Starcodes Aug 22 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Mars is a busy planet this week; as it trines Chiron, sextiles Mercury, conjunct Saturn, then squares Venus (all from profoundly deep, mysterious Scorpio), it asks us to look closely at our Mars expression. And choose healing.

So what does Mars symbolize in our life? Mars is the first planet outside Earth’s orbit, the first planet out, from our earthly perspective, to have its movement appear free and independent from the patterns of the Sun. It pulses red and appears to move quickly and reactively backwards and forwards in the sky. Mars is identified with the raw, young and physical aspects of the warrior-hero animus archetype. Fresh brash fiery, defensive, it represents characteristics that love to fight, lost their temper easily and will rush into battle hotheadedly rather than strategically.

Every planet has as continuum of expression. Difficult Mars speaks of anger, violence, misuse of sexuality and physical prowess. Its practical expression is physical exuberance, erupting energy, strong boundaries, a healthy military that defends that home country, athleticism, healthy sexuality. On a positive side Mars exudes bravery, protection, the warrior as hero and protector of the people, entrepreneurial spirit, adventurousness, fierce curiosity, and healthy passion. With Mars we can boldly go where we have never gone before.

Healthy Mars also is expressed through a strong immune system; physical strength needs to work with the guidance of wise leadership to enthusiastically fight off invaders and give us energy but neither attack our own body politic nor invade others. The police and military are the immune system of our country; when they work for the good of all, the warrior nature finds positive expression. When they attack the very people they are sworn to protect, or do not do their job protecting the people, they mimic an autoimmune disease.

Mars in Scorpio brings energy (Mars) to the deepest darkest corners (Scorpio’s realm) of our psyche. Right now there is a volcano getting ready to erupt in Iceland, the image of hot molten material erupting from underground through the crystallized Saturnine rock preparing to scatter ash across the country. This Is a powerful metaphor. Wherever our Mars material has been under pressure, it now needs a healthy expression or it will erupt.

We need to find good ways to express long-standing sorrow, anger, rage, angst, ambition, bravery, desire, adventurousness, and enthusiasm. Mars’ wisdom holds that our ability to say “yes” is dependent on our ability to say “no”.

Mars trines Chiron this week, an asteroid we connect with healing, and sharing our understanding from that healing. Mars conjuncts Saturn this week and asks us to bring our older, wiser, adult self together with our young fresh energy and both limit (a Saturnine discipline) the extremes of Mars, and hold it accountable (a Saturnine discipline) for its actions. This aspect also can help us add saturnine discipline to our enthusiasm (Mars) to really make events happen.

This pattern can come out in our relationships when we are asked to fight fair, to find a balance between each other’s needs, and get one more lesson in how to handle healthy conflict. Then kiss and makeup as Mars squares Venus later on in the week. Love could take some discipline; we have to do the right thing by one another even if we don’t feel like it, even if it’s a lot of work, but that that will bring in more warmth and emotional flow in the long run.

With intellectual Mercury now in thoughtful, critical Virgo, our nervous system may be high strong but we can think ahead. We just need to be careful and focus on the flowers and not the weeds. Venus now in in warm, creative Leo provides us with abundant affection and the need to express ourselves vibrantly, particularly as Venus trines iconoclastic Uranus towards the end of the week. This can feel at odds with Mars in Scorpio encouraging our need for privacy, solitude, and potentially, retribution. We need some solitude, but will hate to feel lonely. Let’s find a balance between the inner world and the outer, between expression and accountability, and keep the heart open at all times.

Friday, Aug 22: Our times sense wanders, our internal conflicts swim around. This last day of the Sun in Leo, and with the waning Moon in domestic Cancer, let’s indulge ourselves with considerate care, take care of our needs so we can be more generous about our about nurturing others. The Sun enters Virgo tonight as the Moon enters Leo, and brings us back into our body and back into the deliciousness of summer. Speak clearly, cleanly, take care of oneself, and practice radical healing by taking care of others.

Saturday, August 23: What supplies and reinforcements do we need to get on with our next project and improve our world? Self-improvement, home-improvement, political improvement, let’s not just complain but make a difference. Mars trines Chiron this morning and calls for healthy protests. The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Venus trines Uranus for hopeful, positive, powerful connections where we have room to express ourselves, but can create spectacular responses if we feel unheard. Love, compassion, art, music, all things Venusian can make the difference.

Sunday, August 24: Morning brings oppositional behavior and challenging communication as the Moon squares Mars and Saturn while Mercury opposes Chiron. People worry easily, and need their anxiety respected, but not exacerbated. Let’s learn from our mistakes, and find a fresh generosity of the heart afternoon and evening.

Monday, August 25: The mood is self-conscious but enthusiastic under a New Moon in critical but sympathetic Virgo. We began a fresh work cycle, so let’s look ahead at what we want to accomplish in the year ahead. We may experience discontent with appearances, shape, form, and expression as Venus trines Uranus and need to make some aesthetic changes; arrange fall clothing, rearrange house, reorganize the garden, reorganize peaceful negotiations. Take a new, more heart-centered and creative approach. Let the anima do the talking.

Tuesday, August 26: Have patience; our hearts desire needs steady effort, steady encouragement, details that support the bigger picture as Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio. Compassion challenges the status quo; responsibilities can cramp our inner adolescent but help us step into the power of our vision. Love can feel like work, but loving work will be rewarded. Hang in there.

Wednesday, August 27: This morning can be irritable; we see the flaws and glitches around us and feel the push and pull of social engagement as Venus squares Mars. It can feel easier to fight then to truly try to understand one another, but don’t mistake this intense engagement for intimacy. Early morning is crankier, edges soften and we can begin to see the beauty in one another again as the Moon enters Libra this afternoon. Let’s put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and use a fair and equitable approach to get past ego glitches.

Thursday, August 28: Take a friendly opportunity to straighten out as many interpersonal problems as possible as the friendly Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Nurture efforts to connect across the aisle, look for common ground. Let go of an unimportant aesthetic detail and see a deeper beauty. Notice relatives just outside of nuclear family and support one another. Encourage a spark of love or friendship that recently landed. Take an opportunity to move past a recent interpersonal stalemate with a third perspective.

Starcodes Aug 15 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Three different threads weave through this complex week. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in sociable, celebratory Leo brings the sociable and artistic fire and allows us to network and renew through creative experience. It also adds dramatic flair to self-expression, drama in the headlines and hyperbole in our speech. Sometimes we need to turn up the volume on an emotion or event to really understand its ramifications fully.

A darker, serious, if competent thread also weaves through with Mars and Saturn in brooding Scorpio; they ask us to look under the rocks and at the real problems. They stir and sweep up the darker corners of our psyche, and can precipitate strange dreams and dark thoughts, or make it really hard to let go of some thought or event that entangles us. But they also have a gift, they call us inwards for moments of connected solitude and give us satisfaction from deep research or concentrated effort.

The police, and armies around the world, have been acting up this year as Mars squared Uranus and Pluto three times this spring/summer, then entered Scorpio (July 27-Sept 13) where it plays hardball. Mars in Scorpio can trigger revenge fantasies even in the most evolved person, as well as precipitate dire consequences when we supersede boundaries and make another person or group feel unsafe. Scorpio does not forget. For the next few weeks, politics will be a tough round of karma coming home to roost.

As Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio over the next few weeks, let’s hold the authority (Saturn) of the people, and hold the Mars (our temper, adventure, sexuality, police, military, and machismo) accountable (Saturn).

So let’s watch our step. And make sure that an accidental flash of temper doesn’t start off a major conflagration. And instead dive into some project or expiration that would really like to do. Let’s also spend some sociable time out in public and give ourselves enough private time home alone with those closest to us. Each day needs a mix because both our most introverted sides and extroverted needs may be unusually loud.

A third thread starts to weave into the mix today as thoughtful Mercury enters industrious, nervous Virgo, and brings the first whiff of Autumn. We may see the first leaves turning and suddenly become interested in back to school supplies and fall clothes. Our attention is brought to our fall schedule or to needed personal and social healing. Watch the nervous energy as Mercury in Virgo can encourage us to perseverate on a worry. Instead let’s weave this mental activity in with that Scorpio seriousness and engage a problem or project with all our ingenuity. Or get a head start on our fall planning.

The weekend begins with a relatively practical grounded and industrious spate as Mars sextiles Pluto and Mercury enters Virgo. We chew over issues about the right use of power. We may need to both explore the mystery and solve the problem or get a new awareness of what needs healing. Notice an urge to eliminate, clean, fix, and purify. Encourage efforts to work together to share power and territory, because practical answers can be found.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction in sunny Leo keeps our heart warm over the weekend but can increase our emotional expectations. It’s helpful to have a healthy way to engage the world on Sunday and Monday, because we can chaff at ordinary or too small circumstances and make drama where it doesn’t need to be. Some people may demand attention or affection inappropriately and need some clear boundaries. But it’s a wonderful time to show we love and share adventure.

Mercury comes to oppose Neptune on Sunday and Monday to bring our imagination to life and engage our alternate realities, but we may have trouble telling the difference between our imagination and the concrete world. Travel may be woven with strange delays and Communication can get a little screwy, so confirm what you hear, doubt what you think, but tell a wonderful story. Keep an eye out for weather delays or water problems. Be careful around intoxicants or other toxic substances, particularly when driving or having important discussions.

Yes we need to start looking at the season ahead, but let’s not jump the gun; Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo remind us that the real work of mid-August is to soak up creative fullness and first harvests with all our might, to fill up and renew.

Friday, August 15: The mood is embodied, hungry, and charismatic; let’s bring our thoughts back to Earth under a grounded Taurus Moon and as Mercury enters Virgo. Connect to the ground itself, to practice and traditions, to healing ways. Mars sextiles Pluto asks us to work towards mutual empowerment and reach out to collaborate with an unusual partner for a specific and practical solution. Engage earthy humor tonight.

Saturday, August 16: Accept differences or feel the friction as the Taurus Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio early on. A little gardening or other physical activity can work out the crankiness, lock horns judiciously or agree to disagree. Use a steady adventurous spirit to go exploring instead. Tonight we can tire easily or get serious unusually serious and may have to look for our sense of humor as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Sunday, August 17: After a slower paced, steady morning where the senses need to be fed, dive into a summer fun as the Moon enters talkative, distractible Gemini this afternoon. Concentration isn’t the point. Confirm details and check assumptions at the door, and write or dream a beautiful story together as mental Mercury opposes imaginative Neptune, and creative, sociable Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Don’t expect another person to bring the light and joy into life instead is the source itself.

Monday, August 18: A nervy, confused, distracted, multitasking morning as the Gemini Moon squares nervous Mercury and squares Neptune. We can run multiple and successfully, if we can keep organized and bring the fun. Our mind runs through worst-case scenarios, or but can turn up some interesting material in the process. Keep talking, just don’t attached anyone idea and look for the quiet strength underneath nervous activity.

Tuesday, August 19: Network and have a good time. Make contacts and suggestions under the nervy Gemini Moon. Step outside and see what serendipity brings. But if anything really needs to be tracked, hold on carefully, as details and small items sift through the fingers.

Wednesday, August 20: It’s time to go home as the Moon wanes into more domestic and self-protective Cancer, but what does that really mean. We can drift and dream today and float on waves of emotion that may seem to float through our collective consciousness.

Thursday, August 21: Territory and boundary issues crop up as the Moon opposes Pluto. Connect in with one another and just offer kindness and support this morning; we may be feeling discombobulated or insufficient, or have trouble letting go of a strong but unproductive emotional attachment. Later communication flows but possibly on the more suspicious side, be careful not to interpret information just to support an opinion as Mercury trines Pluto.

Starcodes Aug 8 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time for something completely different. Summer renews us when we can change our pace and see the world from a different light, and this week both the Sun and Mercury form a supportive trine with unexpected, unsettling Uranus.

Uranus calls for fresh, unusual, electrifying experiences, but can appear surprisingly ruthless in the process. News can shock us awake. Experiences can shake us from our complacency. One client had a friendly Uranus aspect that called her to change how she saw the world and the world saw her (Uranus trine to ascendant); when she resisted, all her clothes were stolen from the laundromat and her eyes improved, so she suddenly needed new glasses. Sure, her new clothes fit much better and she could now see more clearly, but it might have been easier to work with this aspect voluntarily.

So let’s cooperate and choose to take a break. Go someplace, anyplace we’ve never been before, either fixed physically or conceptually. Let’s look at our own preconceptions, put them aside, and try on another person’s perspective. Take an intractable, stubborn problem and approach it from a completely different direction. Or take a long hike and look at our life from a mountaintop, take a retreat and look at our soul from deep within.

If we are feeling stuck in our ways, this positive jolt can be refreshing. Our imagination can be jumpstarted and a solution found where we saw none before. Or we may be stretched and refreshed by just exercising different muscles in our soul and body. But if our nerves are already frayed around the edges, we may feel even more threadbare and stretched thin, and the break we need is rest. And if we receive a wake-up call and operate without imagination, the response can be dire.

This fresh perspective can be helpful with ongoing internal arguments or external wrangling recently set off by a pile of planets in stubborn (though good for follow-through) fixed signs. We Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, and soon Venus in shiny, storytelling, extroverted Leo pull us into the world and encourage us to shine, speak in hyperbole as well as revel in our own point of view, and this mood conflicts with Mars and Saturn in intensifying Scorpio that calls us to take everything more privately and more seriously.

On a good day, these two focus points can just balance one another and require that we spend some time out in the world, and sometime home alone, renewing in the quiet. But it can also lead to a dramatic and loud respond to any really serious, dark, Scorpionic abuse of power. If a sibling surreptitiously and purposefully steps on another siblings toe, the response will be melodramatic. If the press finds evidence of ongoing abuse, the story will be everywhere.

The weekend finishes under difficult, competent, manipulative Capricorn Moon-Pluto conjunction. We see the work that needs to be done, and can put willpower into the changes but have to be honest with ourselves about the situation, there’s no point in trying to manipulate others or our own concept of reality to fit what we want.

A beautiful, sociable, extroverted Full Moon in Aquarius over the weekend calls us to gather for art or politics, or even better, art and politics at the same time. The crowd sways, friends share, protests build momentum, the community flows. But individual intimate relationships may feel the stress of our public demands. Take a few minutes out to renew in the quiet, and to connect with those closest, so equanimity and relationships can stay strong in the busyness.

On Monday the Moon enters deeply feeling Pisces, and we may need to take inventory of feelings and consequences. Tuesday them Venus enters Leo and adds panache and drama to our story. Wednesday and Thursday the Aries moon brings back our verbs and excitement, and brings a lazy streak when we hold still. Take a break and explore. Ordinary just doesn’t cut it, if we need to keep working, let’s make it extraordinary.

Friday, August 8: Let’s get work done this morning and give a competent, obsessive Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn a place to burrow. This is a powerful day; we can make a difference if we don’t give up as the Sun and Mercury trine brilliant Uranus. Logistics, history, old things, and elders matter. If we can work through temporary depression or feeling weighted by responsibilities, these aspects can help us appreciate our earned strength, as well as face an old problem or come to grips with the situation that needs real effort. Our earnest work is rewarded. Watch a serious edge tonight as Mercury squares Saturn.

Saturday, August 9: We may feel tired and creaky this morning, aware of heavy consequences and ready for a break as the Sun squares Saturn. Tend to logistics in the morning, honor responsibilities. Lean into and feel supported by a group, friends, or community midday. The mood lifts later; it furthers to gather and howl at the Moon tonight as it waxes towards Aquarius.

Sunday, August 10: A Full Moon in Aquarius highlights the joy and tension of our individual need to shine in comparison with our responsibility to community and the collective. Take turns sharing attention, share potential and progress with like minds. Be mutually supportive but low maintenance today, as our intimate beloveds are distracted by events and group dynamics.

Monday, August 11: This is a perfect day to drift, dream, or rest on a beach on the beach, our brain may take a vacation even if our work schedule does not allow as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. Open the heart as empathy and compassion may be called upon, but let’s not play the guilt card ourselves more than necessary. Notice a new truth revealed by our heightened sensitivities. Make it safe to be softhearted. Keep workload expectations down, nurture creative process instead.

Tuesday, August 12: “This little light of mine, I’m good to let it shine.” We all may need extra attention and consideration even if it’s just from ourselves. Ask for that attention in a good way; curb a desire to ask for pity or help when what we really need is appreciation and support. Do offer help to those people who really need it. It can be a day for heroics. Let’s look our dear ones directly but softly in the eye and let them know we’re here as Venus enters Leo.

Wednesday, August 13: An energetic, enthusiastic and brave day as the Moon enters freedom-loving, expressive Aries and trines both affectionate Venus and expansive Jupiter. Make a dramatic statement. Initiate. Reach out and touch someone. Make clear decisions. Pour out positive feedback. Just respect other people’s boundaries in one’s enthusiasm.

Thursday, August 14: We’re ready to rumble this morning as that Aries Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. Be empowered, not manipulative, as rebellion counters oppressive conditions. We can redirect this energy, this resistance into positive expression, exploration, and invention. Evening unfolds expansively if we explore our options.

Starcodes Aug 1 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s summertime and the living is moody. While the Sun and Mercury in Leo ripens fruit and summer friendships with its sociable warmth, both emotional trendsetters, Venus and Mars in sensitive, self-protective water signs, make this an unusually introspective summer. We may feel less adventurous yet hungrier for both more intimacy and solitude, and cranky around the edges when we don’t feel safe.

Recent Venus/Pluto aspects underlined the ephemeral quality of a flower’s bloom or person’s life and challenged us to open our heart wider. Mars is now in intense Scorpio, and Mars in Scorpio plays for keeps; it can take any issue, any event, and take it to the extreme and down to the bones, in both the best of ways and the worst. The agony and heroism we see now in the Mid-East and around the Ebola outbreak are prime examples. May our own version be a pale comparison.

If people do get ticked off, they tend to sting deeper than usual. It’s good to approach disagreements in an exploratory rather than adversarial way so we don’t set off our mutually destructive stubbornness. Mercury in Leo can help us stay socially open and entertaining and can help us tell a good story, but we may reveal very little about ourselves in the process, as Mars in Scorpio keeps deeper feelings close to the chest.

As this weekend begins a friendly Libra Moon has us re-examining our relationships and habits but can all kindness and social grace on the surface to ease our way. Sabers can rattle over the weekend as squares Jupiter and Mercury, all in stubborn and solid fixed signs, which will make a mid-east cease-fire very tricky. We may find our own family wrestling when we just asked them to put away the soymilk. But we can use this competitive determination to seek our own personal best or wrestle a pile of work into compliance, or take on a physical challenge with enthusiasm. But let’s redirect rather than confront wherever possible, and choose carefully where we want to take a stand, because the backlash against any aggression will be fierce.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter later in the weekend and brings back a much needed philosophical or global perspective. It helps to hear about far-away places or roam the internet for heart-warming stories and ingenious solutions. But go sparingly with cheerful advice as that Mars in Scorpio sharpens our sarcastic skepticism if we think someone is making light of our troubles.

Next week we can look for a chance to discover new avenues of expressions, new ways to use our gifts as Saturn trines Chiron. New systems can help us organize our creative process and help us manifest those insipient hopeful sprouts.

Towards the end of the week we’re called to let go of outdated goals or old anger and get creative about our next steps as Mars trines Neptune, though we may lose some momentum or sense of identity in the process. But underneath is a chance to dream, and in that, fresh new direction.

Friday, August 1: Feel the primal edge under the pretty surface; the peaceful Libra Moon and healing Venus trine Saturn encourage helpfulness and collaboration and practical applied aesthetics. But a serious, competitive edge, sharpened by a Mars-Jupiter square, (and as the Libra Moon forms a grand square (within 6 degree orb) with Uranus, Pluto, and Venus) adds momentum to the world’s conflagrations, but can give us the energy to do what needs to be done if we use it well. Nighttime flows smoothly if we direct that physical Mars charge, but confrontations can escalate quickly. Let’s dance the night away.

Saturday, August 2: A more optimistic, almost lackadaisical thread weaves through this morning as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Leo and the Libra Moon wanders void of course (i.e. makes no major aspects while it finishes in Libra). We can catch up on humanitarian aid and appreciate the finer things in life. And when things don’t go well, we’ll tell you in grandiloquent terms. A generous morning develops a reactive barb tonight as Mercury squares impatient Mars while the Moon enters stubborn, sultry Scorpio tonight. Tempers sharpen, stubbornness increases, and so does a physical volatility; play it safe around accidental conditions and impossible people.

Sunday, August 3: Dreams and news echo ongoing conflicts this morning as the Moon conjuncts Mars. This gives us something to think about, but we may not be ready to talk about it until it simmers within us for a while. Look for something missing, something concrete or something ineffable as the Moon trines Neptune midday. Solve a mystery. We can find small resolutions this afternoon if we don’t lock horns in stubbornness, but that can be a big “if”.

Monday, August 4: Early morning brings a grim edge as the Moon conjunct Saturn; we’re aware of time passing, flowers fading, and work to be done even in the midst of summer. Let’s deal but there’s no need to make it worse than it is. Midday, the heart soften and beauty and social graces eases back in as the Scorpio Moon trines Venus in Cancer, even if we still need a fair amount of privacy in the process. This is a good time to get away from others and look at one’s own soul, habits, life with a clear but not judgmental lens.

Tuesday, August 5: A softly-scented breeze can waft back through our life as the Sagittarius Moon lightens the mood and calls us out of the house and into the summer. Take a break. We are also more impatient with recent delays and may find it harder to follow through on grittier projects or with inane people. It furthers to listen to international news and connect with faraway friends, feel the global web and get a bigger perspective. Be a hawk and fly over, see the problem within context of the far horizons.

Wednesday, August 6: What’s it to you? Be tactful, but ask tricky questions and be more open in response as the Sagittarius Moon trines Venus and Uranus. Cut through the fluff: fresh honesty can bring surprising solutions. The mood is funny, irreverent, but we can still respect the lurking unspoken depths. Update technical equipment, communicate online. Talk about improvement, and people listen, blame or fault-find and watch them shut down.

Thursday, August 7: Let go of an old anger, desire, or ambition that is no longer relevant and be willing to redirect energy and resources as Mars trines Neptune. This afternoon, take a progress report from friends and family and support their victories; we can accomplish towards our fresh goals under the Capricorn Moon as long as we know when to share control, and when to direct. Celebrate incremental steps in the right direction.

Starcodes Jul 25 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

This week’s mood is layered like an ocean scene; on the surface we have a summery, frothy, outgoing New Moon in Leo, lifting our spirits and helping social interactions. Summer arts festivals and family picnics can glide like sailboats across shining waves. Swirling underneath this summery flowering are personal emotions and world events with consequences as big, deep, formidable and blue as giant squid lurking in the Mariana Trench, triggered as feisty Mars enters brooding Scorpio, and as Mercury (last week) and Venus (this week) oppose Pluto, lord of the depths, and square unsettling, chaotic Uranus.

Life can feel like Shakespeare in the Park this weekend, colorful, vivid, dramatic, and tragic. The extroverted New Moon in Leo brings a fresh chapter for our creative expression and generous hearts, fresh verve to any cultural event or social interactions and extra panache to the flower garden. Even as Venus and Mars, the emotional arbiters, in self-protective, interior water signs, bring up our deepest work and underline our valid concerns about unsettling, chaotic world events.

So let’s take some personal time today, a moment of solitude under a domestic Moon in Cancer, and as Mars enters Scorpio to rest and prepare. We may be unusually self-protective, tender and not really interested in sharing our interior process. We may need to sit back and watch rather than engage, so we can refill our interior wells. If we start to second-guess and doubt recent decisions, or move into blame mode, let’s just drop it and let those feelings flow on by.

Mars in Scorpio plays hardball. As Mars enters Scorpio (now through mid-September) it focused our energy, clarifies our desires, increases our independence, suspicion, investigative abilities, and determination, and, occasionally, loans us a rapier-like wit. We get serious about our intentions, and may get better at holding boundaries, less interested in negotiation. This does not bode well for ongoing battles in the Mideast or down the block. Revenge and retribution become a theme. We may want to get even, even if we don’t believe in that modality. But we certainly won’t give in.

With Mars in Scorpio, symbolized by a scorpion, and Venus in Cancer, the sign of the crab, the two planets we associate with our emotional tenor are in signs symbolized by creatures with an exoskeleton, stingers, and claws to protect the delicate and tender being within. Both these symbols can dive deep, deep in the ocean deep under rock.

This is not a time to trifle with another person’s emotions. We’re capable of feeling more, but we’ll tend to talk about it less. Watch the tendency to pull back or pull away from others when feeling sensitive, as this isn’t always the solution. Don’t corner anybody, as they will pinch and sting when they feel trapped. Find the beauty of diving deep instead. If a tough problem needs to be discussed in the family, privacy is important. The Leo sun can make us prone to wild public displays when feeling either happy or angry, but people will not open a closed heart or mind without safety and respect.

During the week, as Venus opposes Pluto, symbolic ruler of the underworld, and squares impatient Uranus, we become painfully aware of the losses of the world, aware of people dying, leaving, feeling trapped, disempowered or misusing the power they have, and know something needs to change. Because our empathy is heightened, bitter headlines can leave us either discouraged or ticked-off or more compassionate and caring; we choose our response. A beautiful afternoon can resonate with poignancy because of its ephemeral fleeting quality. To use this transit well, reach out and exercise radical compassion, or reach in and find a wellspring of healing creative expression.

It helps if we can find a way to express our compassion, to show we care and let our feelings flow rather than bottle them up this month. And to remember, that whatever the circumstances, this too shall pass.

Friday, July 25: Don’t expect dry logic; today’s emotional rollercoaster pokes on our tender places and needs us to practice equanimity as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus and conjuncts Mercury. We say what we feel, but that may not be all of what we mean. Our introversion and extroversion dual, and we need a balance between privacy and engagement. Gentle meetings over dinner further, but the emotional waves swell late tonight as Mars enters Scorpio.

Saturday, July 26: Internal winds pick up as the Moon enters Leo, squares Mars, conjunct Jupiter and the Sun. The New Leo Moon brings enthusiasm and fuel to whatever we do, to our picnic or our war. Mars has just entered Scorpio begins to clarify our passion, sharpen our temper, hone our focus. Tonight, engage the world with panache; ordinary simply will not do. We may live out theater, but must remember we’re writing the script.

Sunday, July 27: Let’s pay attention to ourselves first, fill that well so we don’t hold others responsible for the care we need, then share from the bounty of our heart. Socialize; shine and share the limelight. Begin a new creative cycle. Find creative uses for braggadocio and street theater. We feel older tonight; complete responsibilities and renew reserves as the Moon squares Saturn. Moods deepen as the evening progresses, but can be fed by all the things that build stability in our life.

Monday, July 28: A hauntingly seriousness morning as Venus opposes Pluto; since the fleeting nature of existence is painfully obvious, how can we use this to keep priorities straight and each moment treasured. Self-indulgence can be an important step in understanding our truth and taking care of ourselves, but let’s see if we can expand beyond our personal perspective and truly hold hands with one another. Artistic expression heals, as does acts of radical compassion.

Tuesday, July 29: Chores, organization can help us move through surplus emotions onto more solid ground. People can get unusually touchy and arrogant when they’re insecure or endangered; treat the cause not the symptom. Midday our opinions soften, but so does our certainty; health and allergies sensitize as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Meditation, visualization, or a moment by water help us find a more peaceful core as the Moon trines Pluto tonight.

Wednesday, July 30: Watch a subtle internal voice that lists things we’ve done wrong, it only points to sore places that need healing. Trust the past and change the future. Focus on the pleasant this morning, people are open to gentle improvements as the Moon sextiles Venus and Saturn. Wander later on; puttering may not look efficient but gives our psyche a chance to process.

Thursday, July 31: Suddenly we want to share our opinions. The mood relaxes and we perceive in a more hopeful light when the Moon enters sociable Libra as mental Mercury enters exuberant Leo. Laughter and arrogance work the surface even though creatures still swim in the depths of our collective psyche. Although we’ll play our most tender cards close to our chest, storytelling is great therapy and good social glue.

Starcodes July 18 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Family matters and domestic issues move to the front burner as emotional Venus enters clannish Cancer. If we’re not dealing with our family directly, we can feel old family patterns echoing around us and get to do another layer of personal homework.

We need to nurture and cultivate our personal garden this week, but we can’t just stay at home or return to a spiritual homeland (much as we may like to).. Industrious Saturn turns direct after several months retrograde, just as iconoclastic Uranus turns retrograde, and encourages us to get back to work on some project, organizational system, or structural repairs that we’ve put off for a while. Begin to build– even if it’s just a sandcastle.

With work pulling us one way and interpersonal dynamics pulling us another, we can get a little touchy and defensive if anyone implies we’re not up to the job under Venus, Mercury and the Sun in self-protective Cancer. We’re also unusually protective of our boundaries, both personally and politically, and will react intensely if those feel crossed. Respect boundaries and use a light hand with criticism.

Some people who think of themselves as authorities may feel they have to control or boss, but our rebellious edges are showing as Uranus stations retrograde, and that would be counter-productive. Keep an eye on authoritarian/rebellion dynamics around the world. In our own lives we can make a different choice and contemplate elements of leadership; clarify and share a vision and lead by example instead of micro-manage one another. If someone around us is trying to pull rank and control the flow, we have compassion for their anxiety and call them to a different dynamic, rather than just tell them off. Though we may have to go there before they let go.

This weekend, is intuitive, creative if also spacy and interpersonally guarded as Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. It helps to splash about in water and stay hydrated. Notice the subtle signals, tap into the still quiet within, and give the mind room to tap in to bigger, open ended questions.

The clouds darken and moods deepen early next week as mental Mercury opposes profound but broody Pluto. While this feeds our research and helps us dive into our work or our inner realms, we can go too deep, or get washed up on the shores of self-doubt with this aspect.

We may have some tough news to integrate. If we feel unusually lonely or unheard, it helps to remember that others may feel the same way, and reach out to connect below the words, with quiet presence. There may be some loss of item or person, a whisper in the headlines that reminds us of the ephemeral quality of life. We can tap into some old or deeper, global grief. If so, let the feelings flow rather than perseverate on the problems. It can be discouraging to feel we’re back at an old stuck place, but we’re now in a different ring of that spiral. Notice the differences this time; in those differences are the seeds of hope.

A depressing failure of imagination early in the week can shift into sparkling romantic possibilities and romance later in the week as creative Venus trines imaginative Neptune and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Leo. We can break out of the old tape and try a different, more generous approach. Everything gets a bit more dramatic, parties are more celebratory, conflicts more Shakespearean, and performance art scintillates. Our private self grows more private and our public self grows more gregarious.

Friday, July 18: We may feel in a hurry or pressured for time this restless morning as the feisty Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, but will find that if we rush, we’re delayed by retakes. Pacing matters. It may be hard to get started, but get into the groove and action flows. Midday, our feelings sensitize, but not our tact, as Venus enters Cancer. Defenses can bristle tonight as the Moon opposes Mars, but it’s hard to be honest about our vulnerability. Don’t confront others, try to redirect, and intuit the real issue. Take a break and look for a playful streak. Watch for a conflict of interest later tonight and sidestep the charge.

Saturday, July 19: Listen to messages from dreamtime this morning; intuition and imagination are a deep pool to draw from as Mercury trines Neptune. The Taurus Moon calls us back to our bodies and brings a lazy streak; slow and steady efforts further, with many stops along the way to appreciate summer as the Moon textiles Venus, Neptune, and Mercury. The vibe is stubborn but gentle, delicious, if a bit cautious; prioritize connection over efficiency.

Sunday, July 20: Deep internal quiet helps this morning, a chance to feel the structure s shift, and feel connections within the soul. Some new understanding can crystalize if we listen with subtlety as the Moon trines Pluto, opposes Saturn, and Saturn turns direct. Respect for elders and wise voices furthers, but don’t let people tweak our chains with their efforts to crack down or control in response to ambition or stress. Look for major confrontations on the political level, and choose otherwise at home.

Monday, July 21: Give people a moment to collect themselves this morning, don’t push or rush, instead organize and get the lay of the land. Midday the pace picks up and people are more communicative, if somewhat guarded in their tender places. Be tactful and open. Start cross-pollinating ideas; catch up on a backlog of communications as the Moon enters verbal Gemini midday. It may be time to turn around and face a person, problem or conflict that we’ve been avoiding.

Tuesday, July 22: Lost things are found, clues surface, and problems are uncovered. The work can look grim this morning as Mercury opposes Pluto; we get serious, and can see the problem, but need to take our doubts and concerns with a grain of salt. Some decision to cut bait and move on may be necessary, but don’t jump the gun; make sure it is the best option first. Watch a tendency to push or manipulate when worried. If depressed voices whisper within, listen, but don’t let them run the show. If a friend is depressed, say little and listen. Talking, listening, and writing; it helps to tell our story,

Wednesday, July 23: Communication is interrupted, staccato, but begins to shift yesterday’s problems. Ingenuity and a dark sense of humor work in short bursts. Stay open; sound bites and quick interactions are surprisingly meaningful as the Gemini Moon trines Mars. Evening brings us more to ourselves as our attention turns within when the Moon enters Cancer. We need some time in our shell.

Thursday, July 24: The mood is intuitive, imaginative, but laced with some boundary issues; we can forget where we end and they begin (both people and countries) and argue about it as Venus and the Moon trine Neptune and Mercury squares Uranus. Our thinking can be erratic with brilliant streaks and a short attention span, reactive to sweeping emotional conditions, like colliding weather systems over the prairie. It helps to stand back, see the bigger picture and operate from gratitude. Later on it may further to back to a familiar pattern or tradition and then engage our logic for perspective as Mercury trines Saturn.

Starcodes July 11 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

(I am traveling until July 18th, Starcodes may be posted at odd times- may your summer unfold with joy)

Attitude, don’t leave home without it. As this weekend begins a difficult Full Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus and Mars, and can bring out the chips on our shoulder and difficult vein of our personality. But once we get this pugnaciousness out of our system and work through any existential crises it may stir, the rest of the week flows cleanly.

This tricky Full Moon can loan us seriousness, competence, and durability but increases any charming tendency we may have to be controlling, and this can spark interpersonal or international friction. The Capricorn Moon can nudge us to be powerfully goal-oriented, and we can get difficult if the goals are not clearly defined. We may be tempted to argue about what’s important or how to achieve those goals. So do not micro-manage under stress or try to do another person’s work for them.

Everything may be fine on the outside, and we can still act out this pattern entirely within our own psyche. This Capricorn Moon asks us to look at our aspirations, look at the quality and quantity of our work, and assess our progress. Capricorn’s gift in a deeply honorable, reliable, leadership, its shadow is either a ruthless –any means to an end- attitude, or depression if we feel we aren’t getting anywhere. We may be harder on ourselves than anyone else, but to use this Moon well, let’s celebrate past victories and invigorate our journey with clear, fresh goals.

Remember the symbol of Capricorn is a mer-goat, a creature that can dive to the bottom of the collective ocean to gather up a dream or vision and then walk it, like a mountain goat, up the highest range. It just doesn’t do so well on flat terrain. Neither do we right now. But give us a mountain to climb, and a team to climb with, and all unfolds with power.

Capricornian issues demand attention this week, so work through conflicts around work teams, employment, money, the economy, structural issues, bones and teeth. If this is vacation time, it may be easier to relax while learning, hiking, finishing that novel, and exploring that place.

A sociable, flirtatious, passionate spark engendered as Venus trines Mars early next week can help us move through this difficult Moon. Venus in Gemini trines Mars in Libra, both sociable and outgoing air signs, encourage us to connect and talk, they charisma and charm to help with the considerable challenges this Capricorn Full Moon can cook up.

The Moon enters more communal, collaborative Aquarius Saturday night just as thoughtful Mercury returns to introspective, moody Cancer. Even with this general sociability, watch a tendency to review past wrongs or hurts and use that as an excuse to be depressed or defensive, the shadow side of Mercury in Cancer. Instead, let the Cancer love of the human story help nurture and fertilizes interactions.

Midweek the Moon enters Pisces and brings our most tender material forward. We need to catch up with ourselves, process recent experience and remember who we are, and what helps us feel safe enough to grow.

Our fire and feistiness returns towards the end of the week as the Moon enters abrupt, brave Aries. Jupiter enters Leo to encourage us all to live life on a bigger scale in the year ahead.

Friday, July 11: We’re in deep waters today, feelings swirl and our control issues grumble as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Unexpected event can test us. We could get a chance to face our limitations and choose when it’s wise to push through, and when it is wise to drop our goal and go another way. But underneath this rocky surface is an opportunity to create a real shift and make a difference. Later, our words and feels may run on skew lines: use the heart, not the words to communicate. Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold.

Saturday, July 12: This morning’s Full Moon, square Mars, brings decisions and denouements. Deadwood is pruned, and foundations begin, but let’s are careful what we plant, as it can have powerful consequences. Do not cut off more than necessary. A difficult mood itches between the generally cooperative flow, each person’s will power leans in and patience is thin even where goodwill abounds. Evening softens and exacts, a spark of humor returns as the Moon enters friendlier Aquarius.

Sunday, July 13: Our hearts soften after a tough few days, and as Venus trines Mars. We care; maybe we care too darned much. But we’re seriously not interested in what we don’t care about. So let the heart open and engage collaborative action, feel a deepening connection to all sentient beings and maybe a few specific ones in particular. Passionate care can go in any direction, and this trine can provoke possessiveness, heartbreak, and longing, all the ragged edges of the heart as well as a flowing appreciation. It helps to make life a metta mediation; engage the heart with loving philosophy and give it a good place to go. A burst of activity as Mars conjuncts the North Node midday can leave us tired or thoughtful tonight as the Moon squares Saturn.

Monday, July 14: Yes, the answer is probably yes today as the Moon, Venus, and Mars form a grand trine early in the day. So ask the important questions and say yes whenever possible. Meetings and teamwork flows more smoothly than usual though people can be passionately attached to their opinions. They may be openhearted, but less forthcoming with their own stories with Mercury now in introverted Cancer. Don’t overload on the crowd, we need time enough to come back to ourselves and integrate as the Moon enters Pisces tonight.

Tuesday, July 15: We may be feeling peeled and delicate. Do not push and demand, do not force people to get their defenses up; it will take a lot of effort and come with fortifications. Do give people room to feel sensitive and vulnerable, to wonder and wander as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and trines Saturn. Forgive easy tears. Explore the gifts of sensitivity, refinement in taste and sensibilities.

Wednesday, July 16: The mood is more durable and resilient, though still sensitive and dreamy. Keep the schedule light and let intuition or inspiration set the pace and direction. The scope of plans changes, we may start looking at farther horizons or with a bigger scope as Jupiter enters Leo. Be surprised by the possibilities but wary of a renewed pugnaciousness as the Moon enters sparky Aries tonight.

Thursday, July 17: We can be just plain difficult; conflicting feelings and opinions can start the arguments within us and carry it outwards. Difficult people can be thorns in our side if we let them, and so many things demand our attention in opposite directions that we waste time, which we probably don’t have, running between. If so, chill, prioritize, and don’t difficult people set the paradigm. Juggle with grace and rhythm. Work with allies and set the agenda with kindness.