Starcodes June 17, 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

This week blends summer high notes with tough and transformative undertones. The Sun and Venus Gemini buzz brings laughter over iced tea in the backyard and stirs some lovely opportunities to network and connect. As Mercury has just entered more introspective Cancer it’s a great time to become our own history channel, collect stories about family or homeland, write our biography or tell tall tales. Funny and pointed humor is an effective and entertaining goad, just watch the comedians rip this week. We can use it to move people along but we don’t have to be mean about it.

But underneath the summer’s bubbliness and relaxed persona we can feel the rumor of real challenge coming up this month as first Mercury, then the Sun and Venus, enter the sign of Cancer and complete a grand square with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn.

Now Saturn, Uranus and Pluto have been square-dancing this whole year forming three corners of a square around the earth, their energies square off and shake up our world, both literally, as in earthquakes, and figuratively, as in the Arab Spring or Jasmine revolution and the beginnings of the Great Disruption, the global climate changes that let us know we need to evolve our ways and fast.

For the next few weeks as the personal planets of the Sun, Mercury and Venus hit that fourth corner of a square we get hints as to how this time of change can affect us personally. As Mercury move in to the forth corner of that grand square this weekend things may get weird, windy and cannot stay the same. We have some work to do on our end of these great worldly adjustments.

Pluto will happily beg us to cut our losses and use depression to help us leave old familiar patterns, Uranus will keep us experimenting and Saturn wants us to take our selves seriously in the process as well as tests out experiment and lets us know which ones won’t work. But none of these energies want us to give up.

Friday dawns hardworking and thoughtful; clean up the loose ends and make a final point, but don’t be pressured into unripe decisions. Over this unsettled weekend we could feel a strong desire to renovate house or campaign slogans as electrical Uranus squares Mercury and brings an urgent unpredictability to our thinking. It can just feel a little restless, or we can get caught up in an unproductive cycle or worry or flail around trying to find an answer. One little hurt, misunderstanding, out-of context comment, or some honestly difficult truth can tick us off and get us ready to cut bait and walk away.

It is a great time to experiment and think of possibilities, to talk and explore, but probably best to make as few big decisions as while our thinking is so reactive. We are being loosened from some preconceptions but do not yet have all the information.  Let’s stay grounded in our hearts and not let our minds wander into trouble.

Luckily Mars enters Gemini late Monday and adds humor to an otherwise sensitive and intense week. We may find it easy to disconnect our words from common sense and go off on rants, but as long as we’re talking, there’s hope for progress. As summer begins on Wednesday, the doors of communication can swing open if we’re very clear about our signals.

Friday, June 17:  Don’t take another’s reserve or subdued mood personally. We see too clearly what other people should be doing and may not own our own work.  Earned trust and old contacts further under Capricorn Moon and as Venus trines Saturn, but watch a controlling vibe in relationship; don’t take it personally, but don’t take it: sidestep or agree if it seems reasonable, politely decline and offer reassurance for the motivating concern otherwise. Do not try to fix another person’s problem unless they agree to the process. Tonight, be direct but give room for different energy levels; some are ready to roll, others are way overextended and just need down time.

Saturday, June 18: We can work together for a change, for difference, but otherwise may need to go our own way on this positive but unsettling day. Feel free to change minds but make sure it’s for a good reason and not pushing off against a misunderstanding as mental Mercury squares change-master Uranus. Look for some quirky element from the past that helps make sense of the present: antique, idea, memory, lost object.  Unexpected news, electrical snafus and mechanical glitches require great ingenuity, but we’re good at practical problem solving. Tonight, it’s fun to be odd; pay extra attention to driving conditions; be wary of sudden thoughts, but do break routine.

Sunday, June 19: We need our morning rituals as the Aquarian Moon trines Venus and Saturn. Later on yesterday’s reaction can become today’s depression, our thoughts can go down rabbit holes and obsess on some difficult truth but lose perspective as Mercury opposes Pluto. Just in time for Father’s day, we may need to honor a loved one who is not here, or something we never got. Let it flow. It is good to look at the worst-case scenario and garner some wisdom from it, but take it with a grain of salt. Let that flow too. We find old or missing things, but can lose track of our luck. Consider radical decisions, but don’t act until they really fall into place. When falling, dive; research, look to the roots for a problem for answers and solutions.

Monday, June 20: Take advantage of the flow early this morning as the Moon trine the Sun, open lines of communication and make overtures. Midday the pace slows down and imagination opens but people get touchier, sleepier, less willing to risk as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. Let the feelings flow and don’t blame one another for them. Make decisions that require sensitivity and finesse this afternoon. Talk through some previously blocked place this evening as Mars enters Gemini.

Tuesday, June 21: This longest day quivers with feeling but can be magical as the Sun enters Cancer at 11:14 am MDT and trines Neptune. Use the finer senses and tune into what hopes, loves and skills need to blossom and care for the seeds.  Our relationship with the wide world opens to possibilities, but personal loves can feel over-sensitized tonight; tune into nature and don’t read too much into confusing personal messages as the Moon squares Venus.

Wednesday, June 22: Look for an opportunity to melt old anger. We do not need more of what we’ve been doing, but need to try a fresh approach. Some complex situation needs our subtlety as much as our strength; force will only make it worse as Mars squares Neptune, though heroic measure may need to be taken around weather, water, or misinformation. It will not further to argue beliefs and ideologies. We may not know what we want, suddenly, or need to let go of a direction or ambition we thought we had, and redirect. Listen with the whole being, not just the mind, for clues to the redirection.

Thursday, June 23: Funny, fast, openhearted but independent and reactive, we push away where we may have felt needy or dependent the last few days and may now feel we need to prove ourselves. Entrepreneurial oomph encourages action and lot gets done, we just need to look where we’re going. Moods play pinball as the Moon conjunct Uranus, squares Pluto and opposes Saturn. We need to be dynamically alive, contribute to the stability and not exacerbate drama.





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