Starcodes April 18 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Crisis= danger + opportunity. Americans have romanticized Chinese wisdom around the concept of Weiji, the symbol for “crisis” constructed from Sino-characters that can represent “danger” and “opportunity”, and though this concept has been questioned as a Western projection, it certainly describes this week

The mood is energized, excited, eventful, easily bored and easily riled up. We’re at a pivotal astrological turning point and will be dealt wildcards. This year’s major astrological aspect, a Grand Square in get-the-party-started cardinal signs, peaks this week as Mars at 13° of egalitarian Libra, Jupiter at 13° of cozy, territorial Cancer, Uranus at 13° of revolutionary Aries, and Pluto at 13° of organizational Capricorn, form four roads at a crossroad centered around our earthly home.

This planetary square-off can make it fun to be contentious; whether in lighthearted debate over the dinner table or deadly serious conflict, it’s tempting to define ourselves by what we push against rather than pull for. That whiff of excitement readies us to respond if a real emergency arises, and a few will around the globe, but most of us can use that buzz to energize our options. We don’t need to create an emergency just because we’re bored with small potatoes and want to be part of something bigger. There’s plenty of urgent work for us to engage.

This voltage puts wind in our sails if we know where we’re going. But frayed wires short out easily, so do frayed nerves, and so the mood can conflagrate quickly. It can get wacky out there. Some people are just cruising for a fight, irritable, rebellious if not quite sure towards what. A reckless quality is really a search for something exciting and vital, a desire to matter. But if we keep our mind’s open, conflicting ideas can stretch our minds and kick our thinking into gear. We don’t have to play into tension; we can break the heart open and encompass a wider horizon.

Mechanical problems and accidents may be probable, but can stimulate a spike of ingenuity which may translate into a technological leap forward. Expect a next generation of mind-blowing invention that reframes our world to be introduced or discovered this spring, possibly in response to problems posed now. When we go back in history and look at the changes triggered when Uranus and Pluto interact over the last couple hundred years (1965-66, 1932-34, 1901- 02, 1876 -77, 1850, 1821-22) we see these two trigger unrest and cultural and technological revolutions when they interact, more than political upheaval, though cultural changes inevitably alter the political landscape.

A lovely, emotionally-deepening sextile between Venus and Pluto, and friendly, kind, and practically creative trine between Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn helps to add some emotional stability to this wild time. It encourages us to empathize with one another, feel our pulse beat with the pulse of history, and either feel that we may want to feel more than just okay in our relationship what more hearts touched, and can either move in closer together, or feel discontent with just okay.

The Sun enters earthy Taurus on Saturday and mental Mercury follows into Taurus on Wednesday. This Taurus energy takes some of the heat out of the recent feistiness, adds a bit of patience and deep stubbornness. Taurus offers astrological mulch that feeds the roots of whatever seeds we plant now. Taurus is earthy, sensual, nature’s mating season. The energy is less volatile and more determined for better or for worse; the ground is fertile for new opportunity. A grudge planted now will grow as deep roots as some wild invention or profound love. What shall our garden look like?

By the end of the week we may need to make a decision to put away the deadwood so that the living roast takes off, or choose at the crossroads what road we need to walk, and say goodbye to one path so that we can pursue another. We are changing, we can’t hide the fact, it’s becoming more obvious, and we may have to adjust our way of dealing with the world in response. Let’s do this thoughtfully and with an eye on the far horizon.

Friday, April 18: The mood is excited, irritable, and adventurous. We’re tired of going over the same old problems and need fresh material, though there’s some confusion about how to do so early this morning as the Moon squares Neptune. Avoid issues of blame, it’s just nerves. Small problems and important items can fall through the cracks because we’re distracted, so track carefully. Midafternoon keep eyes open for a serendipitous moment as the Moon trines Uranus, smooth social awkwardness with enthusiasm. Tonight can feel tired and wired; get out, keep that conversation going and entertain possibility.

Saturday, April 19: Engage under a positive and restless Sagittarius Moon. Humor, spontaneity, and life-changing discussions can help us re-invent. Listen for pivotal information and life-changing circumstances, new life breaks through the old, crusty mulch. The mood changes towards evening, slows down and grows more strategic with an undertone of power struggle as the Moon enters serious Capricorn and the Sun enters earthy Taurus.

Sunday, April 20: The uses and abuses of power, power over, empowerment; these are on the table as the grand square perfects. A practical desire to manifest difference can help us renovate our house, rebuild our garden or country. Let’s remember what’s most important to the soul and take steps in that direction now. An explosive quality percolates, we need to keep it moving and not let pressure build as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and rings the grand square like an autoharp chord. Do not give up; connect with people working towards common goals, and go deep into soul work.

Monday, April 21: Our emotional attachments can be deeply tweaked, which can leave us feeling vulnerable but engaged. We can feel the rumbles of cultural earth tremors, feel our world shift as we question old assumptions and form new connections. Fate has put us together for a reason; look around at the new teams forming.

Tuesday, April 22: Stubbornness with a fighting spirit can push our personal best or make life a wrestling match, depending on our attitude, as Mars tightens its square to Jupiter and the Moon squares the Sun in fixed signs. Put this competitive spirit to good use; work towards improvement and let go of winning and being right. Muscular action, lawsuits, tough negotiations, labor disputes; if someone tries to hook us in an argument we don’t choose, we don’t have to let them call the shots; we can sidestep like a bullfighter.

Wednesday, April 23: Underneath a general community-minded friendliness, slower, deeper, more primordial feelings roil in the depths and stir our desire for acquisition, territory, possession, or just a moment alone. Our efforts can take root for better or worse. Important surgical decisions may need to be made; dig deep, weed the garden, decide what needs to be pruned so that fresh growth can take off as Mars perfects its square to Pluto and Mercury enters Taurus.

Thursday, April 24: Rather than test one another, hold hands while crossing the street. We’ll be feeling a little peeled and permeable with the Moon into sensitive, bittersweet Pisces, and may need to process all the feelings stirred up by this week’s events. Feelings jumble together; we feel for all sentient beings, we feel for ourselves, and for the road not taken. It can all feel like too much unless we can be there for one another with acceptance and in practical ways as Venus trine Saturn.

Starcodes April 11, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

We are in the strangest of times. For the rest of this month and on and off over the next year we have unusual amount of astrological voltage going through the system. Events precipitate quickly once they are begun. If we’re well-wired and with purpose, this extra voltage just gives us a boost in the right direction. We can make things happen.

Because of this voltage we may feel a certain urgency, as if we’re running out of time or stretched too thin. But if our wires are crossed we can short-circuit with either small blips or spectacular results. Just watch the headlines. Anxiousness can make some people rude or nudge them to act out strangely. We have to give each other a lot of slack, and step back, be safe but not take it personally when people act out; their nerves are spilling over.

Tectonic plates and lava flows are on the march. Our world is changing. And like those tectonic plates if we keep moving smoothly or in short small bursts, we can move worlds without disasters. The trouble comes where we get stuck and build up tension. So let’s keep moving, adjusting, adapting, going with the flow.

This excitement and tension comes as Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and Mars form four exact corners of a grand square, one that affects us all this season, and perfects ( becomes exact) over the next two weeks. Mars in Libra (for seven months) yells at us to take action to make life fairer for ourselves and others. Jupiter in Cancer (all this year) turns up the volume and calls us to take care of our home base, home family, motherland and home planet; this translate into nurturing for some, and into a territorial grab for others. Uranus in Aries (for eight years, beginning 2010) likes to shake things up; it adds urgency, impulsiveness, and brings a reactionary-revolutionary flair. Pluto in Capricorn (for sixteen long years, beginning 2008) is Roto-rooting our sense of justice, business, structure, authority, government, and security.

As these four planets square off around us they pull us in opposing directions, We can feel like we’re standing at a cross roads with horses pulling us in four directions, or even worse, at the crossroads with four cars bearing down on us at once. Venus now in sensitive Pisces, trine expansive Jupiter can help us to soften this impulsiveness with a natural sense of compassion and creative outpouring. But also occasionally make us want to beg off and just sit in the sun for a few minutes, and catch up with ourselves.

To underline this Grand Square, Mercury tap-dances on this pattern all week, and the Moon waxes full very close to the Square. Mercury, the symbolic trigger point for how we think, move, and transport takes some rough aspects, ones that can take us on a roller coaster but also help us get to the real work. Our thinking and our commentary can be erratic as Mercury conjuncts Uranus, we may want to look at the dark side as it squares Pluto and Jupiter, and opposes Mars. To handle this in a good way, we need to add stability, sanity, and balance to every situation.

Simple interactions can get complicated. They may shock us awake or have strange undertones of third-chakra power struggles. Confrontations are likely, but so is the potential for real breakthroughs. Our dreams or thinking can exaggerate the problem, but in doing so can help us see it clearly.
Pluto stations and turns retrograde, which can both help us look for missing planes in the deepest part of the ocean, or look for understanding buried deep in the psyche, but it also brings up deeper issues of power’s use and misuse.

A Full Moon joins the party just in time for the tax deadline. Let’s be calm and be a leavening influence on our community. Engage healthy adventure. Explore options while the gates are open. Be there for one another. Although we may be too emotionally charged to get to taxes easily this week, Math may be the only place where there’s a clear right answer and a wrong one; if we have to attend to taxes or paperwork in this wild and woolly time, let’s let the logic of numbers relax us.

Friday, April 11: Energy levels waffle, unsettled edgy feelings nudge us; we long for an ideal but see what needs purging cleaning clearing under as the Virgo Moon opposes Venus and Neptune. Sort and edit, but question an underlying urgency; is it true, or is it just anxiety. Even if it’s tempting to mine the past for problems let’s keep our efforts constructive. Get those splinters out when they come up, let the feelings flow, but don’t wiggle a sore tooth just for the stimulation. Don’t take it personally if other people spot problematic details, we can all get distracted: help them stay focused on the real work at hand. Feelings deepen and our sense of potential expands tonight as Venus conjunct Neptune. Be honestly vulnerable.

Saturday, April 12: Catch up and organize as the Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn. We know what we need to do, the details are laid out, but may not agree on an action plan; we’re industrious but not cooperative. Find clues in found pieces and creativity in the turning loam. Don’t make it just about work; listen to whisper of adventure and creative impulse. Don’t get spread too thin, nor get to persnickety, but do enjoy engaging a profound debate.

Sunday, April 13; As the Moon enters sociable, egalitarian Libra let’s repair nets, make contacts, and enrich teamwork and facilitate what’s already in progress. Peace and equanimity are rare this spring so help create a moment now. Tension builds more in the evening, but we don’t have to let it take over the show.

Monday, April 14: Our worries rattle around as the Moon opposes Mercury and sets off the grand square. Our worries rattle around as the Moon opposes Mercury. Wildcards are dealt; if an urgent decision is demanded, let’s make sure we mean it and aren’t just responding to someone else’s anxiety. Later, we expand, relax, but can get accident prone. Think before speaking, work towards long range goals rather than react to short-term one-upsmanship.

Tuesday, April 15: How do we balance our personal needs and those of our relationships and our world; the early morning Full Moon in Libra wants to know. Our minds may be troubled, strategic, worried with a sense of urgency and a fear of loss as Mercury squares Pluto and the Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon, just as taxes are due. If the parts of our mind just off the edge of our maps swarm with monsters, let’s stay in the center of our path. If we feel the consequences of world events echoing in our personal lives, let’s let it bring us closer and renew our priorities.

Wednesday, April 16: Watch out, people’s tales are twitching and snarkiness wafts on the spring breeze along with pollen and other irritants. Healthy debate, deep research, or working alone concentrating on our chosen task help us direct the Scorpio Moon focus as mental Mercury opposes energized Mars. It helps to have a cause, to engage a good fight, and therefore have more room to be kind at home. Although important decisions may need to be made, and stands may need to be taken, watch a tendency to blurt out regrettable but irrevocable statements. Let’s consider avoiding people and places that try our patience, and not believe our own internal cranky monologue.

Thursday, April 17: We can stabilize the situation as the Moon conjuncts serious Saturn this morning then refocus in a more positive light as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius and emotional Venus trines generous Jupiter this afternoon. Feels the weight shift, feel the camaraderie returning, friendliness and adventurous quality fill our sales. History is on the move, but we can bond while we cope.

Starcodes April 4 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Most of this week will be filled with perfectly lovely spring days, but we can feel in the background the large rolling waves of history. Like the rumbling of an earthquake deep below the ground, or the sound of many hooves pounding in the distance, we feel the world around us on the move even when our personal life is quite simple. It will be important to split our vision and both enjoy up pleasant springtime moment as well as stay involved in the larger cycles.

Let’s talk to our friends and kibitz with our enemies as the weekend begins and the Moon, Venus and Mars form a loose grand trine in communicative, friendly, funny air signs. Although we may not be great on handling frustration, and may not have a great attention span, we can use this pleasant social flow to reconnect and touch on some difficult subjects. We can easily help each other out when life gets complicated.

It’s a good idea to do this now because the mood is much touchier and more defensive by the end of the week. Our feelings are going to become more and more sensitive but our way of expressing more direct and tactless, even confrontational; a tricky combination at home or abroad.

Right now we can communicate with some finesse and speak of gentler feelings, though we may have trouble coming to the point or fall into victim-thinking easily with Mercury in sensitive and poetic Pisces. Venus enters Pisces on Saturday, approaches the conjunction with trainee, intuitive, but sometimes delusional Neptune, and softens us up, helps us feel more compassionate, creative but also more easily hurt. Mercury enters direct, impatient Aries on Monday and helps us get to the point. Winds flare, allergies inflame and so do tempers. Our defenses can activates unproductively, whether we’re talking histamines in our body or patrols on our border.

So let’s socialize today under the friendly Gemini Moon. Saturday and Sunday, take care of the home base, and make it safe for sensitive feelings, both ours and others under a domestic Cancer Moon and as Venus enters sensitive Pisces. Pay attention to the finer notes and forgive people their need for reassurance. Let extraneous emotions flow through. Be there if people really need help, because it will be a tough time to feel vulnerable.

Monday we feel an urgency to speak up or hurry up as Mercury enters Aries, but may still feel like we’d rather stay home and curl up in bed. We can start ordering others around what to do in our anxiousness to act while not really wanting to do it ourselves, and getting very easily defensive when pushed around by other people. Let’s put a five-second buffer on our mouth and stay conscious about our actions. We can channel this urgency productively and reach out to take necessary risk or important heroic action.

Midweek the mood gets both touchy and generous if with a self-indulgent streak under a Leo Moon and as the Sun opposes Mars. We’ll tend to state our point in hyperbole because it gets across our inner urgency. Newscasters can overshoot the mark and describe a situation in a polarizing format. Our loyalties may be tested in life can get a little exciting. Let’s choose what kind of excitement we want with care and foresight.

Friday, April 4: Appreciate a silly streak, people need some comic relief and have trouble concentrating on the hard stuff today, though we have plenty to deal with. New information pours in this morning; we need to sort for relevance. If it tweaks a tender place as Moon squares Chiron, respond appropriately to the moment and let the present heal the past. Fast conversation percolates over dinner; we compare and contrast with ease. Late night dances, but sleep runs away under a lively Gemini Moon.

Saturday, April 5: After a brief cranky spell this morning, or difficulty making a decision, creative ideas bubble up. Don’t pooh-pooh them; follow up even if the result is less than professional. Get kids and engaged in something active and creative as Venus trines the nodes. Afternoon and evening, we may be less outgoing than we thought under a comfort-loving Cancer Moon; feelings spill over and home, or lack thereof, becomes important. Some of us may feel overloaded and need a moment alone. If someone seems withdrawn, don’t chase after them, but do hold space open for them.

Sunday, April 6: Kind, communicative, but with the attention span of a flea, a day with better vibes for connecting rather than for chores. We can socially bumble, but still mean well as the Moon conjunct Jupiter midday. Comfort foods and good company further, but we may also be stretched beyond our comfort zone to stand by a neighbor. Late evening a discontent grows, we can feed easily threatened and respond either by a working closer together and supporting one another, or by getting prickly; it’s our choice. It is also important to think strategically about the week ahead, as things may get hectic; it’s good to have priorities clear.

Monday, April 7: Ready to dance salsa? Things get spicy as thoughtful Mercury enters fiery Aries and the Cancer Moon squares Mars. Although the Moon in Cancer keeps us self-protective and personally focused, if caring, our reaction time speeds up as Mercury enters Aries and leaves us easily inflamed and reactive. Feel the approach avoidance vibe around progress, with a territorial edge. We innovate, but may not think before leaping. If feeling twitchy, direct manipulative energy on inanimate objects that need to shift rather than order others around.

Tuesday, April 8: Under an extroverted Leo Moon a more outgoing mood helps us let go of resistance and flow into the heart of the action, which is great for engaging class discussion or greeting strangers, but may add a chorus to world drama under an extroverted Leo Moon. Act from the Leo heart, from real generosity, and not from pride or impatience, and beautiful things can happen as the Moon trines Mercury and the Sun opposes Mars. Act from a selfish corner and watch the fight begin. Watch a combative streak, the ambient competitive urge needs to be directed carefully; we’ll probably feel better after we exerted ourselves physically, but need to warm-up first as strains or minor accidents occur easily.

Wednesday, April 9: We can get a little difficult today as the Moon squares Saturn and then enters persnickety Virgo. It may be hard to see our situation clearly today are worries and concerns are amplified on one side and our hopes and dreams amplified on the other as Venus conjunct unrealistic if inspired Neptune. It’s probably not as bad as we think or as good as we hope; let’s not get melodramatic but do pay attention to concerns. A sense of urgency knocks; sort out generalized anxiety from a real priority, and get on with. Practical, logical efforts can help us ground and produce, but we need feel inspired. For example, if daydreams distract us, we can imagine taking a trip to Tahiti with our tax return and be inspired to get ours in.

Thursday, April 10: If we’ve left taxes this late, the next two days can help us attack those and other detailed-filled but essential work, as long as we can keep our attention focused. Our creative and romantic nature can lead us into fantasy thinking, let’s give our dreams room to roam as Venus conjuncts Neptune, but keep fantasy out of our bookkeeping. While there is this ambient excited anxiety, share delicate kindness and help each other deal rather than make the relationship what needs to be dealt with. Don’t be high-maintenance; practice good self-care.

Starcodes March 28 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“The Great Way is not difficult if you don’t make distinctions. Only throw away likes and dislikes and everything will be perfectly clear. So throw away all opinions, all likes and dislikes, and only keep the mind that doesn’t know. This is very important. Don’t know mind is the mind that cuts off all thinking. When all thinking has been cut off, you become empty mind. This is before thinking. Your before-thinking-mind, my before-thinking-mind, all people’s before-thinking-minds are the same. This is your substance. Your substance, my substance, and the substance of the whole universe become one. So the tree, the mountain, the cloud and you become one. Then I ask you: Are the mountain and you the same or different? “ Zen Master Seung Sahn

It’s crazy out there. The astrological energy shifts, lovely one minute and crazy the next, tossed in a tumbling mountain stream. Chapters end and begin. But if we stay grounded, do good work and take care of ourselves, we can avoid an ambient anxiousness and be inspired.

As the weekend begins, the mood is emotional, intuitive, and curious as the Moon conjuncts dreamy Neptune in sensitive, intuitive Pisces. But we can drift off base; assumptions can kick us and lead us astray, whether that assumption is what our spouse is thinking or where the missing plane landed on the other side of the globe. We need to practice “don’t know mind”, whether we like it or not as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in sensitive but easily confused Pisces, and Mercury sextiles deeply-curious Pluto.

We need to walk in the mystery, keep our mind open, and perceive with all of our senses. It is important to disabuse ourselves of misconceptions and get clear what we know and don’t know before the New Moon in Aries instigates action and a new yearly cycle on Saturday night.

Aries breeds rebellion. But while we’re busy rebelling against, the other party still owns the paradigm. Unless we’re confronted with a clear case of power abuse that needs a wise Aries response, let’s work towards what we want, not against what they want.

So be very spacious with one another this weekend. Romance and friendship can flow easily if we get past our reactive fire and get to know each other anew as heartwarming Venus trines active Mars. We just have to let go of those preconceptions, even with people we’ve known a long time.

Impulse control is way down this week; the stars provide energy, we have to provide the wisdom. Sunday and Monday let’s do the magic of doing; let the universe know we mean it by taking steps forward on what we believe in and where we want to go. Plant seeds both literally and figuratively as April begins under a fertile waxing Taurus Moon. We do need to stay open to new input, though, remember how much we don’t know, and keep looking.

Midweek, the squirrels come out, people’s crazy edge shows, and so does their brilliance as the Sun conjunct Uranus, squares Pluto and Jupiter, resonating off the big issues of our life.

Mercury moves out of its inspiring but confusing conjunction with Neptune and into a dynamic and disciplined trine with Saturn late in the week, all in creative water signs, and brings back an ability to think ahead and plan our moves. Wisps of depression curl at the edges, but improve if we feel we’ve really sunk our teeth into what matters to us, if we feel we’re making progress on something important. We may need to make tough decisions about what needs to be pruned so new life can grow.

Friday, March 28: Notice overnight dreams and news headlines; new facts are revealed from the depths as Mercury sextiles Pluto while the Moon conjuncts Neptune. The energy is diffuse, sensitive but open this morning. Appreciate generosity, don’t abuse it; give but in a healthy non-codependent way. We can see a more creative solution and be open to innovative ideas if not too much is demanded of us first. Feel the breath of spirit singing softly, and sing back. Understanding flows easily this afternoon if we use imagery, awareness and bring ourselves fully present as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and Chiron. Honor sensitive feelings tonight, and don’t ask too much of others.

Saturday, March 29: This day runs full of contradictions: hot and cold, introverted and extroverted, generous and self-centered. We can see clearly anything beyond our own static zone, our own hopes and fears, but our emotional water table runs and can make it hard to see the present clearly. The more emotionally charged we are, the more important it will be to practice good relationship skills. Let this be a healing time as Mercury conjunct Chiron; we’re attracted to one another, and to relationship itself, and can be willing to do the work as Venus trines Mars and squares Saturn. If we have work that needs to be done first, let stop whining, do it. The energy percolates tonight as the Moon enters feisty fiery Aries; engage spontaneous late-night plans, just look before leaping.

Sunday, March 30: A New Moon in Aries at 12:44 PM MDT gets the party started. Just make sure it’s a party and not a war under this brash reactive fresh energy. Aries loans us fire when we’re engaged, and brings in a lazy streak where we’re uninspired. If feeling sleepy, find something that excites and watch the energy level shift. It helps to direct this energy, to give kids and dogs and people something to do so they don’t poke each other just for fun. People are self-centered at worst, and centered in self at best; our inner fire and self-expression are clamoring, and can be hard to empathize with others no matter how much we love them. We can get headaches if we get excited but have no place to put the fire. Let’s prepare the ground for fertile days ahead, move rocks, reposition flower beds. But let’s do it ourselves rather than try to tell other people how to do it; no one wants to be told what to do. Reverse psychology helps with kids. Dogs will be calmer after a good run. Impulse control is down and rebellion is up, we can get seriously reactive and make injudicious moves tonight as the Moon conjunct Uranus and squares Pluto. If so, take a deep breath and play it for the long haul; avoid long-range decisions about anything close to the heart.

Monday, March 31: The mood is contrary and difficult as the Aries Moon opposes Mars, but it helps if we can laugh about it. Otherwise it’s easy to shoot ourselves in our foot just to push against someone else this morning. Later, we may need to put out fires or light a fire under someone, let’s start with our own motivation. Meetings can be essential and efficient if we can stick to the point and a goal specific. Throughout the day we may wrestle with our own vulnerability, and find it easier at the moment (but less successful) to tell someone to do what to do, then ask for help. We are reminded of our interdependence.

Tuesday, April 1: Life can play April Fool’s games on us, but can we laugh at them as the Sun conjuncts Uranus and squares Jupiter and Pluto over the next few days. Stay loose and be ready to respond to unusual events. It may be just the time to make a long-considered leap, but be wary of a sudden impulse to walk out. See what minor changes can be made first. The ground is very fertile under a sensual, stubborn Taurus Moon, let’s be careful what we plant.

Wednesday, April 2: Most of us will feel a strong and steady heartbeat that we can use to back our efforts. But if we need to process a loss or find ourselves in a disturbing competition or power-play; let’s hold our ground rather than escalate as the Sun squares Pluto. What we do sets a precedent and pattern for future efforts. Our thinking can be logical, reasonable and wise, but underneath an old primal energy stirs. The signals we send with our body language may be very different from what. Believe the body.

Thursday, April 3: Check for strategic moves or strange revelations made overnight as the Sun squares Pluto. It’s easy to get stuck thinking about a worst-case scenario; we may have to face fears but can now notice new options opening up. Take it all seriously, but look for the opportunity within as the Moon enters communicative Gemini. A bit of comic relief won’t distract us, but refresh us to get back to the serious work at hand. If they’re stressed, give people a chance to talk it out. Later on, take care of the health and nerves; get some R&R and repair connections.

Starcodes March 21 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Spring has sprung, and the mood is as fresh, adventurous, and restless as the vernal winds. With the Sun in fiery Aries and the Moon in cheerful exploratory Sagittarius as the weekend begins, if our bodies are still sitting at our desk, our minds certainly won’t be. It’s not just our feet that are restless, animals are on the migratory move and tectonic plates want to travel.

From the looks of the stars, this is going to be a personally, politically, and geologically active spring. Hear the rumble growling in the background and expect the unexpected for the next couple of months. We will be challenged. The Ukrainian conflict is percolating at a particularly combustible time, and must not be underestimated. Any conflict that initiates this spring will have long-ranging consequences. There are so many wildcards in play it’s not useful to predict outcomes (though it may help to look at the transits to our personal chart, as some of us will be in the thick of things, but most of us will be peripheral), but we can clear the ground, get ready, stay involved, and when things get strange, remember what is truly important to us and play for the best possible outcome.

With Mars in egalitarian Libra and Venus in connective and communal Aquarius right now, we don’t really want to fight, we all really want to get along (if not get too intimate) but will go to the mat is for the sake of equal rights, for our philosophical policies, or against ugliness. Ugliness comes in many forms, like ugly relationships, politics, environment, aesthetics, and for that some people are willing to go to war. Mars in Libra can help us debate and deal with others’ anger in a fair and measured way as long as they don’t intentionally try to wound.

Even though we’re restless and ready for something new with the Sun now in Aries, our thinking can be magically endowed but pragmatically-challenged this weekend as mental Mercury conjuncts intuitive Neptune in creative, sensitive Pisces. We may dream of faraway places or loose the car keys, and be a lot more spacey or forgetful than we’d like under this brash Aries energy. Addictive or escapist longings sing their Neptunian songs. Feeling emotionally restless but illogical or confused can be problematic, so before reacting to a comment from spouse or the evening news, let’s make sure we have our facts straight. Yet it has a lovely side; with this combination, when we’re in a groove, our intuition matches our enthusiasm and we can move with inspired grace.

This Mercury-Neptune conjunction stirs the mysteries. It is a great time for divination or spiritual practice. Since the growing strength of this confusing conjunction coincided with the lost Malaysian plane and other recent mysteries, we may find new evidence as this fog clears after it peaks on Saturday morning.

The gift of the Aries Sun spring brings us back to ourselves, reminds us who we are, and for while it’s not easy to hear what others need. We may want to scream “I am!” off the top of the mountains. We need to renew in our roots, in our very being, like a tree with the sap rising bursting pass the loam, past last year’s leaves into a new life. On a healthy Aries day, this is not so much selfish as self-absorbed or centered in ourselves, and that’s perfectly appropriate for this time of year.

As the Moon’s nodes enter Aries and Libra this week we go back and forth trying to find a balance between our need for self-expression, and our need for connection. We need to deepen our quest to understand cooperation. And a quest it will be; to move past a tendency to want our own way or force our opinions on others and move and develop the ability to share and to be sensitive to the needs of others. But right now, in order to really be fair to all involved, we need to hear ourselves first. Then it is our job to explore this mid-ground, balancing our needs and theirs, as the month wears on.

Friday March 21: Spring fever makes us restless with the trappings of winter, and equally restless with anything or anybody that seems to keep us trapped. Wander into the woods; explore the larger world in body, mind, and politics under a positive Sagittarius Moon. A personal truth arises from within, but we need to connect with our compassion (and tact) to say it productively. The garden calls, if only through seed catalogues. People are enthusiastic with what feels fresh and new midday as the Moon and Sun trine, some misunderstanding or misplacement can tweak us this evening as the Moon squares Mercury and Neptune. A few extra minutes caution and confirmation can save time later.

Saturday, March 22: Open eyes and ears today, let fresh new ideas and images pour in, explore possibilities and dream big as Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Let’s be soft, squishy, open, creative, but not even pretend we can see clearly or think practically. Take it all in, but with a grain of salt, sort later to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Listen to comments as people’s emotional truths, a telling story, not necessarily the facts at hand. Stretch intuitive and creative channels. It’s a great day for spring ceremonies, just make help the loose wheels stay grounded.

Sunday, March 23: This morning is spacey, restless, upbeat and out of schedule, a wonderful time to commune with nature or meditate with the spiritual group. Absorb beautiful surroundings and use permeability well. Take a walk and listens to what the world has to say, make life a dance with the auspices. Our garden calls, we can putter well, but let’s consider leaving practical chores until late afternoon when the Moon enters more durable and focused Capricorn. Tonight if we feel the tug of opposing desires and willpower as the Sun and Moon square, let’s not try to solve the problem directly. If we note the differences and come back to a place of goodwill, the differences will begin to reconcile themselves. Lost things begin to surface, so keep eyes open.

Monday, March 24: We’ve got some work to do today to clear up recent confusion and move on as the Moon opposes Jupiter, squares Uranus, and conjuncts Pluto. We may need to deal with the tough issues, the real work of this phase of our life, but let’s watch both our tendency to get pushy under stress and our desire to control an uncontrollable situation. Situations tend to polarize, take on the inherent illusion that one person can win if the other loses. Watch for big strategic moves on the evening news, and support a middle way, a win-win strategy.

Tuesday, March 25: Respond calmly to pressure in the morning to meet a deadline or follow through before an opportunity is lost as the Moon squares Mars. Notice key interactions with important players midday; listen for a wisp of fate curling around the edges of an otherwise ordinary conversation on this pushy, determined day under a strategic Capricorn Moon. Political strategy may be very touch and go. People seem to want their way just for the heck of it. Give them some sense of accomplishment and they become more cooperative, but manipulate only for the common good. The pressure breaks towards dinner as the Moon enters collective Aquarius.

Wednesday, March 26: Collaborate today and repair rifts caused by yesterday’s edginess; the mood is more cooperative if still eccentric and willful. We can both read our own true feelings and take the temperature of people around us. Midday, take advantage of quick response time and a decisive mood, and work that natural leadership. Ordinary house-holding tasks get left by the wayside; get takeout and keep on with the project as the Moon sextiles Uranus and Mercury trines Jupiter. There is potential for good news or liberating conversations tonight.

Thursday, March 27: If early morning pleasantries (as the Moon conjuncts Venus) slide into a stubborn moment midmorning as the Moon squares Saturn and trines Mars, grumble but work it through anyway. Check in with the team and balance the dynamics between individual expression and community needs. The more room we give people, the more interesting they are. Feelings soften; people grow more sentimental and sensitive as the Moon enters Pisces tonight, they become sweeter if they feel safe and more reactive if they don’t.

Starcodes March 14 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out” Traditional Irish blessing

Saint Patrick supposedly chased the snakes out of Ireland, but we have our own form of housecleaning to do this weekend under a Full Moon in Virgo. Let’s clear the decks for Thursday’s spring equinox. (proviso: No, I don’t think clearing snakes out was a good thing, I like snakes. and yes, the snakes were a symbol of all things pagan and Druidic in Ireland. I am using this as a cleaning metaphor. Let’s be careful what we clean out, and keep the good, useful, and sacred intact.)

Prioritize kindness and grounding as the weekend begins; the mood can be nervy and unsettled, we can be hard on ourselves and others, and obsess about what needs fixing. Pay attention to a nervous response that brings up our critical edge or makes us nervous and makes it hard to trust our intuition. Our self-critical demons are dancing and need to be contained, healed. Our judgment may be reactive and irritable, our ideas brilliant but not fully aware of consequences, but at the same time we can feel pressured to take action as Mercury forms minor but irritating aspects to power-tripper Pluto and excitable Uranus this week.

Instead of running around being persnickety and edgy, hard on ourselves and others; let’s tie into the positive aspects of Virgoan intelligence, sorting capacity and compassion. There are some wild ideas flying around with this week’s Mercury aspects, but we can use the Full Virgo Moon’s organizational capacity and critical thinking to sort the information. We can also do a little cleaning therapy, and clear body, desk, mind, and closets for the coming spring floods. But most importantly keep our minds working well, and our hearts connected to our head.

Every Full Moon highlights some dichotomy, some apparent paradox, and asks us to find the mid-ground or bring these apparent opposites into resolution and coordination. The Virgo Full Moon (Virgo Moon opposed Pisces Sun) shows us where we separate our work from our dreams, where we feel we need to work harder, worry more, critique more- versus -dream, drift, and hope for the best. It spotlights our need to instead put these together and work towards our dreams, be inspired by what we do, and keep our critique focused on compassionate wholeness and the health and success of all.

Notice this mental intensity continues early next week as Mercury semi -squares Pluto. We could hear troubling news or be challenged by new ideas that unsettle our preconceptions. This is a strategic but worried aspect that can polarize some political situations, but we don’t have to let it polarize us. Let’s chill, deal with real problems, and look for the love underneath.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars now in friendly but somewhat dispassionate air signs (Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Libra retrograde) can help us get some objectivity. If we don’t get stuck behind opposing philosophies, the mood is generally friendly and cooperative. But that may be a big if. It’s easy to get stubborn about a belief system. But where we can, let’s keep building up networks friendliness cooperation and mutual support because that this is a complicated year astrologically and it’ll help to have allies.

Mercury enters Pisces on Monday in the midst of some emotional and celebratory aspects that can help us create a temporary truce or negotiate a more pleasant mood early in the week. But mysteries will abound as it approaches a conjunction with Neptune next week. We may need to dwell in uncertainty and walk forward nonetheless. We may lose our objectivity towards the middle of the week and feel our edges sharpen by the end of the week as the Sun enters Aries and the Moon dives into Scorpio.

Although this month is busy, heavily-scheduled astrologically, our energy may be generally low, nervy more than strong. It can help to take a lot of breaks and pace oneself to keep up. Our energy will probably flood back after Thursday’s Vernal Equinox. Welcome spring!

Friday, March 14: Strange, unsettled and nervous energy is set off by the Moon in Virgo as Mercury semi-squares erratic Uranus and trines energized Mars, but we can scintillate anyway. Nervousness earlier in the day requires that we manage anxiety carefully so we don’t start fires with our nervous sparks. Mechanical issues need attention. If people are edgy, sympathized with their nerves and watch them melt. Afternoon is brilliant in fits and bursts, with lazy spells in between. Evening is direct, energized, funny but with a snarky edge.

Saturday, March 15: The day is interesting and idea-filled if we can let go of self-consciousness or self-critical edge and stay centered as the winds blow around us. It’s a good day to be curious around a pack of people, at a craft fair or class for instance, we’re ready for lots of new input. But we can feel permeable and pick up too much from others unless we stay grounded and collected. Be curious but focused, not scattered. Tonight we want to unwind and connect, but a certain restlessness can make it hard to be content.

Sunday, March 16: The mood is tricky as Mercury challenges Pluto under a full Moon in Virgo. Logic can get twisted; don’t trust mental machinations, and deal with concerns clean, calming, de-escalating and wise way. Clean house; spring cleaning channels this energy well, just don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. The mood relaxes towards the evening as the Moon enters Libra; we all just want to get along. Let’s speak up and share if we suddenly see the other person’s perspective.

Monday, March 17: Stay grounded and enjoy the party. After a technically tricky morning, the mood smoothes out and shifts to party mode for St. Patrick’s Day as Venus quincunx Jupiter under a sociable Libra Moon. Sociable, emotional, we do the strangest thing for love or for fun. Mercury enters Pisces and brings out the poetic side, gives us a kiss of Blarney but makes us even less practical. A breakthrough on tough negotiations or temporary truce is possible though we’re aware of the pain of vulnerability. The mood is intuitive, impressionable, and easily inebriated; drive safe tonight.

Tuesday, March 18: A spring fever in the air as creative, romantic Venus sextiles exploratory Uranus, we’re ready to break out of our winter isolation and check out new ideas and new people. Use the agreeability to broach new ideas and try things out. Feel the urge to change aesthetics and a desire to create beauty, move furniture or experiment artistically. The day wanders but we become more decisive tonight as the Moon conjunct Mars, and we may have to deal with old conflicts we thought we once settled. Be diplomatic, but not passive-aggressive.

Wednesday, March 19: This is a highly intuitive and subjective day, wonderful for spending the day in retreat, research, or doing yoga but anything else may feel like sandpaper and we may want to withdraw from the rough workaday world. If we are made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable we can lash out, as a person or as a country, while the Moon enters Scorpio and trines Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. We read each other’s energy more than our words, so let’s be careful what we project. People may seem oblivious, but really they’re being self-protective; if we back off and get subtle, they can hear us better. Dive inwards, be gentle outwards. This is the astrological New Year’s Eve, feel the sense of anticipation. Prepare personal resolutions/invocations.

Thursday, March 20: Spring roars in as the Sun enters Aries at 11:57 AM CDT. With the Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio this can be a combustible day, so let’s watch what we jump into. Allergens can aggravate. Even though it’s the first day of spring, we take some new problem more seriously and feel our age as the Moon conjunct Saturn. Make those invocations for the New Year tonight.

Starcodes March 7 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s get on with it this week. Even though the Sun is still in intuitive low-energy Pisces, this week it trines productive Saturn and expansive Jupiter and asks us to some sweat equity into our dreams. Make it so.

This week is a window of relative efficiency and cooperation in a roller-coaster of a season, so let’s use it to get our plans formulated and our teams aligned. Our plans need to stay flexible, but if we organize now, we can use this spring’s exciting aspects as wind in our sails (in between interruptions for more urgent work).

It’s a good week to get our point across; communication flows pretty easily and we can organize our thoughts, though we’ll tend to worry as a general habit. People can both keep to the point while being able to see the big picture as cerebral Mercury in far-sighted (if stubborn) Aquarius trines muscular Mars in Libra and squares durable, rigorous Saturn under a waxing Moon. This combination does activate the old boy network; notice familiar patriarchal commentary and saber rattling in the news, and tends to have us dig in our heels around out philosophies and world view.

But it also supports sending out letters, proposals resumes and encourages a productive discussion about our vision. Let’s talk first about why we do what we do, not just how, and then buckled down to the nitty-gritty.

Our minds will be active but our bodies may notice a lazy or deeply-tired streak that competes with this productive burst; we have to push through some physical resistance or dark desire to do things the easy way in order to tackle the real work involved. Let’s take care of the body and listens to its needs, push past the laziness but not past physical reserves.

Friday and Saturday the mood is nervy if scattered under a Gemini Moon. Sunday through Tuesday the mood is more self-protective and strategic. Midweek is interpersonally exciting and subjective but a good time to reach out and make fresh connections.

The social atmosphere is generally friendly if not particularly intimate. Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Libra, both air signs, can give us some objectivity and take the heat out of parentheses but add stubbornness to) ongoing negotiations. Most people are open and responsive if we don’t ask too much from them emotionally. This less passionate friendliness may dampen a budding romance, but help us build a friendship first. If relationships have been tense this winter, we can now rekindle the friendship without getting too heavy or serious, rebuild trust and enjoy camaraderie with mutual helpfulness and snappy repartee with a sense of humor.

Though many people would rather not go into the deepest depths of their emotional nature, they may be willing to talk about anything else. Renewed friendships will really help in the exciting and challenge-filled months ahead.

Friday, March 7: The mood is nervy, anxious, interested and with a low attention span or ability to concentrate under a verbal Gemini Moon. Think short memos and quick email updates. Pay attention during morning confusion or sloppy conditions, let people connect by telling you their woes or talking about the weather, and then move into a productive and busy day with everyone on the same page. The vibe is ingenious and creative, just not necessarily deepen rigorous. Watch the glib speakers, everyone’s telling stories, and some of them are just wishful thinking. Tonight the mood is funny and sociable; people want to be out and about and in the conversation, just don’t get hurt feelings if they get distracted. Late-night we may stub our psychic toe on some old and familiar sore place, but can respond differently this time around.

Saturday, March 8: Our efforts to communicate may have timing problems this morning as the Sun and Moon square off in mutable signs, as if we are both trying to get out the door same time. Toes will be stepped upon, but that’s probably not the intention. We may find inefficient puttering but pleasant wandering this morning. Communication opens up midday, it’s a great time to run into fascinating people or talk up strangers on a bus. It’s also a productive time to go back and connect with old neighbors or old family groups. Just don’t expect anyone to concentrate. Notice an odd gallows-like humor, we can laugh at heartbreaking things, but this can help us cope. After low-energy spell around dinner time, the evening calls for dancing shoes.

Sunday, March 9: Take a long brunch, enjoy breakfast in bed or meditation with friends, let’s investigate what comfort means to us on this cozy Cancer Moon morning. We really need to feel safe with dear ones this morning and won’t tolerate if someone gets cranky with us or pokes us; lend us support, because the rest the world may be giving us a hard time. Boundaries are protected. Midday, it pays to tend the threads of longest term relationship and check in with elders with the oldest friends. Social conscience stirs this afternoon, how do we make others people feel at home who have been marginalized. Evening is low energy but idealistic if a bit cynical, we may plan to go out but will tend to stay home.

Monday, March 10: Overnight cozy dreams can make it hard to get up as the Moon conjunct Jupiter. Early morning static can make the commute tricky and incoming news unsettling. Stay cool and don’t jump to assumptions as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. We may have trouble digesting either food or tough advice. Our defenses are easily triggered. If people are crabby, back off and give them room or reassurance. Mercury and Saturn square this afternoon and call for rigorous thinking, careful editing. Although we can crunch the numbers or really work things through, it’s hard to let go and let flow.

Tuesday, March 11: We can work through an emotionally touchy problem or find a creative compromise that can work, though it may test us equally as the Moon, Saturn, and the Sun form a grand trine in water signs. But it will take endurance and persistence. Look for advice from mentors and be generous with mentorship. We’re ready to knock off work by dinnertime as the Moon enters more celebratory and expressive Leo, though people may lose tact and need more interpersonal engagement. Bath each other in attention.

Wednesday, March 12: With the mood so subjective it’s hard to get out of our own way; give us a chance to make the work personal and we can be enthusiastically involved. Early in the day we may feel one thing and say another. It’s not dishonesty; it really is a mixed reaction as the Moon in Leo opposes Venus in Aquarius. Watch ego posturing complicate international headlines. Later, although it may appear manipulative, it helps to pay attention and treat people as if they are fascinating in order to open the portals of communication. They’ll think we’re brilliant. If we wait for them to notice us first, there may be a stalemate. Restlessness tonight can bring great plans for future adventures.

Thursday, March 13: We can make great strides towards a project that grabs our heart as the Sun trines Saturn today. We are loaned concentration and focus to help us overcome obstacles and deal with limitations, but have to choose the work. Bones may creek, age shows; we’ll feel younger in a few days. Watch a tendency to take oneself too seriously or feel sorry for ourselves or put upon midday; let’s laugh at ourselves and do the work. Strength we have; stretch the body, keep it limber and we stretch the soul.

Starcodes Feb 28 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

It’s our party, we can cry if we want to. The weekend begins with Sun and Moon in sappy, permeable, intuitive Pisces. We feel emotions deeply, everybody’s emotions and not just our own. We may wander in our daydreams or feel like crying for no particular reason, or need to process some emotional backlog. Even the crustiest person can feel empathic, and a true empath may feel raw and sponge-like. While some get sweetly sentimental in response to this sensitivity, others get testy and throw up prickly boundaries. Let’s be safe, soft, but not porcupines.

Some trigger may have made us feel more permeable, tired or vulnerable than usual. It’s tempting to see ourselves as a victim, but that gives our power away. Let’s realize most of us are safer than we think, and ask what we can do to help those who truly need it, because the next few months are full of challenging opportunity. Those who need help will really need it. The rest of us can use this wild time to improve our situation.

So let’s rest Friday and Saturday. Even though we could use a whole weekend dreaming, emoting, and intuiting, we won’t be content just drifting away all week. This is an astrologically active week; as four planets appear to shift direction, our moods and plans also shift tracks, and we have to think fast and accommodate the changes. When planets appear to shift directions we feel the energies swirl and eddy, sometimes turbulently.

Mercury, arbiter of our thinking, communication and transportation, turns direct after several weeks retrograde (taking us on a series of delays or sidebars) and now we need to get on with the bigger patterns of our life. What we lost when Mercury was retrograde, may now show up. Decisions just made may be overturned or need work.
As Mercury and Jupiter both turn direct, Mars and Saturn turn retrograde. Mechanical equipment may need repairs, mechanics and chiropractors get busy. Our work can feel like it is stopping and starting, just as we get some momentum going, another snowstorm or personal event needs our attention or turns our thoughts inwards. Retrograde planets send us back to finish unfinished business. They take us back on a spiral, back to an old site, but one level further along.

As Mars and Saturn retrograde this week they keep the boat tipping back and forth and send volleys across the generation gap, gender differences, and chains of command. We may not know who’s on first.

This week’s short-term excitement works over a larger longer-range transformative aspect. The freedom-loving culturally revolutionary planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto form three corners of a square now through the summer. Mars joins them to complete a revolutionary grand square in April (we’ll be talking a lot about this grand square in the coming months.) This pattern is already cranking up our fervor for freedom in the tight corners of the world, in Kiev and Venezuela and also in the teenagers around us. Bad relationships are no longer tolerable. Though with this line-up we may be tempted to see conflict in the terms of victim-perpetrator, oppressor-oppressed, even in our family dynamics, it will be more powerful to move out of that paradigm and negotiate for what’s best for all.

As this weekend begins, the Sun and Moon in emotional Pisces both trine Jupiter and encourage an overflow of emotions and natural generosity. So let’s be kind and helpful. March then roars in like a lion. After feelings so vulnerable early in the weekend, our bravery and activation roars on Sunday and Monday when the Moon shifts to Aries. Early next week Mercury begins to build up momentum and it’s important to follow through on any decisions, plans, or travel arrangements we made last week to confirm or adjust. See what needs to be done. It pays to be in there with solutions when hidden problems get exposed.

As Mars and Saturn turn retrograde we may also question some aspect of our fundamental security or the course of our life’s work. There are many big changes brewing astrologically this spring and we can feel the pot stirring now. But this can work for us. We’ll need to embrace the good changes and respond wisely to the challenges.
We may also need to say farewell to some cultural parental figure or mentor whose time has come, or mourn ones we lost a long time ago. If we question the wisdom we’ve learned and challenge our training, we don’t have dive into existential angst. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater when questions arise; instead let’s take the time to sort out the gift of a teaching, exhale the rest, and find our own wisdom.

Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Wednesday, just as expansive Jupiter turns direct, and helps us connect to our community. Facebook buzzes and meetings gather. Our friends may become a little less intimate and a bit more socially conscious. Kids want more of their peer group and less of their families, though family dinners can be more fun. We’re in this together.

Friday, February 28: Rest would be nice. We may feel overwhelmed or as if we just can’t take some situation any longer. The mood is confusing, soggy, sensitive, but in the long run, hopeful. The Moon is in sensitive Pisces, conjunct intuitive Neptune and Mercury is just beginning to move forward this morning. After a slow or mushy start, we may have a lot to straighten out though still won’t be a tower of efficiency. Notice a stirring of new ideas. Our spirits may lift as the Sun approaches a trine to Jupiter tonight, let’s let beauty touch our sensitive nerve endings.

Saturday, March 1: Dream and meander on this New Moon in Pisces, and as Mars turns retrograde. This morning we may feel melancholy or sentimental and need to reminisce or curl up with a good book. It’s a good time to dive into the creative process or check the auspices. Our intuition is strong when we listen to our subtle voices, and if we are not in were not wrapped up in our daily drama. But that may be hard to do when we’re feeling so sensitive. Because people’s feelings get hurt so easily, share hopes but avoid confrontation for now. Don’t pull out the guilt card or lay responsibility for one person’s happiness on to another; stay empowered and stay safe. Tonight share a dream, a movie or show and absorb something beautiful together.

Sunday, March 2: Yesterday’s hurt feelings become today’s argument under a feisty Aries Moon. Instead of defensive confrontation, validate feelings and move on. Keep it spacious; find safe ways to express individuality. We want to be more decisive and have a new thread of impatience. Get to the point and make suggestions action oriented, but avoid giving direct orders. Work tactfully around any conflict about the chain of command. We are ready to change some situation we’ve been stuck in and will gleefully explore options, but hate to be told what to do. We may really want to ditch our responsibilities and do something spontaneous, but need to follow through and make good on our word.

Monday, March 3: It’s important to assess the situation and check in with one another, the work landscape may look very different and we need to get on the same page with our team before we get rolling. Expect the unexpected as the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus this morning. Respond, but don’t let debate degenerate into fight as Venus and Mars square off. Relationships can feel more adversarial than necessary. If conflicts distract from work, vent safely elsewhere to avoid a headache, and then negotiate. Deal creatively with questions around authority; how to model the good version and challenge the bad. Wait at least one day to push upon forward on business or structural questions, but get on with the rest.

Tuesday, March 4: Like flint on steel, we strike sparks this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, and the Sun semi-squares Venus. Let’s watch what fires we light. As the Moon enters steady Taurus around noon we can settle in and get in a groove, become less feisty if less flexible, but may get hungry or need our senses fed. This is a fertile time to offer proposals or send out resumes. We need roots to nourish tonight.

Wednesday, March 5: Keep the pace steady; don’t let a new perception of how much work there is to do overwhelm as the Moon squares both Mercury and Saturn. Bureaucratic processes may snarl up and need extra patience will. Encourage one another through flagging enthusiasm. A new sense of friendly collegiality helps as Venus enters Aquarius. Watch for a tendency to break into factions or groups, but see how the community can help. If beloveds need to blow off the family and reconnect with peers, given them guilt free room to do so.

Thursday, March 6: Kibitz. Make the effort to socialize today; meetings will take diplomacy and tact, but important connections made now can lay an interesting understructure for work ahead as Venus squares the nodes. Morning is more productive than afternoon; work early then take a moment for self-care or to check in with people in need this afternoon. Karmic responsibilities knock. Tonight, the Moon enters talkative Gemini and the conversation speeds up, we may grow nervous about an impending change, but can help one another adjust.

Starcodes Feb 21, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Spring is coming soon, honest. Most of us are plenty sick of the icy snows, it’s been a long winter, but have we really inhaled enough of the deep winter quiet? This year’s wild astrological aspects have kept us hopping rather than really letting us hibernate and renew in the deep quiet unless we took sick or got snowed in.

This weekend is perfect for a mini-retreat as the Sun conjuncts intuitive, spacey Neptune and calls us within. It may take us some discipline to carve out the space, but we might as well take this retreat, because glitches will pile up if push forward and any decision or truce we make now will probably have to be re-adjusted in a few weeks. Mercury is still retrograde (Feb. 6-28) and slows us down. Let’s use our time wisely and renew in our bear cave, in the wells of our psyche.

Yes, it may be the perfect time to be on a sunlit balmy beach, and enjoy your good timing if that is your wyrd, but those of us caught in the cold won’t want to hear about it. We can, though, take ourselves to some equally sunlit place in our soul and bathe in the waters of creativity and rest. Renew in the wells of our psyche, in our intuition, imagination, creative process connection to spirit. Remember our connection to the natural world were to our source.

Most tasks will wait until Monday when the Moon and mood heads into pragmatic Capricorn our work ethic improves even though conditions may still be confusing and our thoughts may linger in escapist landscapes. Let the interior landscape be beautiful and hopeful though; all this month it’s too easy to borrow trouble from the future. Our imagination can perseverate on our anxieties or concerns. If we start the wind out on our worries, let’s rein that in and take it one day at a time.

The Mercury-retrograde fog thickens as Mercury appears to slow down before it turns direct on Friday. Driving conditions may stay uncomfortable, small accidents increase, problems with orders, messages, and computer systems proliferate, but we can keep our sense of humor and enjoy each other’s company in any case. We can use this dreamy time, not to push forward, but to catch up on loose ends and follow through, and finish up what’s already on the boards. And dream, this time it is pregnant with next year’s possibilities, but we have dream them into being.

Because communication can be erratic, and romantic Venus and Mars are moving towards square, relationships do better when we talk less and hug (with permission) more. As Venus and Mars begin to form a square, families may find that everyone’s rhythms and needs move out of sync, so we have to consciously connect, rather than assume we’ll see each other in the crossover.

There is a potential for breakthrough on Wednesday and Thursday but that may or may not be a good thing. We can feel irritable and frustrated, wanting to free ourselves some from past restrictions and jump forward injudiciously, or try to push people and things out of our way and only stub our toe. The mood is rebellious and not particularly wise; our judgment is questionable as Mercury stations to turn direct and Jupiter perfects its squares to Uranus. If crazy ideas come up, let’s take a deep breath, then wait and see if we still feel like doing it on Monday.

Friday, February 21: It’s day to concentrate, and enjoy the privacy of our own corner. Have patience, look deep, but don’t get lost in the back corners of the psyche. The broody Scorpio Moon squares Mercury midmorning; if irritating circumstances occur, acknowledge feelings but act to promote understanding. Investigate a conundrum or signs of malfeasance but watch a tendency to get unusually suspicious, dour or linger over thoughts of revenge. Midafternoon a Moon-Saturn conjunction asks us to control ourselves and get on with our work, rely on systems and discipline but remember our personal authority. Tonight people need boundaries respected, quiet company and acceptance.

Saturday, February 22: We get a fresher perspective this morning with the Moon exploratory, outdoorsy Sagittarius and as the Sun squares Neptune. It pays to throw away the schedule and follow one’s bliss, listen to what the soul needs to unwind and find joy. Miscues and distractions can cause relationship lips, if so stop and get back on the same page or give each other a long leash and come back together later. Watch transportation problems, weather reports and ecological news. Conditions are most creative but confusing midday, evening the mood is more sociable and flexible as the Moon trines Uranus. A change of scene furthers.

Sunday, February 23: Anything we do to dream, create, listen to our soul will further; any attempt to be efficient and practical and get places will run into glitches as the Sun conjuncts confusing, intuitive Neptune. Drift, dream, cut each other a lot of slack, help each other be safe, secure, accepted. Share stories, nap often, rest up.

Monday, February 24: Conditions are still confusing as the sun pulls away from its square with Neptune, but the Capricorn Moon asks to get on with life anyway. Expect people to be busy but not really know where they’re going. Live it, don’t push; move forward with awareness and steadiness. Work around resistance. Since we worry easily these days, we are sure working companions with signs of progress, even if their hard to find. Complete, correct, and review. Lean in on old friends, remind one another of the good times, and remember warmth and trust.

Tuesday, February 25: Echoes of the past resurface for fixing or healing as Pluto sextiles Chiron.
We can help one another see past problems in a different light. Estranged friends or separated contacts may circle back and offer us a chance to succeed or at least hold steady where once we failed. But when these echoes arise, let’s not get lost in the past but remember that we’re different person now, and can take a different approach. Midday may require endurance, evening is logistically difficult but warmhearted as the Moon conjuncts friendly Venus.

Wednesday, February 26: The mood is wacky and diffuse. We’re affected by our group with the Moon in communal Aquarius and can feel sympathy for each other’s frustrations. Something is breaking through; let’s make that love not lava. What goes around comes around mid-day; we get a karmic boomerang for better or worse. Keep goals modest and eyes on safety. If irritable, put a cork in it; say no more than necessary and negotiate tomorrow.

Thursday, February 27: Hold still gently and deal with what’s on the table for the day. Apply healthy habits, support friendships and other collaborative energies, just don’t make long term decisions purchases as Mercury stations (appears to hold still) to turn direct tomorrow. Watch the mental chatter; keep the mind in the present moment and solution-oriented; be kind to concerns but don’t let them run the show. Check in with one another midday as the Moon conjunct Mercury, then rest and commiserate tonight as the Moon square Saturn. We’ll feel younger and more hopeful next week.

Starcodes February 14, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Valentine’s Day is always tricky, as it gets so loaded with our expectations and potential disappointments. It is a true Aquarian holiday, and Aquarius encourages us to search for the ideal but can leave us stuck in the abstract ideal. Our modern Valentine’s Day traditions give us a theory of how the holiday should go, what we should do if we love and when we should do it, and that can put a lot of pressure on us poor fallible mortals.

This Valentine’s Day can be particularly tricky, as Mercury is now retrograde in Aquarius and can make us forgetful and while being well- meaning, not so observant of the people near us. It can also trip us up with technical snafus or complicate our reservations and assignations. The best laid plans may go awry. All as a Full Moon in extroverted, expressive Leo cranks up our desire to express ourselves generously, speak in hyperbole, and be treated like royalty.

Let Valentine’s Day be an opportunity to express feelings but not hold people up to external standards. Make the most of the evening, and with a positive attitude, bond over any snafus. If alone, a radical act of generosity can celebrate the heart (and be more recognizable as an expression of love to both Aquarius, and the various saints they call Valentine). Aquarius is a sign of community, and may feel better (and less emotionally loaded) in a communal celebration around music or other artistic expression. Because Mercury retrograde has its own plans, spontaneous last-minute enthusiasms will probably be more successful than complex plans.

Remember, with Mercury retrograde we can do wonderful things, particularly things that take us within ourselves, or which help us use resources from the past, old friends, familiar haunts, connections we have woven together through time. It is a great time to finish any unfinished business. But if any situation starts to go south, particularly a tough relationship talk, give it breathing room. Do not pursue at the moment, listen to the feelings and concerns, but do not try to talk it out. Agree to think about what has been said, and come back later. So much of the problem can turn out to be a misunderstanding or passing anxiety triggered by our old ghosts and wounds, and not our real feelings about the present or the potential future. Let’s be modest about our ability to know where we’re heading next.

The Moon moves into more workmanlike Virgo on Saturday and Sunday and brings us back down to earth, making it time for long baths and deep analysis. We have work to do. But let’s keep that wonderful Virgoan critical thinking entwined with kindness.

Mercury forms an uncomfortable semi-square to Uranus and Pluto on Sunday and Monday, and exacerbates our tendency to worry. If only we could take the week off and bathe our tired minds in sunlight on a deserted beach, because we’re not thinking very efficiently right now, and can worry over the strangest things. Subtle anxiety can make us act out unless we stay conscious of our responses. This can also be an accident-prone time, so please play it safe around equipment and ice-patches. Websites may have problems, or electrical systems get strange. But not all worry is useless; underneath the unnecessary concerns we may also discover some unsettling information. So listen for important clues about major ongoing problems

Although conditions may still be rocky on Monday morning, the workweek begins to sing if we put interpersonal relationships ahead of efficiency while the Moon works through friendly Libra as our mutual goodwill can help us smooth turbulence caused by small delays. We can work together and make it easier, or blame each other for the glitches, but that won’t solve anything.

Delays and frustrations can mount up midweek as Mercury Square Saturn so it pays to keep a good book on you and be ready to find creative uses of delays. An interesting person may be next to you when the line stops, look around for possibilities created when plans change.

We move into a deeper relationship with our muse (or our internal demons) as the Sun enters intuitive, sensitive Pisces, the last and most introspective month of the year, on Tuesday, and The Moon enters broody introspective Scorpio late on Wednesday. Our mind casts back over the past with Mercury retrograde but we can make it a healing retrospective if we hold that intention.

Friday, February 14: Morning is energized and ingenious as Mars trines the Sun. The quality of our mutual attention is most important. Midday we tend to bump egos and get discouraged or bored easily. The Full Moon peaks in melodramatic Leo around dinnertime and splash our emotions all over the place. Leo can be abundantly generous, and generosity can be the cure for loneliness; get into the heart of giving to one or to the many. Celebrate early; communication is more stressed later on.

Saturday, Feb 15: Concerns discomfit us this morning as thoughtful Mercury semi-squares deep Pluto under a task-oriented Virgo Moon. Our minds want to analyze, unless we challenge them well, they can analyze everything that’s gone wrong recently. So put the mind to work improving the world, rather than criticizing of the people. Keep the heart in Virgo compassion. Catch up on less romantic, more cerebral events. It may help to celebrate the spoken word tonight; conversation, poetry, a play or debate, and distract the mind from unnecessary worry.

Sunday, Feb 16: Correct misperceptions about the past; dig out a closet, face an old adversary, or honestly reassess a charged event. Look into history with critical mind as Mercury trines Mars, while the Sun semi-squares discontent Pluto. We can choose to get snarky, or do this with love and get old splinters out. Or we can feel that we have not done enough toward some goal and feel motivated to fix this. Our energy may be a little off, our bodies little achy, but rather than focus on the problem, let’s focus on what makes us feel healthier.

Monday, Feb 17: If we feel out of sorts this morning, let’s do what we can to get settled and get in our bodies before we launch into the week. Take a look at the concerns on the table but don’t let them run the show. Look for creative solutions, easier to find afternoon when the Moon enters friendlier and more collaborative Libra.

Tuesday, Feb 18: check for changes in plans first thing this morning as the Moon squares Uranus, then spend the next few days socializing, adjusting, connecting, while the moon in friendly Libra trines the sun. Work out kinks in relationships, tend to bureaucratic work, have work meetings, bond over problem-solving, call difficult relatives anything that it takes goodwill to move smoothly.

Wednesday, Feb 19: be ready to work around transportation difficulties this morning as Mercury square Saturn. If communication bogs, slow down and define terms. Take any frustration and use it as a reason to focus and accomplish what needs to be done. Find diplomatic ways around some confusion about who’s in charge of what.

Thursday, Feb 20: The mood is sensitive and squirrelly; we can get grim easily or go to the dark corners of our mind as the Scorpio Moon approaches Saturn. Try not to poke people on their tender trigger places. Afternoon is more expansive, if more emotional; float in the river of emotions, let them flow through rather than attach to the story. Take time away within gently as needed, rather than push people away. It furthers to have a focus to concentrate upon.