shifts up-tempo, it’s worth diving in even if we feel alone in a crowd.

Sunday, Oct 16: Commune with like-minded, walk with beloveds, or find easy ways to share rather than plow the fields to turn up muck; though that may be tempting, we need connection now more than fault-finding. No major Moon aspects lend the day a wandering quality that takes us off the hook. Situations will tend to continue as they are; if we like it, we can float along, if we don’t we need to make thoughtful adjustments as the situation won’t change itself.

Monday, Oct 17: Important information is exchanged this morning, make overtures and finalize meetings as the Moon trines Saturn and the Sun. Show respect to their ways early in the meeting and see more cooperation later. It helps to give in to a minor demand before making our own. Curiosity grows as Mercury opposes Jupiter; push mental limits towards the next level but think with heart as well as head. Tonight we may need to retreat into our shells as the Moon enters Cancer, don’t take it personally.

Tuesday, Oct 18: Cozy if moody morning, a self-protective edge makes people defensive and ready to hear insult where it’s not meant, and draws battle lines where it is. Our differences show as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus midday, we can celebrate them peacefully or feel the clash. Deal with little problems as they arise so they do not fester. Soothe prickles and let important people know they’re cared for through action not words tonight as the Moon trines Mercury and Venus

Wednesday, Oct 19: Ok, so it’s a frustrating day. Whine for a minute, and then deal. Let’s not make the problems bigger than they need to be, but let’s also be sympathetic to one another and cut everyone (ourselves included) some slack while the Cancer Moon squares Saturn and the Sun. Friction between generations can be educational; show respect to get respect. Stress can throw off digestion, so eat gently and bring the mind to a good place while eating.

Thursday, Oct 20: Friendly and stubborn, renewed enthusiasm sends us into the fray this morning, though it’s easier to know what resist than what we work towards. Bombast abounds when we’re pressured, so don’t expect a straight answer. Don’t try to integrate conflicting feelings, notice them and share time between instead as the Leo Moon trines Uranus and squares Jupiter.



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