Starcodes Aug 5 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

Word for the week: Obnubilate: to make unclear, clouded or blurry; ex. “I’m confused, your words obnubilated the facts” Welcome to the height of retrograde season, not a bad place to be when we can wander without a schedule and listen to our inner imperatives, but a hard time to clearly understand the road ahead. Or truly get what another person is saying. Although thinking is fuzzy, conditions are confusing, electrical equipment sprouts poltergeist, and tempers develop heat rash if we push this week, that won’t bother us if we’re meditating in the garden or meandering through a nice unstructured vacation.

While we cannot see the future too clearly right now, we can see the road behind us; it’s time to rethink our life. We are sent back to learn from, evaluate and repair elements from the past as Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and a few extra asteroids retrograde, or appear to back up against the backdrop of the zodiac. What this means about recent decisions on the national budget will be interesting to see.

The next few weeks bring an unusually confusing, brain-sludge inducing retrograde cycle as Mercury (retrograde from Aug 2 to Aug 27) also opposes intuitive, obnubilating Neptune. Let’s not jump off the dock until we see what’s under the water. Take that metaphor and run with it; ask for more information if a situation seems murky or a friend is not responding. Look at consequences before proceeding and look for the heart-truth underneath any misunderstanding.

This forethought will be essential later this week as we deal with both confusing circumstances and a spontaneous, defensive, spiky vibe from action-oriented Mars as it squares electric, erratic Uranus and opposes no-nonsense Pluto.

Tension and irritability can build over the week and bring difficulties to a head next week. People will tend to go off half-cocked without really understanding the problem. This obnubilated but Mars-activated mood could be explosive, so when in doubt, play it safe, and keep the mouth shut. Take a break, check facts and talk it through another layer.  Watch for mechanical breakdowns or electrical snafus, political unrest and strange tension between moving parts.  But there‘s a good side to every aspect, and this one can stir creative discontent and stimulate us to finally fix what needs fixing, or help us deal with an old and fundamental problem once and for all. Look for the advantage hidden in the problem and the heart’s truth underneath any misunderstandings.

Friday and Saturn old resentments pop up and obsession can snag us if we don’t keep the heart expanded. Let’s make sure that what we say is true, useful and kind Sunday through Tuesday and take advantage of an outspoken Sagittarius-Moon vibe to clear the air. Midweek relationships can get touchy as Mercury retrogrades back in to Leo and opposes Neptune just as Mars in defensive Cancer opposes unexpected Uranus and squares mortal Pluto. Stay cool, prioritize rest and safety, and let people feel the love.

Under the retrograde cycle many of us head back to visit family or head back to a place we know and love for some rest and recuperation, and stories of past resurface. We wonder what really happened, and may not get facts, but may get a new dimension, a new angle on the emotional truth or reason behind. Or feel really tweaked if emotional scars get triggers. If we jump to conclusions we’ll short circuit gift of this aspect; instead let’s keep looking beyond and beneath, be curious about the roots of the problem and the possibilities in the garden beyond right and wrong.

Friday, Aug 5: Dreams inform us though moods sharpen this morning as Moon enters Scorpio. Avoid a stalemate, walk around obstacles rather than butt heads. People send mixed messages; they need attention when asked for but need privacy otherwise. Even though people get irritable when interrupted, ask gently clarifying questions. Tonight, keep expectations low and attention high; intense can be good if we assess what is needed in the moment.

Saturday, Aug 6: Our needs tend to run on skew lines, which can make us cranky or make us feel unloved, when we’re just out of synch. So find a way to be spacious and accommodating instead, and don’t take it all so personally. Some fundamental repairs are useful, look to basements, door jams, or key understandings. Intense, curious, we may need time inside as well as out with the Moon in intimate Scorpio but the Sun and Mercury in sociable Leo, but for sure we need to proceed on our own terms.

Sunday, Aug 7: This spacy morning picks up speed as the Moon enters Sagittarius, encourages a spontaneous exploration. Take a break from, but don’t run away from, some ongoing challenge. Accept that people’s timing will vary wildly and have patience. Something we’ve wanted to say for a while pops out, but we can add the diplomacy needed.

Monday, Aug 8: Tell stories (just know they’re fiction) as Mercury retrogrades back into Leo and opposes Neptune. Watch for water damage, confusion, curiosity, but let the mind wander. Some trusted element from the past can really come through for us today; remember what works and who can be counted upon. Don’t test love but do feel it there, even under the static. Know we’re all distracted and appeal to our better judgment as Venus sextiles Saturn. Business agreements made now can be a good start, but will need fine tuning in a month.

Tuesday, Aug 9: This tricky day has a fighting spirit as Mars squares Uranus. Defensive twitches and get us in trouble, anger stews where we feel hopeless about steady improvement but enthusiastic action follows when we see a clear path. Impulsive actions, accidental conditions, and a longing for freedom from restraint can nudge us out of our safety zone. Go ahead and explore, just think through carefully. Let’s be proactive about a necessary reorganization and choose our own system as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Wednesday, Aug 10:  We may be so ready for a break, but need to make it a short one. Tension breaks apart stuck energies but our life doesn’t have to be the earthquake. Watch out for a serious misuse of willpower. Look for a clear signal that one path is closed and another one opened. Let’s move forward in good ways, tackle a fundamental problem and not tackle each other as Mars opposes Pluto. Take this energy and make it practical. Avoid permanent emotional decisions.

Thursday, Aug11: Our minds can wrestle more tenaciously but see more clearly as Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Improve. Morning can be somewhat depressing, we may feel overwhelmed with too much to do, or have a hard time letting go of recent events, but it helps to make a list and check it off.  We need to feel like we’re getting somewhere. The mood shifts, tensions ease and people collaborate later in the day as the Moon enters Aquarius.



1 thought on “Starcodes Aug 5 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

  1. Hi Heather! “Obnubilate” is now my new favorite word! (Or is that favorite new word?) It describes life these days. I’m off to meditate in the garden.

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