Starcodes June 10 2011 Heather Roan Robbins

This week the information flows but not all of the words are true. We may finally hear news we’ve been waiting for, or find that others just need to gossip and process with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini. News sources may spend more time on twitter indiscretions than on world dynamics, our friends may need to gossip and chatter, we can appreciate the bonding quality of light conversation but not let it make us shallow.

With this burbling fount of words we can make summer friends easily and travel through foreign lands with panache, but can feel inundated by the bits of information and nervous buzz that swirl around us like sand on a beach. This Gemini buzz begs an important question, is it more valuable to amass facts, or to understand as a whole being? We can let our minds sift and ponder while swinging in a hammock, but may be challenged to find real depth in the conversation, or to think critically enough to sort the debris and fabrication from truth as Venus squares Neptune while the weekend begins.

Winds may bluster and change direction quickly, and so can opinions. Water, whether we’re flooded, steamy, or toasted by drought, is also a problem as Neptune squares Venus, and so can be all things that water symbolizes. Hopes and fears paddle about our dreams. Emotions can fill up and spill over like an overflowing lemonade cup, but may be responding to a story in our head rather than what’s actually going on. Luckily we probably won’t have a tremendous amount of torque behind it all.

Right now a flirtatious vibe, easy camaraderie, and not-such-deep thinking from the Gemini planets mix with a note of earthy practicality and lusty sensuality from Mars in Taurus. This combination can be great fun at parties or healing during a weekend off, but may get a few people in trouble and with plenty of witnesses around to gossip about it afterwards.

While Venus squares Neptune, it is easy to imagine things that are not there in relationship, to imagine there is more going in that is real, more attraction, more trust, worry or betrayal, to live in our imagination rather than be aware of what’s really going on with the people around us. Or blow a good possibility by getting tipsy at the wrong time. Whenever Neptune and one of the personal planets interact, our imagination can work overtime. It helps stay in this present moment and to give our imagination work to do, a constructive outlet to keep it out of trouble. We can pour this all into art therapy or creative gardening, or enjoy dreaming away the weekend.

As the new week begins and Saturn turns direct, it is time to get grounded and practical. Work issues and employment statistics can head the conversation. We may have noticed an improvement, or possible leads towards improvement in work, or in owning our personal authority last October, but felt them put on hold or grind to a halt as Saturn turned retrograde at the end of January and backed up to square Pluto. As Saturn turns direct and moves forward this week, and moves out of that tough square to Pluto by the end of the summer, the new leads may begin to get some traction.

Early in the week the gossip is international, enjoy the cross-cultural talk but ask tough questions. On Wednesday a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius challenges us to look at our illusion around freedom, stop bucking things that feel like restrictions but are really responsibilities, and start clearing the real obstacles.

Friday, June 10: The mood may be generally funny and light, but the day filled with little glitches and odd interactions. We may want to avoid problems and just have lemonade, but serious concerns or responsibilities dog us as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. It helps to connect with allies from the past. The afternoon has an aimless, wandering quality, let’s wander in our imagination but monitor the difference between that and reality. Evening is diffuse but friendly, laughter is good medicine.

Saturday, June 11: Socialize pleasantly and make the world beautiful this morning. Important understanding flows best though light sociable exchanges; get too serious and the audience dissipates. People want dialogue, not monologue. Unguarded moments reveal friends and politicians alike. The mood sharpens as the Moon enters Scorpio; we can expect more attitude, more depth, but potentially less friendliness tonight. A restless hunger for something more can get us out of familiar patterns.

Sunday, June 12: Underneath the summery surface our muse knocks and wants to be heard. Take the time to clear the busy mind and listen to creative inspiration today. We need both time in the busy social flow, and time alone to listen to that muse. Relationship may be the creative outlet, or they may just be the distraction; find a way to own back happiness as Venus sextiles Uranus.

Monday, June 13: Stir the pot and keep an eye out for potential opportunities. Our deeper knowing is called into action, not just our facts. Father figures and other authorities need careful handling. Keep the heart connected this afternoon, sharp words and winds can cause turbulence but creative ferment and romantic interest can spark as Venus sextiles Uranus and the Moon enters Sagittarius. We may need to compromise and adjust to one another but will enjoy the results.

Tuesday, June 14: We just want to play this funny, flirtatious day, but work can kill the buzz unless we make it fun as Mars challenge Saturn. Desires clash with responsibly; the more we resisted the work, the longer it gets in the way. Tend to practical issues around foundations, dams, brakes, things that hold up and hold in. and let the conversation bubble.

Wednesday, June 15: Do not run away from a problem, but do stand back and inhale the rest of the world to get bigger ideas and a better perspective under a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius at 2:13 pm. This full moon asks us to drop our preconceptions and travel beyond our normal limits and see the bigger picture. We may think it is telling us to run away and join the circus, but that is probably just a triggered response. Some ecological crisis may clarify. Tonight, drop into problem solving mode as the Moon enters Capricorn

Thursday, June 16: We can get depressed or we can get serious and make some real headway as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto. We’ll feel better if we look at our challenges squarely and meet them head on. Sidestep personality clashes, drop the nagging, and stay goal focused. Ambitions are revealed, and we can see which are for the personal good, and which are for self-aggrandizement. Forgive grumpy moods and keep things simple tonight.


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