Starcodes October 17, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.~ Alice Walker

Enjoy a potential interpersonal respite over a relatively slow and peaceful weekend; November’s colder winds whistle in towards the end of the week.

Mercury conjuncts Venus in Venus-ruled Libra, and the Sun resides in Libra as the weekend begins and helps our conversation flow, loans us a spirit of compromise and agreement and can ease more harmonious interactions. Our minds turned all things Venusian; we want to know what’s fair and beautiful.

We are curious about balance in our life. Beauty feeds our soul and so does the moment of gentle social contact, shake of the hand or spark of the eye. It’s a good time to go back and strengthen friendships and connections while people are in a sociable mood. It’s also a good time to take the search for beauty literally, beautify our environment or tuck our garden in for the winter. Our natural sense of aesthetics is supported, our natural sense composition and flow strengthened by this Libran lineup. Walk through the house with Feng Shui eye, look at how the traffic flows, the air and energy flows the house and see if anything needs to be adjusted to improve this flow.

The Libran political adage is “no justice, no peace: know justice, know peace” and we’ll see reflected in the headlines and at home. Take this image, this paradigm of balance and fairness epitomized by the Golden rule to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us” and the corollary silver rule “do not do unto others that which you don’t want done to yourself”, and look at everything from household chores to how the Ebola epidemic is being treated.

Concerning the Ebola epidemic, there are two major astrological features (Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces) that suggest we take this situation seriously, but react holistically and with substantial change (Uranus square Pluto) rather than with panic. Saturn in Scorpio asks us to get serious about death and often runs concurrent with epidemics; Saturn is now in Scorpio, has been since Oct. 2012 and will be until this December. Look at the last three transits of Saturn in Scorpio; from 1924 – 26 was concurrent with a bout of smallpox, 1954-56 was concurrent with the polio epidemic, and 1993-4 was in the heart of the AIDS epidemic and concurrent with a hanta virus scare. Neptune in Pisces from 2011-2025 supports our spiritual search, our collective creative process, but also reminds us just how permeable we are all the way from our leaky psyche to our bodily cells. Our boundaries can feel like sieves. Yes, one response to this is to create healthy boundaries. But the deeper teaching is for us to remember in cellular way that what happens to the least of us, happens to all of us. We need to take care of all sentient beings, all our siblings around the globe, in order to be truly healthy.

We can start at home and work our way out. Over the weekend and early next week Jupiter trines the South lunar node, sextiles the North node and offers us a chance to improve our relationships as well as begin new ones. If we recognize their possibility, friendly new relationships that come in at this time are unusually likely enrich our opportunities and help us expand the horizon.

Friday and Saturday we can relax under a warm and sociable if slightly grandstanding and interpersonally demanding Leo Moon. Look for a beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction, one of the more friendly aspects, glowing in the western sky early in the evening. We can let its beauty into our heart and help us expand our sense of hope and possibility. It can expand any emotion we have in there, all of our feelings may be more colorful and vivid, and so it helps us to bring our attention to the love around us.

Sunday and Monday a more industrious Virgo Moon reminds us of unfinished work that needs our attention, calls us back to the details we missed before. Unless we’re careful it can also make us cranky and help us try to debug or edit our family. On Wednesday and Thursday a lovely quiet dark of the Moon in Libra is an important time to warm our connections and let people see we care. Get agreements organized now. Because the Sun, Venus, and Moon all enter brooding, intense, willing to look on the dark side Scorpio on Thursday and we roll on with panache and intensity towards Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

Friday, October 17: Depression swirls around us, but delicate optimism can be like a spark on tinder; if we keep it out of the wind and blow on it gently, it can grow into a warm flame of possibility. Our hearts can be sore if we feel ignored but respond warmly to overtures and appreciation. Let’s take moment to stop and be grateful for anything that warms life, anything we want to grow as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo, glowing in the early evening western sky.

Saturday, October 18: We may feel crankier and older this morning as the Moon squares Saturn, what we take serious is so obvious to us, what they take serious can feel so silly. The mood is more spacious, wandering, if not particular efficient midday as the Moon rests void of course until it enters more industrious Virgo around dinner time. Avoid a ruthless inventory of your own faults or those of others; it’s not productive at this time. Notice what’s working and nurture those seeds instead. Kindness and respect go a long way tonight and help our sharpening mind stay productive.

Sunday, October 19: Check dreams this morning; as the Moon opposes Neptune we may understand our heart and feelings, but not necessarily the truth, in our early morning imagery. Our attention can focus on the problem this afternoon as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto; diagnose, but keep a healthy perspective. The situation may have more possibilities than we think but may require us to utilize hard-won wisdom. Keep health the first priority as well, rest and rejuvenate.

Monday, October 20: Cut people extra slack on this rather cranky morning as the Virgo Moon squares Mars. As our lens focuses easily on the problems, assess unfinished details, tend to problems, but be nice to one another. Important communiqués tonight, notice incoming information as Mercury conjuncts the North node.

Tuesday, October 21: The Moon joins the Sun and Venus in Libra and reminds us to find the middle way; look for healthy compromise and a gentle, honest fairness that allows all parties to flourish. Clear the air and fix imbalances and over the next few days. Make aesthetic decisions. Look for and savor a moment of calm and quiet balance.

Wednesday, October 22: On this last day of the Libra lineup, prioritize balance, composition, beauty, fairness. Roll with early morning turbulence as the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus, then get right with the world; balanced diet, chores, relationships, politics. Pay off debts as the Moon conjuncts Mercury.

Thursday, October 23: Notice the dramatic mood shift as the Sun, Venus, and the Moon roll into Scorpio and conjunct one another. Feelings intensify and focus. Extraneous details are released, and are prioritize priorities clarify. Old wrongs haunt us, retribution makes more sense, but underneath that is a call for transcendence.

Starcodes Oct 10, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

The stars are sending conflicting messages this week, and we can feel as if someone’s standing on our gas and the brakes at the same time. An energizing grand trine speeds us up and nags us to get on with history while Mercury retrograde slows us down and sends us back to reconnect with the past. It’s going to take some patience on our part to mediate these two energies, to productively review our life and get on with what we can.

That ongoing dynamic, occasionally manic, grand trine with Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars in fire signs (Sept 22-Oct 15) continues to rouse the rabble and makes us rebellious where we feel oppressed, depressed where we feel stuck, and excited and engaged where we’re getting somewhere. This energized vibe can really help us do what we love to do. It can help us mobilize resources and deal with a real emergency like the Ebola epidemic. But it can also nudge us to respond to smaller problems as if they’re an emergency when what is really needed is calm and persistent helpfulness.

All while we step around the Mercury retrograde follies. Mercury retrograde (from October 5 to October 26, now backing into Libra) may be good for lots of things, a wonderful time to remember and integrate the past, fix that which was broken, complete what’s been left undone and finally get around to an event that should have been done a long time ago. Ghosts of the past may also walk with us this week and offer an opportunity for healing. But we may have to work around an unusual amount of pragmatic slapstick and potentially serious glitches. Look out for delays and technical difficulties with computers phones electronics. Believe your date when they say they couldn’t call to tell you the subway broke down and they’re running late because their phone fell down the sewer.

The weekend begins under a stabilizing if possessive Taurus Moon; we may want rest, comforting tastes and lush smells to ground us, or want to beautiful our world. Over the weekend a verbal Gemini encourages us to meander through art galleries and down country lanes. Pick apples and let the orchard’s aroma remind us of autumns past. Recent discontent can make us keep wandering, look for greener pastures as Venus opposes Uranus. So reconnect with old friends and allies but watch that restless edge which can diminish familiar relationships and send us looking for and old love or an old path out.

Monday night the Moon enters domestic Cancer and we want to go home and cuddle. We may appreciate a new perspective about our home or homeland. Safety concerns could change our plans. Midweek our attention may be brought to health-conscious and ask us to really look at how our health is related to everything we do.

Let’s help one another deal with the rolling mood swings. Last week’s astrological lineup has left many people wading through a thick tide of emotional flotsam. We may have seen something we didn’t like (in ourselves or our world) or gotten a clear picture of the challenges we face in the months ahead.

This week asks us to assess that new information and bring ourselves back into balance. Bring our life back into balance. Bring in a team of allies and prioritize working together while Mercury is retrograde. Work together rather than harp on whether we’re right, wrong, or can really get to the bottom of the problem.

Friday, October 10: Slow down, back up, relax; there’s no point in hurrying, we may as well make sure we’re doing it right. Mercury retrogrades back into Libra and lets us reconsider recent actions from a friendlier perspective. We can reach out and extend ourselves more comfortably this week. Mid-day brings goodwill but poor luck as the Taurus Moon squares Jupiter. Take each other seriously tonight as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Saturday, October 11: And now for something completely different– or at least that’s what we may want as Venus opposes Uranus this morning and inspires unconventional behavior. Our feelings can be all over the place and so can the conversation. Concentration isn’t it easy, but cross-pollination is. Discuss. Explore. Experiment. Move artwork around, but avoid long term aesthetic decisions like hair color or house paint. Take emotionally-based decisions with a grain of salt; visit Timbuktu, don’t move there just yet. Take good care of ongoing relationships, hold hands and explored together.

Sunday, October 12: We work well with others to accomplish a goal, but may have trouble keeping our minds in one place or following a project through because we’re highly distractible. This mood is good for or puttering through art festivals or tending pre-winter house chores, but we’ll start many projects and cycle between. It’s a good day to talk over past events and hopes for the future, but be prepared to release encrusted assumptions and expectations. Clear the mental clutter. Early evening buzzes sociably as the Moon trines the Sun in air signs but can get klutzy, edgy or impulsive later the Moon opposes Mars.

Monday, October 13: A good day to keep a low key flexible schedule, perfect to meander, connect, grow community, reconnect with old friends and wind our way home as the Moon enters Cancer tonight. Anything more ambitious can be glitch-filled and delay- prone, and end up with the same results. So enjoy. Unexpected meanderings can bring unusual opportunities, snippets of conversation give us more content than trying to sit down and make a point. Take extra time to sleep tonight as our dreams help us process and adapt as the Moon trines Neptune and opposes Pluto overnight. Existential vulnerability shimmers in the air; let the heart reach out to those who cannot go home tonight.

Tuesday, October 14: Reassess; look back at the last two months and see what decisions and projects are working and what needs adjustment this morning in an otherwise rather spacy, who-wants-to-cope sort of time. After midday, we need to feel mutual support and strengthen the bonds of affection as Venus conjuncts the North node. It will keep our heart warm and help us wrap our minds around a suddenly defined limit or remembered loss as the Moon opposes Pluto late afternoon. If an unsettled melancholia drifts through tonight, let’s be kind to ourselves and not blame the people around us for the mood.

Wednesday, October 15: The energy can be of whack this morning but shift into a calm and productive patch midday as the Moon trine Saturn. Wry humor and kindness help. Odd pressures and communication glitches increase this afternoon as the Moon squares Mercury, we don’t seem to have enough time and would really rather not deal, and can be touchy about our perceived inadequacies, so don’t mention the mistake we just made, we know.

Thursday, October 16: The mood is generous, overstated, and subjective; we can get a little egocentric and more high-maintenance as the Moon enters Leo and the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Check in on beloveds and clients; a little attention brings a lot of gratitude. The big sweeping arch of history may manifest dramatically. A touch of emotional melodrama at home can help us clarify what we need as long as we don’t take it too seriously. Work towards resolution of the story.

Starcodes October 3, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

“Life is always at some turning point.” — Irwin Edman

Astrological dynamite cooks later this week as a full Moon-lunar eclipse resonates right on top of Uranus, squares Pluto, and sits at one corner of a grand trine in fire signs. People are already sparky and even when in a generally cheerful mood can spike a flash of temper or throw out the occasional inflammatory smart-edged comment. It could be a week for the history books, and some of us (particularly those with a planet at 15° of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, or Cancer) might feel this week brings an important pivot point (whether small or life-changing). So let’s consider what we want to shift, and be ready to seize the opportunity.

This is already a restless and shifting time. Like the changeable autumnal weather, our moods can go from sunny to stormy, from pleasant to cold to hot and back again in minutes. Restlessness can be good; this grand trine in motivating fire signs can help us shift out of dysfunctional places and get a move on. Mars in forthright Sagittarius in trine with Jupiter and Uranus lowers our impulse control and give us the energy to make a difference. A series of relatively minor earthquakes and volcanoes around the globe show that the Earth herself is moving and shaking; surely we can take her advice, and shift our own tectonic plates with a series of smaller efforts rather than build up to a major quake.

That doesn’t mean things will move easily. Lava is flowing. Mercury retrogrades this Saturday and asks us to slow down and reconsider, adding some friction. For the next three weeks let’s kick in our Mercury retrograde survival skills, look out for misunderstandings and straighten them out quickly. Confirm reservations, track papers, keys, orders, and appointments carefully. But all is not problematic; also look for unexpected opportunities in detours and delays. (For more information, check out my

Mercury retrograde takes us back, back to old friends, unfinished projects, work that needs to be revised. Mars in brutally honest Sagittarius, along with Mercury retrograde in suspicious and penetrating Scorpio may be wonderful for penetrating journalism, but if we don’t keep our heart compassionately open, a debate over past crimes can degenerate into a fight. Before speaking, ask if it’s true, kind, and necessary to do so.

Venus in romantic and kind Libra can help us with that. When we’re not wrapped up in what makes us excited or anxious, Venus and Libra can make it unusually easy to make friends, and see the better side of one another. But it can also make us conflict-avoidant just when there is a fair manner confrontation in the air. It’s so easy to vent or express short, hot spikes of temper, but it’s so hard to listen to someone else’s venting. It will be easier to get someone to listen to our concerns if we can do it with respect and friendliness towards the person even if we have a problem with an action or event.

Relationships can both enjoy the fire and the friendliness of the moment, we can really enjoy one another’s company, but also feel the push and pull between our collaborative and cuddly side (encouraged by the Libra Sun and Venus), against a streak of fierce independence impatient with collaboration and consensus(exacerbated by the Full Aries Moon-conjunct Uranus). So let’s timeshare between the two, get some time to operate as a lone wolf and some time in connection. Forgive beloveds when they have to run off on their own tangent, and savor spontaneous warm moments in between.

The weekend begins more sociable and friendly under an Aquarius Moon and with the Sun and Moon in friendly Libra. We grow more sensitized on Sunday and Monday under a more delicate Pisces Moon, but no less ready to make a difference. Watch the discontent grow over perceived hurt as the Sun and Venus square Pluto early in the week. This is personal hurt in relationships, political hurt in Hong Kong and other rebellious hotspots, and medical hurt, as in the Ebola epidemic and other diseases of permeability. Open the heart and see where compassion directs action.

Early next week our feelings are tenderized by that Pisces Moon, we may feel the wafting melancholia, wonder if we are inadequate, or feel a betrayal of trust. And then we want to do something about it and react with a pivotal turning point on Wednesday. If we need to make a major emotional change, adjusts a relationship, or drop a bad habit, now is time to do so. Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; start with the minimum necessary change first.

Making a change is different from starting something brand-new. With Mercury retrograde anything that we begin now will probably need adjustment. Also, in the minimum- change-necessary category, it’s best to say our truth for the moment rather than making a sweeping statement. We may have to eat our words later.

It’s really important that we keep our eyes on our lighthouse, our long-term goals and true priorities, to make good decisions at this time. Watch the headlines, and keep it productive at home.

Friday, October 3: It helps to collaborate even when we don’t feel like it; work through some communication glitches this morning. Putter to center oneself. Bringing the team along can feel like a distraction, but is really the point. Brusque honesty midday as Mars rises in Sagittarius. Keep it useful. A friendly, sociable Moon/Venus Trine helps us deal with underlying rumbles tonight

Saturday, October 4: This can be a tricky day with restless, renovating, even revolutionary energy as Mars trines Uranus pushes us to take action, while Mercury turns retrograde and leads to some confusion, delays, and potential mishaps on the other. People are curious and demand information, but may not be able to listen; just be present. Delays are more likely midday as Mars squares Chiron and Moon squares Saturn. The energy picks up and gets wild tonight as Mars perfects its trine with Uranus, though we start to get overfilled with emotions.

Sunday, October 5: Hold still and feel as the Moon enters ever-so-sensitive Pisces and conjuncts Neptune; don’t worry about coming up with the story or trying to make any emotional decisions at the moment. We need to catch up with an emotional backlog so it doesn’t interfere with the present. We can feel easily victimized, but that’s probably just our story: keep an eye out for a way to help those who really are in tough straits. Rest, dream, meditate, divine the future, get teary-eyed, putter, and find a gentle escape.

Monday, October 6: It’s not easy being green, or being sensitive when the Pisces Moon falls on Monday (especially as the Moon squares irritating Mars). Choose carefully, feelings we hurt today will come back and wallop us tomorrow. We resent people that make it unsafe to stay open and resent work that pushes us out from under the covers. Go gently this morning, and get more organized midday as the Moon trine Saturn. Bring in a sense of flexible structure to a situation that may feel puddle-like or chaotic. Later on the mood is restless but it may be hard to get focused momentum going with the Moon void-of-course.

Tuesday, October 7: Sparks fly today as the Moon enters Aries and the Sun opposes Uranus. Over the next two days activity accelerates and could change history, technical creativity, problem solving, and engineering brilliance abound, but so does the problems that require them. We want to make things happen, but we may be less picky about what. We may be asked to commit and decide, but Mercury is retrograde, so keep decisions short-term because they may need to be modified later. Tonight, as the Moon squares Pluto, do not say or do anything that is unforgivable. Seriously.

Wednesday, October: 8: The pivot point: just before sunrise we have a wild Full Moon-lunar eclipse, the Moon conjunct Uranus (at 15° of Aries), opposed the Sun and Venus (11°- 15° of Libra) and they all square Pluto (at 11° Capricorn). We could see military advances that leave our hearts hurting. On a more upbeat note, feel the tension between individuation and relationship; this Full Moon can make them feel like opposites, but that’s an illusion, the real question is how we create a relationship of healthy individuals. This eclipse can help us let go of overripe, outdated, rotten things. Say goodbye to people places and things that are no longer relevant. But let’s make sure that any decision has been ripening awhile, and is not a temporary flash of poor judgment. It will help our nervous system to be physically active, physically tired; so move, just with a bit of caution. The missing corner on the T-square is the sign of Cancer so an answer to the conundrums that arrived today may be to nurture, to mother ourselves and others and care for one another in a deep and non-neurotic way.

Thursday, October 9: Engage a spirit of enterprise. Healthy athletics, healthy competition, and a more positive successful attitude are accessible as Mars trines expansive Jupiter. Just watch out for arguments and accidents based on enthusiastic poor judgment. Moral and ethical questions that were raised yesterday can be productively wrestled with today. The mood stabilizes as the Moon enters Taurus this morning, but as our determination builds, let’s make sure were heading in a good direction. Tonight we need to get back into our bodies with rest and nourishment. We can soften recent edginess by remembering that it can be pleasant to be embodied.

Starcodes, September 26, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.
Paul Tillich

It’s time to get serious; the Moon enters Scorpio today and Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow. Scorpio encourages us to concentrate our attention and delve into the core of things. It brings our attention within or with more laser-like focus without. Scorpio is represented by both a soaring phoenix and by a scorpion that lurks under rocks, symbolizing transcendental focus on one side and well-defended delving curiosity on the other.

One of Scorpio’s key phrases could be “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” Maybe we do need to wake up to the dangers of climate shift, Ebola, or a dysfunctional relationship, but, yes, Mercury in Scorpio can make us a little paranoid or jealous. Scorpio can help us perceive more deeply and look at the real roots of the problem. But we can so easily see those details out of context. It’s too easy to waste our energy on a harebrained suspicion or resenting that someone has something we don’t. It will take mental discipline to suspend our story and suspend our assumptions until we have more information.

The cure for this Scorpionic over-focus can be to obsess on something productive. Mercury Scorpio’s concentration can be wonderfully meditative for any project that needs mental durability. It’s great for scientific or journalistic research or anywhere we can search for objective facts. But let’s be very careful with editorial interpretation of what we find while Mercury’s here (Sept28-Oct 10, Oct 24-Nov16). Mercury turns retrograde on October 5 and already now appears to move slower, and this begins to muddy our thinking process and glitch up communication and transportation. We can use this new Mercury in Scorpio focus to get organized for those three weeks of Mercury retrograde (Oct. 5-27) so we’re ready to use that time to review and follow through.

With the Sun in creative Venusian Libra, one way to use this focus is to pull out the art supplies and have a long conversation with the soul. But maybe do so where nobody’s looking: with Venus still in Virgo we can be self-critical and self-conscious if we think we have an audience.

After Venus joins the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra on Tuesday, we may be braver with our creative process, and more easily forgiving of one another, but also will tend to have higher expectations of our emotional life for the next few weeks. So let’s not take our romantic interests for granted now. If we need time alone, which is understandable with Mercury in Scorpio, let’s make sure our significant others feel loved and appreciated, and knows when we’ll return.

With Venus in Libra we may also become more confrontation- adverse and in need of peace in our daily life. And more open to new sparks of relationship. Mercury in Scorpio also brings muskiness to our thought process, affected by the primal qualities of love and hate, attraction and repulsion. Fall romances conflagrate easily.

Mars, that activity instigator, moves into a dynamic trine with Jupiter and Uranus in fire signs over the next week and wants to stir up trouble, whether delightful trouble or destructive trouble. This grand trine brings a restless sense of adventure and a rebellion against anything that doesn’t work. As Mercury appears to slow down to turn retrograde, let’s be careful be careful when we leap down mountains, or drive swerving roads to look at glorious gold-touched autumnal scenery. We’ll need extra time outside and connected to the natural world, extra time moving our bodies and moving our minds, but may also need extra attention toward safety.

This ingenious Mars/Uranus/Jupiter grand trine in fire signs can really activate coalitions for positive change, particularly positive change around the ecosystem. Mars now activates its guardian nature in the sign of Sagittarius, whose symbol is a centaur, a human-animal combination that speaks of our human connection to the natural world. We saw this aspect of grand trine kick at the NYC People’s Climate March; let’s keep the momentum going.

This grand trine can help us move forward with unusual shoot-from-the hip honesty. It can give us the physical oomph we need (once we get going), and will inspire fall athletics as well as support the physical labor needed to bring in the harvest. It also can bring a rumble of impatient temper to underline all we do. Just when Venus in Libra encourages us to avoid confrontation and Mercury in Scorpio is ready with the pointed and snappy comeback. So let’s just watch what sparks we light.

Friday, September 26: Overnight dreams can bring new clarity as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and then entered Scorpio. We are unusually intuitive, but may be a little on the suspicious side. Feel the tug of longing, but don’t waste it wanting what somebody else has, but use it as inspiration instead. Reach out this morning, but not too far; respect boundaries. Later on, let’s not take it personally if people pull within and become more reserved, as it really isn’t about us. Tonight, the Moon trine’s Neptune and we may want to let the practical world go and find some positive magic.

Saturday, September 27: We can wander companionably together, hold hands while each one resides in our own universe, but don’t push us to connect or rush us out the door. Morning is more expensive and curious as the Moon squares Jupiter. We may feel older or tired early tonight as the evening grows more serious and thoughtful as the Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn. And if we are out having fun, there may be a moment we look around and wonder what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it with these people. Debate cleanly.

Sunday, September 28: Kick back. The mood becomes more sociable, open, and peripatetic under a fresh and direct Sagittarius Moon. A sense of humor helps us accept one another and look farther afield for an answer. We may need to let go of a path that’s come to its end, and this leaves us both a little bittersweet but with more room in our life. Wander. Look for a chance to be unusually honest, but take the sting out of the message. Converse with strangers or about strange things this afternoon. Fights get more likely closer to midnight as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Monday, September 29: Venus enters its home sign of Libra and we’re ready for a fall romance, or renewed peacekeeping missions. We may feel a sudden craving for beautiful things. The Moon forms a grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter this afternoon and we’re ready to make liberating changes on the home front.

Tuesday, September 30: An odd, wandering day where new ideas are broached, but it’s hard to get the wind in our sails. Experiment, putter, wander, follow up, answer emails, but forgive a certain lack-luster momentum. We can grow more motivated and serious tonight as the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn.

Wednesday, October 1: A socially awkward, tender, yet pragmatically competent day, we can get a lot done, but we’ll tend to step on toes and that can make us even more self-conscious and blundering. Return to practicalities to find balance. Watch for a moody power struggle tonight as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Check in with easily-depressed friends. Keep priorities clear.

Thursday, October 2: People are feeling curious but contrary this morning. We may feel slowed down by a series of snafus, but this offers us a chance to solve some problems upfront and create ease later on. We’ll appreciate people who can help us solve our problem, without telling us what that problem is. Let’s pace ourselves and not be discouraged. Be ready to adjust plans and balance the need for control with the need for freedom midday as the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries. This afternoon, play interactions for karmic consequences; what goes around will indeed come back around, and quickly.

Starcodes, September 19, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Make lists and get them done this weekend under Sun and Venus and in industrious Virgo. But don’t make those lists too long; Virgo can bring out our self-criticism, sometimes even a paralyzing self-criticism, and slow us down. It would be much better to make short lists, scratch them off one at a time, celebrate, and take another step. This keeps us from getting overwhelmed and stokes our sense of accomplishment.

Virgo is a mutable sign; mutable signs sit at the end of the season when the weather shifts back and forth between the seasons, adjusting minute-by-minute, translating and mutating one season to the other. The tree outside our window now changes daily, the warm rich colors of autumn paint the south-facing leaves, and those leaves drift down to change our landscape. Mutable signs, by their virtue of their ability to adjust, multitask and track many things at once, can be overwhelmed when they see how many individual parts go into making up the whole.

So these Virgo planets can help us see all the things that we could do, and with that inimitable Virgo sense of responsibility, should do, but can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the very idea. Much better we chunk the work down, celebrate each little victory, and see how far we can get.

The weekend begins under a more sociable and relaxed Leo Moon. We may need to come back to ourselves after an emotional few days under a recent challenged Cancer Moon. We are encouraged to create a more heart-centered world through our work and through our socializing, through our emotional outreach. The Moon enters Virgo on Sunday and sends us back to our chores and our self-improvement projects; we can make great progress as long as we don’t get lost in critique or self-criticism.

Mars also squares Neptune and can help us let go. This aspect can engender doubt as to what we’re doing next and where we want to go, but it can also soften our heart and help us let go of the anger we’ve been carrying. Or make us irritable about an imagined small slight or by a difference in spiritual philosophy; it’s our choice how we respond (do we Mars are Neptune, or Neptune are Mars?). Neptune softens whatever touches but also confuses and fusses the edges, and Mars coincides with what ticks us off, what protects us, and what drives us.

Mars symbolizes our energy pack and our immune system, with Mars square Neptune our energy may be variable and fuzzy, there when we’re inspired, but not otherwise. We may find our immune system feeling a little wobbly, so anything we can do to support our sense of healthy boundaries both emotionally, physically, psychologically, to strengthen our Jade screen (as it can be referred to in Chinese medicine) will be helpful now.

Mother Theresa, an archetype of inspired nursing, had the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo. So under these Virgo planets, and with Mars square Neptune, let’s nurse ourselves and one another into vibrant health. This is a powerful time to watch the Ebola epidemic and consider our global responsibility to those suffering, and to keep an eye on the recent outbreak of respiratory disease in the Midwest. Let’s get strong and healthy, and support those dealing with illness.

Monday marks a pivot point, Pluto turns direct after several months retrograde and the Sun enters Libra, marking the autumn equinox at 8:29 PM. Early next week brings unusual opportunity both for open warfare and for peaceful negotiations as we search for a new equilibrium as the day and night balance and find theirs.

Pluto stationary (Pluto appears to hold still in the sky as it turns direct) focuses questions about what is healthy use of power and what is misuse of power. And we mean power in all senses of the word; look for debate around fossil fuel usage, around political power and military might, and watch for simple tugs of power on the home front or in the community meeting. Depression can thicken. If confronted with one of these struggles, it pays to disengage the struggle, and focus on personal empowerment and power engaged with responsibility.

On Tuesday, the Moon conjunct Venus and joins the Sun in peace-loving Venus-ruled Libra, and continues to open the doors of the heart through the New Moon in Libra early Wednesday morning. Use this opening to create new beginnings in friendships, relationships. Let’s find ourselves on a more equal footing with all our cohorts.

Jupiter trines Uranus midweek and heralds a few months of technological ingenuity. We can look for exciting new opportunities and technological breakthrough to follow from this time. But for now, we may be low on common sense, but unusually high in intuition, ingenuity and scientific ability.

Remember that Mercury turns retrograde on October 5; it’s already in its shadow, the area it backs over during its three weeks retrograde. So this is a good week to tend to unfinished business and get plans made and orders lined up before the three-week retrograde cycle begins. Already we need to take a little extra effort to make sure messages get through as they were intended and work followed through until completion.

Friday, September 19: We can get a lot done if we pay attention to the right people along the way as the Leo Moon trines Mars. Consider contacting bosses, heads of organizations, the top person on the totem pole (or using our position as such) with mutual respect in place, and with a focus on a shared goal. Work wise the day is friendly and competent, but may bring a dramatic storyline through the news. Tonight brings a more extroverted, social aspect; a little fun is good for the soul.

Saturday, September 20: Morning is indulgent and friendly as the Moon conjunct Jupiter and trines Uranus, but the day slows down and gets more serious midday as the Moon squares Saturn. The situation may get more complicated, but we also have more focused and serious energy to apply. Evening radiates and intriguing connections abound; people tend to be more high maintenance, but are worth the effort.

Sunday, September 21: Our immune system may be tender, our energy level variable, but our sense of responsibility deep as the Moon enters Virgo and Mars squares intuitive Neptune. It is easy to list our own and other people’s faults, but this only leaves us nervous. Instead, forgive one another’s foibles as a major health statement. Intuition is strong where we do not have strong opinions; magic shimmers, but ordinary decisions may be fugitive. Arguments sprout easily around philosophies, but otherwise we may not know what we want.

Monday, September 22: Take one step at a time this morning; list the work, but be generous about the time needed. Tend to digestive issues. We see what’s been going on behind the scenes, and trouble may surface, but this can let us get at the real issues as Pluto turns direct. Doors begin to open as day and night reach equilibrium. Proffer olive branches, find a peaceful way through where possible and keep boundaries clean, clear, and uncharged otherwise.

Tuesday, September 23: Use this pleasant day to open doors. It will be easy to waste the opportunity, to just let an easy day go by without demand, or to just want more justice and romance in our life, but we can use this Moon-Venus conjunction with New Moon in Venus-rules Libra to expands possibilities. The planets create openings but we have to choose to walk through.

Wednesday, September 24: A new chapter begins in relationships, legal matters, and our efforts to live in a peaceful, beautiful, egalitarian way. We are painfully aware of anything that does not contribute towards the beauty way. Support this Libra vision even as it is tested tonight as the Moon squares Pluto and reminds us of what makes the heart ache.

Thursday, September 25: Our differing needs and conflicting hopes cans stir up trouble as the Moon opposes and Jupiter trines Uranus. The world is changing, rather than resist, let’s be spacious, inclusive, and inventive. Let’s let our natural leadership unfold and use it in wise and kind ways.

Starcodes Sept 12 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Look up in the evening sky this weekend. Two sizable solar flares are ringing our atmosphere like a bell. They may only interrupt a few signals, but aurora borealis have already been sighted as far south as Arizona (see for more info). An active Sun pumps energy into all other planetary aspects and turns up the volume on history. Like the particles in the atmosphere we can get easily irritated and excited, but may also feel feel washed out or drained.

Luckily, Friday opens with a wonderfully stable grand trine in earth signs, an aspect that encourages us to continue doing what we’re doing in a solid, competent way. So let’s attend to practical, concrete things today. Find pragmatic ways to deal with emotional issues as the Taurus Moon, Venus in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn dance together.

Use this pragmatism as a cure for the blues; notice an undertone of melancholy as Mercury in Libra pulls away from last week’s square to Pluto and a lingering awareness of what’s left, what’s leaving, what’s dangerous, and what’s in the depths of our soul as Mars finishes its last few days in Scorpio (July27-Sept 13) and Venus trines Pluto on Sunday and Monday. Mars is been rolling in the depths, stirring up our subconscious and stirring up the world subcultures for seven weeks. Let this last review be a clean sweep, look enough in the corners and see what’s there, but don’t get stuck in this psychic basement. Chop wood, carry water; one foot in front of the other activates the best of this earthy grand trine and gets us back on track.

Then let’s get ready to have our minds blown, or at least our opinions unsettled as Mercury opposes Uranus, jangles our nerves and wakes us up this weekend. Some shocking, some unusual news or unique perspective can shake up our worldview but help us see things in a new light. We may have a fresh truth, come to a new understanding of ourselves (or deal with the reality we’ve been avoiding) under this urgent, electrifying aspect. Or we may just feel antsy and unsettled. It’s a good time to try on a new way of thinking, but let’s question any story that arises; this aspect can make us nervy and our thinking erratic. So if we suddenly change our mind and want to head off in a new direction, it’s good to wait a few days and let the dust settle before acting.

We also may need to watch out for strange eccentric accidents where movements just don’t go as planned. Be careful carrying hot coffee around dogs and children, and have a sense of humor about slapstick. Be safe. Notice electrical glitches or technical problems, and make sure equipment is backed up. Avoid purchasing new electronic gadgets for a few days. Just be ready to adjust to roll with the punches, and find a fresh way to deal.

As Mars enters Sagittarius late on Saturday, it can give us a fresh emotional resilience and balance that we’ve been missing. Mars in Sagittarius may bring to the surface truths we’ve been brooding upon, but before we start those lethal sentences that began “frankly,” let’s make sure we have the whole truth. Because comments made now will tend to trigger changes that build momentum. Mars in Sagittarius also brings our attention to the international stage and can make us prone to a geographical cure. If we’ve been unhappy at home we may want to go visit a friend in Mozambique. But it may be just the time to hang in there and see if we can make the relationship travel into new territory, not us away from the relationship.

Mars in Sagittarius wants us to get on the road, and will tend to make us irritable wherever we feel trapped. It brings a fresh sense of humor, but can make us less patient and less introspective, which can be a relief after the last few months. We’re encouraged to get out in the woods and commune with nature before winter sets in, and find a new balance or hopefulness in the soul.
But let’s not be too distracted by Mars in Sagittarius, we do have work to do. Mercury enters its shadow on September 16; Mercury turns retrograde on October 5 and retrogrades back to this position before turns direct. So all things Mercurial (communication, writing, paperwork, travel plans) begin to slow down and need more attention to run smoothly. October will be time to follow through, review, catch up, and finish what we put in place now.

Friday, September 12: This is a productive earthy day, we can efficiently do what we do at a steady pace and with heart intact as the Moon in stable, stubborn Taurus trines Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. But we have to walk our talk, we have to believe in what we’re doing. Compassion can stretch us into pragmatic action. We can get more excited this evening, a nervous, accident-prone energy as well as curiosity about the unusual, grows as the evening wears on.

Saturday, September 13: It’s a day of improve. The Moon in Taurus encourages us to want everything stable and solid and familiar, and not leave our comfort zone, but Mercury opposes Uranus and pushes us to change our minds in response to this new information. We want to keep on going, but may need to change plans or make adjustments. Watch out for strange electrical snafus or accidents of inattention. Open the mind to fresh new information, try on fresh perspectives. Energy rises tonight as Mars enters Sagittarius and encourages fresh, if not always tactful, honesty, and calls us to dance the night away.

Sunday, September 14: The mood is fresh, nervy, and staccato as the verbal Gemini Moon opposes Mars and Sagittarius. We think in short sound-bites and speak unusual truths. Get everybody in the dialogue; no monologues please. Venus trines Pluto and reminds us to keep our heart open; the more difficult the situation the more our heart needs to be engaged. By evening we’re more relaxed, but if we are awkwardly erratic because our nervous system is tired, let’s just rest.

Monday, September 15: Once we wake up, and that may take a while, this is a communicative intelligent morning with a certain urgency to follow through on changes in plans and new vision that arrived over the weekend. Take a minute to think through consequences before taking action, and then proceed as the verbal Gemini Moon trines intelligent and fair Mercury in Libra. Mediate needs. Diplomatically broach tough subjects or appeal a recent bad decision.

Tuesday, September 16: Slow the pace and take care of the heart mind and body under a nurturing if defensive Cancer Moon. Don’t push people outside of their comfort zone, instead give room for concerns; be gentle, not reactive. We need to catch up with ourselves and need reassurance. Digestive systems need extra help, good clean comfort food.

Wednesday, September 17: Recent tenderness can bring up an old problem that’s now ready to heal as the Cancer Moon trines Saturn and Venus opposes Chiron. Let’s think about our relationship to personal authority in the face of outside authority, and, instead of getting defensive, gently stand our ground and empower ourselves to make a wiser, more egalitarian decision this time. Tend to healing construction around home, office, and homeland. Our hearts are tender, easily nicked midday, our morale sturdier by evening as the Moon trine Saturn.

Thursday, September 18: Early morning flurry of activity as the Cancer Moon squares Mercury, our mind and body (or ourselves and our cohorts) may disagree on priorities. Midday wanderers, it’s hard to initiate or bring things to conclusion with the Moon void of course, but we can make progress in the midrange. The mood lifts, grow sociable but also more interpersonally demanding, as the Moon enters Leo tonight; we needed privacy over the last few days, and now we need engagement. Don’t overstate needs, but do be open and warmhearted.

Starcodes Sept 5, 2014 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s get to work. The planets are lined up for major activity and strategy sessions. It’s time to organize our resources and set our agenda for the fall; people are unusually open-minded as Mercury, symbolizing our mental switchboard and communications nexus, moves briskly forward in cooperative Libra while the Sun and Venus reside in industrious Mercury-ruled Virgo. By the end of the month Mercury slows down to turn retrograde early in October, slowing our plans and introducing complications. Let’s make hay while the Sun shines and Mercury progresses.

But let’s also take care of ourselves in the process; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of the work that needs to be done, how much our world needs and all the details that need to be attended to. Sun and Venus now in Virgo sharpen our perceptions and make us unusual aware of details but can also make it easier to wind out with anxiety and make it harder to see the forest for the trees.

On a tough day with this Virgo lineup we can get stuck focusing on the mess, the specks of dust, the fingerprints on the wall, and the overwhelming weight of the inequities and troubles the modern world. This perception is echoed by Mars and Saturn in heavy, thoughtful Scorpio as they stir up the dark corners of the global psyche and make us painfully aware of our weighty responsibilities.

On a good day Virgo helps us appreciate the beauty of the whole woven together by many atoms and sentient beings. We’re encouraged to see the perfection of the world at the same time noticing what we can improve, release, heal, and add to our understanding. We can see the big picture yet become aware of the individual steps we need to take towards that goal.

Don’t scrimp on self-care now. Virgoan self- maintenance and self-care really can soothe the soul and help us stay in there and do the work at hand. Yoga, a long walk, a pedicure, delicious healthy food, a long talk with a dear friend solving the world’s problems over a cup of tea; none of these repair the world but they can support our nervous system so we can get the job done.

As Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo for the next few weeks it can take some of the heat out of our personal relationships and bring in a new compassion and thoughtfulness; we become more aware of little slights and more appreciative of gentle and earthy gestures. Be generous with the subtle aspects of relationship and speak through thoughtful actions. Venus in Virgo can also bring in need to analyze our relationships for better or worse, let’s remember to live our relationships fully and not just scrutinize them.

Here in the northern hemisphere the Virgo season is time to make seeds. All around us the beans, trees, flowers and grasses are gathering in the summer’s energy and storing it in seed and rhizome for next year’s bounty. So explore how we do this as well, how do we gather in the energy of our summer’s efforts and produce the seeds we need to plant next year’s crop.

Friday begins productive, competent, if full of opinions under and industrious Capricorn Moon. Through the weekend and under an Aquarius Moon we may run into old friends to reweave community for the work ahead.

Let’s not push ahead early next week as the Full Moon in Pisces brings a high tide to our heart and our sensitivities. Handle a detail at a time and celebrate every little victory so as not to be overwhelmed. Find good way to be sensitive, use subtle healing methods and enjoy sharpened perceptions.

Tails begin to twitch and sparks can start fires midweek as the Moon enters feisty Aries, Venus opposes confusing Neptune, and Mercury squares difficult Pluto. With Mercury square Pluto, we can get depressed in response to difficult news or our darker thoughts, and under the Moon in Aries, we may want to lash out or take sudden action in response. Venus opposes Neptune and can make our hearts extra sensitive and compassionate, but also more prone to misunderstandings.

Don’t pour fuel on a fire. Think it through and make sure any action taken is useful and not just reactive. We can get a lot accomplished in a short period of time if we keep the heart connected to the mind and both connected to word and action.

We don’t have to hang on long, just take a deep breath. Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Thursday and brings in a fresh crop of possibilities.

Friday, September 5: Get busy this morning and follow through on earlier ideas; get contracts signed and schedules nailed in place as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Mars and Venus enters Virgo. This afternoon meetings and organizational ideas further, just watch a naysaying or anxious streak; respect concerns, but don’t let them lead. The Moon enters more collaborative and relaxed Aquarius tonight and although an existential melancholy wafts around the edges, it will feel good to gather with like minds.

Saturday, September 6: The mood is communal, not intimate; we may not be fond of discussing our personal issues or exposing our soul in pillow talk (there’s a lot going on in there, but we may need a break) but will enjoy seeing people we haven’t seen in a while and reconnecting with familiar community gathering again after the long summer. Afternoon is funny, expansive, and change-oriented, evening begins with enthusiasm and but we may feel our tiredness earlier than we’d like or need to take the conversation deeper as the Moon squares serious Saturn.

Sunday, September 7: This morning the mood is inclusive, we can pick up old friendships where they left off. Socialize early, and use the afternoon to organize personal work, as conflicting priorities can raise tension while the Moon squares Mars. Work around stubborn arguments over family responsibilities and domestic strategies. We move into our emotional body tonight as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and opposes heartfelt Venus. Yes were hypersensitive, no it’s not just hormones, yes it pays to be kind to one another.

Monday, September 8: The mood is prickly but deeply caring. Atmospheric dreams can make it hard to get out of bed this morning, hard to go face the world as the Moon waxes Full in Pisces, conjuncts dreamy Neptune and sextiles deep Pluto. Go gently, we may feel a little fragile, but are refined perceptions can be a real gift. Be extra supportive to new students in unfamiliar circumstances, but support their independence with a gentle belief in their ability to handle the problem. Put sensitivities to good use. Feel the tension between high expectations of ourselves and others, and a longing for magic to happen. Allergies are exacerbated. Let’s be as sensitive to others as we are to ourselves; we may be called to acts of radical compassion.

Tuesday, September 9. Mercury squares Pluto and asks us what’s missing and what worries us. If we focus on the inadequacies of the people around us, or of the world at large, the view is bleak, and will elicit an intense reaction tonight. Critique sharpens. We want to feel more independent and brave in response to recent tender, dependent feelings, but sometimes the bravest thing to do is to stay calm and hold center.

Wednesday, September 10: we are both sensitive, prone to misperceptions, and reactive, a tricky combination. Venus opposes Neptune and leaves us both creatively open, but unusually confused or laced with projections around emotional decisions. The Moon in Aries brings out our decisive, reactive edge, along with the tendency to move independently, and forget to collaborate or inform. We may need to mourn what’s lost and move on. Fresh horizons expand this afternoon as Mercury sextiles Jupiter; we regain resiliency, lose impulse control, and get ideas. Some of these ideas are wise, some not so much; sort before taking action.

Thursday, September 11: Echoes of the past still resonate this morning, our histamines are up and reactions easily inflamed. We may feel a melancholic ache because we sit with memories, but can choose a steady and competent response as the Sun sextiles Saturn and the Moon enters more durable, calm Taurus tonight. Tonight, prioritize rest, nurturance, and practical preparation. Hug a lot, and enjoy solid, grounding, comfort food.