Starcodes Aug 12 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Everyone just chill out. With the wild and wooly aspects this week, it may be hard to see where we’re going, but we can be renewed by our mutual companionship in the meantime; this weekend’s Full Moon in Aquarius calls for us to enjoy the community, feel the pulse of all our relations and act for the collective good.

We need this renewal, this week’s vibe can leave us antsy to change what needs to be changed but conflicted about the alternatives. We’re still vibrating with last week’s feisty, action-oriented, accident-prone T-square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto that encourages people to be really good at dealing with emergencies, but also painfully good at creating emergencies where they didn’t need to be. It can bring a weird urgency and intensity once the ball gets rolling, whether we’re cleaning out a closet, selling stock or rioting in London. While this can be softened by a lazy, fuzzy-thinking Mercury both retrograde and opposed confusing Neptune, this aspect’s misconceptions, specious thinking and little technical snafus are not helping.

And this is all exacerbated (or enlivened) by a few recent whopping solar flares. Solar storms are not predictable (which is hard on us astrologers) but they pour aurora borealis into the northern skies as they pour extra energy into all the aspects and turn up the volume on history itself. (See

This T-square is not just trouble, we can use its restlessness to finally get at projects we’ve postponed, deal with a problem we’ve ignored or explore and idea, place or relationship. It loans us bravery for adventure, but also loans us an accident-prone quality; questionable judgment with fast if inaccurate reflexes can produce interesting results.

We ill tend to believe our stories and overreact to every prickly bit of news as the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo loan us dramatic flair. Wall Street responds to emotional aspects, not logical ones, and will stay volatile while we’re in this actively unsure vortex. So will discontented populace in world trouble spots and a string of strange little accidents.

Because people get caught up in the moment, an art festival can be glorious, political unrest can turn into a riot, and a suburban family drama can turn Macbeth lethal. Since we can’t see the future clearly, the urgency of these aspects can focus us on the problem and all the dastardly things that could happen along the way. But the good news is that situations created under Mercury retrograde are often short-lived. We have to choose carefully which moment immerses us.

So have fun, but practice impulse control; find healthy challenges and wear knee pads when roller-skating. Laugh whenever possible, it helps keep the dementors of uncreative worry away. Let’s be careful what reality we loan credence with our attention. Whether we’re talking about a burnt dinner or a fried national budget, let’s direct conversations away from fault-finding and towards solutions.

This planetary line-up resonates throughout this Full Moon weekend, encouraging us to dream how things could be better and then act to make it so. We just have to add the wisdom and common sense to make sure we take a sane and competent approach. Maybe instead of changing the world, we have one moment, an afternoon or sunset, where we remember how good life could be.

This weekend can be a summer highpoint; the Leo Sun calls for individual attention and is willing to get dramatic to get it while the the Moon counters with a call for us to act for the collective good and to feel the pulse of all our relations.

Mid-week we need room to move, we may try to do too much or say too much and set off another’s defenses as Mercury semi-squares Mars under an Aries Moon. People want to get real; spontaneous creations and funny moments succeed, but we can say regrettable things. The mood can shift easily, if a situation feels like dry fuel waiting for a spark, leave the area, take a walk and try again in a few minutes. Do as little as possible if feeling reactive.

As the Sun, Mercury and Venus run together in Leo all week they can open our heart and our creative capacities if make for picky back-to-school wardrobe shopping. At its best, this Leo line-up calls us to step beyond melodrama and express our love and hope. Come on people now, everybody get together and love one another.

Friday, Aug 12: Pacing matters. Nerves and odd rhythms can throw us this morning; impatience only seems to slow things down, steady heartbeats further. Good changes through the afternoon give us more room to breathe. Let go of a difficult week and seek camaraderie with allies tonight, stand back from some worry or tension that hooked and get perspective. Evening starts higher energy, but rest may call us earlier than expected. Security comes from feeling our community around us as the Aquarius Moon trines Saturn.

Saturday, Aug 13: Maybe nothing goes as planned, but roll with it, find people doing positive things and join in as the Aquarius Full Moon opposes Mercury, Venus, and the Sun. Spread attention out, people will bluster if feeling ignored. Crowd consciousness hums, enjoy a good one, and get out of the way of an angry one. Feeling runs high in relationships, it helps to keep a breath of fresh air between and don’t take moodiness personally. We can overflow with great ideas for others, but that could feel controlling; let go of the agenda and really work together.

Sunday, Aug 14: Kick back and let the emotions flow as the Moon enters ever so sensitive Pisces, conjuncts Neptune and opposes Mercury. We don’t think clearly when we’re feeling, and feelings seem to spill like a waterfall. Just let them flow and don’t attach to the story around them; that is less relevant. Spiritual practice furthers. Take time out but keep intoxicants down. We’re aware of how vulnerable we can be, so let’s help one another feel safe, comfortable, attended, and present; all else flows from there, details don’t matter.

Monday, Aug 15: Doubts and insecurity seep up but don’t need to run the show. Let them be what they are, not forecasters of the future. We can feel the boundaries thin; feel deeply connected, but do we want to be connected to a great story, to all sentient beings, or to pockets of fear in the world? It’s our choice. Cry knowing it is the collective tears, laugh with belly of the world. Intuition and imagination are stormy, be tender with one another. Floods, spillages may be a problem.

Tuesday, Aug 16: This complicated day starts off mushy and spacy and ends with fire. Establish a good emotional tone this sentimental morning, as the Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter and Venus conjuncts the Sun. It can be easier to love people we miss than to love the all-too-humans nearby. Some respond with bitterness to surplus emotions. Share appreciation with anyone who is even vaguely nice, but don’t be guilt tripped into taking responsibility away from others. Watch for trips and slips this afternoon. Impatience builds into a need to reassert independence tonight, builds enthusiasm where we feel safe but snarkiness where we’re fed up as the Moon enters sparky Aries and conjuncts Uranus. Get out of their way.

Wednesday, Aug 17: The mood is funny, irreverent, unstructured, energized with bouts of laziness. We can get a lot accomplished if we don’t get too serious, but problems go nuclear easily; indignation is an ugly art form and underneath is most often a misconception as the Sun semi-squares Mars under an Aries Moon. Relax and prioritize people over progress for the moment. Play with differing opinions rather than fan the flames, and give everyone time to move at their own pace. Personal responsibilities curtail us but are worthwhile tonight.

Thursday, Aug 18: Feel playfulness with a competitive undertone as Mars sextiles Jupiter; be safe, but look for spontaneous, positive ideas and run with it. Encourage enterprising ideas and action. Work off steam; get a little tired before taking on a challenge that needs a steady hand. Honest, if colorful expression this afternoon as the Moon trine Mercury, transportation flows well for this retrograde Mercury time.


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  1. Heather, Wonderful insights. Would love to connect and do an updated reading. Last one was in 2001 from ligthouse in port washinton
    WI, after son Dillons accident. Much life has passed since. Please phone or email 414-403-1532

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