Starcodes Sept 23, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Autumnal Equinox; this week’s assignment is to balance, beautify, and reconnect with our center as the Sun enters fairness-loving Libra, opposes radical Uranus and squares powerful Pluto. Let’s work on balance because we can now make changes while Uranus puts in the cosmic clutch while Pluto motivates and reminds us what happens if we give our power away. And let’s work on balance because the weird gets weirder, and it will help to keep our feet firmly underneath us.

Balance may sound simple, but it’s a big assignment. The headlines will give us clear examples about what happens when we don’t find a way to stay balanced and balance our society and these nudge us to be more proactive. How do we balance the world’s economy? How do balance taxes? How do we keep our equanimity when moods and stock prices swing and technical difficulties test us? How do we make all our relationships more mutually supportive? Libra wants to know.

This is harvest time, and karma comes home to roost; for good or otherwise, we reap what we have sown. Peaceful discontent can be very productive. First we feel unsettled, interrupted or restless about a subject, then we get depressed, sad or controlling about it, and hopefully move onto transform our whole approach, then either give up or buckle down to do the work and make it happen as Venus, the Sun and Mercury all step into Libra and first opposes Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn, and then move on to conjunct Saturn in Libra in the weeks ahead.


Venus (our heart) entered Libra last week, the Sun (soul) enters Libra today, Mercury (mind) enters Libra on Sunday and brings our attention to all things equitable and inequitable, all things ugly and beautiful. This includes our love life. Libra is considered a romantic sign and it focuses on the exciting relationship of equals. Saturn conjuncts June, an asteroid of relationship, also in Libra, and asks to us to practice good relationship skills no matter how we’re feeling. Let’s live by the Golden Rule even when moving and shaking, and do unto others only what we’d have done unto us.

Mars will help us not get stuck in the down-swings but can make for some erratic sudden decisions. Mars (the mover) is now in fiery Leo trines Uranus (the shaker), and add panache and drama to all we do. It asks us to dive into life and live with gusto. Initiate a new change and shift the foundations. Look for tremblors on the subduction lines both literally and metaphorically. But choose not to get sucked in to crowd reaction or stock sell-off. People will get out of balance easily and can pull one another along for the ride. We don’t have to go with them.

Even though we may be short on patience, we can make changes best through tactful means under this Libra lineup. We have less tolerance for any intention to hurt, any ugliness, and may respond to a nasty confrontation with open warfare. So go gently but with determination.

This line-up can put pressure on emotionally weak places and so some will people act out. Use this restless curiosity to make new connections, but keep healthy boundaries while getting to know them.

As the work-week begins, people are unsettled and indecisive, but searching for new answers, those who have something fresh to share will be way ahead of the game, so let’s be there ready with alternatives and fresh ideas.

Technical difficulties are likely midweek as Mercury and the Moon oppose Uranus and add voltage to our wiring, look out for electrical problems or breaks in communication, and a few loose wires inside as well as out. Consider changing internet plans or replacing components, or making any long-term decision until after this aspect clears. Consider possibilities but don’t act before also consider the consequences. Notice strange stray radical thoughts, but think ten steps ahead, and then act in the moment accordingly. Calmness helps, be kind to people who feel frayed. Keep the goal and the modus operandi one of fairness, equity, and balance (the only true security) and let that guide all the little decisions in between.

Friday, Sept 23: Like a tree shedding its leaves, investigate what needs to be shed to make room for the next season. Initiate important changes as Mars trines Uranus but know all plans will be adjusted through the week. Watch for temper flares of impatience and dial back the radical decisions until they are thought through carefully. Give everyone room for self-expression under a Leo Moon, share the limelight and shower appreciation. Mingle and explore possibilities this sociable, flamboyant and touchy evening.

Saturday, Sept 24: We have great ideas but can start more than we can finish. Mix a small batch of cement at a time; keep it simple and see results, beauty does not have to be fancy. Keep lines of communication open and don’t think for loved ones, ask instead. Their ideas of happiness may surprise. Connect with dear but rarely seen people. Evening has a magical, intuitive softness as the Moon opposes Neptune, but can be daunted by accidents of misperception; look clearly and questions assumptions.

Sunday, Sept 25: Use a fresh critical edge constructively as the Moon enters Virgo and the Sun opposes Uranus; we may want to shake things up but need to be fair in the process. Be clear and clean about it, admit when we want difference for difference’s sake. It’s an excellent day for home improvement or self-improvement but lay off the other-improvement.

Monday, Sept 26: An odd day between the acts; tidy up and clear the decks. Our minds are too volatile and experimental to make firm decisions, so don’t ask for any. People may be touchy, emotional, so give them room for feeling and don’t read too much into the situation. Do go outside of the box and explore options. Be careful; avoid accident or sudden stupid conclusions late tonight. Suspend belief and disbelief, and walk forward carefully and with eyes open.

Tuesday, Sept 27: Gears shift as Mercury and the Moon opposes Uranus on this Libra New Moon, and we may feel neither practical nor patient about it. Expect surprises, radical views and challenges to those views. Unusual plans revealed, our truth needs to pour out even if we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Let it crack open our possibilities but not our nerves. Be careful around any machinery, listen to it. Technical snafus may precipitate action, but we need to make it positive.

Wednesday, Sept 28: A new chapter begins, but first we need to release an old one and let sadness flow as Mercury and the Sun square Pluto. Mourn what needs to be mourned, be there for one another and don’t engage in power plays; take the high road. Discouragement or loneliness maybe temporary; let it flow through rather than hold on to it, and be cautious about making decisions based upon it. We can bond by holding hands through tough moments, but will not forgive intentional hurtfulness. The answer may be no today, but yes a few days later.

Thursday, Sept 29: Be quiet this morning; early snarkiness irritates our deep sense of fair play and rocks the boat. If moody feelings send mixed messages, don’t look for whose fault it is, look for clarity. Pour energy into work and take the heat off more intimate connections as Venus conjuncts Saturn. Do the work. Notice an opportunity to bring some personal issue to a successful conclusion if we’re persistent but subdued and respectful of other’s feelings.




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