Starcodes Aug 26, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

(I’ll be in Santa Fe, NM  seeing clients Sept 5-9th, please email if interested in a reading)

“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.” Lao Tzu.  Right now, all other methods of sharing information are doubtful, so we’ll need to use all our intuitive understanding to wade through confusion and straighten our lines of communication. Mercury has been in a particularly confusing and foggy retrograde cycle for the last three weeks and now turns direct. But as it turns direct the waters swirl, the winds and the conversation churns, and we see what has been brewing in the fog.

On Monday a New Moon in hardworking Virgo calls us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. But first we need to tell our story.

As the Moon enters Leo while Mercury turns direct circumstances can get dramatic this weekend. In the big picture, stories will unfold dramatically as stuck situations suddenly become unstuck and the plot twists. Hurricane Irene may rip into all things Mercurial along the east coast, like power lines, communications systems and airline schedules, and should not be underestimated under these dramatic aspects, but in the long run could be more operatic than substantially damaging.

We want to be caught up in something exciting under a Leo Mercury and Moon, so the coverage of this and any other major story will be dramatized. But we may be watching these stories and spinning our own from the luxury of a last quiet summery moment on the porch.

It will be a tough weekend to make a mistake; the story will be told and probably before the facts are checked. Let’s not try that at home. Be kind to one another if and when we make mistakes this weekend, Check the facts. All lines of communication can grow poltergeist, even the simple conversation over dinner. We need to tap into that intuitive understanding to reach past any confusion and move forward with safety, awareness and compassion. Tell the story with panache but not with melodrama. Listen to one another.

We may want to exaggerate to get our point across; telling a story to illustrate is wonderful, but our audience is now allergic to both blatant hypocrisy and a more subtle misalignment between words and action. If we’re not walking our talk, someone will call us on it. If a politician is saying one thing and doing another, we will notice. But we need to talk about goal we have yet to achieve, and realize that is not hypocritical as long as we’re on the way.

We get down to brass tacks on Monday under a New Moon in Virgo; it’s time to clean up and get organized for the season ahead. This New Moon may bring up health concerns in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, but will help us deal with them a.s.a.p. Some of the present confusion will not clear up until the end of September, after Mercury finishes a third opposition to Neptune, but we begin that work now.

For the next few weeks our focus will be on our work or lack thereof. Employment issues are the political hot potato thrown back and for the between parties with potentially more intent to injure the other than to actually solve the problem at first, but with pressure from the rest of us, we might be able to find a way to turn this all around. Virgo also asks us to be deeply self-responsible; if we can’t do the work we love, we can still work creatively to improve life in a myriad of ways.

Early next week the appointment calendar begins to fill up, get in position for the flurry of activity after Labor Day and make contacts now. Do not waste time berating oneself or others about what has not been done recently, just get to work now. Midweek the details begin to coalesce into an interesting form, we can take a deep breath and let the creativity return. Towards the end of the week our focus and tempers sharpen. Let’s keep the focus and redirect the temper, as it will not improve the situation, and that is the real goal at hand.

Friday, Aug 26: Patience is the key word. Don’t push, but do work with the flow as Mercury appears to hold still. Hold the advice until next week. A sensitive morning can leave us cranky and not interested in critique, no matter how constructive. As the Moon shifts into Leo midday we reach out more but may understand less. Gestures become dramatic. Tonight, as the Moon trines Uranus, it’s time to break routine, but it’s up to us to make it a constructive change.

Saturday, Aug 27: Let the river of babble proceed. Say it with love and be as willing to listen as to speak. Generous, indulgent morning requires gratitude. Productive restraint becomes useful around noon as the Moon sextiles Saturn. We need to be controlled and mature when the winds blow. Generous hearts can save the day. Watch the tendency to blow things out of proportion, be honest and save hyperbole for storytelling tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Leo. Enjoy the performing arts, just don’t make life an opera unnecessarily. What is real will be plenty eventful.

Sunday, Aug 28: Morning pulls us deep and keeps us dreaming as the Sun trines Pluto as the Leo Moon opposes Neptune, whether this makes us thoughtful or makes our egos dance is up to us. Look for water damage from storm or spilled coffee, let the feelings flow and find a way to work together. Important exposure of real condition as the day progresses; facts come out and we need to deal with them. One chapter ends and a new one begins, as fresh clues arise in an ongoing story. Later, as the Moon enters Virgo, prepare to clean up but dial back on the great advice. This is not a competition and they will not listen anyway.

Monday, Aug 29: Worrying is a hobby, not a profession, and substantive work is the cure for worry on this New Moon in Virgo. Deal with health issues first and in a pragmatic, practical and low key way. Launch any work-related investigations, map plans and patiently follow through on those plans. Information downloads, schedules fill up. If it cannot be done today, take notes and follow through soon.

Tuesday, Aug 30: Can we party and worry at the same time? Venus trine Jupiter wants to know. The morning is high strung and easily frayed; we need patience and kindness to self and others. Celebrate the little victories while getting work done. Midday, spontaneous responses are better than preplanned efforts, but think through sudden emotional decisions as the Moon enters Libra and opposes Uranus. Make a change but keep it specific. Melancholic mood wafts through late tonight as the Moon squares Pluto; honor what’s missing but remember to stand back and see the whole picture.

Wednesday Aug 31: Yes, we have to be the grown up today as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. We may be painfully aware that life would be easier with more time and money, but let’s stop complaining and make the best with what we have. Watch a sparky patch around dinner as the Moon squares Mars; don’t take people’s prickliness personally, look for intentions behind expressions.

Thursday, Sept 1: Deal with people early, sort the signals clearly and then give them room to follow their own direction this afternoon as the Moon enters Scorpio. We’re going deep and getting serious, and may withdraw because we’re refocusing on work and don’t trust emotional complications. If we’re focused, help us or get out of our way.





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  1. Hi! I saw that you will be here in SF week of Sept 5. Would you like to do a phone interview sometime next week (aug 29-2) to air Sep 3rd… or on the 3rd by phone? Could be an update on your Sunspot research or ??? Let me know!

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