Starcodes Sept 9, 2011  Heather Roan Robbins

This week’s astro-instructions: follow up on leads. Pick up the possibilities and conversations we dropped over the summer. Do not drop the ball on what is important even though the energy is busy, scattered and many people need attention.  Stay on track with those long-term goals even if some nagging self-doubts whisper of faults and limitations.

We need to do some basic time management and sort out the important from the urgent because it may be hard to tell them apart. A lot of urgent little fires will call on our attention and can keep us from investing our time and energy into the bigger projects and relationships that really matter to us. We can expect a lot of cross talk and interference both from inside our heads and from our environment as it’s a busy week. But last week began a several-week window of opportunity to tend to our dharma, to our life’s work, as well as to national employment issues and our work as planetary stewards. It’s not time to get distracted.

We need to balance our efforts. Put out the urgent little fires (bandage the scraped knee, do minimum paperwork) then get back to efforts needed to reach life’s deeper priorities and longer range goals. Put some sweat equity into them and they will flourish, even if we cannot see the results right away. That is what long-term investment means.

Although the critical capacities are sharpened now, we don’t need to stop there with Mercury, the Sun and Venus in Virgo. We can see the weeds, pull them out, and still keep our focus on the crop we want instead. We can waste our energy in the critical and self-critical shadow of Virgo, or we can work towards its intelligent and efficient understanding.

Mercury rules Virgo and so runs the show right now. As the weekend begins Mercury semi-squares Saturn and points to the work at hand. It also reminds us that we’re aging, whether we’re seven or seventy. We have to be our most grown up self this weekend even as we keep our heart open. Difficulties must be faced squarely. But let’s not get caught by Saturn’s cranky grumble.

Over the weekend we have to be extra nice to one another as the Moon grows full in super-sensitive Pisces. Tears flow. Laugher releases. Artistic muses speak. Venus sextile Mars and helps us be affectionate and creative, though can bring up our most tender romantic fantasies and vulnerabilities. We feel. It’s all part of the healing. If we see a problem, let’s ask ourselves if it is true, necessary, timely and healing before we speak. If not, let’s wait until our skin is thicker.

Mercury quincunx Uranus over the weekend and nudges us to change our minds; we have to assess whether this is a productive change, or reactionary because we’re feeling too vulnerable. Some people may act out with crazy thinking triggered by too tender hearts. Hang in there and calm the waters. Drive with awareness as others may be way off the mark.

Mercury trines Pluto right on time for Sept 11th memorials and asks us to remember what matters in the face of life and death, encouraging us to take the healing to the next level. We’ll have little energy for trivia, but unusual ability to speak with power.

Midweek the Moon, and therefore our mood, enters kick-butt Aries, and we need action in response to last weekend’s emotions. Don’t ask people to get tender for a few days, work with them instead. Watch a tendency to get hot under the collar, don’t dissipate the energy into too much talk or into temper flares, use it instead to make independent decisions and get stuff done. Avoid giving orders like the plague, it will only foment rebellion. Make proposals, but if people buy in with their own decisions, magic happens as Mercury trines expansive Jupiter and Venus enters her peace-loving home sign of Libra.

Friday, Sept 9: We may greet the day with endurance more than enthusiasm, but and still accomplish, responsibilities to our tribe or team weigh on us about bear fruit if attended to. Nurture work-friendship or friendly working conditions; socialize with people who share a passion as Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Deal with unusual breaks in communications with patience. Take disciplined approach but don’t narrow thinking too much. Energy and magic increases later tonight as the Moon heads towards Neptune. Notice the dreams but avoid fuzzy headed drivers late tonight.

Saturday, Sept 10: Morning is a bit off, feelings a little tender; check to see if rough edges are intentional or just awkwardness as the Moon enters Pisces and opposes Mercury. We may feel unusually vulnerable. Our hearts may drag their feet; want to head in a different direction than our heads. Sweetness can nurture romantic moments or artistic creativity as Venus sextiles Mars, but if we read more into he minute than is there, or long for something other, we’ll miss the beautiful present moment.

Sunday, Sept 11: Mercury trines Pluto and takes us deep, deep into our feelings into any unfinished business we have. Clues work to the surface. Our thoughts can be maudlin with moods all over the place, let it be a healing flow. Let memories of what we have lost, what we long for, reprioritize life.

Monday, Sept 12: We may be feeling raw, not quite up to Monday, so keep demands low and make this a planning day. The emotional effect of recent actions could now sink in and require us to make adjustments. Vulnerability provokes defenses, so walk gently and take care of one another.

Tuesday, Sept 12: We’re not going to take it any longer as the Moon enters Aries and conjuncts Uranus. Funny, restless revolutionary day; flashes of temper blow over quickly if we don’t fixate or let our pride get prickly. Break routine but make it constructive. Avoid dramatic decisions. Surprise others and they listen. A major shift is initiated.

Wednesday, Sept 14: If we can let go of self-consciousness and discouragement this morning as the Moon opposes Saturn, we can make a great entrance as Venus quincunx Neptune. Strange confidence clashes with a strong self-critical streak and can make us edgy; reach past that and start something wonderful as Mercury trines Jupiter. Think expansive but practical thoughts tonight.

Thursday: Sept 15: Although the mood calms down and gets more practical, we’re getting a clearer picture as to what our next chapter will be for the next few weeks as Venus begins to oppose Uranus. Avoid sudden emotional decisions and get out the art supplies, we need to process a lot without acting on the feelings more than necessary. We may understand our heart best under stress but need to not get controlling in the name of staying safe. Let’s take stock of what we have and how we can work with that.



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