( I’ll be in Santa fe, NM and seeing clients Sept 5-9th- roanrobbins@aol.com)

Get to work. Ok, think about it now and get to work after Labor Day. That’s what the planets tell us. This is a fertile if confusing time, what we work on now can really take root, so let’s make it matter. We may still have trouble clearly seeing what we’re dealing with or where we’re going, but can still walk forward with awareness and make tangible progress this week as the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto form three corners of an auspicious triangle in pragmatic earth signs. Let’s make it so.

No need to hurry, though, earth signs call for a grounded, steady approach. We can occasionally feel overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of us, both as a person and as a species, because we see them more clearly. Some confusion, uncertainty, or just foggy thinking that has been bugging us since the end of July and deepened mid-August now returns as Mercury opposes Neptune and is ready to be cleared up. Messes produced and memos forgotten need patient attention. Let’s not give up, let’s get to work.

That is the gift of Virgo. Virgo is more focused on our evolutionary work than on our day job, but will support all our efforts to get right with that as well. Now with the Sun, Venus and soon Mercury in the analytical and healing earth-sign Virgo, we examine our soul’s work record and can be hard on ourselves. Virgo asks us to fix the problem, tune up our health and edit our life non-judgmentally and with healing in mind. It’s time to work towards short term goals that feed into our long-range vision.

Virgo season also sends up back to school. Kids know this, but we may feel it in a more existential way. Virgo can open our mind and make us hungry to learn something new or challenge preconceptions and see what’s really going in. Life offers lessons and we’re here to learn. When we hang with our friends and process late into the evening we can take the conversation deeper, feeding our need to think analytically and philosophize to solve the world’s woes. Let’s not waste this critical capacity just complaining, it’s time to share what we know and learn from others. We just have to keep the head integrated with the heart, as they can both be strong but sometimes run on separate tracks in Virgo season.

This weekend begins in an introspective mood with potentially snarly undertones under a Scorpio Moon. We are so ready for a holiday weekend but have work to do before we kick back; ask tough questions and make a concerted push to accomplish needed tasks under a pointed Scorpio Moon. Notice a whiff of envy about people that seem more successful, but know this is an illusion, an effort from our subconscious to push us over the fence and get on with it ourselves.

Saturday through Monday the stars ask us to celebrate Labor Day by taking a break in our labors and playing instead. It’s time to refresh our relationship to one another and to our ecosystem under a mountain-loving Sagittarius Moon. Let’s return Tuesday ready to push our work under another grand trine in earth signs as the Moon enters Capricorn, conjuncts Pluto and trines Jupiter and the Sun. Practical steps taken now will bear fruit. Forgive friends who are not available, it’s not because they do not care, but because the time is now and they need to get on with it.

We just need to move forward with more attention to the moment, and with grace, throughout the week. Some confusion, uncertainty, or foggy thinking that’s been bugging us since the end of July and deepened mid-August returns as Mercury opposes Neptune towards the end of the week. Soon it begins to resolve. Next week we’ll see more clearly what has to be cleaned up and what our intuition and dreams have been trying to tell us all along.

Friday, Sept 2: It’ll all work out better than we thing; our concerns whisper to us as the Scorpio Moon opposes Jupiter this morning. Our emotions may tug us one way while practicalities tug us another. If opinions get in the way early on, side step rather than confront; they are only a smokescreen for emotional issues that people are not ready to talk about. This afternoon grows expansive, unfold the heart and reach out, but approach others with acceptance as the Scorpio Moon calls many of us into a private conversation with the soul.

Saturday, Sept 3: We’re on a mission, unusually focused for a Saturday as the Scorpio Moon squares Mercury. Skip the small talk; show caring through actions not words. The mood softens and confuses midday as the Moon squares Neptune, keep track of what matters and relax about the rest. The mood shifts and our sense of humor returns this afternoon. Good changes in the air tonight, connect and enjoy the holiday mood as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Sunday Sept 4: Where do we want to go? It is a day to wander, to throw away the agenda and let the heart speak to the elements. If we follow our feet we get revelations. Picnics rule, the weather may need watching, but any dialogue with the wild world furthers. Relationship between people need patience around tense moments midday over conflicting needs as the Moons squares Sun and Venus, but relationships to the wider world and all our other relations can sing.

Monday, Sept 5: We don’t settle down easily this morning but do want to talk; get the word out, talk up future plans and find out theirs. We’re ready to play but have the future in mind this morning, enjoy a connected, relaxed afternoon as the Moon sextiles Neptune, even though projects may lose steam as we prioritize the moment. Tonight our minds whirl strategically as the Moon enters Capricorn, let’s not get in to comparisons, but instead plan the week ahead.

Tuesday, Sept 6: We have work to do, whether we define this as our day job (or search for one) or our spiritual dharma as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and trines Jupiter and the Sun. Make contacts, submit resumes and proposals, place a first brick. The competition will be active, so get there first. Listen for announcements, intentions are revealed. Not a cuddly time; support each other’s efforts and don’t take distraction personally.

Wednesday, Sep 7: Wade through lingering self-doubts this morning, find tune the plans rather than get discouraged. If low energy, keep it simple and real, focus on key work and let the rest slide for the moment. Express practical compassion early on but watch a snarky spell early afternoon; we get defensive easily when the Moon opposes Mars. Tonight, relax and check in with one another; coordination saves time and the support feels good.

Thursday, Sept 8: We’re all in this together as the Moon conjuncts Aquarius. Get out, work the collective and look for insights on family dynamics. A spacy, intuitive, confusing time also brings a chance to clear up some fundamental misconceptions. Spiritual gatherings further as Mercury opposes Neptune then enters Virgo.

Heather Roan Robbins will be in Santa Fe, NM Sept 5-9. http://www.roanrobbins.com


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