Starcodes June 24 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

We need to process, process, process. If we’re lucky, we’ll be doing some of that in a hammock or while dancing in the streets. But our minds may not let up this week, and want to mull over the past, present and future. Our world is changing in big ways and small, and we need to figure out what we’re going to do about it. This week we may not solve all the problems but will need to talk it all over.

Tectonic plates do the cha-cha. Winds and waters stay active and can switch directions as often as people’s opinions. Our own day may be fine, but the big weather systems may be the underlying cause of potential loss around the globe. Pay attention, work with this, and let it be thought provoking. Talk about what the shifting worlds and changing weather systems mean, how it affects us and what we may need to do about it.

All this and more are triggered as the personal planets (last week Mercury, the Sun this week and Venus over the next few weeks) move into the fourth corner of a square with slower-moving, era-changing Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus at the other corners, reminding us that these changes are personal, not just far away headlines.

It’s a sociable week; since we need to talk we might as well talk about something of substance. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer asks us to take care of our home, however we define it, and kick back and get cozy with our chosen family. Venus and Mars in highly-verbal flirtatious Gemini would rather talk to newcomers and process with the community, and can give us some distance from our personal issues so we can talk about them.

We chew over confusing information or try to figure out what it means as people chatter, make declarations and uncover new clues. We can use this affable buzz to network and connect; talk over the known world, but will need to sort facts from rumor carefully. It’s hard to know what is actually going on, but we’ll all have opinions as to what to do about it.

The weekend begins on a high action buzz and mellows out later on Saturday. The vibe is generally impatient and energized but tired. Watch the witty commentary, we tend to be sensitive about words coming our way, but can be insensitive about what we say and do to others. Words can become more of a battlefield earlier in the week as personal doubts start pushing an agenda to prove oneself while the Sun opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. This aspect can trigger or culminate some crisis, but also gives us the grace of communication under fire and helps us work together towards a common challenge.

Keep the itinerary loose mid-week. We may get news that life won’t go quite how we planned, and need to think fast to adjust in small ways or large. The new direction is energized as Mars sextiles Uranus by the end of the week.

Friday, June 24: Hurry up and wait, impatience and feet dragging, the energies pull in opposite directions as the enthusiastic if ornery Aries Moon conjuncts restless Uranus and opposes organized Saturn. If we start to twitch, it helps to take a walk and not take it out on them. Get lots of short time-sensitive tasks done, attend to emergencies and save the careful work for later. If conditions get confusing, slow down and feel the way through. Tonight has a funny, fast-thinking, imaginative vibe, with a tendency to overdo. We crave fresh input.

Saturday, June 25: Impulsive, irreverent and face paced day. Don’t try anyone’s patience. It feels good to be on our own timing and not beholding to others. Good wishes abound but cooperation isn’t easy, ask for help solving problems instead of giving orders.  Midday, stay alert for technical difficulties and mechanical snafus, back away from irritations, pay attention and avoid minor mishaps. The mood grows more sensuous, generous and comfort-seeking tonight as the Moon enters Taurus and the Sun sextiles Neptune and Jupiter.

Sunday, June 26: How are we connected to the earth? The Taurus Moon wants to know. It furthers to slow down and connect with the sacred in the rhythms of the natural world. Let those ease a nervous restlessness and soften a desire to act out and be contrary, let it expand the heart and act from there, share generosity. And from this perspective, deal with an unexpected twist that requires needed life-adjustments as the Sun squares Uranus.

Monday, June 27: Do it differently today as Mars sextiles Uranus. Inventive, willful, heroic energy is available to us if we tune it to it. We can ignore it, this is an opportunity, but why not take this desire to make good things happens and take the lead. Solve a small problem and work up. People are more open to new ideas if we are patient with their pacing help them feel safer. Crankier evening as the Sun opposes Pluto, tend the mood and don’t follow the thoughts.

Tuesday, June 28: We can solve problems or just get catty this strategic day. If challenged, the best move may be to not respond. The general mood is talkative, funny, and sociable as the Moon joins Venus and Mars in Gemini, but underneath the moody Sun-Pluto opposition can stir doubt, discouragement and competition from the sub-conscious. Words and actions may not match, look to actions for the real intentions.

Wednesday, June 29: Morning is productive if we use our willpower thoughtfully. Let’s be careful what we ask for and make sure we mean what we say under a willful Mars-Pluto challenge midday. Watch for minor accidents when the mind wanders. Power-plays zing in the headlines, but we can be kinder here at home. Look carefully at any situation that requires a decision to cut off one possibility to open to another, this may be necessary surgery, but we need to plan rather than react. Reconnect tonight, leading with the heart.

Thursday, June 30: Emotions, not logic, run the show today, no matter what people say, as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer. The mood may be maudlin, self-protective, and a bit homesick, if uncertain as to what and where that is. It may be scary to try, but do express affection, just don’t make any promises unless there is concrete path to the results. Share, hug, reassure, but keep it honest; easing others soothes our own worries. Reach out to creatures who have moved or been relocated, we are all connected. Breathe through reactive moment midday, and stay in the present instead of wandering to the past or future tonight as the Moon opposes Pluto.



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