Starcodes Aug 19 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

We need to drop our assumptions, listen to one another and try to understand why others think the way they do. Because circumstances are confusing this week, we cannot force the issues or try to make the scenario fit what we want, that only hurries us down the wrong road.  But finesse and understanding encourage sweetness and help us make the most of the moment.

Relaxation, spaciness, occasional confusion, lethargy, and depression are a reasonable reaction in the last few weeks of summer’s heat while fall whispers to us of its inevitability. If only we can slow down and stop for a week. Just stop. Take a week to repair and renew, to analyze and organize, but not take action under as Venus and the Sun oppose Neptune, Saturn sequi-squares Neptune all under a retrograde Mercury.  Contemplate life in a gentle, reflective light and remember who we are before the autumn’s momentum pulls us into deeper waters.

We need this introspection because along with a beautifully vivid imagination, our personal blind spots will be up and running; unless we pay attention and look for a true understanding, a bad relationship can worsen or delusions embellish and leave us insecure and unsure of solid ground. We need a strong dose of critical thinking and fact-checking before we hare off in any direction.  Let’s watch which rabbit hole we dive into and dive into our personal magic instead; it is a great time to explore our skills, our imagination or our spiritual path and embellish anything which makes us uniquely us.

Neptune wants us to connect and so thins our boundaries, but we can choose what we connect to. We may be feeling unusually permeable with Neptune this activated and, for better or worse, will soak up our surroundings easily. Watch the group mindset. Crowds can be more exhilarating or more tiring than usual, difficult people more uncomfortable to be around, spiritual practice in a group may be more effective and our connection to mountain, river or soaring bird more inspiring.

We may also not be feeling particularly brave about emotional risks with Mars in Cancer.  We can have nice cozy and domestic moments, but defensiveness can become an art form, and it can be rather mysterious as to what will set it off. We want to feel safe in our home and with our family, want to relax but can work towards building our resources, but are more than ready to defend ourselves. We may have all kinds of nourishing advice for others which they will tend to take as a critique or unnecessary demand. Venus in Leo says that when in doubt, pay the defensive person gentle and genuine attention, appreciate whatever can be honestly appreciated (dishonest manipulation won’t fly, our intuition is strong if slightly distorted) and the problem can soften. We could all use some extra love.

In politics we’ll notice this pattern as a fierce protection of the homelands, intense critique of another party and knee jerk defense of one’s own position. In other words, expect business as usual only more so.  Technically this opposition to Neptune can add panache to storms at inconvenient times. Pay attention to stray liquids and stay aware if people’s consciousness wobbles form a surfeit of feeling, ideological differences or a few too many cold beers.

Early in the week Venus and the Sun enter Virgo and whisper to us of this autumn’s work, we may even see the first leaves turning or find our thoughts turning toward school and office supplies. While this helps us get ready, there’s no point in initiating plans just yet. Try on different scenarios now, but the future will be so much easier to engage next week as Sun and Venus move out of Neptune’s haze and Mercury turns direct.

Venus in Virgo encourages more introspection in relationship, we’ll analyze for fun and foreplay. Reportage becomes more investigatory and looks further under the rocks, but still won’t have the full picture; we have to keep looking with heart and heat. So, talk about the relationship, but do not look for a problem to analyze just to get close. Analyze what they did right instead. Enjoy the last lazy spell of summer because we have a busy season coming up.

Friday, Aug 19: Strong dreams or deep sleep overnight can leave us a bit disoriented, but the mood stabilizes as the Moon enters Taurus this morning. Think slow, steady, embodied, but don’t grow stubborn; if we work with the flow, a beautiful transformation can occur. Evolution works, force does not. Tonight we deepen as the Moon trines Pluto and some pressure is released, grow a chance to build trust and share healing. Don’t talk about it, just act as if it’s possible.

Saturday, Aug 20: This is a good day to get right with our dear ones; let the positive shine through under a generous Moon–Jupiter conjunction. Watch a tendency to overspend but do invest time or money on physical comfort and security today.  Share, but do not push, stories which further understanding. Let history seep into the present in a good way. People want our good opinion. Shine on what works, just withhold attention from what does not.

Sunday, Aug 21: It is all too easy to lock horns and hit a stalemate; we tend to come in at right angles to one another as the Moon squares Mercury, Sun, Venus on one side and Neptune on the other. It doesn’t matter what they say, it can be hard to agree. Some illusion of ours can put stress on relationship or lead us to imagine they’ve agreed when they haven’t. It can be hard to let go of our favorite fear or fantasy. So work with imagination consciously and look for the lovely possibilities. Stay the moment and don’t project into the future. Conversations picks up late tonight as the Moon enters Gemini- humor may help unknot the problem.

Monday, Aug 22: Nervy energy can split our focus. Summer–mind and spacy aspects calls us to relax but autumn’s plans need attention. Unsettled feelings can leave our nerves fried, but let’s avoid taking it out on others. Notice conversation that leaves us troubled or confused, passive aggressive arguments, or people trying to persuade us as Mercury changes Pluto; redirect the conversation rather than confront. Watch where the mind goes tonight, rein in obsessions and know we’re walking through imaginary clouds. Feel the magic instead.

Tuesday, Aug 23: Begins in a haze; unknown factors can complicate our judgment.  Imagination and intuition blend to get err for the benefit of art and the detriment of clear thinning, Take advantage of a flash of understanding  and find the right words this afternoon ins window of opportunity Move carefully around any confusing circumstances as the Sun opposes Neptune and then enters Virgo.

Wednesday, Aug 24: We are easily persuaded by our hopes and fears under a sensitive, quickly defended Cancer Moon. A change of plans can leave us discouraged this afternoon, really aware of how much work needs to be done. A few moments of deep solitude with our antennae pulled in can help us come back and take it one step at a time.

Thursday, Aug 25: We can’t just do what we want, without repercussions. Decisions are elusive, the situation is complex, requires a strong and sensitive soul, and may leave us low energy, but can rebuild a foundational concept. Watch for a conflicts of ideologies which are really camouflaged competition as Mars sesqui-squares Neptune and squares Saturn. Instead of conflict across the generations, listen and expand the awareness. Later on our heart deepens and we understand something about what we pushed against earlier, though we may have to let go of an illusion and see beyond our hopes and fears as Venus trines Pluto and Mercury sesqui-squares Uranus.






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  1. hey, i tried this once already, not sure if it worked, but thats mercury for you, I have been following this blog for a while now, and i would LOVE to get a reading on my current circumstances… Thanks!!

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