Starcodes, Sept 30, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

It is not down in any map: true places never are. ~ Herman Melville.

We have wanderlust of the soul this week. Find center again after a moody and tempestuous week, keep the wanderlust creative over the weekend and be willing to work towards a new direction next week.

We need to find healthy ways to be seen and heard this week. Mars is in expressive, enthusiastic and belligerent Leo all this month, so we thrive under attention and will tend to use attention-getting acts, and efforts to ignore those acts by others, as a way to manipulate behavior. With Mars in Leo energized by a Sun that is shooting out solar flares, and energized by a square from magnifying Jupiter and a trine to electrifying Uranus, the general mood can vibrate with a strong, sometime gaudy, passionately opinionated physical presence. Just listen to any ongoing debate and hear our sense of entitlement and our entrenched opinions revealed. On all sides.

So Mars energizes the major aspect of this time; Uranus in revolutionary Aries squares Pluto in traditional, empowered Capricorn from 2011-2014 and symbolically creates tension between rebellion and control both within us and within our culture. Hopefully this tension can push us to do the work, find a healthy mid-ground, and create something better over the next few years. But we’re feeling the pressure of this tension and getting a taste of the work to come as Mercury, Venus and the Sun set off that square from Mid-September through this week.

This is a revolutionary line up, we see it acting out in the headlines, and can feel it echoing in our own life. But revolution can take many forms. Let’s look at our life and our community, ask what needs a gentle revolution, and find a thoughtful way to proceed. Over the next few weeks the Sun, Mercury and Venus will conjuncts Saturn and settle us down help us take ourselves seriously. We can either step back from the changes, or we can use Saturn’s muscle to help us work towards our goals in a mature and thoughtful way.

Mars in Leo likes hyperbole, but can speak difficult truths in that overblown way, something we’ll see on the socio-political stage this week. Just because a statement (from our spouse or in the news) is exaggerated and theatrical doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold some truth. We need to be careful to be outraged by action yet open-hearted to people, and invite them to see we’re all connected— our politics, economic situation, health all effect one another. Invite them to a true place that is not yet on the map. If we participate only in the dualistic – us against them- mindset (no matter how tempting) – we participate in that dangerous illusion of separation and become part of the problem. Mandela, Gandhi, MLK knew this.

Venus is just pulling away from a conjunction to Saturn as the weekend begins. Out relationships may have felt tested or strain this week, and it may have taken some extra work to be there for one another in a good way. We may have relied on our oldest friends or leaned into good memories with one another to smooth the way, or had to help one another through distracting work-related stress. Throughout the week, we can strengthen our bonds if we’re trustworthy, keep the demands low on one another and be there for one another when it matters. If times are really tough, just be polite; even if it feels strange and formal. It minimizes damage under stress, and lets us get back in there as soon as possible to make it real.

Friday night most people will need some private down time after an intense week, and then want to get out and involved this weekend. It’s a great weekend to wander, climb a mountain, join a protest or win a game, but ordinary chores may seem pale as cheerfully restless Sagittarius Moon trines excitement-inducing Uranus and Jupiter. We sing a song of freedom, both in our daily lives and in our politics, though may disagree about what freedom means. We can throw ourselves into a project but will have to make it fun to stay focused. If we really need to accomplish a task, it’s good to get organized on Friday and then be flexible about the timetable over the weekend, leaving enough room for serendipity to intervene. It may feel important to explore our global citizenship, partake of the food, music and philosophies from around the world.

All next week it’s time to get down to work as Mercury and the Sun approach a conjunction with serious Saturn. Be ready to put is some serious planning time and effort, but watch the control issues.  Our great ideas need our work. It’s easy to get depressed or frustrated as the gravity of life is born home to us, but actually, the situation may not have changed, we’re just more aware of the weight. It is tempting to bear down on anything that seems to threaten our security or organization, but control issues may feed the fire. Instead of being discouraged, we can really listen, evaluate, and use Saturn’s mature discipline; we’ll feel better when we make some headway. Organize or build foundations.

Friday, Sept 30: Moods dive deep; deal with the feelings that come up as the Scorpio Moon takes us on a tour of our inner realms, but don’t look at the future through that lens. Instead, make this moment work equitably. Connect over some deeper investigations this morning, and don’t test defenses. An off-centered morning can bring up belligerence instead of strength, but we can look deeper. Communications tend to be sullen around noon as the Moon semi-squares mercury; feel the isolation and trust it is temporary. Love even if it’s inconvenient, and just don’t push needs at the moment. Evening softens; most people will need unwinding, introspective moments early in the evening, with energy and responsiveness picking up later as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Saturday, Oct 1: Wanderlust can call us away from winter-preparation chores. Listen to the messages the feet are sending as the Sagittarius Moon forms a grand trine with Mars and Uranus. We can feel both like wandering, but tired this morning as the Sagittarius Moon semi-squares Saturn. It the day unfold breathe than push the river. Motivate midday as the Moon trines Mars, look for a potentially action-packed afternoon. Our reflexes are fast and clear, we step into leadership easily but can still share the way, if reminded. Work around a contest of wills around just before sunset, and enjoy a spacious, preferably international evening.

Sunday, Oct 2: It feels good to have a moral, ethical or practical accomplishment, and we can make the smallest decision into a bigger argument so it feels more important, and take the biggest one to an extreme. The topics are not new, but our determination is as Jupiter squares Mars. We hate to lose an argument today and will take our opinions to the mat, it’s not that we want to see you lose; we just intent do get our way, or be sure we’re heard at the very least. Ordinary Sunday chores pale by comparison.  Enjoy a healthy debate, but choose battles with care and an eye on the far horizons. It helps to take on a challenge together.

Monday, Oct 3: Competence and control issues abound as the Moon enters Capricorn. We may want to pull in our resources in the name of safety, but may cause more trouble in the process. Hold steady. Expect a vigorous debate as to how to proceed, listen clearly and know it will be different in a week or so. Radical, probably unwise, moves are tempting this morning as the Moon squares Uranus. Midday we can ask who is in control and are they using control wisely as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. A deep well of sadness can open up, but we can let it wash through and grow inspired instead of dogmatic in response.

Tuesday, Oct 4: It can be a tough day, take on good challenges and ignores less important ones as the Capricorn Moon squares Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. On this competent day we may feel sad or depressed, but feel better when we just put one food in from to the other and see some progress. It’s a good day to set healthy boundaries, hammer out a plan with difficult people, or create something to build upon. Age –related communications gap requires us to accept the uniqueness of each generation as well as the connection of all humans. Watch a tendency to get controlling under stress; it will not serve in the long run.

Wednesday, Oct 5: Oddly disjointed morning, consider keeping head down and tending to own business until noon when the Moon enters Aquarius. It’s easier to connect this afternoon; ideas proliferate. We may feel pulled between the need for one-on-one attention and the need to be part of a larger journey, but the two modes actually support one another. Don’t be talked into an uncomfortable corner based on philosophy or ideals, be honest about what works and what does not.

Thursday, Oct 6: We get ticked off in the name of our group, class warfare, tribal fights, and political debate spills over easily as the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars and Mercury conjuncts Saturn. It may be time to either stand strong and quiet in a place of conviction, or back off the debate for the moment and follow through on work with concentration and focus. Have that serious conversation, but don’t expect them to be persuaded. Think on what is heard. Listen for serious pronouncements; people mean what they say, but forgive them their pomposity.




2 thoughts on “Starcodes, Sept 30, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Heather, I love your posts! I first found you on We’moon and followed you here. Your readings are quite insightful and I find it so helpful to have an broad perspective of what is going on in the world.
    I notice typo’s now and again like the following “feel better when we just put one food in from to the other”. If you’d ever like a second pair of eyes I’m volunteering…
    Thank you for your hard work! Peggy

  2. yes- please pardon the typos..I am mildly dyslexic- I think it helps reading a chart, actually- I think circularly rather than linearly. Unfortunately I run so close to deadline it is hard to get a copy editor involved here- though I hope the various other sites that publish it proof Starcodes before it goes up.. bless you for your offer..

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