Starcodes Sept 16, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

This is an emotionally eventful week as Venus in romantic, egalitarian Libra opposes restless and dissident Uranus and then squares transformative Pluto. Pluto turns direct after a long retrograde. It may be a fun weekend, certainly will touch our hearts, and could open up our creative channels. Our inner landscape is changing, let’s change our minds and hearts, but do so in a good direction.

Venus is in metamorphosis as it opposes Uranus and squares Pluto: Venus rules our heart, what we love and find beautiful, what we value, our values themselves, and our materiel goods. Changes are essential, they’re happing, and can take a toll on our emotions, but we need to not overplay that hand and suffer more than necessary.

We may feel an urge to switch it up a bit but can make a subtle adjustment and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The economy is volatile with a temptation for people to make a radical move just for the sake of movement, but that will not be useful at the moment. These aspects to Venus can prompt questioning of our values, but not necessarily an introspective soul–search, more a flailing around. We can choose to add depth and make this restlessness useful.

On a personal note we may feel restless but also easily feel abandoned, it’s an unfair combination, but there it is. Venus opposite to Uranus puts the clutch in on our hearts and helps us change gears. The content of our closet may look stale to us. We may crave a new look, change our garden or work with a new artistic medium.

With this Venus–Uranus-Pluto dance we seek fairness, balance, and the beauty-way. Maybe we search for a new love, take in an art show, or move the piano to the other side of the room as we look for some new way to bring Venus flavor to our life. On a larger scale we may be willing to negotiate, or fight if we have to, for fairness and equality in relationship or in our ecosystem, and may have to tell some tough truths in the process.

It’s a good time to let go of something we need to release, like a dear one who’s sailed away on the winds of time or insult that used to stick like a burr in our hearts. An old heartbreak that once felt like granite can now waft on the winds like a feather. Old patterns in our family and in our relationship may begin to shift in response to some hard event or changing circumstance and give us a chance to relate in a healthier way.

With this Venus dance first we seek change then we feel the impact of that change, so let’s be careful of the consequences. Maybe the piano breaks if moved too brusquely. Maybe we wonder if there’s someone better out there. While this is great for single people and political candidates, it can be hard on those in relationship. We’ll tend to pull back if we feel romantically unsafe, and will need attention next week and won’t be quiet about it as Mars, now in Cancer, heads into Leo. But if a couple chooses to hold hands and seek the spark of beauty together, these aspects can bring them closer instead of stress the relationship.

Pluto also turns direct this week and helps clarify intentions for the year ahead. Some plutonian transformation, plan or plot that began to cook last spring but was put on hold for the summer, may now begin to hatch. Let’s make it a good one.

Friday, Sept 16: A positive, productive, revealing morning as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto turns direct. Business intuition is good and we may need it to deal with old problems which are suddenly revealed. Talk over the difference between security and possessiveness, strengthen foundations but do no hold too tightly. Watch for evidence of other people’s intentions. Evening starts out smooth but don’t take the bait if it grows an unreal if irritable and argumentative edge later as Mercury semi-squares Mars.

Saturday, Sept 17: Creative and romantic restless as Venus opposes Uranus can get us into an artistic ferment or into romantic hot water unless we temper impulses with compassion and use this curiosity well.  A craving for new beauty can send us shopping or rearranging house and garden, but let’s also explore deeper meanings of beauty. Enjoy a smooth, sociable, creative evening, but stay aware of the consequences of action. Women can make the difference today.

Sunday, Sept 18: Excitement and sadness, curiosity and awareness of a shift in priorities as Venus squares Pluto while the Moon enters Gemini. Saver connection, and let it go; it is time to release. We can make a change in our world, small or large, if we see what’s ready to shift and concentrate or the change we want to make. Later on, people are easily bored but open their minds to new phenomena if we share our fascination. Concentration is fleeting; wandering minds can miss important cues, so stay present.

Monday, Sept 19: A self-centered streak (or centered in our self, if we’re wise) comes out of the changes as Mars enters Leo. We ask what these recent shifts mean to us personally. We can compete with one another to be center of attention, or we can take turns and actually get somewhere. Be both self-responsible and compassionate as changes are decided. When in doubt, rely on old systems and protocol to support new inventions as the Moon trines Saturn today.

Tuesday, Sept 20: Our guts may be sensitive today as the Moon enters Cancer, recent stress resonates easily through the body, so eat gently and nurture self and others into calmer waters. Help everyone feel more at home. Although decisions need to be made, right now we’d rather rest and percolate and will launch into defense under pressure, so don’t push us as the Moon squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. A change in reality is beginning to hit and we need time to adjust. It can be lonely, but we can hold one another‘s hand in the process.

Wednesday, Sept 21: The situation can be confusing or our thinking can be fuzzy as the Sun quincunx Neptune under a Cancer Moon. Speak gently and from the heart.  Intuition and spiritual practice can help soothe adjustments, but logic may be specious, and used to rationalize more emotional decisions. We have to choose the truth. Tonight, a situation may seem worse than it is because we’re soul-tired; prioritize rest.

Thursday, Sept 22: Find a good place to put emotional surplus this morning as Venus quincunx Jupiter. Find the beauty way, prioritize fairness for all involved. Focus through a distracting story midday; notice an important item that could easily slip through the cracks. Take advantage of a balanced moment this afternoon and negotiate between conflicting needs. Drop the work tonight and give everyone room for self-expression and appreciation as the Moon enter Leo and conjuncts Mars.



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