Starcodes July 18 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Family matters and domestic issues move to the front burner as emotional Venus enters clannish Cancer. If we’re not dealing with our family directly, we can feel old family patterns echoing around us and get to do another layer of personal homework.

We need to nurture and cultivate our personal garden this week, but we can’t just stay at home or return to a spiritual homeland (much as we may like to).. Industrious Saturn turns direct after several months retrograde, just as iconoclastic Uranus turns retrograde, and encourages us to get back to work on some project, organizational system, or structural repairs that we’ve put off for a while. Begin to build– even if it’s just a sandcastle.

With work pulling us one way and interpersonal dynamics pulling us another, we can get a little touchy and defensive if anyone implies we’re not up to the job under Venus, Mercury and the Sun in self-protective Cancer. We’re also unusually protective of our boundaries, both personally and politically, and will react intensely if those feel crossed. Respect boundaries and use a light hand with criticism.

Some people who think of themselves as authorities may feel they have to control or boss, but our rebellious edges are showing as Uranus stations retrograde, and that would be counter-productive. Keep an eye on authoritarian/rebellion dynamics around the world. In our own lives we can make a different choice and contemplate elements of leadership; clarify and share a vision and lead by example instead of micro-manage one another. If someone around us is trying to pull rank and control the flow, we have compassion for their anxiety and call them to a different dynamic, rather than just tell them off. Though we may have to go there before they let go.

This weekend, is intuitive, creative if also spacy and interpersonally guarded as Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. It helps to splash about in water and stay hydrated. Notice the subtle signals, tap into the still quiet within, and give the mind room to tap in to bigger, open ended questions.

The clouds darken and moods deepen early next week as mental Mercury opposes profound but broody Pluto. While this feeds our research and helps us dive into our work or our inner realms, we can go too deep, or get washed up on the shores of self-doubt with this aspect.

We may have some tough news to integrate. If we feel unusually lonely or unheard, it helps to remember that others may feel the same way, and reach out to connect below the words, with quiet presence. There may be some loss of item or person, a whisper in the headlines that reminds us of the ephemeral quality of life. We can tap into some old or deeper, global grief. If so, let the feelings flow rather than perseverate on the problems. It can be discouraging to feel we’re back at an old stuck place, but we’re now in a different ring of that spiral. Notice the differences this time; in those differences are the seeds of hope.

A depressing failure of imagination early in the week can shift into sparkling romantic possibilities and romance later in the week as creative Venus trines imaginative Neptune and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Leo. We can break out of the old tape and try a different, more generous approach. Everything gets a bit more dramatic, parties are more celebratory, conflicts more Shakespearean, and performance art scintillates. Our private self grows more private and our public self grows more gregarious.

Friday, July 18: We may feel in a hurry or pressured for time this restless morning as the feisty Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, but will find that if we rush, we’re delayed by retakes. Pacing matters. It may be hard to get started, but get into the groove and action flows. Midday, our feelings sensitize, but not our tact, as Venus enters Cancer. Defenses can bristle tonight as the Moon opposes Mars, but it’s hard to be honest about our vulnerability. Don’t confront others, try to redirect, and intuit the real issue. Take a break and look for a playful streak. Watch for a conflict of interest later tonight and sidestep the charge.

Saturday, July 19: Listen to messages from dreamtime this morning; intuition and imagination are a deep pool to draw from as Mercury trines Neptune. The Taurus Moon calls us back to our bodies and brings a lazy streak; slow and steady efforts further, with many stops along the way to appreciate summer as the Moon textiles Venus, Neptune, and Mercury. The vibe is stubborn but gentle, delicious, if a bit cautious; prioritize connection over efficiency.

Sunday, July 20: Deep internal quiet helps this morning, a chance to feel the structure s shift, and feel connections within the soul. Some new understanding can crystalize if we listen with subtlety as the Moon trines Pluto, opposes Saturn, and Saturn turns direct. Respect for elders and wise voices furthers, but don’t let people tweak our chains with their efforts to crack down or control in response to ambition or stress. Look for major confrontations on the political level, and choose otherwise at home.

Monday, July 21: Give people a moment to collect themselves this morning, don’t push or rush, instead organize and get the lay of the land. Midday the pace picks up and people are more communicative, if somewhat guarded in their tender places. Be tactful and open. Start cross-pollinating ideas; catch up on a backlog of communications as the Moon enters verbal Gemini midday. It may be time to turn around and face a person, problem or conflict that we’ve been avoiding.

Tuesday, July 22: Lost things are found, clues surface, and problems are uncovered. The work can look grim this morning as Mercury opposes Pluto; we get serious, and can see the problem, but need to take our doubts and concerns with a grain of salt. Some decision to cut bait and move on may be necessary, but don’t jump the gun; make sure it is the best option first. Watch a tendency to push or manipulate when worried. If depressed voices whisper within, listen, but don’t let them run the show. If a friend is depressed, say little and listen. Talking, listening, and writing; it helps to tell our story,

Wednesday, July 23: Communication is interrupted, staccato, but begins to shift yesterday’s problems. Ingenuity and a dark sense of humor work in short bursts. Stay open; sound bites and quick interactions are surprisingly meaningful as the Gemini Moon trines Mars. Evening brings us more to ourselves as our attention turns within when the Moon enters Cancer. We need some time in our shell.

Thursday, July 24: The mood is intuitive, imaginative, but laced with some boundary issues; we can forget where we end and they begin (both people and countries) and argue about it as Venus and the Moon trine Neptune and Mercury squares Uranus. Our thinking can be erratic with brilliant streaks and a short attention span, reactive to sweeping emotional conditions, like colliding weather systems over the prairie. It helps to stand back, see the bigger picture and operate from gratitude. Later on it may further to back to a familiar pattern or tradition and then engage our logic for perspective as Mercury trines Saturn.

Starcodes July 11 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I am traveling until July 18th, Starcodes may be posted at odd times- may your summer unfold with joy)

Attitude, don’t leave home without it. As this weekend begins a difficult Full Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus and Mars, and can bring out the chips on our shoulder and difficult vein of our personality. But once we get this pugnaciousness out of our system and work through any existential crises it may stir, the rest of the week flows cleanly.

This tricky Full Moon can loan us seriousness, competence, and durability but increases any charming tendency we may have to be controlling, and this can spark interpersonal or international friction. The Capricorn Moon can nudge us to be powerfully goal-oriented, and we can get difficult if the goals are not clearly defined. We may be tempted to argue about what’s important or how to achieve those goals. So do not micro-manage under stress or try to do another person’s work for them.

Everything may be fine on the outside, and we can still act out this pattern entirely within our own psyche. This Capricorn Moon asks us to look at our aspirations, look at the quality and quantity of our work, and assess our progress. Capricorn’s gift in a deeply honorable, reliable, leadership, its shadow is either a ruthless –any means to an end- attitude, or depression if we feel we aren’t getting anywhere. We may be harder on ourselves than anyone else, but to use this Moon well, let’s celebrate past victories and invigorate our journey with clear, fresh goals.

Remember the symbol of Capricorn is a mer-goat, a creature that can dive to the bottom of the collective ocean to gather up a dream or vision and then walk it, like a mountain goat, up the highest range. It just doesn’t do so well on flat terrain. Neither do we right now. But give us a mountain to climb, and a team to climb with, and all unfolds with power.

Capricornian issues demand attention this week, so work through conflicts around work teams, employment, money, the economy, structural issues, bones and teeth. If this is vacation time, it may be easier to relax while learning, hiking, finishing that novel, and exploring that place.

A sociable, flirtatious, passionate spark engendered as Venus trines Mars early next week can help us move through this difficult Moon. Venus in Gemini trines Mars in Libra, both sociable and outgoing air signs, encourage us to connect and talk, they charisma and charm to help with the considerable challenges this Capricorn Full Moon can cook up.

The Moon enters more communal, collaborative Aquarius Saturday night just as thoughtful Mercury returns to introspective, moody Cancer. Even with this general sociability, watch a tendency to review past wrongs or hurts and use that as an excuse to be depressed or defensive, the shadow side of Mercury in Cancer. Instead, let the Cancer love of the human story help nurture and fertilizes interactions.

Midweek the Moon enters Pisces and brings our most tender material forward. We need to catch up with ourselves, process recent experience and remember who we are, and what helps us feel safe enough to grow.

Our fire and feistiness returns towards the end of the week as the Moon enters abrupt, brave Aries. Jupiter enters Leo to encourage us all to live life on a bigger scale in the year ahead.

Friday, July 11: We’re in deep waters today, feelings swirl and our control issues grumble as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Unexpected event can test us. We could get a chance to face our limitations and choose when it’s wise to push through, and when it is wise to drop our goal and go another way. But underneath this rocky surface is an opportunity to create a real shift and make a difference. Later, our words and feels may run on skew lines: use the heart, not the words to communicate. Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold.

Saturday, July 12: This morning’s Full Moon, square Mars, brings decisions and denouements. Deadwood is pruned, and foundations begin, but let’s are careful what we plant, as it can have powerful consequences. Do not cut off more than necessary. A difficult mood itches between the generally cooperative flow, each person’s will power leans in and patience is thin even where goodwill abounds. Evening softens and exacts, a spark of humor returns as the Moon enters friendlier Aquarius.

Sunday, July 13: Our hearts soften after a tough few days, and as Venus trines Mars. We care; maybe we care too darned much. But we’re seriously not interested in what we don’t care about. So let the heart open and engage collaborative action, feel a deepening connection to all sentient beings and maybe a few specific ones in particular. Passionate care can go in any direction, and this trine can provoke possessiveness, heartbreak, and longing, all the ragged edges of the heart as well as a flowing appreciation. It helps to make life a metta mediation; engage the heart with loving philosophy and give it a good place to go. A burst of activity as Mars conjuncts the North Node midday can leave us tired or thoughtful tonight as the Moon squares Saturn.

Monday, July 14: Yes, the answer is probably yes today as the Moon, Venus, and Mars form a grand trine early in the day. So ask the important questions and say yes whenever possible. Meetings and teamwork flows more smoothly than usual though people can be passionately attached to their opinions. They may be openhearted, but less forthcoming with their own stories with Mercury now in introverted Cancer. Don’t overload on the crowd, we need time enough to come back to ourselves and integrate as the Moon enters Pisces tonight.

Tuesday, July 15: We may be feeling peeled and delicate. Do not push and demand, do not force people to get their defenses up; it will take a lot of effort and come with fortifications. Do give people room to feel sensitive and vulnerable, to wonder and wander as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and trines Saturn. Forgive easy tears. Explore the gifts of sensitivity, refinement in taste and sensibilities.

Wednesday, July 16: The mood is more durable and resilient, though still sensitive and dreamy. Keep the schedule light and let intuition or inspiration set the pace and direction. The scope of plans changes, we may start looking at farther horizons or with a bigger scope as Jupiter enters Leo. Be surprised by the possibilities but wary of a renewed pugnaciousness as the Moon enters sparky Aries tonight.

Thursday, July 17: We can be just plain difficult; conflicting feelings and opinions can start the arguments within us and carry it outwards. Difficult people can be thorns in our side if we let them, and so many things demand our attention in opposite directions that we waste time, which we probably don’t have, running between. If so, chill, prioritize, and don’t difficult people set the paradigm. Juggle with grace and rhythm. Work with allies and set the agenda with kindness.

Starcodes July 4 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I am traveling until July 18th, Starcodes may be posted at odd times-may your summer unfold with joy)

What does it mean to be an American? On this Fourth of July the planets ask this and other deep philosophical questions as the fireworks ignite and picnics abound. Along with the friendly buzz from a lighthearted Libra Moon, the Sun opposes Pluto, the planet that symbolizes life, death, loss, power, abuse of power, empowerment, as well as riches brought from digging deep in the earth, mining-both symbolic and concrete.

So let’s not be surprised if in the middle of the long weekend festivities and underneath the generally sociable, cooperative, flirtatious mood provided by emotional arbiters Venus in Gemini trine Mars in Libra (both sociable air signs), we have a moment feeling alone in the universe, or need to stand back from the bustling crowd and take a moment to ourselves to contemplate. Let’s notice, but not take personally, strange power struggles or competitive undertones and find a way to work around them. Be careful with the power of explosives, and chew on those big existential questions along with great food off the grill. Seize an opportunity to build trust with one another by working together over simple feats.

This Sun–Pluto opposition has extra power because bisects a beautiful grand trine in intuitive and sympathetic water signs involving the Sun, Mars and Neptune, an aspect that can open up our empathy. This grand water trine tends to keep energy low but flowing, and encourages us to take concrete steps based on our religious or emotional belief system or based on our intuitive understanding of the world. While this can be a gentle, integrating aspect, and can be lovely at a sun dance or church picnic, it can mean something very different to the religious extremists now mowing through Iraq or our local homegrown variation. This grand trine can build up momentum based on a belief, and direct it out through that Sun-Pluto opposition with powerful results. But we can personally use this astrological nudge to make sure we’re walking our talk, even if our walk is tested.

This weekend the Libra Moon encourages sociability and camaraderie and encourages pleasantries at public fireworks. Sunday afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio; we may need to pull within and go on a more solitary or intimate journey, but need to leave a breath of room for serendipitous interactions and make our own fireworks as Venus sextiles Uranus.

Early next week we get a glimpse of long range work that needs to be done as the Sun trine Saturn and squares Uranus but may see it out of proportion; the situation may have surprising redeeming qualities. The mood bounces back mid-week as the Moon enters Sagittarius. We’re ready to travel and reweave our connection to the natural world.

Friday, July 4: A haunting morning can leave us feeling underprepared, feeling like we’re not sure we have enough or can do enough as the Sun opposes Pluto. Some haunting image from the news or our past can help us remember that life is precious, and the freedom to live our life is precious and should not be taken for granted. The Moon enters Libra early and the day unfolds with more relaxed friendliness and camaraderie, if we can relax and let the details go. Prioritize making one another feel welcome.

Saturday, July 5: Dreams the night before can leave us haunted this morning, but the mood is generally warm-hearted and connected this morning as the sociable Libra Moon trines Venus. Stay flexible midday and adjust plans as needed around unexpected opinions or necessities as the Moon opposes Uranus. Compromise on the easy stuff for the sake of collaboration but don’t give away something truly important. We can channel an extra edginess into collaborative work tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars and Libra. If people get a little tense, their insecurities may be showing. Validate their need to accomplish, reassure them that their efforts are appreciated, and watch them calm down.

Sunday, July 6: Friendly camaraderie wafts about this morning. Make plans early on, and then give people room to work on their own or follow their own light as the Moon enters more serious and introverted Scorpio this afternoon. Our deeds are reflected back to us; if we’ve been helpful we receive help, if we’ve been difficult, we may just have to suck it up for now and invite our respondents to a different attitude in the future as the Moon aspects the lunar nodes and trines Mercury. Mid-day, invest in good conversation that tags the past and brings old information into the present. If tales twitch tonight, give others a wide berth.

Monday, July 7: Even though the Scorpio Moon brings focused introspection and self-protection, after a somewhat sullen morning, we can get excited about our creative process and unique brainstorming ideas as long as we feel accepted for our creative process. Honor that spark while artistic, affectionate Venus sextiles iconoclastic Uranus. Tonight, as the Moon conjunct Saturn and we consider responsibility, duty, and our work in progress. A broody, itchy seriousness can twitch in the corners of the psyche.

Tuesday, July 8: Be careful and expect the unexpected as the Sun squares Uranus. The mood is both private and anxious about what’s been left undone. People get more eccentric under stress and need acceptance to find their resources. We can’t really control the situation this morning, but roll with the situation easily if we deal openly with ideas and information that may challenge our plans, and verify our measurements and technical data. Work gets done, if not on the timetable we’d hoped for. Pieces begin to fall into place this afternoon as the Sun trine Saturn, the mood enlivens tonight as the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius.

Wednesday, July 9: Early morning can feels slow and disorienting as the Moon squares Neptune, signals can get blurred. But the day picks up and these little glitches can offer opportunity for healing interactions as the Sun trines Chiron. If we look, we can frame a problem in an inclusive expansive way that leaves us feeling, instead of restricted, freer and more spacious. This evening the Moon trines Uranus brings a touch of spice and salsa to our life; wandering is good for the soul.

Thursday, July 10: Relationships can feel the friction this morning as the Moon opposes Venus, our timing is just a little off and people are cheerful but impatient. Midday we see the consequences of earlier actions, whether that be gratitude, friendliness, or faulty engineering. We’re also painfully aware that we’re planting the seeds for future harvest. A new seriousness tonight can leave us so distracted that we step on one another’s toes as the Moon opposes Mercury and then enters Capricorn. Let go of being right and deal with tender hearts.

Starcodes June 27 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I’m travelling 6/21-7/18, I will post Starcodes but be out of office)

It’s a good week to sit in our hammock or enjoy arts festivals and engage the hazy summery mentality as the Sun and Venus interact with intuitive, impressionistic, vague, and watery Neptune. This combination can feed our summer daydreams, but brings a layer of emotional fog as Mercury finishes its retrograde cycle (June 7- July 1).

This encroachment of our imagination is more problematic once it’s out of our creative life. We can also become over impressionable and get lost in our imaginary world. It’s all too easy to get lost either in our worst-case scenarios or false grandiosity, or give the into the Neptunian lassitude. For example, the recent tensions in Iraq bring up all the old political fantasies that proved so deadly in our last round. It can be quite healing when old illusions and dreams come up to be cleared; we just have to watch the tendency to project them on the present.

We can also be flooded; watch for water damage, floods, liquids that don’t stay in within their bounds. These Neptune transits can leave us feeling unusually permeable, more affected by allergens and invasive habits. But we can also make ourselves permeable to beauty, to a sound that pierces our heart, a sight that breaks our heart open.

Friday morning the New Moon in Cancer calls us back to our emotional roots to understand what we need, empathize with others, and then begin a new cycle from there. We could all use a little nurturing, the last few weeks have brought some rocky tension and tendency to guard and conflagration has Mars bounced its energy off Pluto and Uranus. That low-lying tension and impulsiveness continues under the surface.

Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde July 1 and begins to clear the air in time for July 4 festivities.

Friday, June 27: The New Moon at 2:08 AM MDT brings us back to our tender self and can make us want to go swimming. The mood drifts, the past sits with us, and people resist demands defensively as the Moon opposes Pluto. Let’s not rock the boat any more than we have to. Tonight, familiar people help us unload and unwind around dinner time, but we may get crabby as the evening progresses.

Saturday, June 28: Things take longer than we intend, so keep the schedule easy, open, and know people will be friendlier on their home territory. A sense of adventure and openness picks up tonight as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, though people want to be accepted even with their eccentricities. Gather with friends over a delicious picnic; appetites can be unusually voracious.

Sunday, June 29: Sentimental, sensitive, intuitive, and effusive; life can feel like performance art under the Leo Moon. Let it be beautiful, symbolic, appreciative; don’t buy into melodrama but do enjoy the comedy. Dream together and be intoxicated with possibility. Just watch the other intoxications and water damage at Venus squares soggy Neptune.

Monday, June 30: The Leo Moon trines Uranus and excites us with a gentle sense of adventure. Graciousness helps us make the best out of any situation, which we’ll need. Detours weave through our day, and melancholic, discontented undertones seep in as the Sun begins to oppose Pluto. Put one foot in front of the other.

Tuesday, July 1: After a slow start as Mercury leaves retrograde, problems begin to unwind. Don’t push the river. Mistakes continue if we hurry, but we get a chance to make up lost time and get back on track in a practical way. Tonight, it’s productive to talk things out as the Moon enters Virgo as long as we don’t hold each other responsible for recent snafus. We’re all in this together.

Wednesday, July 2: Fix it; fix mistaken orders, measurement problems, and forgotten details, just don’t project blame upon one another. Important critiques need to be made, and yes, some people need to be told off. But many of us beating ourselves up already; we don’t need help and want others to know it’s not all our fault. The lighter our touch, the more specific our complaint, the more likely we are to be heard. If big issues percolate, remember the deepest priorities.

Thursday, July 3: Use this day to prepare for the holiday as well as the next phase of life; the Virgo Moon wants us to stay busy in a constructive way so we don’t stay busy worrying or critiquing. Do not be sidetracked by some small bother. Stay on track, keep priorities clear, and investigate the gift of the moment; some lessons will be difficult, but if we take it in an educational light, will still feel constructive. It’s a good day to chew over our experience to process and analyze. A few people will lash out over historic inadequacies, and they may have a point. We don’t have to be one of them, but if confronted by this attitude, we need to really hear it out before responding. Watch for communication glitches early this evening as the Moon squares Mercury; cut each other a little extra slack, and don’t retort automatically. 88

Starcodes, June 20, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I’m travelling 6/21-7/18, I will post Starcodes but be out of office)

As summer begins the planets ask us to pare it down; keep life simple, smooth, and streamlined. We can puddle about in our inner realms and make resolutions for positive change during this rich time.

Keep it simple because complications can be usually stressful and relationships can get extraordinarily tangled otherwise. Mercury retrograde (from June 7 to July 1) convolutes communication and snags the daily tasks of life while it sends our mind back to finish unfinished business. Although Venus, now in nervy and flirtatious Gemini, makes us restless and ready to forge new connections, both this Mercury retrograde and a square between Jupiter and the lunar nodes send us back to work on old relationship patterns and old political problems and ask us to work through another layer of the karma involved. All while Mars opposes Uranus and adds extra fuel all we do, for better or worse.

So if we find ourselves back in an old loop, a been-there-done that, cul-de-sac (like looking down the barrel of another war with Iraq) we need to remember that we are not back the same place, but on another ring out on the spiral. We can take advantage of every bit of evolution we’ve earned to work towards healthier results this time. We may wonder if our relationships are really helping us achieve our purpose or are they distractions that keep us trapped in old patterns. Mercury retrograde helps to go back and look at the last time we were at this point, notice the signals missed and question the truths taken for granted last time. Look for the deeper truth. We can call our friends and allies to a healthier more dynamic relationship, and see if they want to come along.

We may feel over-committed this week, but not because our schedules are any busier (though they might be with Mars/Uranus winding us up) but because even simple things can take longer than we intended, and our sensitivity could really use some time in a protective cocoon or on a solitary journey as the Sun enters deep-feeling Cancer.

Mars opposes Uranus on Saturday, as it did at the end of last December, and through last mid-April, creating a pool of fuel just below the surface of our interactions. When we’re relaxed and calm, we’ll barely notice this pool. Whenever we engage our Mars, when we grow physically active, stormy, angry, rebellious, macho, or willful, we can tap into this fuel. The whole world is watching a common major athletic competition with explosive displays of physical prowess in Brazil’s World Cup, which is an upbeat and engaging use of this aspect. But we watch the Ukrainian and Iraqi military maneuvers with great trepidation as sparks around the fuel tank. And keep our eye on weather maps as fueled-up storm systems churn up our countryside.

On a personal level, our tempers can spike defensively often inappropriately, at a miscue, mistake or at small event that reminds us of hundred such events earlier in our life. If we do find ourselves in a conflict, again keep it clean keep it simple and to the point, and stay in the moment. Deal with the problem in front and not the historic legions of similar mistakes or imagined wrongs. There’s enough on our plates the moment.

Engage extra patience as abrupt actions can precipitate accidents. On a good day, we just have access to extra energy if we get out of the Mercury retrograde inertia and get excited. Channeled wisely this fuel can drive our engines in the best of ways.

This Friday is energized, willful, disjointed and dynamic as the Aries Moon bounces off the ongoing sparky aspects as it squares Pluto, conjuncts Uranus, and opposes Mars. Summer begins on Saturday morning at 5:51 AM CDT as the Sun enters Cancer and brings thoughts back to home, homeland, and supporting our own team. The Moon in stubborn, comfort-seeking Taurus calls us to the garden Sunday and Monday, and reminds us to rest, reconnect, and cozy up.
Monday and Tuesday Venus and then the Moon joins Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini and increases our sociability and sense of humor, but can make us more scattered, spread thin; one side of us may want to engage the world more, the other side still needs to rest and recuperate. So find a balance. And keep it simple.

Friday, June 20: Give people lots of options; we have unusual energy to do what we want, and very little energy to do what others want from us as the contrary Aries Moon squares Pluto, oppose Mars, and conjuncts Uranus. Unwise military bravado growls in the world hotspots, but we don’t need to make the same mistake at home. If someone seeks recognition and security by imposing their will on small situations, let them have little concessions, and hold ground what’s truly important. This is a good day to weed, gardens, people, and old attitudes. Confrontations are more likely right before dinner; spontaneous enthusiasm upticks tonight.

Saturday, June 21: This summer solstice is time to revel in the longest day, the strongest sunlight as the Aries Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Mercury. Drop expectations and keep timing loose. With acceptance in our hearts we can express ourselves with unusual joie de vivre. Be amused by the world and it blossoms around us. Be controlling and it all slip through our fingers. If and old rebellion and or controlling streak raises its head this afternoon, find the spacious, accepting Aries place beyond and invite others there with you. We settle into a cozier, more organic evening as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. Encourage steadiness and celebrate the senses.

Sunday, June 22: Just let it be summer as the cozy Taurus Moon makes a few pleasant, comfortable cordial aspects. We can use the seasonal lassitude to balance the growing underlying tension produced as Mars tightens its opposition with Uranus. That tension calls for change or challenge, but we can choose how we tune into it. Today we can channel into gentle improvement projects, but will need to move with grace around sharp objects, mechanics, and will need to pace ourselves so we’re not in a rush. If conflict does arise, people will tend to dig in their heels; distract, change the subject; share a pragmatic camaraderie for now, and talk it through in a few days.

Monday, June 23: Morning can start off a little slow and frustrating as the Moon opposes Saturn and requests that we be grown-up, not depressed, though our attitude may visit there, but grown-up. The pace and cooperativeness pick up as Venus enters Gemini and the Moon sextiles Jupiter later in the day. Keep it clean; choose obligations carefully, reluctantly, but honorably. Clear the schedule for unexpected demands over the next few days.

Tuesday, June 24: We spark off one another in a potentially good way. Engage summer flirtation or intense political mediation as the Moon enters communicative, flirtatious Gemini and conjuncts Venus. Strangers or visitors may be easier to talk to then familiars people with whom we have an ongoing grumble. We may honestly change our minds repeatedly, but this helps us explore our options. Physical activity furthers; take a long walk and talk. If the conditions grow more confusing and stormy this evening; stay safe and centered.

Wednesday, June 25: Something breaks open, whether it’s a moment of enlightenment or the crack of battle, or the dénouement and resolution of the problem brewing all spring as Mars opposes Uranus. Eruptions will release. But whatever happens, this isn’t the last round. Although the Moon and Venus in Gemini share a cheerful talkativeness, this aspect brings out our individualistic desire to go our own way, fight from restraint, and express ourselves impulsively no matter how inconsiderate that may appear. Technical problems, mechanical solutions, and accidental conditions abound; be safely ingenious.

Thursday, June 26: Keep the honest discussion going, stay in the moment rather than look too far ahead and re-open channels of empathy as the Moon conjuncts Mercury then enters kind but self-protective and easily-homesick Cancer. Introversion is emphasized. Some people will retreat into their corners; most will be guarded under stress and open only in safe and cozy circumstances. Conversation and energy may run on skew lines; let’s show we care rather than say it. Nurture through food, touch, acceptance, reassurance, space granted and boundaries respected.

Starcodes June 13 2014

Triskaidekaphilias unite; happy Friday the 13th. This tricky week only coincidentally begins with Friday the 13th. We need to keep our eyes open for pianos falling from the sky, and need to deal with people as if the zombie apocalypse might break out (even if it probably won’t) at any moment in an otherwise calm, lovely and friendly week.

Need to talk to an old friend? Great. Ready to tackle a long-postponed project? Learn a traditional dance? Take a restful vacation? Wonderful. Mercury retrogrades for the next few weeks complicates the way we communicate, think, and move through the world but helps us rest, look within, complete, retrospect, and reconnect.

Mercury retrograde can also bring in a coyote quality. We can expect the unexpected and need to ask tough questions. Ordinary tasks can become slapstick events, like trying to step over the dog without tripping or getting the printer to work right before an important meeting. Some deep misconceptions can be revealed and healed. Mercury retrograde by itself is not usually dangerous, it’s just call to pay attention, stay present, and keep our sense of humor nearby.

But another tricky aspect brings us back this year’s core work and brings in another layer of danger and technical challenge. Mars (albeit in a sign it’s usually weak, Libra) moves into an energizing but potentially friction-filled or combative T-square with Uranus and Pluto. While this T-square stirs our restlessness but encourages most of us to avoid conflict, for some it cranks up the level of depression, anxiety, or aggression.

With this combination, if we’re lucky and channel it well, we can face our life with fresh confidence, or be able to really look at the cause of our own mood swings. Our energy can be high and our mood enthusiastic if we’ve got some place to go and some introspection to do. But the combination of restlessness, frayed nerves and Mercury-retrograde carelessness can make it tricky. Unthoughtful aggression and unusual bravado with unexpected consequences will unfold very differently in the Brazilian World Cup soccer versus the military showdown in Mosul, Iraq, or at the corner bar.

We need to be extra patient and extra clear with one another. Firmly hold our ground if our situation gets stormy. Play it extra safe near any machinery. Mars in Libra challenges us to stay calm and loving even in a difficult situation, and even with ourselves, as this combination can stimulate a review of our mistakes.

Mars was near this point in April (opposed Uranus, square Pluto, square Jupiter) then retrograded back and now hits this T-square again for the whole month of June. Political and personal problems that come up now have probably been brewing in one form or the other the last few months, and it will help to look back and know their history. This activating T-square with Pluto and Uranus pushes us to get on with it, get on with a problem, project, confrontation or challenge that started earlier this spring, may have had a dénouement or dramatic event in April, and now push for resolution.

If our group, our family, country, or organization is dealing with a challenge together, it can be hard — but essential — to keep the personal anxiety under control, avoid the blame game, and keep the group working towards a common goal.

Mars also symbolically rules engineering and mechanics, and so while this may be an ingenious and brilliant time, great for tinkering with engines or electrical equipment, our ingenuity may be sparked by odd malfunctions of worn-out parts. Remember the vast majority of machines will work just fine, without a hitch, but as Mars perfect its square to Pluto this weekend, let’s not push people or machines if we can possibly help it. Give them another try a few days later.

Moon in Capricorn this weekend lets us get down to work around history, tradition, mechanical events; we need to get work done as Saturn trines Chiron. We also may feel the need to be appreciated for efforts and for the wisdom we’ve accrued from our experiences, including those who are three and have just learned to walk.

Be careful around an urge to manipulate on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as Mars exactly squares Pluto. It will be tempting to maneuver other people to relieve some urgency in our own solar plexus. Let’s see if we can sit with the discomfort and listen to the deeper lesson instead. But do not let manipulative people have their way. It won’t help to escalate the problem, as it will escalate faster and hotter than expected; redirect where possible, and hold firmly where necessary.

Early next week we need to work the community as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius and Mercury retrogrades back into verbal Gemini. If nervous energy causes people to speak injudiciously, let’s forgive the slip of the tongue and keep the conversation flowing. If we feel anxiety creeping up, it’s just a little extra voltage to the nerves; we can listen to one thing at a time and acknowledge the energy itself, rather than believe the story. We need to stay curious and look for the truth rather than repeat misinformation.

Lovely Venus sextiles generous Jupiter midweek, warms our hearts and leaves us in a tender, more compassionate place. We can feel swamped, unusually sensitive to the emotional soup that we swim in, so let’s notice the feelings around us, let them flow through us, and remember our solid core underneath. Find a fun way to be sensitive and use this extra awareness to breathe in the beauty of the season. If called to an act of radical compassion, honor the call.

Friday, June 13: When at rest will tend to stay at rest, it will take an act of will to get moving but then we can accomplish. We may want to accomplish a lot under an ambitious Capricorn Moon but can run into tangles if we push; we need to edit our choices carefully and make progress where there is least resistance. Let’s listen and treat each other with respect, walk side-by-side instead of elbow ahead. Tender feelings can get side swept by events during the day, but the room clears for more personal engagement by dinner time. Tiredness or dour energy lingers in the evening; it won’t improve by dissection, we just have to hold hands and walk together anyway.

Saturday, June 14: Pushy, pushy, pushy; this could be a rough day as Mars perfects it square to Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Pluto. We can micromanage under stress, so use willfulness with care. Any accomplishment made by moral shortcuts will probably be reversed in the long. Be helpful, but don’t impose help; work with people rather than try to save them. Old emotions and frustrations can come up, mechanical difficulties can arise, so can concerns about whether we’re enough or have done enough. But all of this can be fodder for productive work if we let it inspire us. A real emergency could bring out our best; we have less tolerance for trivia but more capacity for real compassion. Let’s be safe, sane, and remember how competent we are. Evening flows with more kindness and appreciation as the Moon trine Venus.

Sunday, June 15: Let this be a healing, renewing morning as the Moon wanders void of course around until lunchtime, not much else will get done. Afternoon the Moon enters more communal Aquarius for more dynamic gatherings; the quality of our interaction matters more than the content. People may be a bit disjointed or odd. Our place in the group, our responsibility to the people may take precedence over individual relationships.

Monday, June 16: Revisit some old problem and see if a new solution and be found. People get touchy when they feel they have to watch their back, they can read our energy more than our words, so let’s own up to our attitude. We want to trust people will do what they say they will do, so be careful to agree to a minimum, even when feeling generous, but follow through on anything agreed-upon. Later, we may have to work together even when we’d rather work apart; collaboration furthers.

Tuesday, June 17: Nerviness can make us talkative as Mercury retrogrades back into Gemini, but do we really have anything to say. Watch out for opinions which pass fact, or strange gossip. Yes we need to process, no we do not need to project our misunderstandings, but our nervousness can come out our mouth. The rhythm is staccato, interrupted, but communicative with the potential for a breakthrough understanding about a past event. We may feel more raw and tender and need extra sleep or psychic insulation later as the Moon enters Pisces.

Wednesday, June 18: The mood is tender, touchy, creative, and nonlinear. The heart tells the truth as Venus sextiles Jupiter, but our words may be all mixed up. Moods drift through like flotsam down a swollen river. Read body language, project warmth under the sensitive Pisces Moon. Ask not what your beloveds can do for you but what you can do for them. Reel in emotional expectations, they can make a self-focused and bitter, but will feel good to be of service. In the evening a situation may arrive that could go either way; be brave take it towards healing, instead of re-inscribing the problem, as the Moon conjuncts Chiron.

Thursday, June 19: Morning brings generosity as long as our feelings aren’t hurt, the Moon trines Jupiter. But we may feel spread too thin or frazzled this afternoon as the Moon squares the Sun, so don’t tax us unnecessarily; be cooperative, self-responsible, and leave demands for later. Independence with an attitude kicks in as the Moon enters Aries tonight. Tales start to twitch; watch the sharp edges and snappy comebacks. Both weather and politics can get stormy. Enjoy spontaneous adventures or a call of spirit, but look before leaping.

Starcodes June 6, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Mercury, the planet that symbolizes movement, gets ready to bunny hop back against the zodiacal belt as it retrogrades June 7-July 1. Of course the planet doesn’t back up, this is an illusion created by our perspective by the difference between our earthly orbit and the planet’s orbit. But it symbolically coincides with a time when all things mercurial can hold still.

Anything we do that allows us to hold still will go smoothly. Anything we do to retrospect and remember will be successful. But it can be too easy for us to get lost in the past, in our memories, in what we haven’t achieved, or what hasn’t been successful. And we need to do that review to remember parts of our soul tangled in an old story, or scoop out old splinters, flush them through, and let the scars heal.

But anything we do to hurry up or get our point across can be laced with difficulty. Mars is moving to oppose Uranus and square Pluto, and can increase our impulsiveness, but it’s hard to bolt out the door spontaneously when the car keys disappear and the camper’s signal lights don’t work.

Mercury retrogrades for three weeks, three times a year, and is one of nature’s way of sending us back and making sure we haven’t forgot our toothbrush, a chapter review and time to finish unfinished business, contemplate, rest, retreat. But our modern world often doesn’t give us room to do this guilt free. It’s hard to let ourselves retreat and renew in the quiet unless our phone’s lost, our car doesn’t work, the train crashed, the reservations mixed up, and the Internet is down.

This Mercury retrograde may get more technically, mechanically, and neurologically challenging over the next few weeks as Mars perfects that opposition with Uranus, but, no matter when, let’s enjoy the adventure but put safety first this whole Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde also can challenge our communication skills, and life can feel like and old farce based on improbable misunderstanding. But this can help us become more conscious listeners; listen for clues of understanding, listen for the meaning behind the words, and check when words and actions don’t seem to match, or when people respond what feels like inappropriately to our words. Gently probe until a deeper understanding occurs.

Venus is now in earthy sensual Taurus, and moving into an opposition with Saturn. Misunderstandings are miscommunications can begin to build up accretions between even dear friends unless we keep the flow going. If distractions or misunderstandings begin to pile up, we can hold hands for a minute or share the beauty of a flower together and so work through the Mercury retrograde mental clutter.

Look for those silver lining moments of serendipity when everything seems to go wrong but creates an opportunity for an unexpected gift. If we’re stuck waiting in line because the ferry is late, let’s strike up a conversation with the people nearby or look for an alternative route and notice the new landscape along the way. We are often directed to golden opportunities through the glitches.

Mercury retrogrades in introspective, self-protective Cancer, and can leave us unusually sensitive and uncomfortable with taking any emotional risk. We may play our cards close to our chest and can feel occasionally overwhelmed by slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Or feel inadequate and when we need time off, but the world knocks on our door.

After and industrious Friday under a nervy, busy Virgo Moon (though we may feel like we’re spinning our wheels or have to do a task twice to make it stick), the Moon enters more sociable, interactive, but laced with emotional expectations, Libra. The evening can be pleasant as long as we keep our schedule loose. Though people may need to download their week and feel that someone cares.

The weekend is generally positive, sociable, and sedentary if we can let go of our agenda and just be. Venus trines Pluto and brings a bittersweet, aching quality to the heart. We feel the woes of the world can let that drifting sadness sharpen our appreciation of the world’s beauty and the dear people nearby. Though we may need the serenity prayer, need help sorting out what we need to accept and what we need to change.

Monday can get gnarly the Scorpio Moon takes us deep and can make us impatient and pointed just as Mercury retrograde really slows things down. Forgiveness is essential, we need to forgive ourselves and others for the small snafus, let go of what we thought we had to do, and focus on the essentials early in the week.

The mood shifts midweek as the Moon enters peripatetic Sagittarius and waxes full. The mood may improve but do keep a weather eye out for transportation accidents on foot or in vehicle; just play it extra safe and enjoy the travel. Our attention is brought to the big screen and our responsibilities as a global citizen.

Friday, June 6: Morning is nervy, quirky, critical under and industrious Virgo Moon.
We need to edit and do our chores, but are easily distracted and would much prefer to creatively innovate as the Sun sextiles Uranus. Technical difficulties begin to pile up as Mercury stations. Don’t take the glitches out on one another; we’re all in this together. Collective encouragement helps. A break in routine this afternoon furthers, give everyone a chance to bitch, we need to unload, laugh about it, and feel the support as the Moon enters sociable Libra tonight.

Saturday, June 7: The hammock looks good, and an afternoon by the lake sounds beautiful, as long as we don’t have to get through traffic to get there. Avoid high-traffic places as Mercury stations, or expect to spend time waiting in line. Give us meandering time and we can accomplish small projects in our own rhythm. If we are waiting, let’s strike up a conversation with the people nearby and see what serendipity provides. The mood is generally helpful and friendly; we rely on the kindness of strangers under the Libra Moon, but watch a cranky and accident-prone spell tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars and squares Pluto. Go carefully and speak kindly, and don’t read too much about the future from the feelings of the present.

Sunday, June 8: This friendly, generally sunny day has bittersweet undertones, haunted with a review of the past as Venus trines Pluto under a kindly Libra Moon. Some aching response to relationship peculiarities or world events can break our interest in details and call us to our heart, to what matters. It can do wonders to immerse ourselves in beauty, beauty of the natural world and the sound of bird song, beauty in one another’s eyes, or in eye of the beholder. Honor what’s missing, but let it encourage appreciation for what we do have, rather than let it blind us to the gifts around us.

Monday, June 9: We can get serious this morning as the Scorpio Moon trines Mercury. Some voice from the depths of us needs expression, let’s make sure it is our deeper creative Muse, and not our strange suspicions as imaginative Neptune stations and leaves our intuition and imagination swirling in place. Solve a mystery, pose a problem, and take charge of the mood by directing focus proactively. Watch a suspicious edge around who is got what and whether one has enough; this is old stuff and won’t further. If depression seeps in, notice it, treat it like a weather system passing through and don’t take it on as identity. Superficial banter can be pointedly funny, and covers a multitude of personal sins and need for privacy. Don’t poke at others, pay attention to the no trespassing signs behind the eyes.

Tuesday, June 10: Our seriousness takes on a more focused or discipline response as the Moon conjunct Saturn. We’re not feeling lighthearted, and can feel discontent without a sense of meaning and purpose to sink our teeth into. But we can move into our zone if we have worthy work where we can blend some form of creative process with our discipline or learned skills. Make work a meditation and be rewarded by the results. We can work upon ourselves, but need to back off good advice for others unless asked for specific instruction, or our motives will be questioned. This evening the mood relaxes and expands, and calls for creative appreciation as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Wednesday, June 11: Relax, release, and take a short vacation. Give into the wanderlust as the Moon in Sagittarius widens our horizons, but don’t think that a geographical cure, a sudden trip to a faraway place, will solve any problems at home. It can feel great to move the body. The natural world is deep medicine and our animals feed our souls. Our minds and souls want to roam far, explore uncharted territory and be free of some burden we’ve been carrying. We don’t need to push others away to have our freedom (but we will if we have to), we can go exploring together. Make sure signals are clear tonight as the Moon squares Neptune, or people can feel rejected when we’re just feeling restless.

Thursday, June 12: The day of brings challenges and joy. A Full Moon in Sagittarius can make us want to be footloose and fancy free, just as Venus opposes Saturn and seems to make our ongoing relationships and responsibilities feel unusually burdensome. This is an illusion. We don’t have to put it into a dichotomy. Let’s explore how those commitments actually bring freedom to our lives. Take short breaks from one another. Stay in the present rather than run away from home. Drive and move with care if emotionally in another world. Stay safe and enjoy the Full Moon’s buzz. Dance the night away.

Starcodes May 30, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Like a tender snail in the spring garden, we may need some time in our shell this weekend as the Moon joins Mercury in domestic, tender, and crabbily self-protective Cancer. The world slows down and it can feel good to turn within. If we have work to do to get ourselves our house and gardens ready for the summer, now is the time to do it.

People are feeling a little touchy and may react to one another filtered through memories and concerns of the past. That’s all well and good, if were clearing the past, but we need to remember these people the people around us have changed since the last time we looked. Mercury in Cancer can also bring up our self-doubts, a low-level moodiness or concerned that we are inadequate to handle some ongoing, low-level challenge.

Mercury turns retrograde the following weekend, let’s do some chores therapy and use this week to get ready. It’s a good idea to sketch out our plans or make travel arrangements for the next month, and begin to pad our schedule with a little extra time to handle the odd delays. We also need to take extra responsibility for our communication by speaking succinctly and making sure others heard what we meant. If any tension comes up, we can assume it’s a misunderstanding, and investigate further.

Mercury retrograde (June 7-July 2) is a great time for a holiday, for kicking back and renewing, sleeping in the hammock and sipping an iced tea. Review our life. Connect with people with old friends we’ve been out of touch with. As Mercury slows down in this interior sign of Cancer, we need to connect most with our own soul, and listen to our own story. Review our narratives and choose how we want to write the next chapter.

This next month is time to finish unfinished business. Like the Veteran’s Administration, if we honestly we review our past, we may find some major repair work needs to be done. Termites may have chewed our foundations. The trick will be to not just look at the old muck in dismay, but actually take steps to compost and repair the situation.

Early next week the Leo Moon fans the coals of our social skills. Venus sextiles Neptune and brings out a creative and idealistic streak. It’s a perfect time to start a summer romance or let the flowering world bring a poetic edge back to our daily life. Midweek the Moon enters industrious Virgo and helps us batten down the hatches and follow through on unfinished paperwork before Mercury retrogrades.

In this time of review, notice an authentic and truly critical social commentary thread running through the news. We can employ any healthy opportunity to get a message across about what really bothers us in the world around us, or engage an opportunity to clean up some nearby situation. Look for others who are willing to work on the problem and collaborate.

Friday, May 30: We’re ready to turn inwards and go home as the Moon enters Cancer this morning, and will be irritable with anybody who gets in our way, or anyone who makes home territory feels less than safe and comfortable. Critical feedback is not well received, but suggestions for future improvement are appreciated. Tonight, comfort food brings out our best, comfortable circumstances open our intuitive connections as the Moon sextiles Venus and trines Neptune. We’ll appreciate the beauty of the natural world and people we know well, ones that travel with on the long haul.

Saturday, May 31: Morning broods as the Cancer Moon conjunct Mars opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and brings up unfinished family business, domestic chores. These aspects can lean in on our sense that we’re not enough or that we don’t have enough, and this can either make us want to crawl back under the covers, activate our defense system, or better yet, do something that gives us a sense of satisfaction. It helps to work on the house or on issues of home, homelessness, and home territory. We may eat emotionally, but let’s make it good food. After an unsettled or discontented patch midafternoon, people relax when they feel comfortable and cozy. Generosity and hopefulness grows as the evening wears on and the Moon conjunct liberating Jupiter, beautifully visible in the evening sky. We may find ourselves unexpectedly free of an old thought-form or situation.

Sunday, June 1: This is an emotional catch-up day; let go of the schedule or specific chores to really be present; just enjoy the day and try to make one another feel more at home. It’s good to reach out to people who have felt shut in or shut way, check on people who have a lot of emotional processing to do. Drifting and wandering can take us to interesting things, we can find missing items as we putter around the room. Our tender feelings can be unintentionally hurt by other people that are drifting in their own world, so let’s not take their inattention personally. Acceptance furthers. The energy and extroversion picks up tonight as the Moon enters Leo, late-night spontaneous gatherings can be a blast.

Monday, June 2: Relationships take heat and give off heat today as the Leo Moon squares Venus in Taurus, and sextiles Mars and the Sun. Opposites attract, or people who are attracted notice their differences in oppositions. Social, flirtatious, we may want a break from our interior process and tend to focus on others, to act out without exposing ourselves personally. But it can all be delicious if we celebrate our differences and use them as a point of fascination rather than a reason to control. People tend to take things personally, but are easily soothed and relatively generous if they feel appreciated.

Tuesday, June 3: A restless, energized morning with ideas of how to do things differently as the Leo Moon trines Uranus. Take notes on those ideas and be patient when things slow down midafternoon as the Moon squares Saturn; we may have a lot of ground work to do before we realize those ideas. But don’t give up, it’s all preparation. Other people’s stubbornness can itch at us like a too tight shirt, or a responsibility weigh on us and cramp our style. See it through, and know that the hard work creates a good vessel for the more lighthearted spark of life.

Wednesday, June 4: We can make great aesthetic decisions, but maybe not such great emotional decisions. Work with extra sensitivity and taste in all around issues of love and creative choices as artistic Venus sextiles imaginative Neptune. Imagine at a more ideal form and put the Moon in competent, careful Virgo to work to follow through on the details necessary to make it so. If nervous energy or disappointed optimism sets off a critical or snappish edge, consider ignoring the story and addressing the worry. Find something positive to say. Weed the garden, not one another. We may tend to be harder on ourselves than on others, but the others don’t know that.

Thursday, June 5: Get past some misunderstanding or illusion this morning, dream of an escape but follow through on the chore at hand as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Do not borrow trouble from the future; stay present. We can see what’s missing more than what we have, or be bittersweet sweetly reminded of what we could lose; consciously remember gratitude and make it a meditation as the Moon trines Venus and Pluto. Edgy tensions midafternoon; if we rub each other the wrong way or get accident prone, let’s take a break, get out of the head and into the body, find one thing to be grateful about, and try again.

Starcodes May 23, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Memorial Day is the unofficial end of spring and beginning of summer. This holiday weekend the planets encourage us to get out of our rut and have an adventure. Early next week an adaptable New Moon in verbal Gemini helps us finish one conversation and start a new one, but let’s make it through this holiday safely first.

Venus in feisty, direct Aries and Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini keep us active, reactive, engaged, curious, wandering, with an easily sparked fuse but just as easily able to forgive and let live afterwards.

And the sparks do fly easily as the weekend begins and a rebellious, revolutionary Aries Moon tap dances on Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto throughout Friday night. This can just give us enough energy to take us out of our usual orbit for a holiday weekend, thanks the early morning regarding life with things but where the sparks hit dry tinder, we may see conflagration. Events and conversations can tap-dance on our core issues, but we can choose to feed the problem or take this opportunity to evolve the situation one step further.

So be careful around the usual family tensions and the world’s hotspots. Drive as if the other drivers might be compromised. Watch the weather map, as storms may not be common but could be tempestuous.

But after a sparky Friday and early Saturday, we can get a lot done, and then get a chance to rest up. Generous Jupiter and conservative Saturn, the two planets we most associate with the social-political realm, form a supportive trine, we have an opportunity for an unusual cross-party collaboration to handle any shared challenge. Minor crises can bring in major cooperation.

Venus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini can help even a shy person make new acquaintances. Let’s use the bulk of this week to meet new people, get the lay of the land, and sketch out our summer’s plans while Mercury is still moving fairly quickly in its own sign of Gemini. Mercury in Gemini is wonderful for socializing, gossiping, connecting the dots and integrating new information, but we’re better at writing short stories then we are novels or research papers.

Mercury in Gemini can also leave us a little nervy, edgy, and with a mind that just won’t quiet down even as we sit on our meditation pillow in the morning or count sheep at night.

Mercury turns retrograde the following week, on June 7 and will back up to this position before turns direct on July 2 (we refer to this part as Mercury in its shadow). Already Mercury begins to get a little glitchy and our nerves a little twitchy. If we need to purchase a Mercurial instrument like phone, car, or computer, it may pay to wait until the second half of July.

Next Wednesday brings a New Moon in Gemini, a wonderful time to meet new people and start a fresh conversation. But by Thursday, Venus shifts into more central, earthy Taurus and settles us down while Mercury enters more domesticated and introverted Cancer; people grow more shy and self-protective but can also deepen in their work. Don’t be surprised if it feels good to stay home or reconnect with old friends, as we’ll just be less interested in emotional risk next weekend.

Friday, May 23: Our attention wanders and so do our feet as the sensitive Moon in Pisces squares Mercury. If we don’t worry about heading in a straight line, we can creatively support one another and work with a generally helpful mood. But let’s watch what we do, as people are feeling a little hypersensitive this morning. The Moon enters Aries midday and lifts our courage and enthusiasm, but provokes a strong desire to tell people off, walk out of a difficult situation, or walk into a sunset adventure. Defer long term decisions while everyone is in an escapist mode.

Saturday, May 24: A difficult morning can segue into a positive afternoon after the Aries Moon opposes Mars, squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. People need to spout off steam and tend to resist structure, order, and other people’s ideas. But given freedom this morning, they can collaborate this afternoon as Jupiter trines Saturn. Tonight, we need freedom and excitement on our own terms. We can spark off each other as the Moon approaches Venus, but may not have the best or most practical judgment. So let’s engage the dance, but think twice about who we bring home.

Sunday, May 25: Talk it out, walk it out as the Mercury sextiles the nodes and the Moon conjuncts Venus. , Comes home to roost. Speak feelings, bunny hop between past and future, or take a total break from ordinary ways of being and the come back to the familiar issues with a fresh perspective. The mood shifts to a more comfortable, relaxed vibe as the Moon enters Taurus tonight, and turns our thoughts to comfort foods and friendly people.

Monday, May 26: Tiredness can catch up with us; it may be most productive to kick back, expect nothing and replenish. If the pace is slow, the wells are filling. If we try to push the river, we’ll just knock heads. Memories resonate and need respect midafternoon as the Moon trines Pluto; so much more is said through action, suit just being present with one another, and with words. If travelling, make it journey, not just an inconvenience.

Tuesday, May 27: Even sober types may feel hung over this morning; it’s not easy to get back on track. Let everyone arrive and get back on the same page before forging ahead. Bureaucratic difficulties can drag the pace, but don’t skip steps or it only gets worse as the Moon opposes Saturn this morning. Stay pragmatic, pick up lost threads, but encourage a more positive mood midday as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Tonight, as our mental hamsters pick up speed, check what needs to be said or noted before sleep arrives as the Moon enters nervy, verbal Gemini.

Wednesday, May 28: Keep your ears to the wire and contribute to the debate; follow up on loose threads and complete a chapter this morning. The New Moon in Gemini at 12:40 PM MDT begins a fresh conversation. Reach out to make new connections and focus the message. The mood is nervy, quirky humor can act as stress relief even if it offends people. Because the Sun squares Neptune, we’re unusually open to poetry but can also wind out in some imaginary worry; take with a grain of salt any anxious murmuring. Fiction writing flows, but concrete facts need confirmation. Conversation burbles deep into the night.

Thursday, May 29: The mood is diffuse, scattered, but shifting; we may second guess what we decided yesterday as Venus enters more settled, cuddly and security-conscious Taurus while thought Mercury turns our thoughts homeward as it enters Cancer. It’s a good time to return to a place of the past, to remember the first time we met a beloved, return to a fond memory and build on it again.

Starcodes May 16 2014

This week marks a turning point. Mars, which has been retrograde since May 9, turns direct and gives us a new understanding of what we want, what we don’t want, what really ticks us off, and where we need to hold our boundaries.

But first, our work may feel like it’s holding still or spinning wheels, looking to the past, or finishing up projects already in the works. Mars is in Libra until the end of June, a sign where it’s not particularly strong. Sometimes it’s good that Mars- arbiter of will, anger, strength, military, and machismo- isn’t cranked full force, this can give us time to try diplomacy before military action, or try to be a lover not a fighter.

Mars retrograde in Libra (from 3/1 to 5/19) on a good day, encourages our diplomacy and peacemaking abilities and energizes our creativity. On a tough day this Mars placement can make us conflict avoidant, passive-aggressive with a tendency to project our motives on to others. It can be a great time for a relaxed vacation, but synchronous with trouble expressing our willpower, ambition, ability to set boundaries in a clean and clear way. We may be willing to fight for an abstract cause that feels unfair, but tend to avoid some complex issue laced with conflict or anxiety. Soon we can turn and face those tough issues squarely.

As Mars turns direct this week, much is revealed. Plans that have been made behind the scenes, frustrations that we’ve brooded upon, or a longing that we’ve camouflaged now come to the surface. We can clarify our situation and get on with the work at hand. But there may be some turbulence in the process. Once Mars is back on track our momentum can build in the coming weeks.

The weekend begins funny, restless and sociable under a cheerful Sagittarius Moon and settles into a competent, hard-working Capricorn Moon. Dig that garden, find that bargain. Finish projects already in the works. Early next week our attention is brought to our place in (and responsibility to) our community under collective-bargaining-prone Aquarius Moon and as Mars turns direct. Pay attention and avoid and unnecessary clash of wills or accidents of inattention. We may have to listen to a litany of old frustrations or blame in order to clear the channels and create room for new collaboration.

The Sun enters Gemini late on Tuesday for a more scattered, mobile and communicative month ahead. This Gemini mode helps us become less attached and more ready to consider summer possibilities. In the month ahead we may find it easier to adapt, easier to cross pollinate ideas, more open to making new acquaintances and ready to talk over in a potentially more lighthearted way whatever’s really been on our mind.

Friday, May 16: It’s copacetic traveling day (in mind or body) as the Sagittarius Moon trine Venus and Uranus and brings out our more gregarious streak. The natural world shines, though people may be a bit obnoxious. Share a new idea, place, or enthusiasm. Go ahead, give it a try; be open to suggestions while keeping common sense intact. Meet for lunch and talk, the mood is open to consider possibilities, but first we may need to process briefly our anxieties or concerns. Later on the mood is funny, wandering, if in decisive. Keep an eye for unexpected but fascinating events, the most interesting evening may not already be on the calendar.

Saturday, May 17: Attend to chores or business, work out, or climb mountains, just don’t make plans for others. The Capricorn Moon moves us into a more competent mindset, but can leave us thoroughly opinionated about what other people should do. Midafternoon, as Mercury squares Chiron, it’s easy to trip on each other’s scars, so speak with compassion and leave room for unexpected healing conversation. Later on, kickback and enjoy the results of one’s labor as the Moon sextiles Neptune. Be kind to tender hearts, and rein in a difficult or pushy streak tonight as the Moon squares Mars, conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus before morning. Drive safely, and don’t go toe to toe with belligerent people. If a sudden discomfort arises, back away from a fight; look for both the current trigger that needs attention and the old scar or deeper concern that need healing.

Sunday, May 18: If an unsettled night stirs dreams about feeling disempowered/ dispossessed, we need to remember we are not trapped; we can instead be inspired to find solutions. Think of positive changes, rather than escape plans. Mid-day brings a more sociable edge as Venus squares Jupiter, a desire to liberate what feels stuck or oppressive and build better structure as Venus squares Jupiter while the Moon sextiles Saturn. Tonight we see how to work together as the Moon trines the Sun, and small projects are great place to start, but bigger action may be delayed.

Monday, May 19: A slow but friendly morning; the mood is poised but waiting. Mend nets and network under friendly if disconnected Aquarius Moon. Wrestle with questions about social responsibility, weight personal life versus community life carefully, and see how balance them both productively. Check in on politics, and sort unnecessary theatrics from important clues of political direction. As Mars turns direct we can feel energy uncoil, for better or worse. Sometime over the next few days, a hidden resentments or frustration may come out and need to be dealt with. Clear the channels. We need to own what we want and don’t want in a clean and direct way. Be safe, work around any mechanical frustration. If feeling accident-prone, Move slower and with grace; dance with life.

Tuesday, May 20: Even though we may feel a lazy streak, it’s time to organize as the Moon squares Saturn this morning. Bring fresh determination and respond to recent raw edges. There may be a clash between generations (or symbolically so within us) as Youth feels its oats and Age wants to restrain and restrict, but we can redirect this clash away from an apparent power struggle and build a collaboration between inspiration and discipline. Afternoon is more sociable as the Moon sextiles Venus, trines Mercury, and offers clarity and a chance to express both kindly and honestly. Energy fizzes enthusiastically but unevenly tonight as the Sun enters Gemini tonight.

Wednesday, May 21: We begin to lose a little steam or feel diffused this morning, it’s time to take a break from pragmatic momentum and do some emotional processing under the sensitive Pisces Moon. We feel may feel permeable, drowning, put upon, spread too thin, or just a little weepy, but can use this sensitivity in a positive way, to be sensitive to the beauty of the world or the whisper of mutual support. Be sensitive to possibilities and see how to make one another feel safer and more appreciated. Some of the extra anxiety or nerves may not be our own; we may be feeling the collective energy, so look around for the source and offer comfort. Tonight, as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, we need a safe way to escape harsh reality into a sense of connectedness. Like the proverbial Dalai Lama’s hot dog, let’s be one with everything.

Thursday, May 22: Mend the filaments of connection this morning with an apology here, appreciation there as the Moon conjuncts Chiron. Then take this sensitivity into a potentially dynamic collaboration as the Moon trines both expansive Jupiter and hard-working Saturn. We can find a balance between extroversion and introversion, between generosity and restraint; we just have to believe it’s possible.