Starcodes Oct 7 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Saturn conjuncts the Sun this week and asks us to question our illusions about our maturity and really grow up. Just when we’re feeling our most rebellious and our inner adolescent is up and running from recent Mars aspects (a twitchy, impatient trine to Uranus and a determined square to Jupiter) and from next week’s Full Moon in Aries, we need to get real and serious about our goals as the Sun conjuncts Saturn.

Maturity is not being depressed, though sometimes we can get depressed because, with Saturn’s help, we can see how complicated is the situation and what is our responsibility. It’s not about giving in to the confines of the past or controlling the situation, though that’s also a temptation when Saturn whispers, or letting others control us, though they may try. But it is a chance to stand strong and alive, respectful and expecting respect, and practice skillful means to achieve our goals.

Maturity does not mean giving up our right to dream, though sometimes Saturn will whispers to us to “get real” and be stuck in our current reality. But we cannot build what we cannot imagine, and luckily this week’s Neptune aspects call us to dream.

Transformative therapist Judy Burns Schwab once said: “We all project onto others; maturity is owning back our projections and doing the work.” These aspects ask up to notice what bothers us in the world around us ( because we will be bothered), look for the parallels within and to our own work, and then take action in the world at large from this more centered and self-responsible place; as within, so without.

As the weekend begins we need to pay attention to our relationships and work out the kinks, we’ll need the warmth later. Friday is a good day to plan and organized on all levels, but notice the blustery undertones. We can feel a more serious mood moving in.

Over the weekend we feel a new vulnerability and may get defensive in response. Watch for a tendency to be martyred or play the martyr under the Pisces Moon. It helps to let Venus work her magic as Venus trine Neptune; we want to believe there is an elegant and fair way through, we want to believe in romance and the artistic cure. Create beautiful moments together, just watch those projections of hopes and fears and enjoy what is really there. Take the concept bigger and figure out all ways we can live the beauty way. Build goodwill.

The dream world cranks up this week as Venus and Mercury trine Neptune and enter Scorpio and begin to oppose Jupiter. We can imagine anything. We just need not to get lost in our imagination, but instead apply new focus to the work inspired by our dreams. We may hunger from a deeper spiritual life or want to explore our intuitive connection.

We’ll need all this goodwill when the mood changes late on Sunday as Venus enters brooding, territorial Scorpio. The mood intensifies next week under a very expressive, confrontational Aries Full Moon and gains focus as Mercury enters serious Scorpio by the end of the week. Scorpio plays hardball. Sarcasm can just roll off the tongue. Impatience clashes with defense so watch the snappy comebacks and do not pour oil on the fire.

Conflicts will lose their sense of humor and grow more serious. If the compromise is not already in the works, chances are it won’t happen over the next few weeks.

This Scorpio energy brings a new focus; we have to choose carefully where to apply this new level of seriousness and use the ambient imagination to find creative solutions.

Friday, Oct 7: Take advantage of an opening as the Aquarius Moon trines Saturn, Mercury and and Venus. Meetings and group efforts are productive if we work inclusively rather than willfully. Intuitive understanding can help us get our point across when we keep the warmth flowing. Look to the sides, new connections are walking with us. Afternoon is sociable though logical details seem to slip through the clouds. Tonight shimmers in idealism and vulnerability; some connect to the magic, others armor up because they feel unsafe as Venus conjunct Neptune and the Moon enters Pisces. Dream together.

Saturday, Oct 8: Move slowly and intuitively under an unaspected Pisces Moon, clarify unspoken hopes and fears. If things are not coming together as desired, set short term goals, lists, and focus on connections. The circuitous route may be the best way, items found while wandering important, but track carefully anything that actually needs to be accomplished on this highly distractible day. Keep expectations low, appreciation high, and know the real work is energetic and from the heart.

Sunday, Oct 9: Sensitive, serious, newly aware; if we’re feeling touchy, let us puddle about in our unformed emotions. Non-verbal expression helps, paint or pray it out, dream of a better way and make it so. People get mad if they feel endangered. Pain can bring out a vindictive streak, but we don’t have to go there as Venus enters Scorpio, let’s follow the feelings inside and explore root causes instead. Listen to what’s brewing in the deep layers of the subconscious.

Monday, Oct 10: Deep dreams this morning and then the world speeds up with an irregular rhythm and a pulsing demand for self-expression as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus around noon. Get details done early and be ready to roll, stay alert to a shift in the winds. Reaction time speaks up but gets erratic, conditions are flammable, let’s watch what we spark and make it a good thing. Be real, present and appreciate each person’s freedom to choose. Evening is energized and restless, and we don’t want to play safe. Enjoy the buzz, lay off the power contests, laugh wherever possible, but don’t dance over the edge.

Tuesday, Oct 11: Scattered, buzzing, confrontational if blocked. Most don’t want to fight but are just listening to inner directives and heading off in a different direction. Check for mixed signals and clarify short term goal before proceeding midday. A courageous, decisive, contentious afternoon needs room for self-expression or can get explosive as the Moon waxes full in Aries. Choose fights carefully, keep it spacious. We urgently need both self-expression and connection and this can feel paradoxical, but the best we can do for our loved ones is let them be themselves.

Wednesday, Oct 12: Like crashing off a triple espresso, we can feel a post- Full-Moon brittleness today, still buzzing but maybe more nerves than energy, feel un-insulated and crabby this morning. Underneath this we have unusually strong imagination and intuition; we just have to clear the waters inside enough to reach it as Mercury trines Neptune. If we can let go of the illusion of us against them we can intuit our way. Look for a quieter connection later on as the Moon enters Taurus, feed the senses and strengthen connections tonight.

Thursday, Oct 13: Steady but stubborn moods, focused if contentious thinking. We’ll respect a strong position and pull our cards closer to our chest as Mercury joins Venus in Scorpio. Let’s introspect, not just sulk, and make sure we’re doing our end of the work. After a socially awkward moment midday when the Taurus Moon opposes Venus, look for an opportunity to seal the deal as the Sun conjuncts Saturn, what is decided today may be hard, but will tend to last a long time.


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