Starcodes, September 26, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.
Paul Tillich

It’s time to get serious; the Moon enters Scorpio today and Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow. Scorpio encourages us to concentrate our attention and delve into the core of things. It brings our attention within or with more laser-like focus without. Scorpio is represented by both a soaring phoenix and by a scorpion that lurks under rocks, symbolizing transcendental focus on one side and well-defended delving curiosity on the other.

One of Scorpio’s key phrases could be “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” Maybe we do need to wake up to the dangers of climate shift, Ebola, or a dysfunctional relationship, but, yes, Mercury in Scorpio can make us a little paranoid or jealous. Scorpio can help us perceive more deeply and look at the real roots of the problem. But we can so easily see those details out of context. It’s too easy to waste our energy on a harebrained suspicion or resenting that someone has something we don’t. It will take mental discipline to suspend our story and suspend our assumptions until we have more information.

The cure for this Scorpionic over-focus can be to obsess on something productive. Mercury Scorpio’s concentration can be wonderfully meditative for any project that needs mental durability. It’s great for scientific or journalistic research or anywhere we can search for objective facts. But let’s be very careful with editorial interpretation of what we find while Mercury’s here (Sept28-Oct 10, Oct 24-Nov16). Mercury turns retrograde on October 5 and already now appears to move slower, and this begins to muddy our thinking process and glitch up communication and transportation. We can use this new Mercury in Scorpio focus to get organized for those three weeks of Mercury retrograde (Oct. 5-27) so we’re ready to use that time to review and follow through.

With the Sun in creative Venusian Libra, one way to use this focus is to pull out the art supplies and have a long conversation with the soul. But maybe do so where nobody’s looking: with Venus still in Virgo we can be self-critical and self-conscious if we think we have an audience.

After Venus joins the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra on Tuesday, we may be braver with our creative process, and more easily forgiving of one another, but also will tend to have higher expectations of our emotional life for the next few weeks. So let’s not take our romantic interests for granted now. If we need time alone, which is understandable with Mercury in Scorpio, let’s make sure our significant others feel loved and appreciated, and knows when we’ll return.

With Venus in Libra we may also become more confrontation- adverse and in need of peace in our daily life. And more open to new sparks of relationship. Mercury in Scorpio also brings muskiness to our thought process, affected by the primal qualities of love and hate, attraction and repulsion. Fall romances conflagrate easily.

Mars, that activity instigator, moves into a dynamic trine with Jupiter and Uranus in fire signs over the next week and wants to stir up trouble, whether delightful trouble or destructive trouble. This grand trine brings a restless sense of adventure and a rebellion against anything that doesn’t work. As Mercury appears to slow down to turn retrograde, let’s be careful be careful when we leap down mountains, or drive swerving roads to look at glorious gold-touched autumnal scenery. We’ll need extra time outside and connected to the natural world, extra time moving our bodies and moving our minds, but may also need extra attention toward safety.

This ingenious Mars/Uranus/Jupiter grand trine in fire signs can really activate coalitions for positive change, particularly positive change around the ecosystem. Mars now activates its guardian nature in the sign of Sagittarius, whose symbol is a centaur, a human-animal combination that speaks of our human connection to the natural world. We saw this aspect of grand trine kick at the NYC People’s Climate March; let’s keep the momentum going.

This grand trine can help us move forward with unusual shoot-from-the hip honesty. It can give us the physical oomph we need (once we get going), and will inspire fall athletics as well as support the physical labor needed to bring in the harvest. It also can bring a rumble of impatient temper to underline all we do. Just when Venus in Libra encourages us to avoid confrontation and Mercury in Scorpio is ready with the pointed and snappy comeback. So let’s just watch what sparks we light.

Friday, September 26: Overnight dreams can bring new clarity as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and then entered Scorpio. We are unusually intuitive, but may be a little on the suspicious side. Feel the tug of longing, but don’t waste it wanting what somebody else has, but use it as inspiration instead. Reach out this morning, but not too far; respect boundaries. Later on, let’s not take it personally if people pull within and become more reserved, as it really isn’t about us. Tonight, the Moon trine’s Neptune and we may want to let the practical world go and find some positive magic.

Saturday, September 27: We can wander companionably together, hold hands while each one resides in our own universe, but don’t push us to connect or rush us out the door. Morning is more expensive and curious as the Moon squares Jupiter. We may feel older or tired early tonight as the evening grows more serious and thoughtful as the Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn. And if we are out having fun, there may be a moment we look around and wonder what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it with these people. Debate cleanly.

Sunday, September 28: Kick back. The mood becomes more sociable, open, and peripatetic under a fresh and direct Sagittarius Moon. A sense of humor helps us accept one another and look farther afield for an answer. We may need to let go of a path that’s come to its end, and this leaves us both a little bittersweet but with more room in our life. Wander. Look for a chance to be unusually honest, but take the sting out of the message. Converse with strangers or about strange things this afternoon. Fights get more likely closer to midnight as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Monday, September 29: Venus enters its home sign of Libra and we’re ready for a fall romance, or renewed peacekeeping missions. We may feel a sudden craving for beautiful things. The Moon forms a grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter this afternoon and we’re ready to make liberating changes on the home front.

Tuesday, September 30: An odd, wandering day where new ideas are broached, but it’s hard to get the wind in our sails. Experiment, putter, wander, follow up, answer emails, but forgive a certain lack-luster momentum. We can grow more motivated and serious tonight as the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn.

Wednesday, October 1: A socially awkward, tender, yet pragmatically competent day, we can get a lot done, but we’ll tend to step on toes and that can make us even more self-conscious and blundering. Return to practicalities to find balance. Watch for a moody power struggle tonight as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Check in with easily-depressed friends. Keep priorities clear.

Thursday, October 2: People are feeling curious but contrary this morning. We may feel slowed down by a series of snafus, but this offers us a chance to solve some problems upfront and create ease later on. We’ll appreciate people who can help us solve our problem, without telling us what that problem is. Let’s pace ourselves and not be discouraged. Be ready to adjust plans and balance the need for control with the need for freedom midday as the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries. This afternoon, play interactions for karmic consequences; what goes around will indeed come back around, and quickly.

Starcodes, September 19, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Make lists and get them done this weekend under Sun and Venus and in industrious Virgo. But don’t make those lists too long; Virgo can bring out our self-criticism, sometimes even a paralyzing self-criticism, and slow us down. It would be much better to make short lists, scratch them off one at a time, celebrate, and take another step. This keeps us from getting overwhelmed and stokes our sense of accomplishment.

Virgo is a mutable sign; mutable signs sit at the end of the season when the weather shifts back and forth between the seasons, adjusting minute-by-minute, translating and mutating one season to the other. The tree outside our window now changes daily, the warm rich colors of autumn paint the south-facing leaves, and those leaves drift down to change our landscape. Mutable signs, by their virtue of their ability to adjust, multitask and track many things at once, can be overwhelmed when they see how many individual parts go into making up the whole.

So these Virgo planets can help us see all the things that we could do, and with that inimitable Virgo sense of responsibility, should do, but can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the very idea. Much better we chunk the work down, celebrate each little victory, and see how far we can get.

The weekend begins under a more sociable and relaxed Leo Moon. We may need to come back to ourselves after an emotional few days under a recent challenged Cancer Moon. We are encouraged to create a more heart-centered world through our work and through our socializing, through our emotional outreach. The Moon enters Virgo on Sunday and sends us back to our chores and our self-improvement projects; we can make great progress as long as we don’t get lost in critique or self-criticism.

Mars also squares Neptune and can help us let go. This aspect can engender doubt as to what we’re doing next and where we want to go, but it can also soften our heart and help us let go of the anger we’ve been carrying. Or make us irritable about an imagined small slight or by a difference in spiritual philosophy; it’s our choice how we respond (do we Mars are Neptune, or Neptune are Mars?). Neptune softens whatever touches but also confuses and fusses the edges, and Mars coincides with what ticks us off, what protects us, and what drives us.

Mars symbolizes our energy pack and our immune system, with Mars square Neptune our energy may be variable and fuzzy, there when we’re inspired, but not otherwise. We may find our immune system feeling a little wobbly, so anything we can do to support our sense of healthy boundaries both emotionally, physically, psychologically, to strengthen our Jade screen (as it can be referred to in Chinese medicine) will be helpful now.

Mother Theresa, an archetype of inspired nursing, had the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo. So under these Virgo planets, and with Mars square Neptune, let’s nurse ourselves and one another into vibrant health. This is a powerful time to watch the Ebola epidemic and consider our global responsibility to those suffering, and to keep an eye on the recent outbreak of respiratory disease in the Midwest. Let’s get strong and healthy, and support those dealing with illness.

Monday marks a pivot point, Pluto turns direct after several months retrograde and the Sun enters Libra, marking the autumn equinox at 8:29 PM. Early next week brings unusual opportunity both for open warfare and for peaceful negotiations as we search for a new equilibrium as the day and night balance and find theirs.

Pluto stationary (Pluto appears to hold still in the sky as it turns direct) focuses questions about what is healthy use of power and what is misuse of power. And we mean power in all senses of the word; look for debate around fossil fuel usage, around political power and military might, and watch for simple tugs of power on the home front or in the community meeting. Depression can thicken. If confronted with one of these struggles, it pays to disengage the struggle, and focus on personal empowerment and power engaged with responsibility.

On Tuesday, the Moon conjunct Venus and joins the Sun in peace-loving Venus-ruled Libra, and continues to open the doors of the heart through the New Moon in Libra early Wednesday morning. Use this opening to create new beginnings in friendships, relationships. Let’s find ourselves on a more equal footing with all our cohorts.

Jupiter trines Uranus midweek and heralds a few months of technological ingenuity. We can look for exciting new opportunities and technological breakthrough to follow from this time. But for now, we may be low on common sense, but unusually high in intuition, ingenuity and scientific ability.

Remember that Mercury turns retrograde on October 5; it’s already in its shadow, the area it backs over during its three weeks retrograde. So this is a good week to tend to unfinished business and get plans made and orders lined up before the three-week retrograde cycle begins. Already we need to take a little extra effort to make sure messages get through as they were intended and work followed through until completion.

Friday, September 19: We can get a lot done if we pay attention to the right people along the way as the Leo Moon trines Mars. Consider contacting bosses, heads of organizations, the top person on the totem pole (or using our position as such) with mutual respect in place, and with a focus on a shared goal. Work wise the day is friendly and competent, but may bring a dramatic storyline through the news. Tonight brings a more extroverted, social aspect; a little fun is good for the soul.

Saturday, September 20: Morning is indulgent and friendly as the Moon conjunct Jupiter and trines Uranus, but the day slows down and gets more serious midday as the Moon squares Saturn. The situation may get more complicated, but we also have more focused and serious energy to apply. Evening radiates and intriguing connections abound; people tend to be more high maintenance, but are worth the effort.

Sunday, September 21: Our immune system may be tender, our energy level variable, but our sense of responsibility deep as the Moon enters Virgo and Mars squares intuitive Neptune. It is easy to list our own and other people’s faults, but this only leaves us nervous. Instead, forgive one another’s foibles as a major health statement. Intuition is strong where we do not have strong opinions; magic shimmers, but ordinary decisions may be fugitive. Arguments sprout easily around philosophies, but otherwise we may not know what we want.

Monday, September 22: Take one step at a time this morning; list the work, but be generous about the time needed. Tend to digestive issues. We see what’s been going on behind the scenes, and trouble may surface, but this can let us get at the real issues as Pluto turns direct. Doors begin to open as day and night reach equilibrium. Proffer olive branches, find a peaceful way through where possible and keep boundaries clean, clear, and uncharged otherwise.

Tuesday, September 23: Use this pleasant day to open doors. It will be easy to waste the opportunity, to just let an easy day go by without demand, or to just want more justice and romance in our life, but we can use this Moon-Venus conjunction with New Moon in Venus-rules Libra to expands possibilities. The planets create openings but we have to choose to walk through.

Wednesday, September 24: A new chapter begins in relationships, legal matters, and our efforts to live in a peaceful, beautiful, egalitarian way. We are painfully aware of anything that does not contribute towards the beauty way. Support this Libra vision even as it is tested tonight as the Moon squares Pluto and reminds us of what makes the heart ache.

Thursday, September 25: Our differing needs and conflicting hopes cans stir up trouble as the Moon opposes and Jupiter trines Uranus. The world is changing, rather than resist, let’s be spacious, inclusive, and inventive. Let’s let our natural leadership unfold and use it in wise and kind ways.

Starcodes Sept 12 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Look up in the evening sky this weekend. Two sizable solar flares are ringing our atmosphere like a bell. They may only interrupt a few signals, but aurora borealis have already been sighted as far south as Arizona (see for more info). An active Sun pumps energy into all other planetary aspects and turns up the volume on history. Like the particles in the atmosphere we can get easily irritated and excited, but may also feel feel washed out or drained.

Luckily, Friday opens with a wonderfully stable grand trine in earth signs, an aspect that encourages us to continue doing what we’re doing in a solid, competent way. So let’s attend to practical, concrete things today. Find pragmatic ways to deal with emotional issues as the Taurus Moon, Venus in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn dance together.

Use this pragmatism as a cure for the blues; notice an undertone of melancholy as Mercury in Libra pulls away from last week’s square to Pluto and a lingering awareness of what’s left, what’s leaving, what’s dangerous, and what’s in the depths of our soul as Mars finishes its last few days in Scorpio (July27-Sept 13) and Venus trines Pluto on Sunday and Monday. Mars is been rolling in the depths, stirring up our subconscious and stirring up the world subcultures for seven weeks. Let this last review be a clean sweep, look enough in the corners and see what’s there, but don’t get stuck in this psychic basement. Chop wood, carry water; one foot in front of the other activates the best of this earthy grand trine and gets us back on track.

Then let’s get ready to have our minds blown, or at least our opinions unsettled as Mercury opposes Uranus, jangles our nerves and wakes us up this weekend. Some shocking, some unusual news or unique perspective can shake up our worldview but help us see things in a new light. We may have a fresh truth, come to a new understanding of ourselves (or deal with the reality we’ve been avoiding) under this urgent, electrifying aspect. Or we may just feel antsy and unsettled. It’s a good time to try on a new way of thinking, but let’s question any story that arises; this aspect can make us nervy and our thinking erratic. So if we suddenly change our mind and want to head off in a new direction, it’s good to wait a few days and let the dust settle before acting.

We also may need to watch out for strange eccentric accidents where movements just don’t go as planned. Be careful carrying hot coffee around dogs and children, and have a sense of humor about slapstick. Be safe. Notice electrical glitches or technical problems, and make sure equipment is backed up. Avoid purchasing new electronic gadgets for a few days. Just be ready to adjust to roll with the punches, and find a fresh way to deal.

As Mars enters Sagittarius late on Saturday, it can give us a fresh emotional resilience and balance that we’ve been missing. Mars in Sagittarius may bring to the surface truths we’ve been brooding upon, but before we start those lethal sentences that began “frankly,” let’s make sure we have the whole truth. Because comments made now will tend to trigger changes that build momentum. Mars in Sagittarius also brings our attention to the international stage and can make us prone to a geographical cure. If we’ve been unhappy at home we may want to go visit a friend in Mozambique. But it may be just the time to hang in there and see if we can make the relationship travel into new territory, not us away from the relationship.

Mars in Sagittarius wants us to get on the road, and will tend to make us irritable wherever we feel trapped. It brings a fresh sense of humor, but can make us less patient and less introspective, which can be a relief after the last few months. We’re encouraged to get out in the woods and commune with nature before winter sets in, and find a new balance or hopefulness in the soul.
But let’s not be too distracted by Mars in Sagittarius, we do have work to do. Mercury enters its shadow on September 16; Mercury turns retrograde on October 5 and retrogrades back to this position before turns direct. So all things Mercurial (communication, writing, paperwork, travel plans) begin to slow down and need more attention to run smoothly. October will be time to follow through, review, catch up, and finish what we put in place now.

Friday, September 12: This is a productive earthy day, we can efficiently do what we do at a steady pace and with heart intact as the Moon in stable, stubborn Taurus trines Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. But we have to walk our talk, we have to believe in what we’re doing. Compassion can stretch us into pragmatic action. We can get more excited this evening, a nervous, accident-prone energy as well as curiosity about the unusual, grows as the evening wears on.

Saturday, September 13: It’s a day of improve. The Moon in Taurus encourages us to want everything stable and solid and familiar, and not leave our comfort zone, but Mercury opposes Uranus and pushes us to change our minds in response to this new information. We want to keep on going, but may need to change plans or make adjustments. Watch out for strange electrical snafus or accidents of inattention. Open the mind to fresh new information, try on fresh perspectives. Energy rises tonight as Mars enters Sagittarius and encourages fresh, if not always tactful, honesty, and calls us to dance the night away.

Sunday, September 14: The mood is fresh, nervy, and staccato as the verbal Gemini Moon opposes Mars and Sagittarius. We think in short sound-bites and speak unusual truths. Get everybody in the dialogue; no monologues please. Venus trines Pluto and reminds us to keep our heart open; the more difficult the situation the more our heart needs to be engaged. By evening we’re more relaxed, but if we are awkwardly erratic because our nervous system is tired, let’s just rest.

Monday, September 15: Once we wake up, and that may take a while, this is a communicative intelligent morning with a certain urgency to follow through on changes in plans and new vision that arrived over the weekend. Take a minute to think through consequences before taking action, and then proceed as the verbal Gemini Moon trines intelligent and fair Mercury in Libra. Mediate needs. Diplomatically broach tough subjects or appeal a recent bad decision.

Tuesday, September 16: Slow the pace and take care of the heart mind and body under a nurturing if defensive Cancer Moon. Don’t push people outside of their comfort zone, instead give room for concerns; be gentle, not reactive. We need to catch up with ourselves and need reassurance. Digestive systems need extra help, good clean comfort food.

Wednesday, September 17: Recent tenderness can bring up an old problem that’s now ready to heal as the Cancer Moon trines Saturn and Venus opposes Chiron. Let’s think about our relationship to personal authority in the face of outside authority, and, instead of getting defensive, gently stand our ground and empower ourselves to make a wiser, more egalitarian decision this time. Tend to healing construction around home, office, and homeland. Our hearts are tender, easily nicked midday, our morale sturdier by evening as the Moon trine Saturn.

Thursday, September 18: Early morning flurry of activity as the Cancer Moon squares Mercury, our mind and body (or ourselves and our cohorts) may disagree on priorities. Midday wanderers, it’s hard to initiate or bring things to conclusion with the Moon void of course, but we can make progress in the midrange. The mood lifts, grow sociable but also more interpersonally demanding, as the Moon enters Leo tonight; we needed privacy over the last few days, and now we need engagement. Don’t overstate needs, but do be open and warmhearted.

Starcodes Sept 5, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s get to work. The planets are lined up for major activity and strategy sessions. It’s time to organize our resources and set our agenda for the fall; people are unusually open-minded as Mercury, symbolizing our mental switchboard and communications nexus, moves briskly forward in cooperative Libra while the Sun and Venus reside in industrious Mercury-ruled Virgo. By the end of the month Mercury slows down to turn retrograde early in October, slowing our plans and introducing complications. Let’s make hay while the Sun shines and Mercury progresses.

But let’s also take care of ourselves in the process; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of the work that needs to be done, how much our world needs and all the details that need to be attended to. Sun and Venus now in Virgo sharpen our perceptions and make us unusual aware of details but can also make it easier to wind out with anxiety and make it harder to see the forest for the trees.

On a tough day with this Virgo lineup we can get stuck focusing on the mess, the specks of dust, the fingerprints on the wall, and the overwhelming weight of the inequities and troubles the modern world. This perception is echoed by Mars and Saturn in heavy, thoughtful Scorpio as they stir up the dark corners of the global psyche and make us painfully aware of our weighty responsibilities.

On a good day Virgo helps us appreciate the beauty of the whole woven together by many atoms and sentient beings. We’re encouraged to see the perfection of the world at the same time noticing what we can improve, release, heal, and add to our understanding. We can see the big picture yet become aware of the individual steps we need to take towards that goal.

Don’t scrimp on self-care now. Virgoan self- maintenance and self-care really can soothe the soul and help us stay in there and do the work at hand. Yoga, a long walk, a pedicure, delicious healthy food, a long talk with a dear friend solving the world’s problems over a cup of tea; none of these repair the world but they can support our nervous system so we can get the job done.

As Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo for the next few weeks it can take some of the heat out of our personal relationships and bring in a new compassion and thoughtfulness; we become more aware of little slights and more appreciative of gentle and earthy gestures. Be generous with the subtle aspects of relationship and speak through thoughtful actions. Venus in Virgo can also bring in need to analyze our relationships for better or worse, let’s remember to live our relationships fully and not just scrutinize them.

Here in the northern hemisphere the Virgo season is time to make seeds. All around us the beans, trees, flowers and grasses are gathering in the summer’s energy and storing it in seed and rhizome for next year’s bounty. So explore how we do this as well, how do we gather in the energy of our summer’s efforts and produce the seeds we need to plant next year’s crop.

Friday begins productive, competent, if full of opinions under and industrious Capricorn Moon. Through the weekend and under an Aquarius Moon we may run into old friends to reweave community for the work ahead.

Let’s not push ahead early next week as the Full Moon in Pisces brings a high tide to our heart and our sensitivities. Handle a detail at a time and celebrate every little victory so as not to be overwhelmed. Find good way to be sensitive, use subtle healing methods and enjoy sharpened perceptions.

Tails begin to twitch and sparks can start fires midweek as the Moon enters feisty Aries, Venus opposes confusing Neptune, and Mercury squares difficult Pluto. With Mercury square Pluto, we can get depressed in response to difficult news or our darker thoughts, and under the Moon in Aries, we may want to lash out or take sudden action in response. Venus opposes Neptune and can make our hearts extra sensitive and compassionate, but also more prone to misunderstandings.

Don’t pour fuel on a fire. Think it through and make sure any action taken is useful and not just reactive. We can get a lot accomplished in a short period of time if we keep the heart connected to the mind and both connected to word and action.

We don’t have to hang on long, just take a deep breath. Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Thursday and brings in a fresh crop of possibilities.

Friday, September 5: Get busy this morning and follow through on earlier ideas; get contracts signed and schedules nailed in place as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Mars and Venus enters Virgo. This afternoon meetings and organizational ideas further, just watch a naysaying or anxious streak; respect concerns, but don’t let them lead. The Moon enters more collaborative and relaxed Aquarius tonight and although an existential melancholy wafts around the edges, it will feel good to gather with like minds.

Saturday, September 6: The mood is communal, not intimate; we may not be fond of discussing our personal issues or exposing our soul in pillow talk (there’s a lot going on in there, but we may need a break) but will enjoy seeing people we haven’t seen in a while and reconnecting with familiar community gathering again after the long summer. Afternoon is funny, expansive, and change-oriented, evening begins with enthusiasm and but we may feel our tiredness earlier than we’d like or need to take the conversation deeper as the Moon squares serious Saturn.

Sunday, September 7: This morning the mood is inclusive, we can pick up old friendships where they left off. Socialize early, and use the afternoon to organize personal work, as conflicting priorities can raise tension while the Moon squares Mars. Work around stubborn arguments over family responsibilities and domestic strategies. We move into our emotional body tonight as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and opposes heartfelt Venus. Yes were hypersensitive, no it’s not just hormones, yes it pays to be kind to one another.

Monday, September 8: The mood is prickly but deeply caring. Atmospheric dreams can make it hard to get out of bed this morning, hard to go face the world as the Moon waxes Full in Pisces, conjuncts dreamy Neptune and sextiles deep Pluto. Go gently, we may feel a little fragile, but are refined perceptions can be a real gift. Be extra supportive to new students in unfamiliar circumstances, but support their independence with a gentle belief in their ability to handle the problem. Put sensitivities to good use. Feel the tension between high expectations of ourselves and others, and a longing for magic to happen. Allergies are exacerbated. Let’s be as sensitive to others as we are to ourselves; we may be called to acts of radical compassion.

Tuesday, September 9. Mercury squares Pluto and asks us what’s missing and what worries us. If we focus on the inadequacies of the people around us, or of the world at large, the view is bleak, and will elicit an intense reaction tonight. Critique sharpens. We want to feel more independent and brave in response to recent tender, dependent feelings, but sometimes the bravest thing to do is to stay calm and hold center.

Wednesday, September 10: we are both sensitive, prone to misperceptions, and reactive, a tricky combination. Venus opposes Neptune and leaves us both creatively open, but unusually confused or laced with projections around emotional decisions. The Moon in Aries brings out our decisive, reactive edge, along with the tendency to move independently, and forget to collaborate or inform. We may need to mourn what’s lost and move on. Fresh horizons expand this afternoon as Mercury sextiles Jupiter; we regain resiliency, lose impulse control, and get ideas. Some of these ideas are wise, some not so much; sort before taking action.

Thursday, September 11: Echoes of the past still resonate this morning, our histamines are up and reactions easily inflamed. We may feel a melancholic ache because we sit with memories, but can choose a steady and competent response as the Sun sextiles Saturn and the Moon enters more durable, calm Taurus tonight. Tonight, prioritize rest, nurturance, and practical preparation. Hug a lot, and enjoy solid, grounding, comfort food.

Starcodes Aug 29, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

We really just don’t know; as Labor Day weekend begins the Sun opposes confusing Neptune and fogs us out. We can drift in into a dreamy state of mind and just not know what we’re doing next. This fog clears by the end of the week and reveals the landscape of the season ahead.

It’s funny how often we celebrate something by exploring its opposite. Labor Day weekend is the industrious Virgo holiday where we honor the workers and take one last break before we jump into a busy fall. As this weekend begins a confusing, spacey Sun-Neptune opposition will happily help us let go of our busy week so we can spend some time alone and rest. It will be good to do as little as possible because this opposition can bring up unknown factors that challenge our judgment, multiply mistakes, and leave us feeling impressionable and escapist. We also need reassurance that the summer magic will not disappear after Labor Day, that something ephemeral and wonderful about our connection to the natural world, and thus to our spirit, will not disappear with the summer clothing and will follow us into the busy season ahead.

We may also be unusually tired or sleepy and in need of a long nap. Morpheus calls us under to do work in the dreamtime. Don’t drink and drive (and watch out for those who do). Enjoy frolicking in the water or imaginative, meditative projects, but watch for problems around water, poison, intoxicants, confusion, and misdirection. Don’t plan ahead; do float, forgive, and renew instead.

This weekend’s broody Moon in Scorpio can take us deep into our dream worlds and activate ongoing Mars in Scorpio (July 27-Sept 13), stirring the depths of our memory, and bringing up some sludge. Don’t believe conspiracy theories. But just because they’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t a grain of truth. This Scorpio Mars (just recently conjunct Saturn and square Venus) has been stirring the bottom of the collective psyche and revealing troublesome corners that really need to be contained and healed. Facts help pierce the Neptunian fog that surrounds the surfacing important nuggets of truth. If we hear something either worrisome or too good to be true, let’s investigate further and get the facts we need.

Labor Day weekend is also traditionally busy time for personal projects, a time when we can labor for our own lives rather than for our job. But we may drift and dream through our work this weekend or just not feel like doing them; if we have household projects, we may feel more industrious and decisive after Saturday.

Early next week thoughtful Mercury enters friendly and relaxed Libra, soothes our nervous system to help us negotiate peace treaties and make new friends, just in time for the new school year. Don’t be surprised if old trust issues still haunt the edges until September 13 when Mars leaves Scorpio, but do notice a new friendliness and willingness to receive overtures.

This has been a tough summer both politically and, for many people, personally. We may have had to let go of people, places, things, and apparent opportunities. But early next week we get clues about what to do with the new room in our life and clues about the incoming concerns and bounty. By mid-week next week the Moon enters industrious Capricorn and it’s time to start planning and mapping the season ahead. It’s important to stay visible with people making key decisions, so work the networks, and be helpful, present, and alive.

Friday, August 29: A confusing if sociable morning makes it easy to drift and dream if challenging to complete tasks and get out of town. Don’t try to get agreement this morning, people are distracted as the Sun opposes Neptune and clouds our judgment. Our efficiency is low, but we can sense spirit. The rest of the day meanders pleasantly if we’re kind and respectful, but people will bristle if they feel disregarded. Prioritize patience over efficiency. Tonight as Venus dances with the nodes we can move our relationships forward along their karmic path; our actions will be remembered.

Saturday, August 30: Our solitudes can touch companionably. The Moon enters Scorpio and the brooding, solitary energy underneath may change our plans. Do not demand attentiveness, people can accompany us but still need to be in their own world processing below the conscious level. Midafternoon a sleepy or dreamy spell as the Moon trines Neptune can move into an abundant evening when the Moon squares Jupiter. Deep wells of emotions flow through, larger than the story at hand, but we may only express a fragment.

Sunday, August 31: A bittersweet edge creeps in; we feel time flowing underneath our bridge this morning as the Moon conjunct Saturn and signs of autumn creep in. We will feel younger in a few days. Serious ways can leave us depressed or melancholic unless we translate them into a sequential project with a beginning, middle, and end. If we blame one another for this heaviness, it will be easy to fight tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars; think of something better to do with creative discontent.

Monday, September 1: On Labor Day we’re supposed to relax from our labors one last time before the fall semester kicks in. Move slowly through this slow interior morning, the mood enlivens late in the day as the Moon enters Sagittarius and stirs our interests in far horizons. We’ve had enough of our inner workings and it’s time to picnic, hike, and share radical honesty.

Tuesday, September 2: Mercury enters Libra as our nervous system columns down and curiosity awakens. Reconnect. We’re ready for a new school year, a new adventure as the restless Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter and Uranus. Though our attention span is short, our interest range is broad. Pitch a fresh approach, because we’re not interested in old methodology. We’ll applaud fresh honesty, and even tactlessness, but armor up quickly if we feel someone’s trying to pick a fight.

Wednesday, September 3: Watch the power dynamics and use determination and body language consciously as the Virgo Sun trines powerful Pluto. Plans begin to coalesce; stay involved and return phone calls. Notice that niggling inner voice that wonders if we are enough or have enough, but don’t let it run the show. We can build trust through integrity, so let’s offer what competence we have, but be honest about what we can and cannot do, and how long it will take to do so.

Thursday, September 4: Map out possibilities, get the syllabus organized and all the ducks in a row under the Capricorn Moon. Lingering depression improves with tangible progress, so celebrate any step forward. Don’t be hard on souls in the name of pragmatic efficiency, that doesn’t get us where we want to go in the long run. We need to work with our body, mind, and spirit coordinating together. Challenge authority and share idiosyncrasies judiciously; be more philosophic and pragmatic. Reorganize the situation rather than confront tonight.

Starcodes Aug 22 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Mars is a busy planet this week; as it trines Chiron, sextiles Mercury, conjunct Saturn, then squares Venus (all from profoundly deep, mysterious Scorpio), it asks us to look closely at our Mars expression. And choose healing.

So what does Mars symbolize in our life? Mars is the first planet outside Earth’s orbit, the first planet out, from our earthly perspective, to have its movement appear free and independent from the patterns of the Sun. It pulses red and appears to move quickly and reactively backwards and forwards in the sky. Mars is identified with the raw, young and physical aspects of the warrior-hero animus archetype. Fresh brash fiery, defensive, it represents characteristics that love to fight, lost their temper easily and will rush into battle hotheadedly rather than strategically.

Every planet has as continuum of expression. Difficult Mars speaks of anger, violence, misuse of sexuality and physical prowess. Its practical expression is physical exuberance, erupting energy, strong boundaries, a healthy military that defends that home country, athleticism, healthy sexuality. On a positive side Mars exudes bravery, protection, the warrior as hero and protector of the people, entrepreneurial spirit, adventurousness, fierce curiosity, and healthy passion. With Mars we can boldly go where we have never gone before.

Healthy Mars also is expressed through a strong immune system; physical strength needs to work with the guidance of wise leadership to enthusiastically fight off invaders and give us energy but neither attack our own body politic nor invade others. The police and military are the immune system of our country; when they work for the good of all, the warrior nature finds positive expression. When they attack the very people they are sworn to protect, or do not do their job protecting the people, they mimic an autoimmune disease.

Mars in Scorpio brings energy (Mars) to the deepest darkest corners (Scorpio’s realm) of our psyche. Right now there is a volcano getting ready to erupt in Iceland, the image of hot molten material erupting from underground through the crystallized Saturnine rock preparing to scatter ash across the country. This Is a powerful metaphor. Wherever our Mars material has been under pressure, it now needs a healthy expression or it will erupt.

We need to find good ways to express long-standing sorrow, anger, rage, angst, ambition, bravery, desire, adventurousness, and enthusiasm. Mars’ wisdom holds that our ability to say “yes” is dependent on our ability to say “no”.

Mars trines Chiron this week, an asteroid we connect with healing, and sharing our understanding from that healing. Mars conjuncts Saturn this week and asks us to bring our older, wiser, adult self together with our young fresh energy and both limit (a Saturnine discipline) the extremes of Mars, and hold it accountable (a Saturnine discipline) for its actions. This aspect also can help us add saturnine discipline to our enthusiasm (Mars) to really make events happen.

This pattern can come out in our relationships when we are asked to fight fair, to find a balance between each other’s needs, and get one more lesson in how to handle healthy conflict. Then kiss and makeup as Mars squares Venus later on in the week. Love could take some discipline; we have to do the right thing by one another even if we don’t feel like it, even if it’s a lot of work, but that that will bring in more warmth and emotional flow in the long run.

With intellectual Mercury now in thoughtful, critical Virgo, our nervous system may be high strong but we can think ahead. We just need to be careful and focus on the flowers and not the weeds. Venus now in in warm, creative Leo provides us with abundant affection and the need to express ourselves vibrantly, particularly as Venus trines iconoclastic Uranus towards the end of the week. This can feel at odds with Mars in Scorpio encouraging our need for privacy, solitude, and potentially, retribution. We need some solitude, but will hate to feel lonely. Let’s find a balance between the inner world and the outer, between expression and accountability, and keep the heart open at all times.

Friday, Aug 22: Our times sense wanders, our internal conflicts swim around. This last day of the Sun in Leo, and with the waning Moon in domestic Cancer, let’s indulge ourselves with considerate care, take care of our needs so we can be more generous about our about nurturing others. The Sun enters Virgo tonight as the Moon enters Leo, and brings us back into our body and back into the deliciousness of summer. Speak clearly, cleanly, take care of oneself, and practice radical healing by taking care of others.

Saturday, August 23: What supplies and reinforcements do we need to get on with our next project and improve our world? Self-improvement, home-improvement, political improvement, let’s not just complain but make a difference. Mars trines Chiron this morning and calls for healthy protests. The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Venus trines Uranus for hopeful, positive, powerful connections where we have room to express ourselves, but can create spectacular responses if we feel unheard. Love, compassion, art, music, all things Venusian can make the difference.

Sunday, August 24: Morning brings oppositional behavior and challenging communication as the Moon squares Mars and Saturn while Mercury opposes Chiron. People worry easily, and need their anxiety respected, but not exacerbated. Let’s learn from our mistakes, and find a fresh generosity of the heart afternoon and evening.

Monday, August 25: The mood is self-conscious but enthusiastic under a New Moon in critical but sympathetic Virgo. We began a fresh work cycle, so let’s look ahead at what we want to accomplish in the year ahead. We may experience discontent with appearances, shape, form, and expression as Venus trines Uranus and need to make some aesthetic changes; arrange fall clothing, rearrange house, reorganize the garden, reorganize peaceful negotiations. Take a new, more heart-centered and creative approach. Let the anima do the talking.

Tuesday, August 26: Have patience; our hearts desire needs steady effort, steady encouragement, details that support the bigger picture as Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio. Compassion challenges the status quo; responsibilities can cramp our inner adolescent but help us step into the power of our vision. Love can feel like work, but loving work will be rewarded. Hang in there.

Wednesday, August 27: This morning can be irritable; we see the flaws and glitches around us and feel the push and pull of social engagement as Venus squares Mars. It can feel easier to fight then to truly try to understand one another, but don’t mistake this intense engagement for intimacy. Early morning is crankier, edges soften and we can begin to see the beauty in one another again as the Moon enters Libra this afternoon. Let’s put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and use a fair and equitable approach to get past ego glitches.

Thursday, August 28: Take a friendly opportunity to straighten out as many interpersonal problems as possible as the friendly Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Nurture efforts to connect across the aisle, look for common ground. Let go of an unimportant aesthetic detail and see a deeper beauty. Notice relatives just outside of nuclear family and support one another. Encourage a spark of love or friendship that recently landed. Take an opportunity to move past a recent interpersonal stalemate with a third perspective.

Starcodes Aug 15 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Three different threads weave through this complex week. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in sociable, celebratory Leo brings the sociable and artistic fire and allows us to network and renew through creative experience. It also adds dramatic flair to self-expression, drama in the headlines and hyperbole in our speech. Sometimes we need to turn up the volume on an emotion or event to really understand its ramifications fully.

A darker, serious, if competent thread also weaves through with Mars and Saturn in brooding Scorpio; they ask us to look under the rocks and at the real problems. They stir and sweep up the darker corners of our psyche, and can precipitate strange dreams and dark thoughts, or make it really hard to let go of some thought or event that entangles us. But they also have a gift, they call us inwards for moments of connected solitude and give us satisfaction from deep research or concentrated effort.

The police, and armies around the world, have been acting up this year as Mars squared Uranus and Pluto three times this spring/summer, then entered Scorpio (July 27-Sept 13) where it plays hardball. Mars in Scorpio can trigger revenge fantasies even in the most evolved person, as well as precipitate dire consequences when we supersede boundaries and make another person or group feel unsafe. Scorpio does not forget. For the next few weeks, politics will be a tough round of karma coming home to roost.

As Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio over the next few weeks, let’s hold the authority (Saturn) of the people, and hold the Mars (our temper, adventure, sexuality, police, military, and machismo) accountable (Saturn).

So let’s watch our step. And make sure that an accidental flash of temper doesn’t start off a major conflagration. And instead dive into some project or expiration that would really like to do. Let’s also spend some sociable time out in public and give ourselves enough private time home alone with those closest to us. Each day needs a mix because both our most introverted sides and extroverted needs may be unusually loud.

A third thread starts to weave into the mix today as thoughtful Mercury enters industrious, nervous Virgo, and brings the first whiff of Autumn. We may see the first leaves turning and suddenly become interested in back to school supplies and fall clothes. Our attention is brought to our fall schedule or to needed personal and social healing. Watch the nervous energy as Mercury in Virgo can encourage us to perseverate on a worry. Instead let’s weave this mental activity in with that Scorpio seriousness and engage a problem or project with all our ingenuity. Or get a head start on our fall planning.

The weekend begins with a relatively practical grounded and industrious spate as Mars sextiles Pluto and Mercury enters Virgo. We chew over issues about the right use of power. We may need to both explore the mystery and solve the problem or get a new awareness of what needs healing. Notice an urge to eliminate, clean, fix, and purify. Encourage efforts to work together to share power and territory, because practical answers can be found.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction in sunny Leo keeps our heart warm over the weekend but can increase our emotional expectations. It’s helpful to have a healthy way to engage the world on Sunday and Monday, because we can chaff at ordinary or too small circumstances and make drama where it doesn’t need to be. Some people may demand attention or affection inappropriately and need some clear boundaries. But it’s a wonderful time to show we love and share adventure.

Mercury comes to oppose Neptune on Sunday and Monday to bring our imagination to life and engage our alternate realities, but we may have trouble telling the difference between our imagination and the concrete world. Travel may be woven with strange delays and Communication can get a little screwy, so confirm what you hear, doubt what you think, but tell a wonderful story. Keep an eye out for weather delays or water problems. Be careful around intoxicants or other toxic substances, particularly when driving or having important discussions.

Yes we need to start looking at the season ahead, but let’s not jump the gun; Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo remind us that the real work of mid-August is to soak up creative fullness and first harvests with all our might, to fill up and renew.

Friday, August 15: The mood is embodied, hungry, and charismatic; let’s bring our thoughts back to Earth under a grounded Taurus Moon and as Mercury enters Virgo. Connect to the ground itself, to practice and traditions, to healing ways. Mars sextiles Pluto asks us to work towards mutual empowerment and reach out to collaborate with an unusual partner for a specific and practical solution. Engage earthy humor tonight.

Saturday, August 16: Accept differences or feel the friction as the Taurus Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio early on. A little gardening or other physical activity can work out the crankiness, lock horns judiciously or agree to disagree. Use a steady adventurous spirit to go exploring instead. Tonight we can tire easily or get serious unusually serious and may have to look for our sense of humor as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Sunday, August 17: After a slower paced, steady morning where the senses need to be fed, dive into a summer fun as the Moon enters talkative, distractible Gemini this afternoon. Concentration isn’t the point. Confirm details and check assumptions at the door, and write or dream a beautiful story together as mental Mercury opposes imaginative Neptune, and creative, sociable Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Don’t expect another person to bring the light and joy into life instead is the source itself.

Monday, August 18: A nervy, confused, distracted, multitasking morning as the Gemini Moon squares nervous Mercury and squares Neptune. We can run multiple and successfully, if we can keep organized and bring the fun. Our mind runs through worst-case scenarios, or but can turn up some interesting material in the process. Keep talking, just don’t attached anyone idea and look for the quiet strength underneath nervous activity.

Tuesday, August 19: Network and have a good time. Make contacts and suggestions under the nervy Gemini Moon. Step outside and see what serendipity brings. But if anything really needs to be tracked, hold on carefully, as details and small items sift through the fingers.

Wednesday, August 20: It’s time to go home as the Moon wanes into more domestic and self-protective Cancer, but what does that really mean. We can drift and dream today and float on waves of emotion that may seem to float through our collective consciousness.

Thursday, August 21: Territory and boundary issues crop up as the Moon opposes Pluto. Connect in with one another and just offer kindness and support this morning; we may be feeling discombobulated or insufficient, or have trouble letting go of a strong but unproductive emotional attachment. Later communication flows but possibly on the more suspicious side, be careful not to interpret information just to support an opinion as Mercury trines Pluto.